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Agricultural Research Magazine

November 1999 - Vol. 47, No. 11

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Table of Contents

Forum—CACAO—Good for Agriculture and the Environment (html) or (pdf)

Fighting a Fungal Siege on Cacao Farms (html) or (pdf)

Tifton, Georgia: A Peanut Pest Showdown (html) or (pdf)

Predicting Tenderness in Beefsteaks (html) or (pdf)

Fallowing Falls by the Wayside (html) or (pdf)

A Storybook Future for Lesquerella? (html) or (pdf)

Nutrition Studies Get Psyched Over the Internet (html) or (pdf)

In Search of Useful Fungi (html) or (pdf)

Drink Your Beans! (html) or (pdf)

Bromelain—Health Food for Bossy, Too (html) or (pdf)

For Late Plantings, Tropical Corn (html) or (pdf)

Tracking Manure-Borne Pathogens (html) or (pdf)

Science Update (html) or (pdf)
Reunion With Weevils Could Sink a Water Weed
New Mosquito Trap
Biotech Blooms for the Floral Industry

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