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Pearl Millet Diseases: Table 5

Pearl Millet Diseases

Table 5. Fungi reported to cause pre-emergence or postemergence damping off and seedling blight of pearl millet

Seed source Fungal isolate Disease symptoms Reference

India Chaetomium globosum Reduced germination Mathur et al. 1973
Curvularia penniseti Reduced germination, seedling blight
Drechslera maydis Reduced germination
Drechslera rostrata (=Exserohilum rostratum) Reduced germination
Drechslera tetramera Reduced germination
Fusarium equiseti Reduced germination
Fusarium fusarioides Reduced germination

India (?)

Alternaria alternata

Leaf spots, marginal necrosis

Konde et al. 1980
Aspergillus terreus Root and stem lesions
Curvularia lunata Leaf lesions
Drechslera australiensis Seedling blight, leaf spots
Fusarium moniliforme Reduced germination, seedling blight
Fusarium solani Reduced germination, seedling blight
Rhizoctonia bataticola Foliar lesions


Drechslera setariae (=Bipolaris setariae)

Reduced germination, seedling blight

Shetty et al. 1982


Fusarium moniliforme

Reduced germination

Onesirosan 1975


Fusarium moniliforme

Reduced emergence

Wells and Winstead 1965
Helminthosporium rostratum Reduced emergence
Helminthosporium setariae Reduced emergence


Phyllosticta penicillariae

Seedling blight

Wilson and Burton 1990

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