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About Healthy Animals

cow in tick bathWelcome to Healthy Animals, an online compilation of animal health-related research news put out twice a year by the Information Staff of the Agricultural Research Service. ARS is the chief scientific agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Each issue profiles one aspect of ARS research. Links take readers to detailed stories on new findings important to the health of livestock, poultry and fish. And a list of all ARS research laboratories that work to improve animal health is just a click away.

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ARS offers a variety of resources to help you with your animal health research questions.

For answers to scientific questions, please consult ARS National Program Staff personnel or an appropriate research laboratory.

To search a database of scientific papers by ARS researchers, visit TEKTRAN online.

To view or obtain digital photography products, visit our online Image Gallery.

ARS' National Agricultural Library is a great resource for information on the health and well-being of animals used in biomedical and agricultural research and teaching.

For regulations, bibliographies, links to databases, reports and bulletins related to animal care and use, visit the Animal Welfare Information Center at NAL.

For questions about this site, or to be notified each time a new issue of Healthy Animals is posted, contact Sandra Avant, (301) 504-1627.

NOTE: Contact your veterinarian about health problems of individual animals.



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