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Image Number K7577-1

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Image Number K7577-1

Caption for April 2013 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Compounds in Whole-Grain Rice Varieties. U.S. long-grain rice growing in a field. In the Food Processing and Sensory Quality Research Unit in New Orleans, Louisiana, food technologist Karen Bett-Garber has created a glossary of flavor differences in various-colored whole-grain rice brans.

Caption for April 2010 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Whole-Grain Rice Stakes Out Its Claim: Fast Facts About Rice.U.S. long grain rice.

Caption for October 2004 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Rice Genome Helps Put Other Cereals “On the Map.” The genome of rice is being used by ARS scientists to fill in the genetic map of maize and sorghum.

Caption for June 1997 Agricultural Research magazine article, "DNA Fingerprinting of Rice Varieties." U.S. long grain rice.


Photo by Keith Weller.

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