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Agricultural Research Magazine

July 2009 - Vol. 57, No. 6

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Table of Contents

Forum—Overseas Labs Play Vital Role in U.S. Biocontrol Efforts (html) or (pdf)

Formidable Fungus Goes Toe to Toe With Kudzu (html) or (pdf)

Tiny Moth Tackles Old World Climbing Fern (html) or (pdf)

Munching on Garlic Mustard: A New Weevil in the Works (html) or (pdf)

Tackling a Trio of Tropical Troublemakers: Hawaii Scientists Fight Invasive Banana Moth, White Peach Scale, and Nettle Moth (html) or (pdf)

Biocontrol Battle Begins Against Giant Reed (Arundo) (html) or (pdf)

Combating the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: A New Threat for Agriculture, A Nuisance for Homeowners (html) or (pdf)

Luring Varroa Mites to Their Doom (html) or (pdf)
Atrayendo el ácaro varroa a la muerte (html)

Pepper Compound Mighty Against Mold (html) or (pdf)

Controlling Fire Ants Takes a Group Effort (html) or (pdf)

Western Juniper and Cheatgrass: Scientists Probe Invaders' Evolutionary Strategies (html) or (pdf)

Genotype Exploration Is Key to Controlling Rush Skeletonweed (html) or (pdf)

ARS Biocontrol Research Program (html) or (pdf)








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