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May/June 2014 - Vol. 62, No. 5

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May/June 2014 issue (PDF publication).

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Table of Contents

Forum—Valuing U.S. Agriculture (html) or (pdf)

Identifying Yellow Perch Gender To Improve Production (html) or (pdf)

"Supershedders" Role in Spreading E. coli Scrutinized (html) or (pdf)

Transparent Coating for Glass, Plastics—and More—May Have Bright Future (html) or (pdf)

Foraging Worms Guarantee Slug Bait Failure (html) or (pdf)

Dissecting a Potato Pathogen's Hiding Place in Its Insect Vector (html) or (pdf)
Disecando el escondite de un patógeno de la papa dentro de su insecto vector (html)

Advance May Speed Development of Seed Rot-Resistant Soybeans (html) or (pdf)

Taming Extreme Environments by Exploring Algae in Space (html) or (pdf)

Pigs Useful in Immune and Obesity Research (html) or (pdf)

Controlling Odors and Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Stored Swine Manure (html) or (pdf)

New Class of Animal Deworming Agent (html) or (pdf)

Locations Featured in This Magazine Issue (html) or (pdf)


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