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Contents, Agricultural Research Magazine

Agricultural Research Magazine

March 1997 - Vol. 45, No. 3

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Table of Contents

Forum—Booming Exports Good for Jobs (html) (pdf)

Gearing Up To Grow Rice for Japan (html) (pdf)

New Noodlemaking Wheat in the Works (html) (pdf)

Two Italian Imports Tackle Musk Thistle (html) (pdf)

Growing Broccoli the Eco-Friendly Way (html) (pdf)

Another Kind of Surge Protector (html) (pdf)

Pawpaws Making a Comeback (html) (pdf)

Tasty Tomato Flavor Compound Revealed (html) (pdf)

Bald Beets Sweet News to Sugar Industry (html) (pdf)

Microbes Clean Up Toxic Waste (html) (pdf)

WEEDCAST Predictions Save Farmers Money (html) (pdf)

Chance Discovery Leads to New Vegetable Oil Uses (html) (pdf)

Yeast Gene Accumulates Cadmium (html) (pdf)

Bee Traps Go Commercial (html) (pdf)

Science Update (html) (pdf)
    Digital Image Gallery on the World Wide Web
    New Roach Allergen Found
    Shining a Brighter Light on Cotton Quality
    Prodigal Wasp Gets a New Chance Against Gypsy Moth

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