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Issue 1, June 1999, continued
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The first genetically engineered, live vaccine for shipping fever in cattle has been developed by ARS researchers.
Robert Briggs and Fred Tatum, (515) 239-8639

An ARS vaccine against a certain strain of avian influenza helped the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Hong Kong government contain and understand a bird flu epidemic.
David Swayne, (706) 546-3433

A new ARS test detects cattle tuberculosis in 3 days. Other tests can take 3 months.
Janice M. Miller, (515) 239-8349

Cytokine protein helps cows fight mastitis.
Marcus E. Kehrli, Jr., (515) 239-8642

A DNA-lab test detects the new strain of avian leukosis, subgroup J. Researchers are working on a field test.
Aly M. Fadley, (517) 337-6837


ARS scientists developed a gene-based test for Johne's disease. The work may also lead to a vaccine.
Judith Stabel, (515) 239-8304; Jay Ellingson, (515) 239-8233

Screwworm larvae are easily identified in the field with a new ARS test.
Steve R. Skoda, (402) 437-5267

A new manual on feeding marine mammals is now available.
Jean Larson, (301) 504-6212

Castrating calves at birth produces less stress than postponing the procedure until weaning.
Julie Morrow-Tesch, (765) 494-8022

A new ARS genetic test distinguishes the virus that causes porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome from harmless vaccine strains.
William Mengeling, (515) 239-8254

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