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National Phosphorus Research Project Objectives / Mission

The general objective of the National Phosphorus Projects is to develop a scientific basis for recommendations to manage phosphorus (P) in a sustainable manner within agricultural operations.

Specific objectives are:

1) Determine threshold soil P levels in benchmark soils above which the potential for P loss in surface runoff and subsurface flow increases dramatically, and relate these thresholds to soil P sorption capacity, site hydrology, soil map units, and other soil and site characteristics.

2) Develop a P index to identify and rank site vulnerability to P loss at field and watershed scales that is easily implementable under the range of landscape settings of the U.S.

3) Integrate the soil P thresholds and P index information into a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning software package.

4) As a long-term goal, develop models that predict P loss at field and watershed scales, aggregate landscape processes, and extend the effects of land use and management distributed over the watershed to downstream point of water quality impact

Last Modified: 2/24/2015