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Agricultural Research Magazine

April 2008 - Vol. 56, No. 4

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Table of Contents

Forum—The Ogallala: Cooperative Efforts To Preserve, Protect It (html) or (pdf)

The Ogallala: Gauging, Protecting the Aquifer's Health (html) or (pdf)

TifQuik for Faster Forage (html) or (pdf)
El pasto bahía 'TifQuik' les ofrece beneficios a los cultivadores (html)

Tree Heartwood Extracts Halt Sudden Oak Death (html) or (pdf)

A Collection of Carolina Collards (html) or (pdf)

Tracing Florida Mangoes' Family Tree (html) or (pdf)

Pseudomonas Orphan Gene Clusters Offer Potential Protection Against Plant Diseases (html) or (pdf)

New Vetch for Northern Climes—and Organic Growers (html) or (pdf)

Chillin' Chickens: Which Method Works Best? (html) or (pdf)

Flower Power—Bacteria Style—Checks Fungal Foe of Wheat (html) or (pdf)

Science Update (html) or (pdf)
     Ticks Are Tough Little Suckers!
     A Superb New Pecan
     Hydrogen Fuel From Microbial "Factories"
     What's Behind "Zebra Chip" Potatoes?
     More Beans Mean Less Cholesterol






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