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Tick Soup Scramble

Tick Soup Scramble

Blech! Yuck! PU! Recipe for Tick Soup will gross you out! Read it under the Insect section of Sci4Kids. Then show those creepy, crawly, little bloodsuckers you've got them licked!

Use information from the story and from the clues to unscramble the words below.

animated dog graphic
T-O-R-I-S-G-O-L-T-I-S-A-P-A studies parasites __________________
R-H-A-S-C-I-D-A-N examples include ticks, spiders, and mites; have 8 legs __________________
L-U-L-B-S-Y-E-E S-A-R-H forms around the tick bite area __________________
C-E-T-H-S-I-M studies the basis of physical substances __________________
P-S-E-O-R-S pods in which fungi can survive outside a host __________________



the bacterium that causes Lyme disease __________________
S-E-N-T-A-O-M-E-D roundworms; used in a spray to help the deer tick problem __________________
M-E-L-Y S-E-D-E-I-A-S a flu-like illness spread by ticks __________________
T-E-L-U-C-I-C  a tick's outer covering __________________
R-A-P-S-I-T-A-E survives at the expense of another organism, the "host" __________________

Wrap It Up! On a separate sheet of paper, tell briefly what Dolores Hill and Patricia Allen are trying to do in their research. Why is this research important?

Need an idea for a research paper? Try this one on Lyme disease...

Write about Lyme disease and its control. Include facts such as where it was first discovered, prevalence, how the disease is spread, geographic distribution, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control strategies (including the research conducted at USDA's Agricultural Research Service).

Here are some good web site references to get you started:

Tackling Ticks That Spread Lyme Disease­

Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Diseases­

Getting Lyme Disease To Take a Hike­

Lyme Disease­

American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.­

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