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September 2014 - Vol. 62, No. 8

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September 2014 issue (PDF publication).

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Table of Contents

Forum—ARS Water Research: From the Headwaters to the Deltas (html) or (pdf)

Delta Backwaters Can Capture Field Runoff Pollutants (html) or (pdf)
Sidebar: A Little Flooding Helps a Lot (html)

Wanted . . . Tools To Identify Uncommon Beef Cattle Traits (html) or (pdf)

Determining the Best Season for Applying Chicken Litter in the South (html) or (pdf)

Compound from Bacteria Could Be Useful Against Pecan Scab (html) or (pdf)

Fungi Readied for Weed Biocontrol (html) or (pdf)

Weather-Tracking Tool Helps Track Migrating Insects (html) or (pdf)

Taina Litwak: Insect Illustrator Extraordinaire (html) or (pdf)

Locations Featured in This Magazine Issue (html) or (pdf)


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