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Agricultural Research Magazine

August 2001 - Vol. 49, No. 8

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Table of Contents

Forum—Getting the Lowdown From High Up (html) or (pdf)

From a Distance: Remote Sensing of Planet Earth (html) or (pdf)

Free-Forming With Soybean Oil (html) or (pdf)

Food of the Gods: Cacao and Marker-Assisted Selection (html) or (pdf)

An Organic Cure for a Turfgrass Disease? (html) or (pdf)

Cooking Process Reduces Toxin in Corn (html) or (pdf)

Getting the Good Stuff With Supercritical Fluid Extraction (html) or (pdf)

New Oats and Barleys—Ready for Breakfast, Brewery, or Barn (html) or (pdf)

Why Are Dieters So Hungry? (html) or (pdf)

Early Findings Raise Questions About Popular CLA Supplement (html) or (pdf)

Science Update (html) or (pdf)
A Push-Pull Answer to Asian Lady Beetles
Transgenic Cow To Resist Mastitis
Kit for Detecting Flesh-Eating Maggots
Heat Your Home or Feed Your Livestock?

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