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Pearl Millet Diseases: Nematodes: Stunt

Pearl Millet Diseases
Nematode Diseases

Stunt Nematode

Tylenchorhynchus vulgaris Upadhyay
Tylenchorhynchus phaseoli Sethi & Swarup
Tylenchorhynchus zeae Sethi & Swarup

Symptoms: Stunting in shoots and roots of pearl millet. General symptoms on maize include poor root growth, moderate stunting, chlorosis (Shurtleff 1980).

Pathogen and disease characteristics: Ectoparasitic nematode. See primary citation for species descriptions.

Host range: Wide. Includes grasses, cereals, tobacco, cotton, legumes, pepper, tomato, others (Shurtleff 1980).

Geographic distribution: Not defined in primary citation. Isolated from root zone of pearl millet in India.

Nomenclature discrepancies: Additional species isolated from pearl millet root zone: Tylenchorhynchus brassicae Siddiqi, T. mashoodi Siddiqi & Basir.

Seed transmission: Not transmitted by seed.

Primary citation: Sethi and Swarup 1968.

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