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Agricultural Research Magazine

October 2008 - Vol. 56, No. 9

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Table of Contents

Forum—The Future of Fuel (html) or (pdf)

Research Helps Set the Stage for Ethanol . . . Southern Style (html) or (pdf)

Fueling the Farm—Waste for Energy and Independence (html) or (pdf)
Proveyendo bioenergía para la granja (html)

Banking on Biobutanol: New Method Revisits Fermenting This Fuel From Crops Instead of Petroleum (html) or (pdf)

Superenzymes: Turning Tough Cell Walls Into Readily Fermented Sugars (html) or (pdf)

From Garbage to Gas: Converting City Refuse and Farm Leftovers to Clean Energy (html) or (pdf)

Cellulosic Ethanol From Corn Stover: Calculating—and Improving—the Bottom Line (html) or (pdf)

Assessing Biofuels' Sustainability: Economic and Biophysical Models Aid the Process (html) or (pdf)

A Cornucopia of Domestic Energy Crops (html) or (pdf)

"Power Plants" Prevail at the National Arboretum (html) or (pdf)

ARS National Research Program for Bioenergy (html) or (pdf)







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