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2000 News Archive

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December 29 Foaming Soy Adhesives May Help Soybeans Bond With Lumber Industry
December 28 Seed Beetle May Check Spread of Jerusalem Thorn
December 27 Rice Breeders Speed Variety Development
December 26 Fungal Risk Assessment Helps Clear Trade Hurdles
December 22 A Space-Age Peek into Floral and Nursery Plants
December 21 Tomatoes That Age Gracefully
December 20 Tube Helps Establish Seedlings on Rangeland
December 19 Artificial Diet for Melaleuca Biological Control Agent
December 18 Fruit and Vegetable Films Keep Food Fresh and Tasty
December 15 New Tubers Offered for Growers and Gardeners
December 14 Makeover Turns Model Plant Genome Into Supermodel Overnight
December 13 Genome Coup Opens Door to New Discoveries
December 12 “Water-Smart” Network Faxes Nightly Advice
December 11 Parasitic Ants May Debilitate Fire Ants
December 8 Melons Treated for Longer Market Life Pass Taste Test
December 7 Hydrodynamic Pressure Process May Make Meat Safer
December 6 Genes Influence Sheep Diet Preference
December 5 ARS Researchers Develop New Markets for Jojoba
December 4 New Screwworm Diet Helps Save Money for Eradication Program
December 1 Bad Virus Put to Good Use in Lab
December 1 ARS Posts Latest Edition of Quarterly Report of Research Progress
November 30 Iowa Census Shows Where Milkweed Grows
November 29 Lure Targets Female Cutworms, Armyworms, Fruitworms
November 28 Changing Poultry Manure into a Water-Safe Fertilizer
November 27 Accurate Test for Determining Wheat Color Class
November 24 110 Years of Federal Biological Control Research
November 22 Bovine Staph, Beware: Test Vaccine Promising Against Mastitis
November 21 New Tool Improves No-Till Seeding
November 20 The Cow Whisperer Rounds up Cattle with Cyber Cues
November 17 Fitting Farming Practices to Minimize Water Pollution
November 16 ARS Releases New Pest-Resistant Sweetpotato
November 15 USDA, Southern States to Release Fly Against Fire Ants
November 15 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
November 14 Role of Genes in Avian Flu Wins Top ARS Postdoc Award
November 13 ARS Scientists Are Discovering Why Some Short Season Cotton Varieties Are Susceptible to Bronze Wilt
November 9 Wool and Cotton Can Now Dye Together
November 8 Controlling Corn Rootworms With Less Insecticide
November 7 Nebraska Researcher Honored by Onassis Foundation
November 6 Research Aims To Help Ranchers Manage Forage
November 3 Russian Bee Queens Eyed for Mite Resistance
November 2 Caterpillar Pests Beware: New Fungal Strain is Out to Get You
November 1 Mineral Coating Could Cut Chemical Use in Agriculture
October 31 ARS Center to Heat With Soy-Based Biodiesel This Winter
October 30 Asian Lady Beetle Information Available on Internet
October 27 Tactics for Producing Plump, Perfect Peaches Scrutinized
October 26 Fragrant New Lilac for Warmer Climates
October 25 Picking Off Pecan Weevils
October 24 Maysin Corn on Tap To Sour Pest’s Appetite?
October 23 Minus-Ceralure: Better Baiting for the Medfly
October 20 New Redbud to Grace America’s Gardens
October 19 Raspberry Virus May Thwart Itself
October 18 Taking Wheat Away from Take-All
October 17 Aussie Insect May Help Fight Melaleuca Menace
October 16 Systems Research Looks for Key Yield Factors
October 13 Why Do Crop Yields Vary Across a Field?
October 12 Termites Go Hungry on Resistant Trees
October 11 New Partnership Bolsters Food Safety
October 11 Harvesting and Storing Wheat--Good News, and Bad
October 10 Beneficial Wasp to Protect U.S. Stored Commodities
October 10 Latest ARS Food & Nutrition Briefs Posted
October 6 Electric Shock is Bad News for Fire Ants
October 5 Mites--New Technology Aids Identification
October 4 USDA Agencies Unite to Protect Natural Resources
October 3 Fresh-cut Apples Ready as a New Convenience Food
October 2 Can Crop Temperature Guide Center-Pivot Irrigation?
September 29 Oat Oil Gives Bread a Soft Touch
September 28 Science Fair Project Ideas for When You Need 'Em
September 27 Soaking Willow Cuttings Helps Them Protect Streambanks
September 26 Many Ways To Open New Window on Research
September 25 New Fungal Threat on Tap for Formosan Termites
September 22 Partnership Could Oust Off-Flavor in Fish
September 21 Hispanics More Vulnerable to Complications of Diabetes
September 20 Tracking Chemicals that Control Coccidiosis in Poultry
September 19 Orchid Pest Targeted in Hawaii Studies
September 18 The NC-7 Website: A New Way to Find Woody Ornamentals
September 15 Genetic Sleuthing To Track Microscopic Weed Warriors
September 14 ARS Research Helps Blueberry Growers
September 14 ARS Posts Latest of Quarterly Report of Progress
September 13 ARS Hall of Fame Adds Three Scientists
September 12 Plant Oils Help Abate Livestock Odors
September 11 Heart-Healthy: Red Wine and Beans
September 8 Probing Rice Bran's Cancer-fighting Potential
September 7 Farm Animal Behavior Becoming More Critical to the Bottom Line
September 6 Planting Wheat May Help Apple Growers Manage Disease
September 5 Tomatoes With Staying Power
September 5 New Forum Group to Serve as Liaison Between Public and Plum Island
September 1 U.S. Potatoes Could Get Disease Resistance from Their Mexican Cousins
August 31 Pomological Watercolors Depict Beauty and Detail
August 30 Fine-tuning Pesticide Applications on Cotton
August 29 Hormone May Be Early Livestock Disease Marker
August 28 Let the “Clean Revolution” Begin!
August 25 National Scope of Noxious Weeds Now on World Wide Web
August 24 An Underground Ally for Sugar Beets?
August 23 No-Till and Nitrogen Optimize Grain Yields and Environmental Protection
August 22 Grower-Assisted Research is a Success
August 21 Scientists Discover New Species of Plant Fungi
August 18 Distinguishing Species of Beneficial Wasps Made Easier, Faster
August 17 New Sugar Beets Fend Off Worm Attackers
August 16 New Pecan Tree Yields High Quality Nuts and Resists Scab Disease
August 15 Global Warming's High Carbon Dioxide Levels May Exacerbate Ragweed Allergies
August 14 A Hot Afternoon Helps Weeds Resist Herbicide
August 11 Today's Kids Eating More
August 10 Green Dixie—First Green Blackeye Pea
August 9 Possible Cancer-Fighting Properties Found in Certain Bioflavonoids
August 8 New Technology Helps Explain Stream Sediment Movement
August 7 Copper Compound Studied for Protecting Catfish Eggs
August 4 Certification Program To Give Pork a New Image
August 3 Corn Contains “Eggs-citing” Biopesticide
August 2 B12 Deficiency May Be More Widespread Than Thought
August 1 New Sprayer Could Mean “Peachy” Future for Growers
July 31 New Species Bred By Crossing Cukes, Melons
July 28 Genetic Screening for Calcium Oxalate Crystals in Plants
July 28 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
July 27 Scientists Seek Strategies to Safeguard Fresh Sprouts
July 26 Potato Growers Have New Nematode-Resistant Germplasm
July 25 The Grass That Inspires Love and Hate
July 24 Cinnamon Extract Spices Up Sugar Metabolism
July 21 From the Nation's Attic to the Nation's Farm
July 20 Bee Museum Houses World-Class Collection
July 19 Wax Paper Turns "Green"
July 18 First Ever Survey at Beltsville Farm Reveals Some Rare Species
July 17 American Mayapple Yields Anti-Cancer Extract
July 14 Fusarium Wilt May be Controlled by Other Fusarium Strains
July 13 New Tests Accurately Detect Horse Disease
July 12 Strong, Comfy Cottons Result from Arizona Research
July 11 New Research Speeds Detection of Plum Pox Virus
July 10 USDA Scientists Rapidly Expand Database of Gene Segments
July 7 High-Tech Scanners Ease Methods for Erosion Control
July 6 Building a Genetic Road Map to Bovine Bounty
July 6 E-Mail Options for ARS News
July 5 New Procedure Analyzes Fat Structures in Foods
July 3 A New Sweetener from Ethanol Waste
June 30 Cottonseed Oil Helps Malathion Fight Boll Weevils
June 29 Growing Good-Guy Blood Cells in Culture
June 28 ARS Launches Animal Genetic Resource Program
June 27 Cropping Systems Influence Biological Weed Control
June 26 Males-only Medflies Best for Foiling Invasions
June 23 Canola--A Superb Selenium Slurper
June 22 "There's Metals in Them Thar Plants!"
June 21 New Survey Method Adapted to Detect Plum Pox Virus
June 20 Early-Warning System to Detect Spread of Asiatic Citrus Canker
June 19 "Green Technology" Helps Clean Up Toxic Soils
June 16 Putting the Heat on Pectin
June 15 Products Control Mexican Corn Rootworms in Texas
June 14 Exotic Beans Provide New Opportunities
June 13 New Plum, Apricot Cross Ideal for Southern Growers
June 12 Rice Helps Cut Oil in Deep-Fried Doughnuts
June 9 High-Selenium Broccoli Vs. Colon Cancer
June 8 New Bioherbicide Whacks Tomato Weeds
June 7 Australian Moth May Subdue Invasive Fern
June 6 Historic Research Center Named for Henry A. Wallace
June 6 Sunflowers to Resist Parasitic Plant
June 5 Research Sheds New Light on Deadly Bacteria
June 5 USDA Honors ARS Employees in Annual Awards Ceremony
June 2 Chewing Sounds May Clue Scientists to Asian Longhorned Beetle Whereabouts
June 2 Huxsoll to Head Plum Island Animal Disease Center as Interim Director
June 1 Scientists Find Evidence of a Common Genetic Key to Aluminum Tolerance in Plants
May 31 B2 Gene Mutation Helps Men Live
May 30 New Species Related to Oyster Parasite Found in Chesapeake Bay Clams
May 26 Mushrooms May Improve Soil Quality
May 25 New Corn on Tap for Southeast Dairy Farmers
May 24 Hip, Hip Hurray for Vitamin K
May 23 The African(ized) Queen: New Twist Found To Hive Drama
May 22 Lab Test Simultaneously Detects Foodborne Pathogens
May 19 Suppressing Tall Whitetop: It’s Hard Work, But Possible
May 18 Reducing Heart Problems in Chickens
May 17 Natural Enemies of Russian Wheat Aphid Established in 6 States
May 16 New Diet Could Help Trim Crop Pest Populations
May 15 New Type of Plant Regulator Discovered
May 12 The “Fort Knox” of Microbial Weed Whackers
May 11 Blood Sugar Bows to New Bread
May 10 Federal Tech Transfer Awards Go to 13 Ag Scientists
May 9 Low-Cal Shakes Are a Hit With Adults
May 8 New Technique to Measure Leptin Activity
May 5 Reducing Methane Emissions from Rice
May 4 An Environmentally Friendly Pesticide Curtails Cotton Pests
May 3 Cranberry Chores Don’t Bog Down These Bees
May 2 Easy-to-Use Computer Model Helps Illustrate Water Movement Through Soil
May 1 Three Wasps from Mexico May Curb New Alien Scale Pest
May 1 USDA Launches New Web Site on Plum Island Animal Disease Center
April 28 Leaf-Weevil Proves Successful Against Melaleuca
April 27 Fungus Has Future in Plastics Manufacturing
April 26 Bt Corn: Less Insect Damage, Lower Mycotoxin Levels, Healthier Corn
April 25 Car Parts from Chicken Feathers?
April 24 Last Meal for Colorado Potato Beetle?
April 21 Ozone: New Wrinkle in Crop Yield Projection
April 20 ARS Research Elevates Grain Storage Practices
April 19 Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid Nears Market
April 18 New USDA Study Shows Plant Sterols Lower Cholesterol
April 17 State-of-the-Art U.S. Horticultural Research Lab Opens
April 14 Glickman Announces New Research to Combat Pierce's Disease
April 13 Hairy Vetch Thwarts Colorado Potato Beetle
April 12 Spinosad Zaps Crop Pests
April 11 Native Plants Scrutinized for Western Ranges
April 10 Starch-Based Adhesive Holds Promise for Healthier Indoors
April 7 Grazing Cows Produce More Cancer-Fighting Compound in Milk
April 6 Progress With Map of Chicken Genes
April 5 New Trefoils Ready for Forage Breeders
April 5 ARS Posts Latest Edition of Nutrition Briefs
April 4 Dietary Cholesterol Makes LDL Cholesterol More Radical
April 3 An "Ugly Duckling" of Corn Repels Borers
April 3 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
March 31 Keeping Dust on the Farm
March 30 New Flax Production Process Eyed
March 29 Jellyfish Gene Helps Scientists Sleuth E. coli
March 28 Adding Microbes to Transplant Mix Helps Increase Crop Yields
March 27 High-Tech Soybean From “Back-to-Basics” Breeding
March 24 Ditches--A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Improve Surface Water Quality
March 23 Pioneering Agricultural Research Service Entomologist Edward F. Knipling Dies
March 23 Deconstructing Cotton Fiber's Biochemical Building Blocks
March 22 Medfly's Mealtime Leftovers May Nourish Cattle
March 21 USDA and Small Business to Test-Manufacture Insect Decoy
March 20 Research Shows Cattle Are Infected With E. coli Mostly in Summer
March 17 Forensic Sleuths Use Biotechnology to Study Irish Potato Blight
March 16 New Corn May Combat Iron Deficiency Anemia
March 15 Starter Diets Hold Key to Weaned Pigs’ Health
March 14 Tiny Bug Could Bring Big Relief to Grain Producers
March 13 New Beneficial Insects on the Way for Leafy Spurge Control
March 10 Environmentally Friendly Insecticides Are Sugar-Coated — For Real
March 9 Peptide Discovery in Soybean Pest Could Lead to Controls
March 8 Wasp That Attacks Western Plant Bug May Control Its Mid-Atlantic Cousin
March 7 New Fruit Coatings Help Abate Post-Harvest Fruit Decay
March 6 Overweight? Cutting Body Fat Before Dietary Fat Is Better
March 3 Countless Microbes in Hog Manure Await Identification
March 2 Collection is “411 Directory” for Potato Viruses
March 1 Fly From Amazon Jungle Could Be Next Weapon Against Water Weed
February 29 USDA, Brazil Team up to Fight Dengue Virus
February 28 Research May Spur New Markets for Onion Seed Producers
February 25 Daily Feeding Schedule Boosts On-Farm Catfish Production
February 24 ARS Launches Historical Timeline on the Web
February 23 New Air Cleaning Device Cuts Salmonella in Poultry Houses
February 22 Researchers Seek New Uses for "Black Liquor"
February 22 ARS Posts Latest Edition of Quarterly Report of Research Progress
February 18 Fungus' Protein Causes Weed Cells to Self Destruct
February 18 Final Report of Dietary Guidelines Committee Available for Public Comment
February 17 Moldy Mayhem in Store for Sugar Beet Pest
February 16 Research Helps Block Spread of TB in Animals
February 15 Video Game May Improve Kids’ Eating Habits
February 14 Soy Soothes the Circuits in Body Cells
February 11 ARS Symposium Addresses Invasive Species
February 10 Survival Chances Brighten for Sunshine Bass
February 9 Expert on Viewing Earth’s Hydrologic Health from Space Tops ARS Award Winners
February 9 Carbonating Cow Manure, The Latest Strategy in Fighting E. coli and other Microbes
February 8 USDA Research Agency Awards Scientists for Technology Transfer
February 7 Electrodes Help Find Beetles’ Favorite Scents
February 4 Just What Attracts Mosquitoes?
February 3 SITES Gives Designers Insight Into Best Dam Design
February 3 ARS Posts Latest Edition of Nutrition Briefs
February 2 Science Web Site for Kids Now Available in Spanish
February 1 Fungus Could KO Kudzu
February 1 USDA Reschedules Public Meeting on Plum Island Animal Disease Center
January 28 ARS Coordinating Nutrition Survey in Delta Region
January 27 Salmonella Uses Chemical to Communicate
January 24 Mapping Flood-Prone Soybean Fields
January 21 Renamed Laboratory Helps California Rice Growers
January 20 USDA-Funded Research Finds That Soy, Whey Proteins May Help Prevent Breast Cancer
January 19 Villain Insect Enlisted for Good Deeds
January 18 Beltsville Screen Insert Curbs Bee Mites
January 14 Eye-Appealing, Mouth-Watering Mangoes for Mass Marketing
January 13 USDA Clears Air with Biodiesel
January 12 Biodegradable Decoy Reduces Insecticide Use
January 11 Helping Farmers Meet Today's Environmental Challenges
January 10 Did You Get Enough K Today?
January 7 Processing Alfalfa and Soybeans--On the Spot
January 7 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
January 6 Dates Go “Under Cover” in California
January 5 Compacting Cotton Rows Could Be More Economical
January 4 Research Sheds Light on Degreening Canola Seeds
January 3 Natural Microbial Compounds May Control Strep and Staph Infections
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