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Last updated August 12, 2008

CEAP: Right Idea, Right Time, Conservation Effects Assessment Project, economic value of 50 years of conservation programs, Mark A. Weltz, Dale Bucks, Beltsville, MD, Clarence Richardson, Temple, TX, (html) or (pdf) 05DECp.2

Conservation: Are We Getting Our Money’s Worth? Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP), cost-benefit analysis of 50 years of conservation, atrazine, glyphosate, other pesticides, nitrogen, bacteria, and phosphorus in drinking water in ARS watersheds, algal blooms, water pollution, controlled drainage, SWAT, sediments, vegetative buffers, Clarence Richardson, Temple, TX, Bil Gburek, University Park, PA, Norm Fausey, Columbus, OH, Chi-Hua Huang, Fort Wayne, IN, Joseph Sheridan, Richard Lowrance, Tim Strickland, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 05DECp.4-8

The Hills Are Sagging, topsoil erosion down hills in plowed prairies, low wheat yields where erosion occurred, Sharon K. Papiernik, Morris, MN, (html) or (pdf) 05DECp.9

Electroactive Bioplastics Flex Their Industrial Muscle, artificial muscles from conductive polymers or cornstarch and polysaccharides rather than petroleum-based products, reactive extrusion for industrial production, Victoria L. Finkenstadt, Julious L. Willett, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05DECp.10-11

Introducing Lycoris to U.S. Flower Lovers, Lycoris germplasm collection from China, Korea, and Japan, bringing Lycoris species to U.S. National Arboretum and American gardens, Mark S. Roh, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05DECp.12-13

Vegetable Breeding Steps Up to the Next Level, breeding for high glucoraphanin (anticancer) broccoli, green cotyledon (gc) green testa (gt) genes for double-green cow pea or black-eyed pea for frozen foods market, breeding watermelon resistance to root-knot nematodes, whiteflies, and spider mites, Richard L. Fery, Mark W. Farnham, and others, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 05DECp.14-16

Washing and Sanitizing Techniques Aim To Make Produce Safer, Salmonella biofilm on cantaloupe surface with fimbriae and cellulose and polymers, pasteurization hot bath for killing pathogens, food safety, fresh-cut market, Bassam A. Annous, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 05DECp.17

Filling the Southern Plains Forage Gap, using perennial cool-season grasses in spring and fall for forage to extend grazing season, Lincoln smooth brome, Jose tall wheatgrass, Manska intermediate wheatgrass, cheaper beef production, animal weight gain, grass-finished beef, little grain feeding, Brian K. Northup, William A. Phillips, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 05DECp.18-19

Playing the Field, Potato System Planner software for crop rotations in Maine potatoes, boost production, reduce fertilizer and pesticide use, biofumigation with Brassica crops canola and rapeseed for sulfur glucosinolates/isothiocyanates to control Rhizoctonia fungi, C. Wayne Honeycutt, Robert Larkin, John Halloran, Orono, ME, (html) or (pdf) 05DECp.20-22

Gaining Insight From Probing Insects’ Genes, gene mapping, genetic variability and adaptations, studying insect genes for pest control and biological control, Kevin J. Hackett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.2

Beetle Mania, sequencing genes of red flour beetle, genome, genetic or genomic map, disrupting growth and development genes for chitin in outer cuticle, Medea gene, Richard Beeman, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.4-6

Resistance Gene To Fortify Soy Against Exotic Pest, discovery of Rag1 gene in soybean germplasm collection provides resistance to soybean aphid (Aphis glycines), Glen L. Hartman, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.7

International Partnership for Poultry Safety, collaboration with Soviet Union to advance food safety and poultry health, ISTC and OIRP, assessing bacteriocins to combat Campylobacter and Salmonella, global fight against migration of avian influenza in wild birds and poultry, saponins for Newcastle disease vaccines, David Suarez, Daniel J. King, David Swayne, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.8-11

Flax Fiber Offers Cotton Cool Comfort, spinning cotton with flax for better moisture wicking, air permeability, and drying in denim fabric, textiles, blending flax with polymers for molded materials, standards for grading flax quality, enzymatic retting vs. dew retting, flax crop rotation with cotton, David D. McAlister, Clemson, SC, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.12-13

Pegging a Toublesome Change in Hydrilla, gene mutation in aquatic weed hydrilla provides resistance to fluridone herbicide, using biocontrol fungus Mycoleptodiscus terrestris and fluridone together for control, Franck A. Dayan, University, MS, Brian Scheffler, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.14-16

DNA Chips Spot and Help Track Antibiotic Resistance, DNA microarray detects antimicrobial-resistance genes in bacteria, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Campylobacter and Enterococcus, Jonathon Frye, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.17

New Prairie Grasses To Fatten Cattle—And Producer Profits, two new varieties of big bluestem prairie grass promote weight gain in cows, forage, grazing, Kenneth P. Vogel, Robert B. Mitchell, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.17

Multicrop Rotation and Irrigation Study for Optimal Water Use in the Southeast, Irrigator Pro software developed for optimum peanut profitability from irrigation and crop rotation of cotton, corn, peanut, sprinkler vs. subsurface drip, Marshall Land, Diane Rowland, Dawson, GA, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.18-20

Edible, Water-Resistant Film From Milk Film, continuous-production process for making edible biodegradable casein-based polymer coatings for dairy product packaging, Peggy Tomasula, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.21

The Germplasm Ambassador, sharing cryopreservation germplasm preservation techniques to scientists overseas—Kazakhstan, Poland, and Germany, National Clonal Germplasm Repository, free exchange of plants worldwide, Barbara M. Reed, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.22

Termite Alates Succumb to Biopesticide, biological control fungus Metarhizium anisopliae kills alates of Formosan subterranean termite, Ashok K. Raina and Maureen S. Wright, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.23

A Test for Head Blight-Causing Fungi, new DNA test distinguishes among Fusarium fungi that cause head blight, Todd J. Ward, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.23

Potato Defends Against Late Blight, Defender potato resists late blight fungus, good for french fry production and frozen potato products, Richard G. Novy, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.23

“Waxy” Wheat for Novel Products, new Penawawa-X soft white spring wheat with 100 percent amylopectin starch—“full-waxy”, Craig F. Morris, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.23

Adjusting pH Boosts Plant’s Metals Uptake, effect of soil pH on alpine pennycress’s ability to phytomine metals from soil, cadmium and zinc hyperaccumulators, phytoremediation, phytoextraction, Rufus L. Chaney, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05NOVp.23

Helping School Kids Reach Nutritional Excellence, National School Lunch Week, USDA school-meal programs, child nutrition, NAL’s Healthy School Meals Resource System (HSMRS), roles of ARS Human Nutrition Program, Molly Kretsch, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.2

Helping Schoolchildren Make the Grade in Nutrition, National School Lunch Week, USDA school-meal programs, child nutrition, non-nutritious competitive foods, NAL’s Healthy School Meals Resource System (HSMRS), Karen Cullen, Houston, TX, Desire Stapley, Corey Scarpero, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.4-6

Greenhouse Pests Beware, tracking spread of Old World hunter fly—a beneficial biological control against many greenhouse pests—into North America, Stephen P. Wraight,  Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.7

Cleaning House—and Hive, breeding genetically superior SMR (suppress mite reproduction) bees, which don’t suppress Varroa mite reproduction but hygienically remove them from brood cells, John R. Harbo, Jeffrey W. Harris, Baton Rouge, LA, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.8-9

Pumpkin Power! Calculating the Carotenoids in a Fall Favorite, supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) method for measuring beta-carotene content and other carotenoids in pumpkin, phytonutrients, pumpkin used for vitamin A deficiency in world, Betty J. Burri, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.10-11

Pineapples in Paradise. Uncovering Genetic Secrets of an Exotic Tropical Fruit, ARS National Clonal Germplam Repository for Tropical and Subtropical Fruit and Nut Crops, pineapple germplasm collection and genetic diversity, pineapple identification with DNA-fingerprints with amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP), Paul H. Moore, Aiea, HI, Francis T.P. Zee, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.12-13

Fields With a Mind of Their Own? site-specific precision irrigation with GPS, wireless communications, and infrared sensors, center-pivot and linear-move irrigation, Accu-Pulse system, Kenneth C. Stone, Florence, SC, Robert G. Evans, Sidney, MT, E. John  Sadler, Columbia, MO, Dale F. Heermann, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.14-16

Fungal Threats to Cocoa Share an Ancient History, Witches’ broom and frosty pod rot fungi are genetically related, taxonomical reclassification  from Crinipellis to new genus, Mary Catherine Aime, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.17

Grass Farming and the Environment, conservation, water quality, aquatic life and wildlife preservation, on grass farms, Jeffrey J. Steiner, Stephen M. Griffith, and others, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.18-19

Treasures of the National Agricultural Library. Entomologist Charles Valentine Riley’s Papers and Artifacts, Special Collections Unit at NAL, Susan H. Fugate, Sara B. Lee, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.20-21

Small, Portable Air Sampler Developed, new electrostatic sampling device for dust particles and attached microorganisms in poultry houses, hospitals, Salmonella and E. coli,  Bailey W. Mitchell, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.22

Beneficial Bacteria Battle Fire Blight, E325 strain of Pantoea agglomerans as biological control agent for fire blight, P. Lawrence Pusey, Wenatchee, WA, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.23

B12 Shortfall’s Bad for Bone Density, vitamin B12 deficiency and osteoporosis and bone strength in men and women, human nutrition, Katherine L. Tucker, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf)  05OCTp.23

Sweet, Versatile Mannitol From Microbial Fermentation,  commercial mannitol production with high-fructose corn syrup and bacteria, Badal C. Saha, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.23

Wheat Fungus Tapped for Sequencing, genetic sequencing of leaf spot disease funus Mycosphaerella graminicola, Stephen B. Goodwin, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 05OCTp.23

Upgrading America’s Underground Drainage Network, revitalizing the Nation’s drainage systems with controlled-drainage system for controlling water table and outflow, water quality and conservation, ADMS Task Force, Dale Bucks, Beltsville, MD, Tom Spofford, Washington, D.C., (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.2

Underground Drainage: A Secret of America’s Bounty, Agricultural Drainage Management Systems (ADMS) task force, revitalizing the Nation’s drainage systems with controlled-drainage system for controlling water table and outflow and nitrate losses, water quality and conservation, artificial wetlands for trapping nitrate and sediment, subirrigation with recycled water, using ground-penetrating radar to locate buried pipes, Norman R. Fausey, Barry J. Allred, Columbus, OH, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.4-6

Eastern Gamagrass May Be Queen of Carbon Storage, effect of temperature and CO2 on carbon storage, root and plant growth, global warming, Donald T. Krizek, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.7

A New Approach to Dairy Farming That’s “Out of Africa”, dairy cow/livestock corralling for nitrogen, phosphorus, and nutrient management, increased forage yields in sorghum and millet, hoof tilling, water leaching, groundwater quality, J. Mark Powell, Madison, WI, Michael P. Russelle, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.8-9

Smoking Out Worms, movement of liquid manure, fertilizer nutrients, and pesticides through nightcrawler/earthworm burrows to drainpipes in no-till fields, Martin J. Shipitalo, Coshocton, OH, Frank Gibbs, Findlay, OH, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.10-11

ARS Partners With Defense Department To Protect Troops From Insect Vectors, ARS/DOD efforts to reduce insect-borne diseases for military and civilians, malaria, mosquitoes, leishmaniasis, sand flies, delousing, typhus, lice, fleas, plague, CMAVE, DEET, ultra-low-volume (ULV) spray equipment, permethrin-treated uniforms and fabric unfused with chemicals, repellents, SS220 as DEET replacement, timeline, Jerry Hogsette, Ulrich Bernier, David A. Carlson, Gainesville, FL, Jerome A. Klun, Beltsville, MD, Edward T. Schmidtman, Laramie, WY, Ronald J. Nachman, College Station, TX, Mat Pound, Kim Lohmeyer, Allen Miller, Kerrville, TX, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.12-15

Cholesterol-Reducing Flavonoids Found in Citrus Peels, cholesterol- and triglyceride-lowering polymethoxylated flavones (PMF’s) in orange oil from peels, lipoproteins LDL and VLDL reduced, John A. Manthey, Winter Haven, FL, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.16

Nutrient Database To Help Native Communities, nutrient content of foods of American Indians and Alaska Natives, nutrition, diabetes and obesity, Pamela R. Pehrsson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.17

Salvaging Saline Water and Soils, salt-tolerant forages reduce need for evaporation ponds in San Joaquin Valley by reusing drainage water, reclaiming/managing saline-sodic soils, Dennis L. Corwin, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.18-19

A Quick Way To Gauge Forage Nutrition, spectral reflectance remote sensing device assesses forage nutrient quality, livestock feed, predicting weight gains and growth, pasture, hay, Patrick J. Starks, Michael A. Brown, William A. Phillips, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.20-21

New Insight Into a Clinging Vine, physiological mechanism of how redvine tendrils develop and secure to objects, phenols and polyphenol oxidase form adhesive, gelatinous fibers give strength, Kevin C. Vaughn, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.22

Dietary Protein’s Okay for Bones, effect of high-protein diet (from meat vs. soy) on bone health and strength, calcium excretion, postmenopausal women, Janet Ross Hunt, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.23

A Human Fungicide . . . for Plants? sampangine as antifungal for gray mold, anthracnose crown rot and wilt, vascular wilt, sugarcane, and ornamentals, David F. Wedge, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.23

And Now—Feather-Based Plastics, making strong but light biodegradable plastic from feathers, Walter F. Schmidt, Justin Barone, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.23

Cold Oats, freeze-tolerant oat genotypes, winter hardiness, David P. Livingston, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 05SEPp.23

North, South, East, or West—Suiting Farms to Their Environment, goals of ARS Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems Research Program, silvopasturing, challenges of farming various U.S. regions and ecosystems, Michael D. Jawson, Evert Byington, Dale Bucks, Mark Weltz, Robert Wright, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.2

A Sylvan Scene in Appalachia, mixing trees with pastures, silvopasture and effects on grazing, weight gain in lambs, nutritive value of forages, yield and protein of forages, root growth and carbon retention, tree canopy temperature and growing season of pasture grasses, Charles M. Feldhake, David P. Belesky, James P.S. Neel, Erlend L. Mathias, Beaver, WV, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.4-8

Protecting the World’s Walnuts, walnut genebank and species collection at Davis, California, ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Tree Fruit and Nut Crops and Grapes, identification with simple-sequence repeat genetic fingerprints or markers, Ed W. Stover, Mallikarjuna K. Aradhya, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.9

Fresh-Cut Fruit Moves Into the Fast Lane, underwater fruit cutting/processing to preserve shelf life, reduce microrganisms, food processing, heat-shock and ultraviolet (UV) treatments, taste tests, Olusola Lamikanra, Karen Bett-Garber, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.10-12

A Pathway to Clearer Vision, uniquitin-proteasome pathway and eye health, cataract development, antioxidants, Allen Taylor, Fu Shang, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.13

Small Dams Are Put to the Test, earthen dam overflow and failure, water quality and management, computer models for prioritizing dam rehabilitation, flooding, SITES, WINDAM, SIMBA, Gregory J. Hanson, Darrel M. Temple, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.14-15

Keeping Nitrogen Out of Waterways, using manure to fertilize legumes and keep excess nitrogen out of Gulf of Mexico, manure disposal, water quality, Michael P. Russelle, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.16-17

Precision Turf Management, nitrogen and phosphorus and pesticide runoff from golf courses, SWAT computer model, Kevin W. King, Columbus, OH, Pamela J. Rice, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.18-19

Kicking Up Nutrients in Melons—and Income in Growers’ Pockets, foliar potassium for improved melon sweetness, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and other nutrients, earlier maturity, calcium applications to cantaloupes and honeydews and shelf life and nutrient content, Gene E. Lester, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.20-21

Taste Tests Prove It: U.S. Peanuts Are Tops, European Peanut Consumer Research Study taste tests of peanuts from different countries, Timothy H. Sanders, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.22

Flax Fiber Has New International Standards, standards for rating/evaluating flax quality, linen, Danny E. Akin, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.22

A Detailed Database on Legumes, Legume Information Service on WWW gives genetic, physiological, and biochemical info. on legumes, Randy C. Shoemaker, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.23

More Forage Might Be Worth Less, forage growth and quality at high-carbon dioxide levels, Jack A. Morgan, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.23

Film Traps Fumigant in the Soil, virtually impermeable film (VIF) for soil fumigants on sandy soils, Leon H. Allen, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.23

New Virus in the Strawberry Patch, nematode-transmitted strawberry latent ringspot virus (SLRSV) discovered in North America, other vectors likely, Robert R. Martin, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 05AUGp.23

Taking Jack IN the Beanstalk, mapping soybean genes, genomics research for disease and pest resistance and high oleic acid for healthier soybean oils, functional genomics TILLING technique, Robert E. Wilson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.2

TILLING Genes To Improve Soybeans, functional genomics technique TILLING (“Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes”) induces mutation for breeding soybeans that are allergen free or that have improved protein and oil content, Niels Nelson, Rae Ritchie, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.4-5

Heat + Low Oxygen + High Carbon Dioxide = Dead Fruit Pests, CATTS pesticide-free technique (“Controlled Atmosphere/Temperature Treatment System”) kills insect pests on stored fruit, methyl bromide alternative, Lisa G. Neven, Wapato, WA, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.6-7

Grafting Watermelon Onto Squash or Gourd Rootstock Makes Firmer Healthier Fruit, grafting for watermelon resistance to Fusarium wilt and other soilborne pathogens, lycopene and sugar not harmed, firmer fruit for fresh-cut market, Benny Bruton, Lane, OK, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.8-9

The Ultimate Trash To Treasure, turning poultry manure into toxin-grabbing char for wastewater treatment systems to clean water, filtering water via metal adsorption, Isabel M. Lima, Wayne E. Marshall, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.10-11

Rooting for Gossypol, improving gossypol production from hairy roots induced from cotton leaf tissue, gossypol for crop pest suppression and cancer treatment, Barbara A. Triplett, Michael K. Dowd, New Orleans, LA, Lawrence D. Young, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.12-14

Boosting Immunity in Young Pigs, spray-dried plasma and fish oils as nutritional supplements for piglets improve growth and disease resistance, Jeffrey A. Carroll, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.15

Powerful Partnerships Fuel Research Advances, examples of partnerships and collaborations of ARS with universities, Land-Grant Colleges, historically black land-grant colleges and universities, and other USDA agencies, food safety, breeding/variety development, Mark A. Rasmussen, Tom Casey, Edward B. Knipling, Thomas P. Oscar, R. James Cook, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.16-19

New Varieties and Techniques Make Barley Better for Fuel and Feed, high-starch barley lines for ethanol production, milling process separates feed grain from fuel grain, hull-less barley, beta-glucan soluble fiber promotes human health, reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, Kevin Hicks, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.20-21

New DNA Tests on Tap To I.D. Bad Microbes, faster method for identifying foodborne pathogens Candida albicans and Listeria monocytogenes, food safety, Todd J. Ward, Brent T. Page, Cletus P. Kurtzman, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.22

Food-Testing Facility Is Finished, sensory-testing facilities for meat tenderness, texture, juiciness, meat quality and shelf life, Martha Neale Liu, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.23

Turkish Plant Oils Can Annihilate Pests, aromatic oils from Turkish herbs as organic pesticides and insecticides, David E. Wedge, Oxford, MI, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.23

Starch-Based Coatings for Nonfood Uses, jet-cooked starch for dye and ink retention on plastics, polymer films, George F. Fanta, Fred C. Felker, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.23

New Virus Targets Fire Ants, discovery of Solenopsis invicta virus-1 (SINV-1) infection in red imported fire ants, biological control potential, Steven M. Valles, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 05JULp.23

Connecting a Vital Region’s Agriculture, Ecology, and People, efforts of ARS’s Southern Plains Experimental Range in holistic ecosystem approach to manage rangeland and prevent resource fragmentation in rural America, grassland and grazing conservation management, Phillip L. Sims, Woodward, OK, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.2

Range That’s a Home to Forage Research, rangeland management/grazing studies to balance ecosystem at ARS’s Southern Plains Range Research Station, new grass cultivars Chet sand bluestem and Verl eastern gamagrass, carbon sequestration, complementary forages for cattle, Phillip L. Sims, Robert L. Gillen, Woodward, OK, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.4-6

Knowing What’s Best for Baby To Eat, “Start Healthy Feeding Guidelines for Children Ages 0 to 24 Months”, nutrition during infancy and toddlerhood, Nancy F. Butte, William C. Heird, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.7

Death by Dessication, new environmentally friendly synthetic insecticides from sugar esters dehydrate insects on flowers and ornamentals, kills Varroa mite on bees, Gary J. Puterka, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.8-9

A Rare-Earth Approach to Tracing Soil Erosion, using rare-earth elements to track eroding sediment/soil erosion, overcoming preferential binding to soil particles, John X. Zhang, El Reno, OK, Mark A. Nearing, Tucson, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.10-11

Unzipping Zinc’s Secrets, zinc levels in normal vs. healthy prostate cells, zinc transporter proteins ZIP1 and ZIP3, Liping Huang, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.12-13

Moving Away From Wheat/Fallow in the Great Plains, ideal crop-sequence rotations in the Great Plains to maximize water-use efficiency, Jonathon D. Hanson, Mandan, ND, Merle F. Vigil, David C. Nielsen and others, Akron, CO, Laj Ahuja, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.14-17

Poultry Pathogen Models for Predictive Microbiology, modeling growth and survival of Salmonella and Campylobacter, food safety, introducing jellyfish gene to track Salmonella, pathogen behavior in absence of microbial competition, Thomas P. Oscar, Princess Anne, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.18-19

Who’s Who in the Nation’s Largest Citrus Collection? Citrus accessions at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Citrus and Dates, species identification from molecular markers, Robert R. Krueger, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.20-22

How Natural Pesticides Work, resistance to pesticides, gene transcription fingerprints for fungicide and herbicide resistance, Stephen O. Duke, Oxford, MI, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.23

Online Training for Nutrition Educators, dieticians course for USDA’s Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, Len Carey, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.23

Predicting Nonnative Escapes, models for assessing risk of an exotic species becoming a pest, Mark Widrlechner, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.23

Copper: Nematodes’ Nemesis, copper wire feed supplements for hair sheep to control barber pole worm nematodes, Joan M. Burke, Booneville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 05JUNp.23

Protecting Crops From Alien Invaders, preventing plant disease and pest epidemics, exotic pest identification and prevention, soybean aphids and rust, ARS-Ohio State pest detection team, Rick Bennett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.2

Viral Strike Team Always on Alert, protecting U.S. crops from plant disease and pest epidemics, exotic pest identification and prevention, ARS-Ohio State pest detection team, vascular puncture inoculation technique (VPI), viral plant diseases and vectors, Roy Gingery, Peg Redinbaugh, Mark Jones, and others, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.4-7

Apple Quality's More Than Skin Deep, nondestructive technologies for grading and sorting fruit firmness, taste, and sugar content, through infrared spectra, multispectral imaging, and lasers, scanning speed, Renfu Lu, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.8-9

Protecting Fish Through Vaccines, modified live vaccines for columnaris disease from Flavobacterium columnare and Edwardsiella tarda, killed vaccines for Streptococcus iniae and S. agalactiae, Joyce J. Evans, Chestertown, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.10-11

Wool Biopolishing Process Scratches the Itch Factor, bleach/enzyme method for making scratchy wool and other fabrics smooth and shrink-proof, washable, textile treatment, biopolished wool, Jeanette Cardamone, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.12-13

Low Protein + Low Exercise = Sarcopenia, muscle mass loss from little exercise and protein deficiency in diet of elderly, resistance weight training to reverse the condition, balance, agility, muscular strength, in elderly, Tufts Strong Living Program, Carmen Castaneda Sceppa, Jennifer Layne, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.14-16

Do Your Genes Make You Absorb Too Much Iron? Health risk from excessive iron absorption from iron-fortified foods for those with hemochromatosis disorder, Janet Ross Hunt, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.17

Sorghum Needs Its Space, Too, genetic studies to boost allelochemical sorgoleone production in sorghum, allelopathy, Stephen O. Duke, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.18-19

The National Herb Garden, 25th anniversary of National Herb Garden at U.S. National Arboretum, James R. Adams, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.20-21

Cryptosporidium Clarified in U.S. Cattle, Cryptosporidium prevalence in preweaned and postweaned calves, transmission to humans, Ronald Fayer, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.22

NAL Compiles Conservation Program Info., bibliographies for conservation programs and practices, Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP), Len Carey, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.23

First Pinto Bean To Resist Anthracnose, USPT-ANT-1 pinto germplasm line resists anthracnose, Phillip N. Miklas, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.23

Water Beats Salt as a Cattle Lure, tracking cattle movement  to new grazing areas with GPS collars, water more of an attractant that salt, David C. Ganskopp, Burns, OR, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.23

Model Helps Apples Keep Cool, Avoid Sunburn, new model uses climatic data to help growers regulate sprinkler use to control sun scald and fungal diseases, Robert G. Evans, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 05MAYp.23

Saltcedar Scientists Trounce Troublesome Tree, predictive models for controlling  invasive saltcedar weed in the West, biocontrol insects for saltcedar control, Raymond I. Carruthers, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.2

Beneficial Beetles Take a Bite Out of Saltcedar, successful biocontrol insects for saltcedar invasive weed control, leafbeetle Diorhabda elongata, using aerial photography and imagery to observe beetle spread, C. Jack DeLoach, Temple, TX, Raymond I. Carruthers, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.4-6

Tracking an Attacker—of Saltcedar, new synthetic attractant for leafbeetle Diorhabda elongata, biocontrol enemy of saltcedar, using lure to track beetle spread, Robert J. Bartelt, Allard A. Cossé, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.7

Finding New Ways To Protect and Preserve Plant Genetic Resources, Plant Germplasm Preservation Unit's genebanking efforts, cryopreserving wild rice and garlic, DNA markers for identifying garlic varieties, cryopreserving bristlecone pine specimens resistant to blister rust and grapes as backup to Pierce's disease from Xylella fastidiosa, Christina Walters, Gayle M. Volk, Christopher M. Richards, Leigh E. Towill, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.8-10

Making Sure Sacred Sheep Don't Become Extinct, National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation's efforts to preserve Navajo-Churro sheep semen for germplasm preservation, Harvey D. Blackburn, Phil Purdy, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.11

Holding On to Finger Millet, ARS Plant Genetic Resources Conservation Unit's efforts to preserve finger millet germplasm collection, genetic fingerprinting or identification of accessions, Melanie Newman, Griffin, GA, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.12

New Method Simplifies Biodiesel Production, eliminating step in biodiesel production, using methanol extractant rather than hexane--an air pollutant, soybean flakes, Michael J. Haas, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.13

United States–Brazil Collaboration Heats Up, projects on global climate change, greenhouse gases, carbon sequestration in tillage vs. no-till, measuring soil carbon with infrared technology, Embrapa's GRACENET = national network of soil carbon, AGROGASES by ARS, Gregory McCarty, Beltsville, MD, Helvecio De-Polli, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.14-15

Mealybugs May Have Met Their Match, new pumpkin-based artificial diet for rearing pink hibiscus mealybug and parasitoids of it, biocontrol parasites Anagyrus kamali and Gyranusoidea indica and ladybug Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, Response Surface Methodology for developing insect diets, David Hall, Stephen L. Lapointe, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.16-17

Sex Potion Ensnares Mealybug, new synthetic pheromone blend for luring/trapping male pink hibiscus mealybugs and disrupting mating, Aijun Zhang, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.18

Easy-To-Use Bioassay Spots Varroa Resistance, low-tech method to test Varroa mites for coumaphos or fluvalinate resistance, Jeffrey S. Pettis, Mark F. Feldlaufer, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.19

ARS Collaborates in Regional Dairy Quality Management Alliance, best management practices (BMPs) for bacteria control in dairy products, food safety, ARS's partnership with Regional Dairy Quality Management Alliance, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, Campylobacter, Johne's disease, Jo Ann Van Kessel, Jeffrey Karns, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.20

Vitamin E Eases Colds Among Elders, vitamin E supplements in elderly decreased incidence of upper respiratory infections, Simin Nikbin Meydani, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.21

Making the Case Against the Biting Midge, Culicoides sonorensis are likely vectors of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), cattle, horse, and swine disease transmission, Barbara S. Drolet, Laramie, WY, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.22

Salmonella in Free-Range Chicken, Salmonella contamination in organic free-range (free-roaming) chickens vs. conventionally produced, food safety, J. Stan Bailey, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.23

Fermented Corn Stover Can Refurbish Soil, fermentation byproduct after alcohol production improves soil organic matter and structural stability, Jane M.F. Johnson, Morris, MN, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.23

Beneficial Bacteria Protect Potatoes, bacteria sprayed on during storage protect tubers from late blight disease from Phytophthora infestans, Patricia J. Watson Slininger, David A. Schisler, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.23

A Grazing Strategy for Dairy Cows, evaluating management-intensive/rotation dairy grazing system, electric fences rotate cattle among fields, Lloyd B. Owens, Coshocton, OH, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.23

Organic Hot Peppers for Florida Growers, yields from conventional vs. organic fertilizers in north Florida, Jesusa C. Legaspi, Tallahassee, FL, (html) or (pdf) 05APRp.23

Helping Industry Ensure Animal Well-Being, guidelines for animal care ethics and welfare, ARS livestock behavior and stress research program, meat yield and quality, Lewis W. Smith, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.2

Settling Doubts About Livestock Stress, animal care ethics, maximizing animal production by reducing animal stress, animal behavioral studies, prenatal stress, Salmonella infection from stress in swine, formula boosts piglet and calve immune system, stress during transport and milking, socializing piglets, chronic pain from cow tail docking, infrared and laser techniques for beak trimming, Donald C. Lay, Jeremy Marchant-Forde, Susan Eicher, Heng-wei Cheng, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.4-7

From Granaries to Insectaries—NIR Technology Helps Human Health, using near infrared spectroscopy for detecting insects inside grain kernels, for identifying malaria-infected mosquitoes, for determining sex of tsetse fly pupae to aid in sterile insect technique, James Throne, James Baker, Floyd Dowell, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.8-9

Researchers Study Microbial Threats To Shellfish Safety, rapid cost-effective methods of detecting gastrointestinal illness pathogens in shellfish, noroviruses, hepatitis B, and Vibrio bacteria, using high-pressure processing (HPP) to inactivate pathogens for consumption raw, Gary P. Richards, David Kingsley, Dover, DE, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.10-12

Creating Novel Foods and More From Agricultural Products, opening of Center of Excellence in Extrusion and Polymer Rheology, pilot plant for new products from agricultural byproducts, Charles Onwulata, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.13

Blue Lagoons on Pig Farms? New automated system for treating swine production wastewater, removal of solids, heavy metals, phosphorus, ammonia, biochemical oxygen demand, odor, pathogens, Matias B. Vanotti, Ariel A. Szogi, Patrick G. Hunt, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.14-15

Walnuts' Anti-Aflatoxin Ally: Gallic Acid, walnut variety called Tulare contains gallic acid in pellicle and resists Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus contamination and aflatoxin formation, Russell J. Molyneux, Noreen E. Mahoney, Bruce C. Campbell, Jong H. Kim, St. Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.16-17

Detectives Search for Antimicrobial-Resistant Organisms, antibiotic resistance in Salmonella, Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus, resistance to fluoroquinolones, changing antimicrobial use in food-animal productions, food safety, Paula Fedorka-Cray, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.18-19

Agricultural Aircraft Offer a Different View of Remote Sensing, precision agriculture, GPS, and digital, multispectral and thermal-imaging cameras in agricultural planes for detecting weeds, water stress, and fire ant invasion in fields and algae in catfish ponds, Steven J. Thomson, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.20-21

Mothers' Beverage Choices Vital to Girls' Bone Health, milk-drinking habits of mothers and daughters linked, calcium intake and preschool food routines promote better life-long food habits, Jennifer O. Fisher, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.22

Portion of Plant Enzyme May Mimic Taxol, synthetic peptide SS2 from sucrose synthase halts cell division and possibly human cancer cells, Steven C. Huber, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.23

Eggs and Eye Health, carotenoid lutein from chicken eggs absorbed more into bloodstream than from other foods or supplements, Elizabeth J. Johnson, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.23

Basic Self-Defense for Plants, accurate method for measuring phytohormone and metabolite interactions during plant growth, development, stress, Eric A. Schmelz, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.23

Lower Your Lipids—With Grapes, pterostilbene in grapes lowers blood lipids more than resveratrol, atherosclerosis/plaque deposition protection, Agnes Rimando, Oxford, MI, (html) or (pdf) 05MARp.23

ARS Pounces on Sudden Oak Death Pathogen, studying infection, survival, spread, and evolution of Phytophthora ramorum on oaks, A. Rick Bennett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.2

Sudden Oak Death: ARS Scientists Fight Back, PCR assay for detecting and diagnosing Phytophthora ramorum pathogen on oaks and nursery plants, disease symptoms, fungicide Subdue Maxx as soil drench, air steaming nursery pots, Frank N. Martin, Salinas, CA, Paul W. Tooley and Nina Shishkoff, Fort Detrick, MD, Robert G. Linderman, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.4-5

A First for Fusarium, complete genome map of Fusarium graminearum, scab pathogen of wheat, now on Web, search for genes that cause disease, H. Corby Kistler, St. Paul, MN, Kerry O'Donnell, Todd J. Ward, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.6-7

Working Towards a Consistently Tender Steak, interactions of µ-calpain enzyme, calcium levels, and calpastatin on beef tenderness, muscle proteins, calcium injections, DNA test for tough-beef cattle based on µ-calpain gene, Mohammad Koohmaraie, Timothy P.L. Smith, and others, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.8-9

ARS Continues Advances in Irradiation of Ready-To-Eat Foods, improving safety and shelf life of raw meat and RTE meats like hotdogs, bologna, and deli meats, radiation doses for inactivating Listeria monocytogenes, salt and vinegar food additives, listeriosis, antioxidants and heating for suppressing sulfur compounds, E. coli, Salmonella, Yersinia radiation resistance, irradiating fruits, vegetables, and juices, for foodborne bacteria, gamma irradiation, for Listeria and Salmonella inactivation on lettuce, Christopher H. Sommers, Brendan A. Niemira, Xuetong Fan, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.10-13

Frozen Flies Safeguard Research, Screwworm Eradication Efforts, cryopreservation technique for freezing screwworm embryos cheaply preserves germplasm for mass-rearing and sterile-insect release as adults, cryoprotectant, Roger Leopold, Fargo, ND, Dennis Berkebile, Lincoln, NE, Harvey Blackburn, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.14-15

Citrus Compound: Ready To Help Your Body! Bioavailability of cancer-fighting limonoids in citrus, limonin, limonoid extraction from peels and seeds, Gary D. Manners, Andrew P. Breksa III, Albany, CA, Darshan S. Kelley, Susan J. Zunino, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.16-17

Processing Hot Peppers Like Cotton, new in-the-field cleaner for harvesting peppers and thermal cotton defoliator for New Mexico's growers, faster roller gin stands for ginning upland cotton, Sidney E. Hughs, Mesilla Park, NM, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.18-19

Going With the Grain, cost-effective environmentally friendly way to separate rice's starch and protein and bran using high pressure and a homogenizer/microfluidizer, Harmeet Guraya, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.20-21

Working To I.D. Foes of Emerald Ash Borers, parasitic wasp of Balcha genus and Pediobius genus are biocontrols of ash borer Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire, Michael W. Gates, Michael E. Schauff, Beltsville, MD, Paul W. Schaefer, Newark, DE, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.22

Black Mold Building Sickness, besides Stachybotrys chartarum, indoor air quality mold tests should test for Myrothecium, Lisa A. Castlebury, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.23

Bacterial Glue, using fiber-digesting bacteria in cows' guts for adhesives in wood products like plywood, Paul J. Weimer, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.23

Fine-Tuning Fertilizer, estimating grain crop fertilizer needs based on canopy reflectance and crop vigor, Newell R. Kitchen, Kenneth A. Sudduth, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.23

A Plant-Protective Pepper, pepper called Charleston Belle resists heat and nematodes, provides nematode resistance to field crops succeeding it, Judy A. Thies, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.23

Predicting Powdery Mildew on Hop Crops, weather-based model for most effective fungicide application to hops, Walter F. Mahaffee, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.23

Sorghum Instead of Wheat? Substituting improved food-grade sorghums for wheat in baking, gluten intolerance,  Scott Bean, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 05FEBp.23

Finding Out What Makes Animals Tick—Genetically, evolution of genetics technology, DNA analyses, animal genomics research, sequencing genes of cow, pig, honey bee, and chicken, Ronnie D. Green, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.2

An Agency Effort To Sequence Genomes, sequencing the genes of chicken, honey bee, cow, and pig, genome mapping for disease prevention, Marek's disease, foulbrood disease, BAC map of the cow, Hans H. Cheng, East Lansing, MI, Jay D. Evans, Steven M. Kappes, Beltsville, MD, Katherine Aronstein, Weslaco, TX, Gary A. Rohrer, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.4-8

Clearfield Sunflowers Stand Tall Against Herbicides, two germplasm lines with resistance to imazethapyr and imazamox after breeding with wild sunflower (Helianthus annuus), Jerry F. Miller, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.9

Scientists on a Roll With Wheat Protein Studies, discovering biochemical roles of wheat proteins to make better wheat flour, catalog of proteins = proteomics, microarray analysis, William J. Hurkman, Charlene K. Tanaka, and others, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.10-11

Turning Minor Fruits Into Major Crops, National Clonal Germplasm Repository, germplasm storage and potential uses of minor crops in United States, kiwifruit, edible-fruited honeysuckle, elderberry, lingonberry, aroniaberry, Kim E. Hummer, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.12-14

New Detection Methods Improve Food Safety, high-tech automated methods for monitoring food safety, time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, detecting antibiotics in meat, milk, and fish, QuEChERS method for detecting pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, using antibodies for E. coli and Salmonella detection, new assay for Staphylococcus aureus toxins that cause gastroenteritis, Shu-I Tu, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.15-17

Better Choices in Youth Can Lower Osteoporosis Risk, effects of childhood and adolescent eating (calcium intake) and exercising habits on bone density, weight-bearing exercise, Marta D. Van Loan, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.18-19

Getting Plant Genes To Glow, new technique for measuring gene expression in cells of phytomining or heavy metal hyperaccumulator plants, expression of zinc transporter gene ZNT1 in Thlaspi caerulescens, alpine pennycress, Leon V. Kochian, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.20-21

New Peaches for the Sweet-Loving Palate, two new nonmelting peach varieties, Gulfking and Gulfcrest, resist bruising, resist bacterial spot, ripening, Thomas Beckman, Byron, GA, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.22

Air Curtains Can Keep Pests Out, air movement from fans prevents flies and mosquitoes from boarding planes, Robert K. Vander Meer, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.23

Fiber From Feathers—for Industry? Small-pored fiber filters from chicken feathers, sound-deadening composites, Walter F. Schmidt, Justin Barone, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.23

Battering Up With Rice Flour, rice-based batters for deep fat frying--lower fat, less acrylamide, gluten free (celiac disease), Frederick F. Shih, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.23

Just What We Needed . . . a New Kind of Bacteria, new bacteria genus (Hespellia) discovered in pig manure, Terence R. Whitehead, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.23

Fast-Food Fanciers Consume More Calories, nationwide food survey, calorie, fat, carbohydrate, protein, sugar, intake of fast-food consumers, body mass index, overweight, Shanthy A. Bowman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 05JANp.23

ARS Battles Mad Cow, Scrapie, and Other TSEs, cooperative efforts to safeguard livestock from transmissible spongiform encephalopathy diseases from prions, diagnostic tests, Cyril G5. Gay, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04DECp.2

TSEs Touch Off ARS Research, diagnosis and transmission of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy diseases (TSEs) from prions in livestock, mad cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), scrapie, transmissible mink encephalopathy, chronic wasting diseases (CWD), genetic resistance to TSEs, Juergen Richt, Robert Kunkle, David Alt, Ames, IA, Will Laegreid, Clay Center NE, Katherine I. O'Rourke, Donald P. Knowles, Pullman, WA, Bruce C. Onisko, Christopher J. Silva, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04DECp.4-9

A New World of Watermelon, low-sugar mini watermelons high in lycopene and beta-carotene, Angela R. Davis, Penelope M. Perkins-Veazie, Lane, OK, (html) or (pdf) 04DECp.10-11

Putting Out the Fire, IPM for fire ant control, phorid fly establishment, biological controls, remote sensing for monitoring fire ant population and spread, chemical bait attractants, repellents, Douglas A. Streett, James T. Vogt, Jian Chen, Larry G. Thead, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 04DECp.12-14

Corn-Friendly Fungus Tapped for Service, Acremonium zeae fungus endophyte in corn  helps corn resist Aspergillus and Fusarium bacteria, Donald T. Wicklow, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 04DECp.15

A Grain of Truth About Fiber Intake, whole-grain foods and metabolic syndrome, misleading labeling of grain products, Nicola McKeown, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 04DECp.16

Micropropagation Technique May Speed Reforestation, automated plant culture system and enhanced carbon dioxide (CO2) treatments for rooting sweetgum shoots, Brent Tisserat, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 04DECp.17

Agroforestry and Wildlife Management Go Together on Small Farms, efficient agricultural systems for agroforestry, wildlife conservation, crops and trees that benefit wildlife, songbirds, David K. Brauer, Booneville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 04DECp.18-19

A Big Stride Toward Healthier Poultry, first chicken intestinal expressed genomic library, avian coccidiosis, genes expressed to fight Eimeria, Hyun S. Lillehoj, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04DECp.20

Bees That Resist Mites Are Busy Groomers, honey bees resist tracheal mites by grooming, Robert G. Danka, Jose D. Villa, Baton Rouge, LA, (html) or (pdf) 04DECp.21

Integrated Pest Management Programs Strive To Solve Agricultural Problems, nine areawide IPM projects of ARS, melaleuca program, using predators, parasites, and other tactics over broad areas to control pest populations, partnerships for pest control, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Robert M. Faust, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.2

TAMEing Melaleuca With IPM, melaleuca areawide integrated pest management program in the Everglades, biocontrols agents, melaleuca leaf weevil, melaleuca bud gall fly, melaleuca psyllid, melaleuca rust, mechanical removal with brontosaurus device, management strategies, herbicide control, Paul D. Pratt, John C. Scoles, Cressida S. Silvers, Fort Lauderdale, FL, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.4-8

Developing Heat-Tolerant Cotton in Arizona, inserting gene for rubisco activase photosynthesis enzyme from desert shrub into cotton for improved heat stress and water use, Michael E. Salvucci, Steven J. Crafts-Brandner, Phoenix, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.9

Stopping the Coffee Berry Borer From Boring Into Profits, methods to get endophyte Beauveria bassiana fungus biocontrol agent into coffee tissues, Metaparasitylenchus nematodes reduced borer reproduction efficiency, yeasts' role in CBB caffeine tolerance, Fernando E. Vega, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.10-11

Carrots With Character, breeding nutritious purple, red, yellow, white carrots, pigmented carrots are high in lutein, antioxidants, carotenoids, xanthophylls, anthocyanins, bioavailability of lutein from carrots, taste evaluation, Philipp W. Simon, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.12-13

New, Unisex Lure for Moths, lures from molasses and floral odors attract males and females of loopers, cutworms, fruitworms, armyworms, and corn earworms, insect traps, lure from Oregon grape for alfalfa loopers, cabbage loopers, corn earworms, Peter J. Landolt, Constance L. Smithhisler, Wapato, WA, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.14-15

"Pistachio Blaster" Finds Perfect Nuts, device sorts high-value open-shell pistachio nuts by using impact acoustics, Thomas C. Pearson, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.16

A Potpourri of Pistachios, pistachio collection at the ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Fruit and Nut Crops, Mallikarjuna K. Aradhya, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.17

The Best of Both Worlds? Fertigation Is an Efficient Way for Many Farmers To Grow Crops, irrigation/fertilizing at same time, optimum feeding and water use, reduced nutrient leaching, electronic sensors for nitrogen deficiency for optimum N applications, drip and subsurface drip for peach trees, Floyd Adamsen, Douglas J. Hunsaker, Phoenix, AZ, Jim Schepers, Dennis Francis, Mike Schlemmer, Ariovaldo Luchiari, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.18

Friendly Solution to Revegetation, reintroducing native plants on weed-infested Northwest rangelands with seed source islands, cooperative work with Northern Cheyenne Reservation tribe, Roger Sheley, Burns, OR, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.20

Finding the Fluoride in You, nationwide household survey of fluoride in tap water (from wells and municipal water), in foods, and in beverages, building fluoride database, Rena A. Cutrufelli, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.22

Clever Plant Tricks That Protect Raspberries, fuzzy, light-colored leaves protect raspberry against deer, disease, ultraviolet rays, oxidation, and dehydration during freezing temperatures, Charles M. Feldhake, Beaver, WV, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.23

Replacing the Ties That Bind, new invention for replacing broken cotton bale ties, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.23

Measuring Heat Stress--From Inside the Cow, internal livestock core body temperature measured by sensor and transmitting device, animal health, Tami M. Brown-Brandl, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.23

Plant Roots Take Advantage of Their Situation, adaptability and water and nutrient uptake of adventicious roots after sudden environmental change, Richard W. Zobel, Beaver, WV, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.23

Proteins Could Cut Food Poisoning, bacteriocins from microorganisms reduce Campylobacter and Salmonella numbers, Norman J. Stern, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 04NOVp.23

Quelling Campylobacter: It Takes a Planet, stopping bacterial food poisoning from Campylobacter, food safety, genes that help Campylobacter succeed, James A. Lindsay, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.2

Campylobacter—Unmasking the Secret Genes of a Food-Poisoning Culprit, stopping bacterial food poisoning from Campylobacter, food safety, microarrays for identifying genes that make Campylobacter virulent, RNA assays to reveal activated DNA genes for virulence, Robert E. Mandrell, William G. Miller, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.4-6

Making Campylobacter Easier To Count, technique involves staining Camplyobacter food poisoning bacteria with triphenyltetrazolium chloride, Eric Line, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.7

A New Way for Chicken To Come Clean, Safe2O poultry wash reduces Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Listeria on chicken carcasses and spoilage microorganisms, more environmentally friendly than trisodium phosphate rinses, food safety, Arthur Hinton, Jr., Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.7

New Sampling System Helps Growers Improve Cotton Fiber Properties, precision agriculture system measures quantity and quality of cotton in field, GIS database of yield and quality from GPS, Gretchen F. Sassenrath, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.8-9

Homing In on Hopper Hordes! Effect of sheep grazing on grasshopper populations and fire on grasshopper egg pod survival, benefits of grasshopper to rangeland soils, Beauveria bassiana biocontrol fungus mixed with canola oil, Metarhizium anisopliae biocontrol, migratory behavior of Mormon crickets and grasshoppers, David H. Branson, Stefan T. Jaronski, Gregory Sword, Sidney, MT, Marshall Haferkamp. Lance T. Vermeire, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.10-12

Rice Genome Helps Put Other Cereals "On the Map", using rice genome to fill in genetic map of maize and sorghum, genome organization and evolutionary relationship among these cereal crops, Doreen H. Ware, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.13

Mustard for Pest Control—Not for Your Sandwich, using mustard as cover crop and green manure to biofumigate soils to kill weed seeds, nematodes, and fungi, evaluating roll of isothiocyanates in white mustard, brown mustard, and rapeseed, Ashok Alva, Rick A. Boydston, Harold Collins, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.14

To Plow or Not To Plow? Balancing slug populations with environmental concerns and soil health in corn crops, carbon losses from plowing, plowing vs. no-till, conservation tillage, Lloyd B. Owens, Coshocton, OH, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.15-16

Saving Bees: Fungus Found To Attack Varroa Mites, Metarhizium anisopliae biocontrol fungus is deadly to Varroa mites of honey bees, Walker A. Jones, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.17-18

Effect of Salmonella on Eggshell Quality, egg strength, quality, and quantity in Salmonella-infected hens, Jean Guard Bouldin, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.19

"D"creasing Elders' Slips and Falls, vitamin D supplements promote muscle strength and fewer falls in elderly, human nutrition, Bess Dawson-Hughes, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.19

Seeing Air in a New Light With LiDAR, Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) for monitoring air quality around agricultural operations like farms, mills, and cotton gins, monitoring dust pollution, air pollution, pesticides in air, evaporation and water loss from plants, vapors, ammonia, methane, nitrous oxide, particulates, bioaerosols, and herbicide vapors, Jerry L. Hatfield, John H. Prueger, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.20

Statue of Liberty Goes Green With Soy-Based Elevator Fluid, biodegradable soybean hydraulic fluid with better lubricity than mineral-oil based formulations, Sevim Z. Erhan, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.21-22

Low-Dose Pesticide Stops Termites, new economical and environmentally friendly bait for Formosan subterranean termites from napthalenic compounds, Maria Guadalupe Jojas, Juan A. Morales-Ramos, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.23

Chart Helps Us Chow Down on Choline, new choline database online, human nutrition, Juliette C. Howe, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.23

Good News for Goat's Milk Drinkers, new test for Brucella melitensis in goat's milk, brucellosis, Louisa B. Tabatabai, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.23

Carotenoids From Ethanol Byproduct? Modified Fusarium sporotrichioides fungus and potential mass-production of lycopene and other carotenoids from ethanol coproducts, Timothy D. Leathers, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 04OCTp.23

How Safe Are Genetically Engineered Crops? biotechnology risk assessment of organisms derived from genetic engineering, risk mitigation, John W. Radin, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.2

ARS Leads in Assessing Risk in Transgenics, rigorous biotechnology risk assessment of organisms from genetic engineering, fear, insect resistance to Bt cotton, Bt corn's risk to monarch butterflies, preventing transgene spread, assessing allergenicity of GE crops, hypoallergenic soybeans, genetic engineering timeline, mastitis resistance, various scientists and locations, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.4-8

Rice Yield Mystery Solved? Key Clues Revealed About Declines in Asia, nitrogen deprivation following N bonding with organic matter in submerged soils, soil aeration to improve nitrogen availability, Daniel C. Olk, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.9

Tiny Weevil Beats Back Giant Salvinia, successful feeding of Cyrtobagous salviniae weevil as biocontrols, suppression of common salvinia, Ted D. Center, Philip W. Tipping, Fort Lauderdale, FL, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.10-11

Revolutionizing Turkey Production—Functional Genomics Is the Driving Force, using SAGE (Serial Analysis of Gene Expression) to improve turkey sperm preservation, avidin gene, turkey breeding, poultry, Kurt A. Zuelke, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.12-13

Measuring Nutrient Buildup With Electromagnetic Induction, making EI maps of nutrient levels in soil profile of cornfield during growing season using cover crops vs. no cover crop, nutrient movement and leaching, Roger A. Eigenberg, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.14

Long Live the Tortilla! Method for identifying wheat flours that delay tortilla staling, tortilla texture, gluten and protein levels, George L. Lookhart, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.15

Managing Salinity in the Lower Colorado River Region, "Salt Sniffer" uses electromagnetic inductance and GPS to identify and map high-saline soils, using recycled drainage waters to irrigate, water conservation, Dennis L. Corwin, Donald L. Suarez, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.16-17

Glorious Gardenias—Market Opens for Hawaii's Growers, ban from coffee green scale (Coccus viridis) lifted, scale spread from windborne crawlers, Robert W. Hollingsworth, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.18

Wheat—A New Option for Carry-Out Containers, biodegradable foodservice containers from wheat starch as option to those from rice starch, Gregory M. Glenn, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.19

New Ways To Make Condensed O.J. Taste More Like Fresh, smell and taste tests for aroma compounds, flavor packs for improving processed orange juice taste, Elizabeth A. Baldwin, Winter Haven, FL, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.20-21

Dainty Plant Outpowers Cadmium-Contaminated Soils, Alpine pennycress Thlaspi caerulescens cleans up excess zinc and cadmium from soils, phytoremediation, phytoextraction, Rufus Chaney, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.22

Just a Sprinkle Makes the Selenium Go Down, kale and turnip plants remove excess selenium from drainage waters, sprinkler irrigation with high-selenium water,  feeding plants to selenium-deficient cattle, Donald L. Suarez, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.23

Sheep May Happily Graze on Spurge, using sheep to control leafy spurge, finding genes for spurge-eating sheep, Brent W. Woodward, Dubois, ID, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.23

Peering Into Papaya's Sex Life, sex chromosomes in papaya determine offspring gender, influence on fruit size, shape, quality, Paul H. Moore, Aiea, HI, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.23

Ivory Crisp for Nicer Chips, new potato variety with good sugar-to-starch ratio perfect for frying, Richard G. Novy, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 04SEPp.23

Cycles of Learning: ARS and Tomorrow's Scientists, mentoring of students by ARS scientists, Plant Gene Expression Center, ARS Postdoctoral Research Associate Program, Sarah C. Hake, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.2

Salt-Worthy Flowers Are Stunning—and Sensible, using salty reclaimed drainage waters, salt-hardiness of floricultural crops, saline soils and groundwater, statice, stock, 'Moonbright' and 'Sunbeam' sunflowers, 'Chief Gold' and 'Chief Rose' varieties of Celosia, Catherine M. Grieve, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.4-7

Probing the Puzzles of Plants' Pollen and Eggs, finding genes controlling floral fertilization and pollination of female flower cells, ligands and kinases that aid pollination, Sheila M. McCormick, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.8-9

Multimedia Game Helps Kids' Food Choices, 'Squire's Quest' computer game inspires children to eat more fruits and vegetables in their diet, nutrition, Thomas Baranowski, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.10

Wild Potato's Genes May Blunt Late Blight, isolating gene sbul1 from wild potatoes and breeding or inserting it into domestic potato, genetic engineering, William R. Belknap, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.11

Saving the World's Flowers, Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center's (OPGC) genebank of flowering plants for germplasm preservation, technology for storing collections, seed quality and storability, David Tay, Jennifer Ehrenberger, Susan Stieve, Columbus, OH, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.12-13

Targeting E. coli Infections at Their Source, intestines and gall bladders of calves host E. coli 0157:H7 bacteria and Shiga toxin-producing E. coli, intimin oral vaccine to prevent E. coli 0157:H7 infection of cattle may make beef safer for consumers, food safety, Evelyn A. Dean-Nystrom, William C. Stoffregen, IA, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.14-15

Using Nematodes' Own Biology Against Them, heat-shock proteins (HSPs) role in cell development and metabolism, HSP-70 discovery and stress response, actin's affect on nematode development, feeding, survival and reproduction, Bacillus thuringiensis found to damage nematode gut, disrupting sterol metabolism and cholesterol synthesis with azacoprostane, David J. Chitwood, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.16-17

Bolstering Rice Against Blast, finding genes rice blast fungi resistance, cloning and inserting a resistance gene into rice to trigger defenses, complete signaling, Sally A. Leong, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.18-19

Fungus Unleashed To Combat Yellow Starthistle, release and spread of biological control rust Puccinia jaceae var. solstitialis rust at Mead Ranch in Napa Valley, Bill Bruckart, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.20-22

Vitamin E, for Listeria-Free Turkeys, adding vitamin E to poultry diet reduces Listeria monocytogenes in turkeys' guts, foodborne bacterial pathogen, food safety, listeriosis, Irene V. Wesley, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.23

What Next? Edible Adhesives! Adhesives made from sugar for bonding straws in beverage containers, food packaging, Sevim Z. Erhan, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.23

Prebiotics as Intestinal Soothers, prebiotics boost Bifidobacterium bacteria and other microbes in human gut to curb food pathogens like Salmonella, food and feed additives, food safety, Gregory L. Cote, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.23

Soy Bread Would Put More Protein in Your Sandwich, dough formulation improves taste of soy-enriched wheat bread, ratio of soy flour to wheat flour, baking, Randal L. Shogren, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 04AUGp.23

Monitoring Rangeland Health for an Experiment in Public Land Ownership, creation of Valles Caldera National Preserve for applying rangeland management and land conservation techniques from Jornada Experimental Range research, Evert K. Byington, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.2

The Jornada Experimental Range Battles Desertification, studies on health of desert rangeland, global climate change, desert ecology, range management, and desertification, ECOTONE model for black grama grassland, Rio Grande streamflow, Snowmelt Runoff model (SRM), livestock grazing behavior, using Directional Virtual Fencing (DVF) to prevent overgrazing, Kris Havstad, Debra Peters, Al Rango, Jeff Herrick, Dean Anderson, Las Cruces, NM, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.4-7

Tailored Climate Data May Help Water Managers Be Prepared, predicting precipitation from precipitation variation and seasonal forecasts, hydrologic models for long-range planning of streamflow and water supply and managing reservoir storage, soil moisture, water runoff, soil erosion, Jean L. Steiner, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.8-9

Can You Have Your Beef and Eat It Too? Suppressing myostatin gene to increase muscle growth, improve meat tenderness, and lower fat content, increase salable carcass, beef production and breeding for more-healthful meat with less saturated fat, downside = possible double muscling from defective myostatin gene, Michael D. MacNeil, Miles City, MT, Timothy P.L. Smith, Tommy L. Wheeler, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.10-11

Hungry Mite May Quell Old World Climbing Fern, Floracarus perrepae mites as biocontrol agent for invasive weed Lygopodium microphyllum, Thailand fern with similar genetic makeup to Florida genotype, Austromusotima camptozonale moth biocontrol, John A. Goolsby, Indooroopily, Queensland, Australia, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.12-14

Revegetating Army Training Grounds, converting Army trash/garbage to a pulp for revegetating military training areas with native grasses, H. Allen Torbert, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.15

New Milling Methods Improve Corn Ethanol Production, computer model estimates costs of ethanol production techniques, modified dry-grind process called continuous fermentation with ethanol stripping, wet milling, and Kevin B. Hicks, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.16-17

Breaking Barriers to American Indian Nutrition Research, mobile nutrition research laboratory evaluates diets, physical and mental health, physical activity/exercise, and food access of American Indians with high incidence of diabetes, obesity, heart disease/ cardiovascular disease, depression, and suicide, Jacqueline S. Gray, James G. Penland, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.18-19

New Soy Germplasm Delivers High Yield, Genetic Diversity, three new soybean lines crossbred from commercial varieties and exotic strains to broaden genetic base of soybean crop, Randall L. Nelson, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.20

Water-Treatment Residue May Help Ease an Environmental Concern, alum-based drinking water treatment residue adsorbs soil phosphorus, reduces runoff and transport of phosphorus from manure and fertilizer on sandy soils, Jeffrey M. Novak, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.21

Got Milk? How About Iron? Mechanisms of human iron absorption from milk as affected by fat, whey, and casein, low-molecular-weight fractions of whey promote iron uptake, human nutrition, digestion, Raymond P. Glahn, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.22

Nutritional Implications of Rheumatoid Arthritis, calories/food intake needs for increased resting energy expenditure, basal metabolism, need for nutrient-rich diets and physical activity/exercise, Susan B. Roberts, Ronenn Roubenoff, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.22

Gentler Hens Peck Each Other Less, selecting less socially aggressive hens/chickens, mortality from cannibalism and pecking, beak trimming, induced molting, Heng Wei Cheng, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.23

Seeking Quick Checks for E. Coli, developing conventional and real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) methods for identifying E. coli strains, Pina M. Fratamico, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.23

The Staying Power of Phosphorus, annual application of phosphorus fertilizer vs. a one-time application, grain yields and profits, Ardell D. Halvorson, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.23

Tracing Cotton Back to Its Source, DNA-tagging system for identifying U.S.-produced cottons and yarns and origin of fibers and textiles for tariff payment purposes, David D. McAlister, Clemson, SC, (html) or (pdf) 04JULp.23

When Too Much of a Good Thing Is Bad, high rate of being overweight and obese among U.S. adults and children, diet-related and obesity-related illnesses, nutrition, food choices and health, Joseph T. Spence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.2

What You Eat Can Kill You: Finding Answers to Diet-Related Illness in the Delta, dietary habits of Lower Mississippi Delta residents, Delta Nutrition Intervention Research Initiative (NIRI), prevalence of diet-related diseases, food security, improving food choices, Margaret Bogle, Little Rock, AR,  (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.4-6

Oats May Keep Arteries Out of Sticky Situations, avenanthramides suppress blood cell adhesion onto artery walls, antiatherosclerotic activity, heart healthy, water soluble fiber, LDL and HDL cholesterol, Mohsen Meydani, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.7

Watch Your Waistline: Your Health May Depend on It! Eating habits, dietary causes of obesity, food consumption patterns and overweight or obesity, waist circumference and body mass index (BMI), body fat, abdominal and obesity-related diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, poor sugar control, P. Kirstin Newby, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.8-9

Researchers Produce Innovation in Dietary Recall, new five-step food intake dietary recall method, called Automated Multiple Pass Method (AMPM), estimating calories burned with motion detector on waist, database on diet, energy expenditure, weight status, body composition, physical activity, fitness, Alanna J. Moshfegh, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.10-12

Identifying Rust Enemies—Precisely, new PCR test for wheat rust identification, stem rust, stripe rust and leaf rust, test evaluates specific DNA sequences within a gene, Les J. Szabo, Charles Barnes, Kim P. Nguyen, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.13

Improving Sunshine Bass Production, new method of rearing hybrid striped bass fry and their food source (rotifers) to improve fingerling production, pond-raised sunshine bass, fish farming, harvesting zooplankton from ponds with rotating drum, adding grains to fish diets, feed nutrient availability and digestibility, Gerald Ludwig, Steven Rawles, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.14-16

An Egg Story: Does the Date Mean "Too Late"? Quality and functionality of eggs during 10 weeks storage, microbial/bacterial contamination during storage, changes in cooking properties, Deana Jones, Mike Musgrove, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.17

Flavorful Coffees and Creamy Macadamia Nuts, improving breeding by evaluation of genetic variation in coffee species and macadamia, macadamia nut genebank/collection at Hilo, Paul H. Moore, Aiea, HI, Francis T.P. Zee, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.18-20

High Nitrate in Groundwater? Stop Fertilizing—But Let the Cows Graze! Lowering field nitrate-nitrogen levels while grazing cattle on pastures, Lloyd B. Owens, Coshocton, OH, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.21

Move Over, Bossie! Sorghum's Not Just for Cows Anymore, testing new baking uses for sorghum--cookies, waffles, flour, bread, noodles, Scott R. Bean, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.22

More Protein in Snacks, adding whey proteins (leftover from cheese-making) without decreasing crunchiness, food processing technology, Charles I. Onwulata, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.23

Bacterium Kills Costly Pests, Chromobacterium suttsuga toxins kill Colorado potato beetle, corn rootworm, diamondback moth, green stinkbug, silverleaf whitefly, biological control, Phyllis A. Martin, Jeffrey R. Aldrich, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.23

Nitrates—A Long Time Draining, rate of nitrate movement through subsurface soil to groundwater, Mark David Tomer, Michael R. Burkart, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.23

Modified Grain Sorter Spots Mycotoxins, grain sorter with near-infrared spectroscopy detects aflatoxin from Aspergillus flavus and fumonisin from Fusarium fungi. Tom C. Pearson, Manhattan, KS, Donald T. Wicklow, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 04JUNp.23

An Exciting New Initiative To Make Watersheds Healthy, water quality, management, and conservation research, streambank stabilization, multiagency cooperation in Conservation Effects Assessment Progam, Allen R. Dedrick, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.2

Saving Little Topashaw, woody debris structures for reducingstreambank erosion and sediment transport and for stream rehabilitation, watershed management, channelization, submersible pumps, grass hedges, vegetative barriers, willow posts, Fletcher Douglas Shields, Jr., Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.4-6

Soil Fungi: Plants’ Natural Friend, effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers, peat, and coir on soil mycorrhizae on potting mixes for nursery crops, Robert G. Linderman, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.7

Lack Energy? Maybe It’s Your Magnesium Level, effect of dietary magnesium on metabolism, heartrate and oxygen use during exercise, energy level, Henry C. Lukaski, Forrest H. Nielsen, Leslie M. Klevay, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.8-9

A Bum Rap for Agricultural Dust? Error in EPA and state air quality dust samplers for PM10 and PM2.5 agricultural dust, total suspended particulate (TSP) samplers proven better than stack samplers, air pollution, Michael D. Buser, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.10-12

New Sunflower Germplasm Holds Its Own Against Head Rot, three new germplasm lines from conventional breeding resist Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, RHA 440, RHA 439, HA 441, Thomas J. Gulya, Jr., Jerry F. Miller, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.13

SMR—This Honey of a Trait Protects Bees From Deadly Mites, breeding natural SMR (suppressed mite resistance) into honey bees for Varroa mite resistance, beekeeping, artificial insemination of queens, John R. Harbo, Jeffrey W. Harris, Baton Rouge, LA, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.14-16

Restoring California’s Native Grasses, revegetating with native grasses, methods of establishing perennial grasses, overgrazing, Stephen M. Griffith, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.17

Fresh Cherries May Help Arthritis Sufferers, anti-inflammatory effects of antioxidants in Bing cherries, relief of gout pain from urate removal and lowering uric acid accumulation, C-reactive protein, nitric oxide, and tumor necrosis factor alpha, Darshan S. Kelley, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.18-19

New Options for Lychee and Longan Fans and Farmers, hot-water bath for organic control of lychee fruit moths or oriental fruit flies, genetic studies of the timing of lychee and longan flowering, longan and lychee repository or plant collection, Peter Follett, Tracie Matsumoto, Francis Zee, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.20-22

Taking an Inside Look at Salmonella, using biophotonics technology photographs to see Salmonella movement through pigs, disease prevention and detection, Donald C. Lay, Jr., Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.23

More Trans Fats Means More “Bad” Cholesterol, link between dietary levels of trans fatty acids and LDL low-density lipoproteins, likelihood of plaque buildup (atherosclerosis) in arteries, Alice H. Lichtenstein, Susan M. Jalbert, Jr., Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.23

Fake Rocks Roll Merrily Along, tracking downstream rock transport from thunderstorms in Arizona watersheds, rock/sediment erosion tracked by transponders and GPS, Mary H. Nichols, Tucson, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.23

Autumn Mowing May Cut Herbicide Need, mowing and fall herbicide application to Russian knapweed in pastures and rangeland, weed control, Michael F. Carpinelli, Burns, OR, (html) or (pdf) 04MAYp.23

21st-Century Sugar Beet Breeding, sugar beet genome project for gene-based selection, genomics, genetic tools ESTs, BACs, and RILs, BAC library, markers, resistance to Aphanomyces and Rhizoctonia diseases, J. Scott Cameron, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.2

New Breed of Beet Geneticists Shows How Sweet It Can Be, gene-based sugar beet breeding, molecular biology, gene indicator tags, expressed sequence tags ESTs, bacterial artificial chromosome BAC library, breeding for smooth roots and better seedling emergence and vigor, disease resistance to Aphanomyces and Rhizoctonia, yield and sugar levels, J. Mitchell McGrath, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.4-7

High-Tech Device Detects Weevils in Nursery Crops, portable listening device uses microphone in pots of nursery crops to detect root feeding of black vine weevils, James R. Fisher, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.8

Cotton-Clay Composite Takes the Heat, heat-tolerant and flame-retardant fabrics producing by mixing clay with cotton, nanocomposite fiber, Leslie A. White, Christopher D. Delhom, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.9

Training Dogs To Smell Off-Flavor in Catfish, using dogs to sniff water samples to detect off-flavors in catfish, GCMS, algae and metabolites present in ponds, Richard A. Shelby, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.10-11

Summer Fruits From ARS Research, plant breeding yields new gourmet peento peach called Galaxy and three new plums called Black Splendor, Owen T., and John W., National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Fruit and Nut Crops holds collection of peaches and plums, David W. Ramming, Parlier, CA, Clay Weeks and Mallikarjuna, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.12-14

Not Enough Folate? You Might Find That Depressing, low folate levels in bloodstream and depression, B vitamins, dysthmia, Martha Savaria Morris, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.15

Germplasms From Previous Study May Thwart New Aphid Biotype, testing wheat and barley germplasm in National Small Grains Collection for insect resistance to new biotype of Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia, leafrolling, breeding for resistance, Cheryl A. Baker, Dolores W. Mornhinweg, Stillwater, OK, P. Phillip Bregitzer, Donald Obert, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.16-18

Polyphenols Found in Cinnamon Mimic Job of Hormone, polyphenolic polymer compounds in cinnamon bark improve insulin action, glucose and fat metabolism, blood sugar, antioxidant benefits of polyphenols, nutrition research, Richard A. Anderson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.19

New Tests Detect Growth Promoter in Livestock, new methods of detecting ractopamine feed additive in meat, using ELISA and optical biosensor methods faster than HPLC, Weilin L. Shelver, David J. Smith, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.20

Soy Supplements and Bone Health, efficacy of soy isoflavone supplements in preventing osteoporosis in post-menopausal women, William W. Wong, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.21

Tick-Control Methods Head to Scotland, research with Game Conservancy Trust in Scotland to control disease-carrying ticks that infect Scottish red grouse, deer, and rabbits, 4-poster and medicated corn and medicated leg band methods, J. Mat Pound, J. Allen Miller, Kerrville, TX, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.21

Managing Disease in Beneficial Insects, microsporidian species harms two beneficial weevils Neochetina eichhorniae and N. bruchi used to control water hyacinth weeds, Pasteur method, heat shock, cold treatments to control insect disease, James J. Becnel, Christopher Geden, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.22

Quieting the Din at the Gin, reducing cotton gin noise by replacing doffing brush cylinders with solid-wound brush cylinders in lint cleaners and gin stands, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.23

How Hessian Flies Harass Wheat, studying interaction between fly saliva and plant cells to develop wheats with lasting resistance to Hessian fly, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.23

New Pinto Bean Resists Fungi, new high-yielding pinto germplasm line TARS-PT03-1 with disease resistance to root rot soilborne fungi Fusarium solani, Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium, Ricardo Goenaga, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.23

Vaccines To End END, virosome vaccine for exotic Newcastle disease that infects poultry, geese, pigeons, peacocks and other birds, Darrell R. Kapczynski, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 04APRp.23

Bee Benefits to Agriculture, value of pollination, effects of diseases on feral honey bee population, defensiveness and U.S. spread of Africanized honey bees, fear and concern for AHB's, Kevin J. Hackett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.2

What's Buzzing with Africanized Honey Bees? hybridized Africanized honey bees from breeding by African and European honey bees, domination of Africanized honey bees--faster growth and mating behaviors, nest usurpation, U.S. spread of "killer bees" linked to rainfall, beekeeping--maintaining AHB hives, living with AHB's, swarm traps, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Justin O. Schmidt, Eric Erickson, Tucson, AZ, José D. Villa, Baton Rouge, LA, William A. Rubink, Frank A. Eischen, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.4-8

New Ways To Control E. Coli in Weaned Pigs, Escherichia coli, prevention of colibacillosis in piglets with RPCF (recombined continuous-flow) beneficial bacteria in gut, mortality reductions, Roger A. Harvey, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.9

Dairy Researchers Mix It Up in the Pasture, digestion and cow productivity on various diverse pasture mixtures, milk yield and composition, milk fat and protein, grazing efficiency, pasture and forage yield, conjugated linoleic acid, CLA, Kathy J. Soder, Matt A. Sanderson, University Park, PA, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.10-12

Reducing CO2 Loss From Tillage, Stephen A. Prior, effect of tillage type on carbon dioxide loss from soil during plowing, disking vs. chisel plowing, crop residue decomposition and burial, Randy L. Raper, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.13

Fingerprinting a Killer—A Nematode Killer That Is, new method of identifying Pasteuria biocontrol bacteria for killing soybean cyst nematodes using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to compare ribosomal DNA, Gregory R. Noel, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.13

Mycologists Help Guard U.S. Borders, fungi identification at U.S. ports, global transport and trade of plants and crops, U.S. National Fungus Collections, naming, classifying and describing fungi, taxonomy, Karnal vs. ryegrass bunt, protecting Proteaceae and dogwoods, first woman mycologist Flora Patterson, daylily rust fungus, canker-causing Necria, Amy Y. Rossman, Mary E. Palm, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.14-16

Colorado Potato Beetles Love Freeze-Dried Diet, new lab diet for testing bacterial and fungal controls for the Colorado potato beetle, Phyllis A. Martin, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.17

Targeting a Threat to U.S. Citrus, keeping citrus leprosis out of U.S., identification of flat Brevipalpus mite vectors by structural differences, Ronald Ochoa, Ethan C. Kane, Eric F. Erbe, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.18-19

How Wet's Our Planet? Soil moisture monitoring from towers, space, and airplanes to predict weather, NASA's Aqua satellite, Soil Moisture Experiment 2003 SMEX03, effect of tree canopies/vegetation, Thomas J. Jackson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.20-22

Diet's Twin Benefits, low-fat low-calorie diet for reducing weight and cholesterol, enhances immune response, weight reduction, nutrition, Simin Nikbin Meydani, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.23

"Heat" Fends off Mold, fungicide called CAY-1 in cayenne peppers protects against strawberry molds Collectotrichum and Phomopsis, fruit growing, antifungal activity, preservative in baked goods and feeds, Anthony J. DeLucca, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.23

Orange Peel's Got Curative Powers, pectin and other carbohydrates (oligosaccharides) in orange peel as a prebiotic to stimulate probiotics in gut, use in food products and animal feeds, pectin extraction, Arland T. Hotchkiss, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.23

Tiny Wasp Marks Whitefly Victims, pesticide resistance of silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia argentifolii, mass producing a parasitic wasp biocontrol agent--Eretmocerus mundus, James S. Buckner, Fargo, ND, Walker A. Jones, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.23

Smooth-Root Sugar Beets, SR96 and SR97 smooth-root beets prevent field soil harbored by rough and grooved beets, raising sugar content, J. Mitchell McGrath, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 04MARp.23

Local Research, But Everyone's Watching, Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) medfly, melon fly, oriental fruit fly, Malaysian fruit fly, Hawaii Area Wide Fruit Fly Integrated Pest Management (HAW-FLYPM) program, keeping medfly out of California, Roger Vargas, Hilo, HI, Robert M. Faust, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.2

Fruit Flies Flee Paradise, Hawaii Area Wide Fruit Fly Integrated Pest Management (HAW-FLYPM) program for controlling Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata), medfly, melon fly, oriental fruit fly, Malaysian fruit fly, field sanitation, lures, GF-120 protein baits, and traps, production and release of sterile male fruit flies, education and cooperation of farmers, home gardeners, Dennis Gonsalves, Roger Vargas, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.4-9

Putting Out the (Grass) Fire, alternatives to burning straw in Pacific Northwest for grass seed production for turf and forage, blind seed disease, weed control, Jeffrey J. Steiner, Stephen M. Griffith, Stephen C. Alderman, George W. Mueller-Warrant, Gary M. Banowetz, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.10-11

Tapping the Senses To Catch Asian Longhorned Beetles, eradication with acoustics technology to detect beetle feeding, sentinel trees and lures as attractants, Michael T. Smith, Newark, DE, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.12-13

Grass-Fed Cattle Follow the Appalachian Trail, grass-fed beef and year-round grazing, pasture alternative for small farms vs. feedlot-raised beef, meat that’s tender, leaner, and lower in saturated fat, higher in good fat, beef production, William M. Clapham, James P.S. Neel, Beaver, WV, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.14-15

Holding Pens Hold Salmonella, Too, Salmonella infection before slaughter, putting fructooligosaccharide (FOS) in feed, pork production and handling, H. Scott Hurd, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.16-17

New Database Helps Monitor Food Pathogens, ComBase database of predictive microbiology for bacterial pathogens in food, food safety, foodborne pathogens, simulation of a food environment, Mark L. Tamplin, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.18

Bacteria + Fungi = More Peas? Rhizobium/mycorrhizal legume inoculant improves nitrogen fixation and yields, microbe-friendly peas, Fred J. Muehlbauer, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.19

Reverse Process May Be Key To Developing Swine Flu Vaccine, swine influenza modified-live-virus vaccine, reverse transcription to produce altered RNA virus called TX/98, Jürgen A. Richt, Kelly M. Lager, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.20-21

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Pedigreed Soybean Promises Healthier Soy Oil, soybean line with higher monounsaturated fat from oleic acid, requires no hydrogenation for storage/preservation, trans fats, Joseph W. Burton, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.22

A Better Measure for B12, faster method for measuring cobalamins in food and supplements, Nancy J. Miller-Ihli, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.23

Super Soaker-Upper Tackles Books and Papers, Super Slurper as drying agent for books and paper, Kathleen C. Hayes, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.23

Sewing Things Up, Soilwise, GPS technology and soil compaction sensor for various soil depths, soil compaction maps, Randy L. Raper, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 04FEBp.23

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Premier Papaya Plantations Rescued Through Science and Teamwork, new varieties Rainbow and SunUp resist papaya ringspot virus and saved Hawaii's papaya orchards, biotechnology and genetic engineering, Laie Gold variety, Dennis Gonsalves, Hilo Hawaii, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.2

High-Tech Tactics Enhance a Tropical Favorite, genetic screening for seedlings with perfect flowers for micropropagation, Rainbow and Laie Gold varieties, genes for disease resistance identified, ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository for wild and cultivated Papaya carica varieties, Maureen M.M. Fitch, Aileen Yeh, Henrik H. Albert, Paul H. Moore, Dennis Gonsalves, Aiea, HI, Francis T.P. Zee, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.4-7

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Rose Gardens Make Fruit Orchards More Inviting to Friendly Wasps, biocontrol of leafrollers in orchards, wild rose gardens and strawberry leafrollers help Colpoclypeus florus, a beneficial parasitic wasp, overwinter in Northwest, Thomas R. Unruh, Wapato, WA, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.12

Scientists Get Under Eggplant's Skin, antioxidant phenolic content of Black Magic and 6 other commercial eggplants, chlorogenic acid/caffeic acid content, effect of phenolics on flavor, eggplant germplasm collection, John R. Stommel, Bruce D. Whitaker, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.16

A Faster Way To Clean Roots, root washer speeds root studies, measuring root surface area, Joseph G. Benjamin, Akron, CO, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.19

Where's the Meat? noninvasive DXA (dual x-ray absorptiometry) for measuring pork carcass composition, fat and lean content, Alva Mitchell, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.19

Probiotics Protect Poultry From Pathogens, promising poultry probiotics influence microbes in gut, competitive exclusion of Campylobacter and Salmonella, turkeys and chickens, OIRP's support of collaborative work with Mexican scientists and others around the world, Annie Donoghue, Fayetteville, AR, Eileen Herrera, Tucson, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.20-22

Getting the Chaff Out, Woodward Chaffy Seed Classifier 2000 for cleaning and sorting seed, Phillip L. Sims, Woodward, OK, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.23

Mugwort Extract Curtails Snails, natural oil vulgarone B useful against golden apple snails on rice and ram's horn snails (carrier of Bolbophorus confuses flatworm) in catfish, Kumudini M. Meepagala, Oxford, MI, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.23

Tractors and No-Till, soil compaction from heavy machinery on tilled and no-till soils, root growth, water infiltration, tire tractive efficiency, Thomas R. Way, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.23

Water Turkeys Foiled by Twine, twine barriers discourage catfish poaching by double-crested cormorants in Delta region ponds, Andrew A. Radomski, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 04JANp.2

Efforts To Protect Water Quality From Agricultural Runoff, conservation buffers, and water pollution, CORE 4 practices, agricultural nutrient management and runoff control from manure and fertilizers, restoration of streambanks, Dale A. Bucks, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03DECp.2

Designing the Best Possible Conservation Buffers, vegetative buffers for cleaner soild and water, sustainable agriculture, three-zone streamside and field-edge buffers for manure nutrient containment and runoff protection, nitrogen and phosphorus and herbicide removal by buffer zones, groundwater, riparian zone, Richard Lowrance, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 03DECp.4-7

Helping Plants Defend Themselves, salicylic acid (aspirin) triggers natural defenses in potato and other plants through systemic acquired resistance (SAR), plant disease resistance, potato virus Y, late blight, white mold, early dying complex, Duroy A. Navarre, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 03DECp.8-10

Better Rootstocks for Sturdier Citrus, grafting orange and grapefruit trees onto rootstocks for resistance to citrus root weevil (Diaprepes abbreviatus), foot rot (Phytophthora nicotianae), root rot (P. palmivora), and citrus blight, rootstocks US-897, US-942, US-802, Kim D. Bowman, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 03DECp.11

Helping States Slow Sediment: A High-Tech Approach to Clean Water Act Sediment Requirements, using geomorphology and watershed and channel models to monitor sediment in water models, determining sediment loads and reference loads, soil erosion and sediment loading, water pollution from erosion, creating Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for watersheds, stages of channel evolution, Carlos V. Alonso, Andrew Simon, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 03DECp.12-14

Nutrition's Role in Feeding Children's Brains, food intake and absorption, physical growth, motor development, and brain development in kids diagnosed with Failure To Thrive, nutrient absorption, iron binding in blood, difficulties learning, Roscoe A. Dykman, R. Terry Pivak, Little Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 03DECp.15-17

On the Lookout for Scaley Invaders, monitoring global spread of scale insects, identifying and classifying scale species, ScaleNet inventory, Douglass R. Miller, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03DECp.18-19

Nutrient Boost for Alfalfa Silage, preserving alfalfa protein in silos, transgenic alfalfa with gene for PPO (polyphenol oxidase) from red clover, adding caffeic acid, inserting PPO gene into bacterial inoculants, Ronald Hatfield, Richard Muck, Michael Sullivan, Madison, WI, Deborah Samac, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 03DECp.20-21

50 Years and Counting (forum), ARS's 50th anniversary. ARS's mission and evolution. problem solving research and impact on consumers. Edward B. Knipling. Washington. DC.  (Kim Kaplan) (html) or (pdf) 03NOVp.2

ARS: 50 Years of Research for the Growing World, ARS's 50th anniversary. agency accomplishments and milestones in food safety. crop and animal production. animal disease research. human nutrition research. food nutrient needs. nutrition content. crop research. genetics. germplasm exploration and collections. variety and cultivar development. pest eradication. consumer product development. technology transfer. natural resources. soil computer model development. MSEA. PAM. irrigation. soil erosion prevention. Bt corn and monarch butterflies. history and evolution of ARS. (Kim Kaplan) (html) or (pdf) 03NOVp.4-15

ARS Conducts Irrigation Research for an American Indian Tribe, effects of flood irrigation on vegetation species of mountain meadows of Burns Paiute Tribe land. effects on stream flow and temperature. water table depth. Chad Boyd. Burns. OR. (David Elstein) (html) or (pdf) 03NOVp.16-17

Short Apple Trees—Faster and Healthier, DNA fingerprinting of genetic and molecular markers for dwarfing gene in apples. faster identification of dwarf rootstock varieties of apples and other fruit tree. fire blight-resistant and woolly apple aphid-resistant lines and clones. Gennaro Fazio. Geneva. NY. (Luis Pons) (html) or (pdf) 03NOVp.18-19

Project Aims To Clean House on Filth Flies, stable fly's move from feedlots to pasture. role of round bales in fly breeding. treating hay bale sites with Steinernema nematodes as fly biocontrols. fly movement from weather fronts. manure management and sanitation. Phil Scholl. David Taylor. Lincoln. NE. Jerry Hogsette. Gainesville. FL. (Jan Suszkiw and Jim Core) (html) or (pdf) 03NOVp.20-22

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Put Some Meat on Those Bones, bone calcium retention from high-meat diets. human nutrition. ZamZam (Fariba) Roughead. Grand Forks. ND. (Science Update) (html) or (pdf) 03NOVp.23

Helping Turkeys Breathe Easier, gene sequence for identifying avian metapneumovirus. early detection. poultry disease. Bruce S. Seal. Rene Alvarez. Athens. GA. (Science Update) (html) or (pdf) 03NOVp.23

Agriculture and Wildlife-More Than Peacefully Coexistent, sustainable agriculture practices at Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC) farm and neighboring Patuxent Wildlife Research Center produces diverse wildlife, pesticide reduction and use of synthetic pesticides, buffer strips, flora and fauna at BARC, GYPCHEK for gypsy moth control, Phyllis E. Johnson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.2

From Idea to Supermarket: The Process of Berry Breeding, fruit breeding, parent selection, crossing, thornless blackberries soon to be released, Pinnacle and Tillamook strawberries, Chinook, Coho, and Lewis raspberries, Independence and Firecracker strawberries, Chad E. Finn, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.4-7

Flowering Alfalfa Breaks Barriers, interseeded Medicago sativa ssp. falcata thrives on Northern Plains, fibrous root system of falcata, livestock weight gain from forage, nitrogen and carbon fixation of falcata alfalfa, Gerald E. Schuman, Cheyenne, WY, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.8-10

New Test on Tap for Tracking Plum Pox, real-time PCR test is faster, cheaper than ELISA test at detecting plum pox potyvirus on stone fruits, William L. Schneider, Reid D. Frederick, Vernon D. Damsteegt, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.11

Farming Without Harming, sustainable agriculture practices at Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC) farm, using artificial insemination at neighboring Patuxent Wildlife Research Center to reproduce wildlife--whooping cranes, bald eagles, condors, and more, runoff and wind blowing of pesticides and frog health, pesticide reduction and use of synthetic pesticides, GYPCHEK for gypsy moth control, sustainable agriculture practices, Cliff Rice, Kevin Thorpe, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.12-15

Scouring the World for a Skunk Vine Control, biological control agents from overseas to fight Paederia foetida weed, flea beetle Trachyaphthona sordida, lace bug Dulinius conchatus, Robert W. Pemberton, Paul D. Pratt, Fort Lauderdale, FL, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.16-17

Peanut Farmers Have a Suite Deal, computer programs for managing peanut production and maximizing crop profits, FarmSuite Wholefarm for irrigation, harvest, curing, and more, Marshall Lamb, Dawson, GA, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.18-19

An END for Exotic Newcastle Disease Virus? Promising new nonreplicating virosome vaccine for chickens, poultry, cost of virosome technology, Darrell Kapczynski, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.20-21

Going By the Flow—Using Acoustics To Track Stream Sediment, mobile acoustic system called Bedform and Sediment Information System (BASIS) monitors sediment flow and sediment suspended in streams, Roger Kuhnle, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.22

Nutrient Database-To-Go, searchable version of USDA's National Nutrient Database for Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's), downloadable PC and PDF versions, Vincent de Jesus, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.23

A New Chickpea for Your Salads, high-yielding Sierra chick pea is resistant to Ascochyta blight, Frederick J. Muehlbauer, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.23

Beyond DEET: New Age Mosquito Control, baculovirus CuniNPV kills Culex mosquitoes--carriers of West Nile virus and St. Louis encephalitis, potential larvicide, James J. Becnel, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 03OCTp.23

Investigating Invasives: It Takes a Team, slowing spread of Xyllela fastidiosa, glassy-winged sharpshooter control, biocontrol of sharpshooters, genetics of X. fastidiosa, Pierce's disease, Kevin J. Hackett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.2

Raising Cane: ARS Researcher Benefits Sugarcane Growers and Processors, the switch from soldier harvesting (whole-stalk) to combine harvesting as growers shift to variety LCP 85-384, economics of hot liming over cold liming at mill to clarify sugarcane juice, intermediate liming, developing and testing disease-resistant and disease-tolerant varieties at USDA's sugarcane research stations, Gillian Eggleston, New Orleans, LA, Edward P. Richard Jr., Houma, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.4-7

Moon Cake Anyone? First giant vegetable soybean (edamame), produced from conventional breeding, Moon Cake variety is 6-feet tall, Thomas E. Devine, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.8-9

Brewing Up the Latest Tea Research, health benefits and bioactivity of tea compounds in green, black, and oolong tea, effects on metabolism, blood glucose, cholesterol, oxidative stress, development of abnormal blood vessels, Camellia sinensis, flavonoids and other antioxidant components, bioavailability of catechins after adding milk to tea, William Rumpler, Beverly Clevidence, Jeffrey B. Blumberg, Joseph T. Judd, Richard Anderson, Ernst J. Schaefer, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.10-13

More Than Meets the Eye: New Findings on How Mulch Color Can Affect Food Plants, nutrient content of carrots exposed to colored mulches, vitamin C and beta carotene content, cotton fiber length in response to ratio of red to far-red light, effects of blue, red, and far-red light on basil growth and aroma, Patrick G. Hunt, Florence, SC, Michael J. Kasperbauer, Lexington, KY, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.14-15

Scientists Target Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter, Xylella fastidiosa transmission by sharpshooter to cause Pierce's disease in grape vineyards in Southern California, feeding behavior, searching for genetic resistance to X. fastidiosa, USDA honor awards for preventing spread of pest and pathogen, Russell Groves, Hong Lin, Jianchi Chen, Parlier, CA, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.16-17

South American Biocontrols May Tangle With Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter, promising biocontrol wasps Gonatocerus tuberculifemur and G. metanotalis, Walker A. Jones, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.18

Device Puts More Cotton in the Bale, new lint cleaner reduces cotton lint fiber lost in cleaning, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.19

Beyond Pickles--Medicine From Watermelon Rind? Citrulline amino acid in watermelon rinds, citrulline-arginine relationship to develop rind-based extract, Agnes M. Rimando, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.19

Veggie Oil-Based Hair Care Products, cheaper hair gels from safflower and soybean oilseed soapstock, Myong (Sam) Kuk, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.19

Vitamin K Helps Build Women's Bones, vitamin K and bone mineral density (BMD) in women, Sarah L. Booth, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 03SEPp.19

Banking on Weed Control, weed management, prevention vs. chemical control with herbicides, breaking weed seed dormancy in soil, weed seed banks, improving habitat for weed seed eaters, Frank Forcella, Morris, MN, John R. Teasdale, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.2

Scientists Link Nutrition and Eye Health, diet can influence eye health, USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, antioxidants, lutein, zeaxanthin, meso zeaxanthin, Age-Related Eye Disease Study, researchers study the relationship between nuclear opacities and nutrient intake, oxidative damage harms eye tissues, carotenoids in the macula, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, beta-carotene, zinc, Allen Taylor, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.4-7

Liquid Oxygen Saves Channel Catfish During Harvest, aquaculture, supplying farm-raised catfish with liquid oxygen, harvest of channel catfish, "Sock Saver", system to deliver liquid oxygen to catfish during harvest, Les Torrans, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.8-10

Working for Better Peanuts: New Cultivars Resist Disease and Spoilage, two new peanut cultivars Olin and Tamrun OL 01 resist Sclerotinia blight and have high oleic acid content, reduce need for chemical-based fungicides Rovral and Fluazinam, Hassan Melouk, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.11

The Weed Saver, weed seed collection and library at Beltsville, weed seed identification, effects of light, temperature, and farming practices on seed dormancy and weed biology, Ruth Mangum, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.12-13

Dealing With Those Pesky Weed Seed Banks, ecology and distribution of weed seed banks, WEEDSITE software for site-specific weed management, electrical conductivity (EC) of cropland soil, EC maps, biologically based methods of fighting weeds, seed dormancy, leafy spurge, quantitative trait loci, microarrays to observe gene activity, Lori J. Wiles and Dale L. Shaner, Fort Collins, CO, Michael E. Foley, Jim V. Anderson, Dave Horvath, Wun Chao, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.14-15

Everglades Restoration: Agriculture Affected by South Florida Program? Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), Everglades Agro-Hydrology Model for alternative management or cropping systems to cope with hydrologic changes, M. Reza Savabi, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.16

Management Zones Help in Precision Agriculture, Management Zone Analyst (MZA) software creates maps of field management zones, mathematical approach to mapping fields for precision agriculture, Newell R. Kitchen, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.17

Beating Back Blue Mold, Penicillium expansum, fungicides to suppress post harvest decay, biological controls as alternatives for suppression of postharvest decay in apples, decay-curbing yeasts and bacteria as alternatives to fungicides, biocontrol agent Metschnikowia pulcherrima, Wojciech J. Janisiewicz, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.17

Heart -Friendly Corn Oil? New 'High-Oleic' Corn Varieties Make It Possible, oleic acid and blood cholesterol levels, Tripsacum-introgressed lines, traditional plant breeding, high-oleic oil may reduce bad cholesterol and not the good, Susan Duvick, Ames, IA, Linda M Pollack, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.18-19

Composting: Improving on a Time-Tested Technique, manure management, waste management, hybrid composting, manure, aerobic and anerobic biological treatment technologies, hybrid composting systems, reducing pathogens and parasites in compost, Escherichia coli, Salmonellae, Listeria, compost windrows, nutrient stabilization in composted manure, Patricia D. Millner and Laura McConell, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.20-21

Fungus Set To Fight Insect Pests, fungus Paecilomyces fumosoroseus as a bioinsecticide against silverleaf whitefly, thrip, and aphid, Apoka Strain 97, new spore-production and -stabilization technologies for cost-effective bioinsecticides, Mark A. Jackson, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.22

Measuring Soil Components--in the Field, prototype to provide in-field analysis of key soil constituents, measuring moisture, nitrogen, and carbon in the field, David A. Laird, Ames, IA, David A. Laird, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.21

High-Fiber Fat Replacement May Help Trim Waistlines, Z-trim, natural food ingredient as a fat replacement in processed foods, George E. Inglett, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.21

Temperature Rise Might Stall Seed Yield, rise in temperature decreases seed productivity, plant breeders hope to build tolerance to hot environments, L. Hartwell Allen Jr., Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.21

Activated Carbons .  . . From Poultry Litter?, method to convert poultry litter into activated carbons to soak up copper and other environmental pollutants, Isabel M. Lima, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03AUGp.21

Operation Full Stop in Full Swing, agricultural research with urban focus, Formosan termites, pest management research for termite control, baits and poisons designed to kill termites, Frank S. Guillot, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.2

Operation Full Stop 2003: Stopping the Swarm, alates, termites, Formosan subterranean termites, termite control, Coptotermes formosanus, thermal imager to detect termites, toxic bait matrix for termite control, integrated methods to control termites and ants, chlorfluazuron. reduced termite activity, essential oils as termite control, Alan Lax, Frank Guillot, Wes Osbrink, Juan Morales Ramos, Guadalupe Rojas, Maureen Wright, Ashok Raina, New Orleans, LA, Richard Mankin, Gainesville, FL, Mark Jackson, Peoria, IL, Edgar G. King, Jr., Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.4-8

QuEChERS Method Catches Pesticide Residues, food safety, analyzing pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, dispersive solid-phase extraction, pesticide residue analysis on perishable foods, Stephen J. Lehotay, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.9

An Environmental Look at American Feedlots, experimental feedlot to monitor environmental effect of feedlots and animal performance, feedlot study monitors runoff, ammonia emissions from cattle, tracking disease-causing microbes from feedlots, decreasing dietary protein, R. Nolan Clark and N. Andy Cole, Bushland, TX, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.10-11

Monitoring System Counts Insects, Identifies Species, automated insect-monitoring system, Electronic Grain Probe Insect Counter (EGPIC), integrated pest management, aeration to control insects in stored grain, insector probe for monitoring insect populations in stored grains, phosphine fumigant, Dennis Shuman, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.12-13

Plastic Mulch: Harmful or Helpful? plastic mulch and surface runoff, management practices to reduce or eliminate pollution from agricultural practices, environmental fate and transport of pesticides, computer model to predict runoff, hairy vetch as a substitute for plastic mulch, vegetative mulches reduce runoff, Cathleen Hapeman, Beltsville, MD, Pamela Rice, St. Paul, MN, Don Wauchope, Tifton, GA, Aref Abdul-Baki and John R. Teasdale, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.14-16

New Pressure Tester Helps Fine-Tune Irrigation Systems, portable device called "the Squeezer" spot checks water pressure in drip irrigation systems, fluid pressure management by mechanical compression of tubing, Dennis Kincaid, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.17

Vitamin D Research: Humans May Benefit From Animal Health Studies, metabolite of Vitamin D2 examined as potential cancer fighter, hypocalcemia, milk fever, LR-103's effect of a variety of cancers, Vitamin D and D3 offer a new way to tenderize meat, Ronald L. Horst, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.18-19

"Spud Hub" Tests Potatoes Fitness for Market, researchers evaluate new potato germplasm, potato storage and processing characteristics, facility for potato evaluation, potato postharvest physiology studies, postharvest losses, phenolic and aliphatic polymers form a chemical barrier on potato skin, CIPC to control sprouting on potatoes, abscisic acid and ethylene lengthen dormancy, cytokinin accelerates sprouting, Martin T. Glynn, East Grand Forks, MN, Edward C. Lulai and Jeffrey C. Suttle, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.20-22

Soil Microbes Curb Weeds, Cut Chemical Needs, organic farming practices increase beneficial microorganisms in soil and suppress weeds, cover crops, compost, manure, organic mulch, Robert J. Kremer, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.23

Soda Pop Tops Teen Beverage Choices, analysis of food consumption survey, Continuing Survey of Food Intakes, decrease in teens' milk consumption, soda consumption nearly doubled, other sources of calcium, Shanthy Bowman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.23

Getting Dietary Iron From Cooking Pots, foods cooked in iron pots, eating food cooked in iron pots reduces anemia, higher levels of biologically available iron, acidic foods cause iron leaching from pots, Raymond P. Glahn, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.23

New and Better Chocolate Trees, cacao, Theobroma cacao trees, fungal diseases, black pod, witches broom and frosty pod rot, cocoa pod borer, National Plant Germplasm System, Ricardo Goenaga, Mayaguez, PR, (html) or (pdf) 03JULp.23

Trout Research Makes a Splash! silicon-chip identifier for experimental fish, gene structure and function in trout, breeding trout for muscle gain, gene-derived ability to grow on grain-based feeds, Lewis W. Smith, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03JUNp.2

Improving Trout Through Genetics Research, fish genetics, fish breeding, aquatic animal health, fish diets for weight and muscle gain in fish, genes for faster growth of Oncorhynchusmykiss, rainbow trout, William K. Hershberger, Leetown, WV, Caird E.Rexroad III, Beltsville, MD, (html)or (pdf) 03JUNp.4-7

Superb Trout-It's a Matter of Muscle, farm-raised trout, aquaculture production, Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays measure myosin production to identify the best-performing rainbow trout, Kenneth E.Overturf, Boise, ID, Hagerman, Idaho, (html) or (pdf) 03JUNp.4-7

Apricots! Delectable Fruits of California Research, new apricot variety 'Apache' added to genebank,National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Fruit and Nut Crops, Prunusarmeniaca, P. mume, Craig A. Ledbetter and Louis Vuittonet, Parlier, CA, Charles J. Simon, Davis, CA, (html)or (pdf) 03JUNp.8-9

Are Golf Courses Holding the Carbon? turfgrass removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from air through photosynthesis and carbon sequestration in urban environments, Ronald F. Follett, Fort Collins, CO, (html)or (pdf) 03JUNp.10

A Fertility Test for Beneficial Insects, ELISAs, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays measure yolk protein to predict reproductive fitness of mass-reared predators orparasitoids, economical and nutritious diets from artificial ingredients to be fed to beneficial insects, Jeffrey P. Shapiro, Stephen M. Ferkovich,Gainesville, FL, (html)or (pdf) 03JUNp.11

The Ancient Arts of Bonsai and Penjing, National Bonsai and Penjing Museum, U.S. National Arboretum, bonsai collection, Japanese bonsai, Chinese Penjing, Jack Sustic,Washington, DC, (html)or (pdf) 03JUNp.12-15

Tracking Obesity Among Hispanic Children in the United States, childhood obesity, metabolic and physiologic factors in rising obesity in Hispanic children, calorimeter, genes influencing obesity, Nancy E. Butte, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 03JUNp.16

Speeding Up Data Delivery for Precision Agriculture, high-speed wireless networking system to help farmers locate problem spots in fields, Global Positioning System and Personal Digital Assistant as farming tools for precision agriculture, GPS, PDA, satellite Internet, Johnie N. Jenkins, Mississippi State, MS, (html) or (pdf) 03JUNp.17

USDA Plant Collectors' Exotic Expedition Captured in Historical Photo Albums, Palemon Howard Dorsett photo collection of the Dorsett-Morse plant exploration expedition, rare, wild, and cultivated soybean specimens in the exotic plant collection, Susan H. Fugate, Beltsville, MD, (html)or (pdf) 03JUNp.18-19

Crop Bounty Is Well Protected, National Plant Germplasm System, NPGS, Germplasm Resource Information System, plant varieties, plant genetic resources, germplasm accessions, Gary Pederson, Griffin, GA, (html)or (pdf) 03JUNp.20-22

Protective, Edible, Milk-Based Film, patent for modifying milk proteins to make water-resistant film, possible uses in films, fibers, molded materials, edible coatings for dairy products, Peggy M. Tomasula, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 03JUN p.23

Bacteria Help Orchardists Replant Apples, new apple varieties in old orchards vulnerable tofungi that cause replant disease, Cylindrocarpon, Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia fungi, nonchemical alternatives to methyl bromide, naturally occuring bacterium Pseudomonas putida, Mark Mazzola, Wenatchee, WA, (html) or (pdf) 03JUNp.23

Enviro-Friendly Treatment for Termites, patent filed on new termaticide containing low concentrations of napthalenic compounds, Formosan Subterranean termites, protect wood from fungal decay, toxic bait for termites, M. Guadalupe Rojas, New Orleans, LA, Juan A. Morales-Ramos, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03JUNp.23

From Sheep Genes to Human Genes, mutated sheep gene may provide clue to human health, value of obtaining genomic sequences, paternal polar overdominance, Bradley A. Freking, Clay Center, NE, (html)or (pdf) 03JUNp.23

Is Your Health What You Eat? health benefits of phytonutrients, carotenoids, flavonoids, antioxidants, phytonutrient requirements and databases, Joseph T. Spence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.2

DNA Markers . . . With a Twist for Improved Bean Breeding, marker-assisted selection and new advance called co-dominant interpretation identifies disease-resistance genes and homozygous offspring, bean common mosaic virus and mosaic necrosis virus, George J. Vandemark, Phillip N. Miklas, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.4-6

A Possible New Vaccine To KO Salmonella in Chicken Eggs, vaccination prevents Salmonella enteritidis from getting into eggs by reducing shedding, Peter Holt, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.7

Grains Lay Claim to Health Gains, barley and oat consumption and cardiovascular and diabetes risk factors, obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, syndrome X, glycemic response, glucose and insulin levels, Kay Behall, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.8-9

Natural Compound Improves Apples' Red Coloring, methyl jasmonate applications improve red coloring of apples, James P. Matheis, Wenatchee, WA, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.10

Tiny Wasps Protect High-Value Crops, beneficial wasp Peristenus digoneutis as biocontrol agent against tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris, on apples and strawberries, William H. Day, Newark, DE, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.11

Petal Power: New Gene Yields Unique Blossoms, chemically treated thale cress with altered Ultrapetala gene produces more flower petals, Arabidopsis thaliana, Jennifer C. Fletcher, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.12-13

Enzyme May Protect Sugar Beets From Leaf Spot Disease, laccase enzyme from biological control fungus Laetisaria arvalis, TheCan Caesar-Ton That, Robert L. Lartey, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.14

Testing the Fortitude of Iron in Cereals, iron bioavailability in breakfast cereals fortified with iron powders, anemia, Janet Ross Hunt, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.15

Biological Control Sends Scurrying Scourge Scrambling, the red and the black imported fire ant, biocontrol agents T. solenopsae and phorid flies, bait toxicants and reinfestation, tracking phorid fly establishment with geographic information system, using remote sensing (GPS) and infrared emission to detect and measure fire ant mounds, Douglas A. Streett, James T. Vogt, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.16-18

ARS Improves Yields in 100-Year-Old Experiment, conservation tillage program using specialized deep tillage introduced into Old Rotation cotton experiment raised cotton yields, D. Wayne Reeves, Watkinsville, GA, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.19

Scientists Try To Stop Cereal Killer, behavior and movement of Indianmeal moth (Plodia interpunctella) in stored cereal products and warehouses, movement during the light-dark cycle, using different light wavelengths and reducing pesticide use in cereal and grain storage, Don Silhacek, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.20-21

Drought Survival With Conservation Tillage, conventional-till vs. no-till and strip-till, runoff, plant-available water in soil, soil water conservation in Southeast, sediment loss, Clint Truman, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.22

Eat a Good Breakfast To Start a Good Day, teens who eat breakfast have better nutrition, diet, better food choices and vitamin and nutrient intake during day, Theresa A. Nicklas, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.23

Bacteria in Feather Follicles, levels of Campylobacter, Escherichia coli and total aerobic bacteria on skin of feathered and featherless chicken carcasses in poultry processing, R. Jeffrey Buhr, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.23

Snails Can't Take Caffeine, caffeine as molluscicide for slug and snail control on orchids, Robert G. Hollingsworth, Hilo, Hawaii, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.23

New Food Safety Allies: Chemical-Detecting Wasps, training parasitic wasps to detect foodborne mycotoxins such as aflatoxins produced by Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus, James H. Tumlinson III, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 03MAYp.23

Food Animal Production: Combining Traditional Practices and Modern Tools, food consumption and cost, animal research to meet consumers' needs, food animal production efficiency, Joseph T. Spence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.2

Can Egg Follicle Size Indicate Cow Fertility? egg follicle size and beef cattle fertility and pregnancy rates following natural heat and induced ovulation, ultrasound measuring of follicle size, Thomas W. Geary, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.4-5

Ultrasound Helps Producers Find Ideal Cattle, ultrasound use on live cattle for fat and marbling qualities, beef livestock meat quality, Larry V. Cundiff, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.6

No Wool? No Problem! breeding hair-breed and wool-breed sheep for meat production, little or no shearing, and higher profits, Kreg A. Leymaster, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.7

Safekeeping Fungi That Protect Plants Against Pests, ARS Collection of Entomopathogenic Fungal Cultures (ARSEF), identification and storage, shipping, receiving, and cataloging of fungal specimens, Richard A. Humber, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.8-10

Plants' Biological Clocks Help Them Prepare for the Day, D1 protein's role in regulating photosynthesis and protecting plants from intense light, Autar K. Mattoo, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.11

Well-Rounded Bulls Bring Profit to Cattle Breeders, computer program for genetic analysis of traits, ranking bulls by profitability of potential offspring, sire rankings from expected progeny differences (EPDs), Michael D. MacNeil, Miles City, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.12-13

Pumping Iron Into Western Africa's Corn, using in-vitro artificial gut to identify corn having bioavailable iron, biofortification, anemia, Raymond P. Glahn, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.14-15

Putting Community Nutrition on the Map, ARS' Community Nutrition Research Group's (CNRG) studies of dietary needs of various communities, relationship between nutrition, exercise, and health, diet-related diseases of African American Community, CNMap, Ellen W. Harris, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.16-17

Recycling Feedlot Runoff, beef cattle feedlot runoff control system for recycling manure nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus runoff, Bryan L. Woodbury, John A. Nienaber, Roger A. Eigenberg, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.18

Sequencing the Bad Guys, genetic maps of microbes causing Johne's disease and bovine brucellosis in livestock, David P. Alt, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.19

The Crossroads of Nutrition and Culture, nutritional epidemiology of Hispanic elders, B12 deficiency, progressive resistance training reduces need for diabetes medication, Katherine L. Tucker, Carmen Castaneda Sceppa, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.20

New Algicide To Help Keep Catfish Tasting Good, natural-based algicide from anthraquinone kills blue-green algae cyanobacteria that produce off-flavors, Kevin Schrader, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.21

Zapping Sweetpotato Weevils, irradiation postharvest treatment sterilizes adult sweetpotato weevil and meets quarantine regulations, Guy J. Hallman, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.22

Low-Tech Grasshopper Monitoring, grasshopper counts from simple device that monitors populations, Dennis J. Fielding, Fairbanks, AK, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.23

U.S.-Canadian Cricket Collaboration, use of radio telemetry and harmonic radar for tracking Mormon cricket movements, Gregory A. Sword, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.23

Mixed Diet May Help Ward Off Esophageal Cancer, incidence of esophageal cancer in respondents with high-meat diets and healthy fruit-and-vegetable diets, Katherine L. Tucker, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.23

New for the Kids' Lunchboxes--SB&Js! Sunflower spread is alternative to peanut butter, "sunbutter", Isabel M. Lima, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03APRp.23

Dietary Guidelines: Expert Advice for Healthy Eating, nutrition information, role of Dietary Guidelines, foods and diet, Joseph T. Spence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.2

Nurtrition Info While on the Go, using a portable personal digital assistant to browse USDA's National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, nutrition database using Palm operating system, new PC-downloadable version coming with portion modifier, Ground Beef Module, Rena Cutrufelli, Vincent de Jesus, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.4-5

Flavonoid Database: An Antioxidant Showcase, new flavonoid database, flavonoids (phytonutrients) in food and diet, nutrition, Joanne M. Holden, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.6

Using Bacteria To Make a Sweet Minty-Tasting Compound, converting fructose to mannitol more efficiently using Lactobacillus bacteria strain, Badal C. Saha, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.7

Boning Up on Osteoporosis, bone formation and calcium removal from bones following meat consumption, bone density and resorption, human nutrition, calcium absorption, Marta D. Van Loan, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.8-9

Vitamin A Detectives Probe Puzzling Nutrient, immune response, T-helper cells, interferons and interleukins, serum-retinol assays for vitamin A, Charles B. Stephensen, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.10-11

New Cuisine Wins Rave Reviews From Honey Bees, artificial bee diet keeps bees active in winter for almond pollination, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Tucszon, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.12-14

Keeping Catfish on Consumers' Menus, lab tests for detection of off-flavors in catfish, blue-green algae and off-flavors in older ponds, fresh water raceways flush off-flavors, molecular assay for microorganism assessment in ponds, genetically engineering competitive cyanobacteria that don't cause off-flavors, Paul V. Zimba, Stoneville, MS, Casey C. Grimm and Barry K. Hurlburt, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.15-17

Calcium-Rich Potatoes: It's in Their Genes, calcium fertilization of tubers during tuber bulking, wild potato germplasm with high calcium-accumulation capacity, John B. Bamberg, Sturgeon Bay, WI, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.18-19

Biodiversity Rebounds After Wildfire, rangeland recovery and timing grazing after wildfires, sheep grazing to prevent exotic invasive weeds from taking over, Steven S. Seefeldt, Dubois, ID, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.20-22

NAGP Makes Room for Swine Germplasm, National Animal Germplasm Program adds swine to collection, using super-cold temperatures to preserve germplasm, Harvey D. Blackburn, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.23

We're Gettting New "Threads"! air-jet spinning and friction spinning blends bicomponent yarn to form strong non pilling yarns for durable shrink-resistant and wrinkle-resistant fabric, textile processing, Amar (Paul) Sweeney, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.23

The Search for Salt Tolerance, salt-tolerant alfalfa and wheatgrass forages for feeding grazing animals and disposal of saline irrigation water, Catherine M. Grieve, George E. Brown, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.23

Pyramid Scheme for Better Broccoli, genetic markers for broccoli with disease resistance to downy mildew caused by Peronospora parasitica, grouping or pyramiding genes for longer term resistance, Mark W. Farnham, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 03MARp.23

Winning the Weevil War: Beating a $22 Billion Bug, boll weevil eradication program, pest control, pesticide reduction and yield increases in areas of eradication, Robert M. Faust, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.2

We Don't Cotton to Boll Weevil 'Round Here Anymore, history and success of boll weevil eradication program, pest control, detection trap and pheremone lure, Grandlure, insecticide use according to boll weevil diapause schedule, economic payoff, reduction in pesticide use, impact of conservation tillage or no-till, Dale W. Spurgeon, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.4-8

A New, Rapid Test for Avian Influenza, new test for H7N2 strain for live-bird market, chicken and poultry disease, David Suarez, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.9

Ultrasound: An Environmentally Friendly Tool for the Textile Industry, ultrasonic energy speeds enzymatic treatments in cotton processing, scouring, biofinishing, biostoning, environmental and energy conservation benefits, Val Yachmenev, Eugene J. Blanchard, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.10-11

ARS is Banking on Germplasm, germplasm and seed storage temperatures and techniques at the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation, germplasm distribution, liquid nitrogen storage, animal and aquaculture collection started, Henry L. Shands, Loren E. Weisner, Christina T. Walters, Harvey D. Blackburn, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.12-14

Radio Frequency Puts the Heat on Plant Pests, radio wave heating treatments for citrus and other produce to disinfest them of pests, methyl bromide alternative, circulating water bath for uniform heating, Guy J. Hallman, Weslaco, TX, Stephen R. Drake, Wenatchee, WA, James D. Hansen, Wapato, WA, Judy A. Johnson, Parlier, CA, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.15-17

Computerized Tracking System Shows What Pests Prefer, servosphere tests insect response to pheromone and plant odor attractants, Joseph C. Dickens, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.18

New Strain of Pearl Millet, new strain shorter in height and in growing season, human consumption of pearl millet, Wayne Hanna and Jeffrey Wilson, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.19

Hot on the Trail of Fire Ants, biological controls for red imported fire ant, biocontrol agents Solenopsis invicta, Thelohania solenopsae, Vairimorpha invictae, yellow head disease, viruses, parasitic ant Solenopsis daguerrei, phorid flies Pseudacteon tricuspis, P. curvatus, and P. litoralis, David Williams, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.20-22

Resist! Hold That Muscle! Resistance training helps people with chronic renal insufficiency maintain muscle mass while on low-protein diets, Carmen Castaneda Sceppa, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.23

More to This Crypto Than Meets the Eye, new Cryptosporidium animal parasite species C. canis identified, cryptosporidiosis, Ronald Fayer, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.23

For Bone Health, Elders Need Calcium and Protein, bone mineral density (BMD) and high-protein diets in elderly taking calcium supplements and vitamin D supplements, Bess Dawson-Hughes, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.23

Wood-Chip Trench Can Staunch Nitrate Flow, wood chips in deep trenches curb nitrate seepage from croplands using underground tile drains, soil nutrient loss, Dan B. Jaynes, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 03FEBp.2

Lessons From a Decade of Genetically Engineered Crops, value and controversy of genetically engineered commercial crops and foods, biotechnology risk assessment, regulation of genetic engineering, John W. Radin, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.2

Testing Two Corn Rootworm Controls, rootworm evolution to foil crop rotations, YieldGard Rootworm corn genetically modified to produce Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) protein, Bt corn, slowing Bt resistance of rootworms, pitfall traps used for monitoring impact of Bt corn on beneficial ground beetles, Wade French, Brookings, SD, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.4-6

Vitamin C Protects Stressed-Out Plants, ozone tolerance in snap beans and vitamin C in leaf apoplasts, Kent O. Burkey, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.7

Superb New Potatoes Offered by Breeders, potato breeding for higher yields, chips, fresh-market, storage, boiling, new varieties Alturas, Silverton Russet, Keystone Russet, Ivory Crisp, Klamath Russet, and Wallowa Russet, Richard G. Novy, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.8-10

Driving Nutrition Research to the Consumer, Mobile Nutrition Research Laboratory studies, zinc supplements and attention, memory, and reasoning in adolescent youths, dietary intake and exercise of American Indians and heart disease, diabetes, and depression, calcium and copper or zinc supplements and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, calcium and magnesium in young women with dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramps, James G. Penland, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.11-13

The Healing Touch of Cotton, treated cotton gauze bandages target protease enzyme in bedsores, diabetic foot sores, and chronic wounds, alginate cotton dressings for burns, J. Vincent Edwards, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.14-15

Knowing When Plants Capture Phosphorus, plant availability of phosphorus in manure, soil phosphorus replacement and management, Thomas J. Sauer, John L. Kovar, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.16

Soybean May Help Iron-deficient Women After All, iron bioavailability in soybean ferritin, iron deficiency, nutrition, Ross M. Welch, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.17

Blue Orchard Bee--A Champion Cherry Pollinator, Osmia lignaria pollination increases yield of cherry trees, also good for almond, apple, apricot, and pear fruit trees, orchard pollination, William R. Kemp, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.18

Elm Disease Bacterium Identified, phytoplasma cause of elm disease in Illinois, new clover proliferation phtyoplasma, Ing-Ming Lee, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.18

Seed Saver: Iodine-based Fungicide Foils Fusarium, Plantpro 45 fungicide reduces Fusarium verticillioides growth, corn storage and planting, Ida Yates, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.19

It's Not Easy Being Green: Seeking the Cause of Frog Malformations, role of agricultural chemicals, environmental pollutants, mineral deposits, phytoestrogen and estradiol hormones, estrogenic activity, rainfall, Gerald Larsen, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.20-21

New Plants Shrug Off Salinity, Ph1b gene-inhibition technology for two new salt-tolerant wheats, W4909 and W4910, Richard R.-C. Wang, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.22

Rolling Out the Barrel Medic Genome, genetic markers for barrel medic useful for finding genes in alfalfa, Deborah A. Samac, Carroll P. Vance, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.23

Toward Peril-Free Peanuts, screening peanut cultivars for allergens, allergic reaction and allergenic properties, peanut allergy, changes during roasting, Soheila J. Maleki, Si-Yin Chung, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.23

This Small Bean's a Big Performer, Rojo Chiquito bean resists mosaic viruses and Sclerotinia white mold, ultra-narrow rows for higher yields, George L. Hosfield, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.23

Vegetable Oil To Clean Up Groundwater, soil injection of oil to stimulate microbes to clean up aquifers contaminated with TCE (trichloroethylene), fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals, William J. Hunter, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 03JANp.23

Tech Transfer: From ARS to a Store Near You, consumer products from ARS research, commercialization of Federal research, technology transfer, CRADAs, patents from research, Michael D. Ruff, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.2

For You, the Consumer, consumer products from ARS research, commercialization of Federal research, technology transfer, irradiated ground beef, frozen orange juice, soybean uses, DEET, fruit and vegetable breeding, Oatrim, Nutrim, Tifsport bermudagrass, various scientists and locations, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.4-9

From Oil Refinement to Baby Formula, technique for removing omega-3 fatty acids DHA and ARA from algae, mental and visual acuity of babies fed DHA- and ARA-supplemented baby formula, Peter J. Wan, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.10-11

A Tough Old Bird? No More! electric stimulation of chicken carcasses speeds up chicken processing, effect on muscle glycogen and rigor mortis, James Andra Dickens, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.12

How About Some Soybeans With That Tan? SoyScreen sunscreen produced from mixing soybean oil and ferulic acid esters, potential soy-based sunscreen products, Joe Laszlo, Dave Compton, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.13

What's Killing the Mushrooms of Pennsylvania, new species of Trichoderma fungi (Trichoderma aggressivum) identified as cause of green mold of mushrooms, Gary J. Samuels, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.14

Cheese, Please: Recreating Unique Properties of Hispanic Cheeses, searching for food-processing techniques to make Hispanic-style cheeses from pasteurized milk rather than raw milk, improving shelf life of the cheeses, Diane L. Van Hekken, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.16

Yummy New Raisins From Our Vineyard to Your Table, new Selma Pete and Diamond Muscat raisin grapes, earlier harvest and better mechanical harvesting and drying on vine, flavor and uses of, David W. Ramming, Ronald E. Tarailo, Parlier, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.17

Electrical Conductivity Spots Salty Soils, global positioning system (GPS) for measuring EC of soils, for managing salt level in soils through irrigation, Hamid J. Farahani, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.18

Supplementation Slows Tooth Loss, Elizabeth A. Krall, tooth loss and jawbone as affected by calcium and vitamin D supplements in elderly, nutrition, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.18

Finding the Folate in Foods, new methods (HPLC-MS and HPLC with fluorescence) to analyze B vitamin folate in foods and blood serum, RDA for folate, Robert J. Pawlosky, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.19

Pear Bars--A Tasty New Treat, patented food-processing technology for creating pear bars without preservatives, processing other fruits and vegetables, Tara McHugh, Charles C. Huxsoll, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.20

Fortified Cereal Can Up Kids' Calcium, calcium uptake and corresponding iron absorption from calcium-fortified cereals, nutrition, Steven A. Abrams, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 02DECp.21

Research That Helps To Feed the World's People, ARS programs targeting hunger and improving nutrition in developing countries, international research cooperation, World Food Prize, undernourished people, malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, Edward B. Knipling, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.2

Predicting the Perfect Moments in Farming--From Planting to Harvest, crop-growth models for melons, cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat, potatoes, Gossym, Glycim, computer models help farmers time crop harvests precisely and increase profits, precision farming, growth chambers monitor plant growth 24 hours a day, V.R. Reddy, Dennis J. Timlin, Jeff Baker, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.4-7

Robust Plants' Secret? Rubisco Activase! plant-growth enzymes, rubisco activase helps convert rubisco from its inactive form to its active state, which helps with photosynthesis, high temperature and high carbon dioxide impair action of rubisco activase, photosynthesis, adenosine triphosphate, adenosine diphosphate, Steven J. Crafts-Brandner, Michael E. Salvucci, Phoenix, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.8-9

Building a Better Blueberry, system to regenerate blueberry plants from tissue taken from Bluecrop, gene transfer, genes believed to be associated with cold tolerance, antioxidant content of blueberries, phytochemicals, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins, vitamin A and C content of blueberries, Freddi A. Hammerschlag, Lisa J. Rowland, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.10-11

Daylilies Under Attack, daylily rust fungus (Puccinia hemerocallidis) outbreak in U.S., U.S. National Fungus Collections, DNA sequences used to identify and characterize fungi, José R. Hernández, Mary E. Palm, Lisa A. Castlebury, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.12-13

Lost Lambs: Lessons Learned From Scrapie Outbreak, scrapie outbreak in school's flock of sheep, third-eyelid test to detect prion protein that causes scrapie, genetics-based strategy to repopulate flock and certify it as scrapie-free, test for gene variations that predispose sheep to scrapie, Katherine O'Rourke, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.14-16

Chinese Pigs Provide Insight to U.S. Swine Reproduction, Meishan pigs from China provide model to study swine reproduction, Johny Joe Ford, Gary A. Rohrer, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.17

Sap-Sucking Psyllid Pesters Pushy Plant, psyllid (Boreioglycaspis melaleucae) released as biocontrol against melaleuca tree, melaleuca leaf weevil, Oxyops vitiosa, as biocontrol for melaleuca, John A. Goolsby, Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia, Gary R. Buckingham, Gainesville, GA, Philip W. Tipping, Paul D. Pratt, Ted D. Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.18-19

An Easy, Inexpensive Test Detects Tuberculosis in Livestock and Wildlife, new blood-based test for detecting human, avian, and bovine tuberculosis, nitric oxide, interferon gamma, how tuberculosis is spread, Wade R. Waters, Mitchell V. Palmer, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.20-21

Ousting Pink Bollworm From Cottonfields, pink bollworm eradication program, transgenic pest-resistant cotton, mating disruption, population monitoring, sterile bollworm release, Thomas J. Henneberry, Phoenix, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.22

Spices Hike Your Antioxidant Protection, antioxidant capacity of herbs, oregano has high antioxidant capacity, sweet bay, dill, winter savory, Shiow Wang, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.23

Tracking Toxoplasma in Feed and Food, Toxoplasma gondii infection possible through raw or undercooked meat, toxoplasmosis, cats, Jitender P. Dubey, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.23

Counting E. coli O157:H7 in Water, new test can count numbers of E. coli O157:H7 bacteria in water, monoclonal antibodies, Daniel R. Shelton, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.23

Corn Rotations Curb Soybean Cyst Nematodes, rotating corn with no-till soybeans reduces numbers of soybean cyst nematodes (Heterodera glycines), conventional tillage, Gregory R. Noel, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 02NOVp.23

Clean Water and Agriculture, water quality improvements in last 30 years, Clean Water Act, reducing water pollution from farms, environment, conservation practices for new problems like Cryptosporidium, hypoxia, and Pfiesteria, Dale Bucks, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.2

Draining the Land Without Polluting the Waters, ideal depth of subsurface drainage in Lower Mississippi River Valley, fertilizer and pesticide runoff into ditches and streams, deep chiseling for rain infiltration, controlled drainage system, drainpipes, nitrate losses from drainage systems, Jim Fouss, Brandon Grigg, Baton Rouge, LA, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.4-8

Making Manure-borne Pathogens Stay Put, grass buffer strips keep pathogens like E. Coli and Salmonella from running off slopes into water supplies, water quality, runoff, Daniel R. Shelton, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.9

Leading the Way in CO2 Research, elevated carbon dioxide and plant growth, global warming, carbon storage in soil, ozone, SoyFACE soybeans that perform well under high CO2, Albert Frank, Mandan, ND, Donald R. Ort, Urbana, IL, Bruce A. Kimball, Phoenix, AZ, L. Hartwell Allen, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.10-13

Working With Nature To Keep the Chesapeake Healthy, riparian buffer zones to prevent runoff of fertilizer nutrients, surface water and groundwater contaminants nitrogen and phosphorus, erosion, carbon storage in riparian zones, Gregory McCarty, Jonathan Angier, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.14-16

Texas SWAT Team Helps Clean the World's Water, Soil and Water Assessment Tool computer model helps conserve water and improve water quality in drinking water reservoirs, farm conservation practices, erosion, Jeffrey G. Arnold, Kevin W. King, James R. Kiniry, Temple, TX, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.17

Keeping Tabs on Landscape Changes, photographed vegetation and landscape changes in the Northern Great Plains over 80 years, Rod Heitschmidt, Keith Klement, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.18-19

Improved Land-Management Practices Protect Watershed Lakes, conservation and weed-management programs in Mississippi River Valley and effect on watershed lakes, MSEA (Mississippi Delta Management Systems Evaluation Area), best management practices (BMPs), conservation tillage, no-till, low-till, atrazine, herbicide degradation by microbes in riparian zones, sediment control from drainage ditches, Martin A. Locke, Robert M. Zablotowicz, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.20-22

Rotations Help Resist Corky Ringspot, rotating potatoes with alfalfa or spearmint to prevent corky ringspot transmission, nematode transmission of virus, Rick A. Boydston, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.23

New Test for Poultry Health, high blood levels of ovotransferrin in chickens and other poultry indicate infection and affect disease resistance, Narayan Rath, Fayetteville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.23

Testosterone Test Spots Dud Studs, naloxone injection test identifies good breeding rams from male sheep, John N. Stellflug, Dubois, ID, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.23

Waxy Wheat Cuts Bread Fat, new wheat with amylopectin starch eliminates need for vegetable oil or shortening in bread dough, baking, low-fat, low-calorie bread, Douglas C. Doehlert, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 02OCTp.23

Your National Agricultural Library: Watercolors! Web Sites! Wow!, Curtis' Botanical Magazine, library collections and resources, Internet access and services of the National Agricultural Library, Peter R. Young, Beltsville, MD, (Marcia Wood) (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.2

Glomalin: Hiding Place for a Third of the World's Stored Soil Carbon, soil glue glomalin's role in storing atmospheric CO2 and soil aggregation, carbon credits, glomalin synthesis by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, CO2 levels and glomalin production, glomalin extraction, Sara F. Wright and Kristine A. Nichols, Beltsville, MD, (Don Comis) (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.4-7

Nailing the Snail That Harbors a Fish Parasite, life cycle and hosts of fish parasite flatworm Bolbophorus confusus, chemical treatment for catfish ponds kills snails that spread disease, Andrew J. Mitchell, Stuttgart, AR, (Jim Core) (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.8-9

Treasures of the National Agricultural Library: Curtis's Botanical Magazine, historic journal with illustrations of flowering plants in British gardens, electronic database, Sara B. Lee, Beltsville, MD, (Marcia Wood) (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.10-12

Mildew-Resistant Hops Tested by Brewing Industry, Newport hop resists powdery mildew and downey mildew, John Henning, Corvallis, OR, (David Elstein) (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.13

New Rice Could Benefit Malnourished Populations, low-phytate or low-phytic-acid rice, better nutrient absorption among malnourished populations, J. Neil Rutger and Rolfe J. Bryant, Stuttgart, AR, Victor Raboy, Aberdeen, ID, Steven Larson, Logan, UT, (Jim Core) (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.14-15

Researchers Develop First Hypoallergenic Soybeans, food allergy, gene silencing the P34 gene for allergenic soy protein, human testing using blood serum, Eliot M. Herman, Columbia, MO, (Jan Suszkiw) (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.16-17

Worldwide Effort To Map the Bovine Genome, DNA gene sequencing bacterial artificial chromosome maps of cattle, worldwide effort to produce BAC map, Steven Kappes and John Keele, Clay Center, NE, (David Elstein) (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.18-19

SALSA Speeds Solutions for Water-Scarce Southwest, San Pedro River Basin, SUD-Med, plant uptake and use of water, Spatially Explicit Hydro-Ecological Model (SEHEEM) helps ranchers prevent overgrazing by predicting rangeland grass growth, soil and water conservation, David C. Goodrich and M. Susan Moran, Tucson, AZ, (Marcia Wood) (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.20-22

Chicken-Feathered Industrial Products, making fiber for air filters and other products from chicken feathers, filtration, Walter F. Schmidt, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.23

Tests for Potentially Toxic Algae, new genetic method for detecting fish-killing algal strains that produce toxins called microcystins, fish kills, Paul V. Zimba, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.23

Perilipin May Predict Heart Attack or Stroke, perilipin synthesis following plaque rupture in blood vessels, possible nutrition intervention with antioxidants or folate, Andrew S. Greenberg, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.23

Getting More Out of Corn-More Economically, faster and cheaper corn refining for starch, oil, and other co-products, protease enzymes, David B. Johnston, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 02SEPp.23

Meet the Food Inspection Robots, high-speed food safety inspection for chicken, machine vision, scanning for fecal contamination, disease, and defects, Yud-Red Chen, Beltsville, MD, (Marcia Wood) (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.2

Machine Vision Sees the Food Contaminants We Can't See, food safety, multispectral imaging food inspection system for scanning apples and other foods, E. coli, scanning food for microbes, feces, and disease, high-speed inspection, Yud-Ren Chen, Kuanglin Chao, Moon Kim, Alan Lefcourt, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.4-8

Making the Grade, remote sensing inspection of apples for internal defects or quality, such as bruises, sugar content, firmness, Renfu Lu, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.9

Attacking Flies With Wasps, biological control of house and stable flies, parasitoid wasp Tachinaephagus zealandicus, wasp identification by exoskeleton waxes, Christopher J. Geden, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf)  02AUGp.10-11

Gene Jockeys Fight Fusarium Head Blight, genetic engineering of wheat with antifungal genes for chitinase and glucanase production, biotech, Patricia A. Okubara, Pullman, WA, Ann E. Blechl, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.12-13

Fabulous Figs Featured in California Collection, Ficus carica fig collection at the ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Fruit and Nut Crops, Violette de Bordeaux figs, Panachee, inedible figs in Miami collection, Charles J. Simon, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.14-15

Tracking Movement of Cattle With Satellites, global positioning system (GPS) collars used in cattle grazing behavior studies, Dave Ganskopp, Burns, OR, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.16

Bring on the Fat (Fatty Acids, That Is), bioconversion of vegetable oils, using Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PR3) bacteria to produce insecticidal, antifungal, and antimicrobial agents DOD and TOD from oleic acid in soybean oil, Ching T. Hou, Tsung M. Kuo, Alan C. Lanser and others, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.17

Pigeonpea Benefits Cattle on the Range, pigeonpea yields, nutritive values, and options for providing year-round forage availability, Srinivas C. Rao, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.18

Seabeach Amaranth Resurfaces, regeneration methods for Amaranthus pumilus and its comeback on East Coast shorelines, David M. Brenner, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.19

Can Kenaf Feed Livestock? Kenaf hay as alfalfa forage substitute, William A. Phillips, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.19

Repellent Curbs Virus Carriers, piperidine-based repellents from black pepper repel mosquitoes that carry yellow fever and West Nile virus, Jerome A. Klun, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.19

Phytomining Cleans Soil, Generates Revenue, hyperaccumulator alyssum plants remove nickel and cobalt from soil, burning crop to get metal-rich ash, Rufus L. Chaney, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02AUGp.19

The Power of Polyacrylamides, soil and water management, chemical soil stabilizer called PAM seals leaky irrigation ditches and canals, PAM from vegetable oils and food-processing wastes, Allen R. Dedrick, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.2

PAM Protects Against Pollutants and Pathogens, polyacrylamide PAM combined with aluminum sulfate or calcium oxide prevents phosphorus and nutrient and manure microbe runoff in irrigation furrows, Rodrick D. Lentz, David L. Bjorneberg, James A. Entry, and Robert E. Sojka, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.4-6

So the Rain Stays in the Plain: Crop Sequence CD Helps Farmers Fight Drought, best crop rotation from 100 combinations of crops for efficient management of soil water and erosion, Joe Krupinsky, Mandan, ND, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.7

The Alfalfa Factory: A Remarkable Perennial Legume Finds Many Uses, alfalfas clean up soil contamination, produce ethanol, resist fungal disease from Phoma medicaginis, tolerate aluminum, detoxify herbicide atrazine, protect groundwater, phytofiltration, biofuel/bioenergy production, JoAnn F.S. Lamb, Carol P. Vance, Deborah A. Samac, Hans Jung, Michael P. Russelle, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.8-11

Fresh Fruit Gets a Protective New Coat, biofungicide coatings protect fruit from postharvest decay, antimicrobial compounds, antagonistic yeast, Charles L. Wilson, Ahmed El Ghaouth, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.12-13

Where's the Bt? Tracking the Protein's Fate During Ethanol Production, ethanol yields from Bt and non-Bt corn, wet milling, dry milling, Bruce S. Dien, Rodney J. Bothast, Loren B. Iten, Peoria,s IL, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.14-16

Two Stilt Bug Species Discovered, Yemmatropis erectus and Hoplinus paulai, Thomas J. Henry, Washington, D.C., (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.17

A Quieter Car Ride With Kenaf, kenaf fiber for insulation in automobiles, mechanical process for separating fiber from stalks, kenaf insulation fabric production with polypropylene, Dharnidhar V. Parikh, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.18

Keeping Cattle Cool Makes Sense, reducing heat and humidity stress on cattle, respiration monitor developed for detection of stress, watering and shade, LeRoy Hahn, Roger Eigenberg, John Nienaber, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.19

New Test for Pesticide Resistance in Cattle Fever Ticks, faster testing for coumaphos resistance, Felix D. Guerrero, John H. Pruett, Kerrville, TX, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.20

Hot Cotton: New System Senses Water Stress, remote sensing of canopy temperature change with thermal sensors, Gretchen F. Sassenrath-Cole, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.21

Nematodes: Lords of the Flies? Nematode biocontrols for biting flies, applied to manure in feedlots, David B. Taylor, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.22

Leafminers Identified Faster, distinguishing between two leafmining flies with PCR-RFLP analysis, Sonja Scheffer, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.22

Aromatic Compounds Suppress Potato Sprouts, aromatic acids and jasmonates delay sprouting, Edward C. Lulai, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.23

Long-Term Weather Predictions: Are They Helpful? correlating seasonal climate forecasts with crop performance, Jurgen D. Garbrecht, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.23

Red Beans Getting Better and Better, new red beans for improved erectness, disease resistance, appearance, and canning quality, George L. Hosfield, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.23

Virtual Laboratory Furthers Food Safety, predictive microbiology with models to predict behavior of foodborne bacteria, web site for CEMMI, Mark L. Tamplin, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.23

Cool Peppers Have Flavor--Not Heat, peppers with jalapeno taste but no capsaicinoids, transplant date and yield, Vincent M. Russo, Lane, OK, (html) or (pdf) 02JULp.23

Laying the Groundwork With Basic Research, catalog and databases of insects in Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Smithsonian Institution, integration of basic and applied research, Robert M. Faust, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.2

It's a Bug's Life: Showcasing the National Entomological Collection, National Collections of Insects and Mites, insect specimens, systematics, classification, taxonomy, uses of collection, biological control agents, cataloging, identification and categorizing of insects, BugFest event, ScaleNet, Michael E. Schauff and Douglass R. Miller, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.4-8

Scientist Sleuths Work Up Genetic Profile of Varroa Mite, mitochondrial map of genes and markers of Varroa jacobsoni mite, DNA microsatellites, Jay D. Evans, Dawn L. Lopez, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.9

Flying in the Face of Grapefruit, Mexican fruit flies learn to oviposit on grapefruit, feeding and egg-laying behavior and attraction to host fruit, David Robacker and Ivich Fraser, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.10-11

Watermelon Packs a Powerful Lycopene Punch, amount of phytochemical or antioxidant lycopene, bioavailability in watermelon and tomatoes, effect of heat or pasteurization on bioavailability, Beverly A. Clevidence and Alison J. Edwards, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.12-13

Spray-On Bacteria Stop Potato Rot Fungus, antagonist microorganisms used for control of dry rot organism Fusarium sambucinum, resistance to dry rot fungicides, antisprouting agents, Patricia J. Slininger, David A. Schisler, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.14

Battling Bisons' Mysterious MCF Disease, new CI-ELISA and PCR tests for malignant catarrhal fever detection and identification, Hong Li, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf)  02JUNp.16-17

An Udder Solution for Bossie's Woes, bioengineering cows with gene for CD14 protein that neutralizes endotoxin from mastitis-causing bacteria, possible vaccine, Max J. Paape and Dante Zarlenga, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.18-19

Beet Armyworm Eggs: Not Just a Random Scramble, the pest's host preference for eating and egg laying, oviposition, pigweed preference, amino acid availability of pigweed and drought-stressed cotton, Shoil Greenberg, Thomas Sappington, Allan Showler, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.20-21

Sunflower Rubber? Finding sunflower lines that produce the most latex, inserting genes for latex production, genetic engineering, Katrina Cornish, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.22

Microwaves for Measuring Moisture, using microwaves to monitor grain moisture, grain moisture and harvest time, Stuart O. Nelson, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.23

Double-Duty Dust-Remover, electrostatic air-cleaning system removes dust and disease-causing Salmonella and other bacteria from poultry hatching cabinets, Bailey W. Mitchell, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.23

Poultry Litter Ash Perks Up Plants, lighter fertilizer with readily available phosphorus, Eton E. Codling, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.23

Berries Curb Cancer Cells, antioxidant phytonutrients in berries and muscadine grapes suppress breast cancer cell growth, David E. Wedge, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 02JUNp.23

National Peer Review Process Sharpens Our Science, reviews of multiyear research plans in ARS, accountability to clients, Edward B. Knipling, Washington, DC,, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.2

U.S. National Arboretum: Still Beautiful at 75, history, collections, renovations, volunteer organizations, and recent research findings of National Arboretum, Big Bugs exhibit, Thomas Elias, Nancy Luria, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.4-8

Getting Cotton Moisture Just Right for Processing, moisture and wetting agents for ideal cotton processing, automated moisture control in gins and in textile mills, David D. McAlister, Clemson, SC, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.9

Homocysteine: The New "Bad Boy" of Vascular Disease, homocysteine in blood linked to heart disease and stroke, role of vitamin B and folate, smoking, premenopause and post menopause, estrogen status, effect of homocysteine and B vitamins on memory, Alzheimer's, dementia, Paul F. Jacques and Martha Savaria Morris, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.10-11

What Mite You See With This Gadget? New ARS-designed mite holder for SEM studies, Eric Erbe, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.12-13

The Living Dead: What Lurks Inside These Cadavers? biocontrol nematodes in insect cadavers coated with sticking agents and starch and clay powders control critrus root weevils, black vine weevils, and more orchard pests, David Shapiro-Ilan, Byron, GA, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.14-16

Farmers Adopt ARS-Improved Soybean Bacterium, nitrogen-fixing inoculant Nod+ raising soybean yields, a Bradyrhizobium, USDA Patented Strain, L. David Kuykendall, Beltsville, MD, William J. (Jim) Hunter, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.17

Rice, Oh So Nice, low-fat french fries from rice, flour-blasting method for decreasing cooking time for wild and brown rice, whole-rice bread, Ranjit S. Kadan, Harmeet S. Guraya, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.18-19

Defining Risk From Meatborne Parasites, Toxoplasma gondii, defining distribution of cyst-forming parasites by their genes or genetics, foodborne illness, Benjamin M. Rosenthal, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.20-21

New Aphid Threatens U.S. Soybeans, soybean aphid Aphis glycines found in Midwest, pest monitoring, Glen L. Hartman, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.22

High-Maysin Corn Available for Breeding, maysin in EPM6 and SIM6 hybrid's silks deters caterpillar pests, Neil W. Widstrom, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.22

Toward a 60-Minute Diagnosis, portable DNA-based devices for identifying plant disease pathogens, uses polymerase chain reaction amplification, Norman W. Schaad, Reid Frederick, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.23

Everything You Want To Know About Bees, Internet service answers honey bee questions and provides information on beekeeping, crop pollination, honey bee biology, and research, student forum, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Tucson, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.23

Iron and Zinc Keep Brains in the Pink, human nutrition studies, iron and zinc in humans linked to mental performance—attention span and recall, Mary J. Kretsch, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.23

Beyond Bread and Beer--Another Use for Baker's Yeast, enzymes used to change metabolism of yeast Saccaromyces cerevisiae so it converts vegetable oils into valuable byproducts, John M. Dyer, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 02MAYp.23

Biobased Products: America's Second Green Revolution, plant-dependent economy rather than petroleum-dependent, biofuels, ethanol and biodiesel, making ethanol from cellulose, new markets for crop waste, new support for biobased products, Donald C. Erbach and L. Frank Flora, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.2

Bioenergy Today, alternative fuels to petroleum, ethanol production efficiency and cheaper ways to make it, biodiesel from soybean soapstock, B20, B5, pervaporation process, enzymes and microbes for producing ethanol faster, coproduct xylitol from ethanol production, switchgrass and alfalfa as cellulose sources for ethanol production, Andy McAloon, Kevin Hicks, Wyndmoor, PA, George Robertson, Dominic Wong, Albany, CA, Rodney J. Bothast, Nancy N. Nichols, Bruce S. Dien, Badal Saha, Timothy L. Leathers, Peoria, IL, Ken Vogel, Lincoln, NE, Ron Follett, Fort Collins, CO, JoAnn Lamb, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.4-8

Biofuel Gets Less Expensive, new chemical method for producing biodiesel from soybean soapstock, new enzyme method for making biodiesel from fats, oils, and grease, Michael J. Haas, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.9

Desert Shrub May Help Preserve Wood, new composite boards made from guayule bagasse and plastic (high-density polyethylene) resist termites and wood-decay microbes, treating wood with guayule resin, Francis S. Nakayama, Phoenix, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.10-11

Something for Cotton Country To Get Fired Up About, cotton gin waste pellets burned and tested for heating efficiency, pollutant emissions, ash residue, COBY (cotton byproducts) process and additives for converting cotton waste to mulch, feed, fuel, or fertilizer, Gregory A. Holt, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.12

Leftover Straw Gets New Life, straw fiber slurry for biodegradable packing materials and cartons, William J. Orts, Albany, CA, William J. Orts, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.14

Biobased Industrial Products—Not a New Idea for ARS, products by ARS, synthetic rubber, epoxy resins, biodegradable packing-peanuts, soybean ink, industrial lubricants, Super Slurper, chicken feathers for making auto parts, for cleaning up radioactive waste, or for filtering heavy metals from water, J.L. Willett, Peoria, IL, Walter Schmidt, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.165

Cotton Carpeting That Fights Off Flames, cotton rugs treated with flame-retardant polycarboxylic acidscitric acid, maleic acid, and butanetetracarboxylic acid, Eugene J. Blanchard, Elena Graves, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.19

Corn Coproduct Cuts Ethanol Production Costs, less expensive zein using ethanol as a solvent to extract it from corn, zein-lipid mixture for wax paper and wax-coated packaging, Leland C. Dickey, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.20

Biodegradable Oils From Alternative Crops, hydraulic fluid and crankcase fluid from high-oleic alternative crops sunflower and safflower, castor plants genetically engineered to not produce toxic ricin and allergens, Terry A. Isbell, Steven C. Cermak, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.22

Minty-Fresh Fumigants, menthone from Japanese mint plants as new environmentally friendly fumigant in stored grains, Bruce C. Campbell, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.23

Don't Forget Your Folate! B vitamin fortification (especially with folate) of grain products reduces incidence of memory loss and stroke in elderly even if homocysteine is high, Martha M. Morris, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.23

High-Selenium Broccoli Stymies Some Cancers, reduces colon and mammary tumors in rats, John W. Finley, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.23

Staggered Planting Produces More Peanuts, grid spacing planting pattern promotes thicker canopy, weed and erosion control, and higher peanut yields, Don Sternitzke, Dawson, GA, (html) or (pdf) 02APRp.23

Making Sense of Our Metabolisms, human nutrition research, genetic markers, zinc transporters, individualizing dietary recommendations to decrease chances of disease and obesity, Janet C. King, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02MARp.2

Zooming In on Zinc, zinc deficiency detection, zinc transporter proteins, zinc absorption in body, interactions with iron in pregnant and lactating women, phytate's effect on zinc absorption, m-RNA-based zinc test, Liping Huang and Janet King, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02MARp.4-7

Selenium's Secrets Probed in New Study, human nutrition studies on moderately high selenium, selenium's effect on artery responsiveness, antibody response, sperm motility, weight gain, thyroid hormones, and body composition, Chris Hawkes, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 02MARp.8-9

Let Them Eat Cake, new lactic acid quick test for wheat gluten, new multifunction soft wheats with strong protein content that make it good for baking bread, pastries, and cakes, Charles S. Gaines and Patrick L. Finney, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 02MARp.10-11

Scientists Seek To Sanitize Fruits and Vegetables, new produce washing equipment for removing microorganisms on produce, new washing and sanitizing processes, hydrogen peroxide and hot water treatments, steam, sanitizer solutions, Gerald M. Sapers, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 02MARp.12-13

New Nematode Plagues Pecan Trees, first report of root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne partityla in pecans in New Mexico, pecan fun facts, Zafar A. Handoo, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02MARp.14

Increasing Fiber in Cereals and Snacks, adding plant fiber with aid of whey and casein binders and milk proteins, Charles I. Onwulata, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 02MARp.15

Consumers Respond to Low-Fat Foods, low-fat food availability and consumers' total fat intake in diet, results from USDA nationwide food consumption survey, nutrient and calorie intake, body mass index, Shanthy Bowman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02MARp.15

Keeping Manure Nutrients Down on the Farm, adding alum or zeolite to manure slurry to limit ammonia loss, Alan Lefcourt and John Meisinger, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02MARp.15

New Cure for Sick Fish, potassium permanganate treatment for the disease ich (or whitespot) in fish, David L. Straus and Billy R. Griffin, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 02MARp.15

Adding Oomph To Organic Farming, popularity of organic farming, pest and biological control, plant disease control, methyl bromide alternatives in organic strawberries, postharvest disease control of fruits, Michael D. Jawson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.2

Organic Grows on America! Organic farming research, weed control from cover crop planting patterns, cover crop residue in baby greens, CATTS (Controlled Atmosphere Temperature Treatment System), postharvest heat treatment to rid apples and pears of codling moth and oriental fruit moth, effect of organic fertilizers on soil microbes, fertilizer nutrient release via microbes, treatments for reducing soybean staining (for tofu) from soybean leaf beetle, reducing use of parasiticides in organic beef production, 5ric B. Brennan, Salinas Valley, CA, Lisa G. Neven, Wapato, WA, Larry M. Zibilske, Joe M. Bradford, Weslaco, TX, Douglas L. Karlen, Ames, IA, John R. Teasdale, Michel A. Cavigelli, Mark G. Davis, Louis C. Gasbarre, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.4-9

Tropical Agriculture Gets Attention, strategies for tropical agriculture production and research, Henry A. Wallace Conference Series at the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center, CATIE, effect of globalization, Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, father of the green revolution, higher grain production with dwarf wheat varieties, Pedro Ferreira, Turrialba, Costa Rica, (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.10-12

Zeroing In on a Confectionery Sunflower Blemish, cause of kernel brown spot is the lygus bug, or tarnished plant bug, Laurence D. Charlet and Thomas J. Gulya, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.13

It Takes a Tough Scientist To Make a Tender Chicken, tenderness and texture as affected by timing of meat removal from bone, applying pulsed electrical current to speed rigor mortis and use glycogen in meat, sensory evaluation of juiciness, appearance, aroma, taste, and texture, food technology research, Brenda G. Lyon, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.14-15

Bt Corn Not a Threat to Monarchs, risk of Bt corn pollen to monarch butterfly caterpillars, likelihood of toxic Bt pollen levels on milkweed, BT176, Richard L. Hellmich, Ames, IA, (J. Kim Kaplan) (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.16-18

Bacteria Turn Fats and Oils Into Plastics, microbial fermentation and production of polymers (PHAs) used as biodegradable adhesives, plastics, and films, Richard D. Ashby, Daniel K.Y. Solaiman, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.19

Tanning Innovation Might Boost Meat Safety, improved hair removal process for treating cattle carcasses reduces contamination from Escherichia coli, Salmonella, and Listeria monocytogenes, Andrew G. Gehring, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.19

Cool New Aquaculture Research Center, new facility for fish studies in Leetown, West Virginia, William Hershberger, Leetown, WV, (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.19

Measuring Your Antioxidant Protection, new assay better measures antioxidant capacity in blood samples, Kyung-Jin Yeum, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.19

More Potent Chromium in Your Diet, new more readily absorbed chromium supplement combines chromium and histidine, Richard A. Anderson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02FEBp.19

Speeding Up Breeding of Superior Plants, ARS' biotechnology research with biomolecular markers, gene markers, DNA markers, markers for antioxidants, nutrition research, markers for pest and disease resistance in plants, Judy St. John, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.2

Getting Atop Climbing Fern, potential biological control agents for Lygodium microphyllum, Old World climbing fern, moths Cataclysta camptozonale and Neomusotima conspurcatalis, Floracarus mite, Musotima moth, Endelus bakerianus beetle, Robert W. Pemberton, Fort Lauderdale, FL, John A. Goolsby, Indooroopilly, Australia, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.4-6

Shortcuts to Disease-Resistant Wheats, using molecular or DNA markers to find resistance to major wheat diseases, such as leaf rust, Karnal bunt fungus, and Fusarium head scab, wheat breeding, Gina L. Brown-Guedira and John P. Fellers, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.7

A Channel Erosion Guide, guide for preventing channel erosion problems and streambank erosion on the Missouri River, river bank stabilization, Andrew Simon, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.8-9

Detecting Stress in Animals, disease susceptibility in animals, vitamin E (an antioxidant) treatments to combat illness from stress, Ted H. Elsasser, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.10-11

ARS Researchers Winning Battle With Noxious Weed, weed control of tropical soda apple (Solanum viarum), fungal pathogen and insect biocontrols for the weed, tortoise beetle (Gratiana boliviana), Charles T. Bryson, Stoneville, MS, and Daniel Gandolfo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.12-13

Giving Baculoviruses a Better Edge, baculovirus biocontrol agents for budworms, cotton bollworm, corn earworm, cabbage looper, and other caterpillar pests, bioinsecticides, insect control, Arthur H. McIntosh, Carlo M. Ignoffo, Cynthia L. Goodman, and James J. Grasela, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.14-15

Fighting Insect Pests of Stored Foods, food storage, insect growth regulators suppress populations, traps baited with pheromones for monitoring and detection, Dome Trap, prudent use of pesticides in food storage, Michael A. Mullen and Franklin H. Arthur, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.16-17

Protecting Peanuts From Aflatoxin, biological pesticide for aflatoxin, biocompetitive exclusion, biopesticide, barley granule formulation as carrier for natural fungicide, Joe W. Dorner, Marshall C. Lamb, Dawson, GA, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.18

Caterpillars—Agents of Their Own Demise, caterpillars feeding on host plants causes host to elicit chemicals that attract predators of caterpillars, herbivore-induced plant chemicals, Consuelo M. De Moraes, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.19

Bean Plants Repel Nematodes, incorporation of dried bean plant material can reduce root-knot nematodes on tomato roots, Brad Morris, Griffin, GA, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.19

Unlocking the Keys to Cockroach Resilience, pesticide resistance of German cockroach from esterase, Blattella germanica, resistance due to mutations in nervous system proteins, knockdown resistance, Steven M. Valles, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.19

Everything You Wanted To Know About Food Safety, new NAL web site with database for food safety research projects, Yvette Alonso, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 02JANp.19

Aquaculture Research Is Key to the Future of U.S. Fish Farming, disease threats and vaccines for the fish-farming industry, production, aquaculture feed, new catfish line, barley and oats low-poluting feed for rainbow trout, Henry S. Parker, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01DECp.2

Trout Studies Seek Superior Strains, new rainbow trout that thrive on grain rather than fishmeal, genetic indicators for identifying grain-tolerance in fish, low-phytate grains for fish weight gains and lower phosphorus loads, astaxanthin, Kenneth E. Overturf, Hagerman, ID, Victor Raboy, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 01DECp.4-5

Protecting Poinsettias, computer model for biocontrol releases of Eretmocerus eremicus wasps to parasitize poinsettia whiteflies in greenhouses, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Tucson, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 01DECp.6-7

LABEX: A Successful Partnership From Way Down South, soil water retention software for estimating water in Brazilian soils, cooperative research with EMBRAPA, soil compaction probes, gene markers for resistance to parasitic worms of cattle, remote-sending for crop nutrient deficiencies, pheromone blend for stink bugs, gene sequencing of Xylella fastidiosathe cause of Pierce's disease of grapes, Silvio Crestana, Beltsville, MD, and Brazil, (html) or (pdf) 01DECp.8-13

Breeding Aluminum Tolerance Into Wheat, gene markers and marker-assisted selection, J. Perry Gustafson, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 01DECp.14

What's Killing Unborn Foals in Kentucky?, investigating the cause of nocardioform placentitis, C. equi, disease of the placenta, stillborn, David P. Labeda, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01DECp.15

Skinny Peach Trees, space-saving columnar or pillar peaches, maximizing peach production with slender trees, high density orchards, Ralph Scorza, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 01DECp.16-17

Invasive Species and Areawide Pest Management: What We Have Learned, prevention, control, and management of pests, IPM, Robert Faust, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01NOVp.2

Attack on Giant Salvinia, weevil Cyrtogabous salviniae as biocontrol against the aquatic weed salvinia, remote sensing of salvinia, Ted D. Center and Philip W. Tipping, Fort Lauderdale, FL, John A. Goolsby, Australia, James H. Everitt, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01NOVp.4-6

More Troublesome Water Weeds Targeted by Researchers, controlling the saltwater weed Caulerpa taxifolia with liquid chlorine in California, effects of nitrogen and temperature on giant reed, Arundo donax, biocontrol agents for giant reed, salt cedar, and yellow starthistle, in California riparian ecosystems, Lars W.J. Anderson, David F. Spencer, and Greg G. Ksander, Davis, CA, Raymond I. Carruthers, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01NOVp.7-9

Areawide Pest Management. six areawide integrated pest management programs and reduced chemical inputs, red imported fire ant control with the fly Pseudacteon tricuspis and the pathogen Thelohania solenopsae, David F. Williams, Gainesville, FL, sanitation, male annihilation, bait sprays and biological control agents for subtropical fruit flies, machines that sort fruit flies by sex, Eric Jang, Hilo, Hawaii, pest control in grain elevators, Stored Grain Advisor computer program for recommending when to fumigate grains, Paul W. Flinn, Manhattan, KS, management of leafy spurge, flea beetle biocontrol of leafy spurge, remote sensing monitoring, Chad W. Prosser and Gerry L. Anderson, Sidney, MT, aerial spraying of cucurbitacin baits for corn rootworms, Laurence D. Chandler, Fargo, ND, codling moth suppression in orchards, mating disruption of codling moths with pheromones and release of sterile males, (html) or (pdf) 01NOVp.10-17

Fungi Can Whack Invasive Weeds, weed control from three new fungi as biocontrols for ragweed, purple loosestrife, kudzu, and morningglory, Amy Y. Rossman and David F. Farr, Beltsville, MD, C. Douglas Boyette, Stoneville, MS, Douglas G. Luster, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01NOVp.18-19

Scientists Sharpen Strategies To Sabotage Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter, vector of Xylella fastidiosa bacterium, the cause of Pierce's disease of grapes, kaolin particle films, Surround WP discourages egg laying, effective pesticides, biocontrol with parasitic wasp Gonatocerus triguttatus, Gary J. Puterka, Kearneysville, WV, David H. Akey and Thomas J. Henneberry, Phoenix, AZ, Guillermo Logarzo, Argentina, Walker A. Jones, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01NOVp.20-22

Saying "No" to Plum Curculio, pheromone-baited traps for monitoring levels of plum curculio weevil, Fred J. Eller, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01NOVp.23

Injection Boosts Piglet Weight, vaccine of dexamethasone shortly after birth helps pigs gain weight, Jeffrey A. Carroll, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 01NOVp.23

Peanut Butter Free of Trans Fats, saturated and unsaturated fats in peanut butters, trans fatty acids, cardiovascular risk, Timothy H. Sanders, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 01NOVp.23

Raindrops on Cotton Can Cut Fiber Yield, rain on cotton flowers reduces pollination, boll formation, and seed set, drop sock irrigation minimizes waterspray and decreases yield losses, John Burke, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01NOVp.23

Not Just More . . . But More Nutritious Food, meeting worldwide food supply, developing foods that are more nutritious, J. Scott Cameron, Kathleen C. Ellwood, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.2

Food for Thought: Studies Probe Role of Minerals in Brain Function, nutrition, zinc deficiency and memory, iron and attention span and concentration, Mary J. Kretsch, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.4-5

Colorful Potatoes Offer Nutrition, Variety, new orange, red, and purple potatoes are high in antioxidants, Charles R. Brown, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.6

Keeping Transgenic Pollen in Its Place, transport of pollen from transgenic alfalfa plants by bees, Daniel Z. Skinner, Pullman, WA, Paul St. Armand, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.7

Russian Honey Bee Earning Its Stripes, resistance to tracheal and Varroa mites, winter survival of the bees, honey production, Thomas E. Rinderer, Baton Rouge, LA, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.8-9

Plants That Take a Lickin' and Keep on Tickin', search for rangeland plants with improved adaptability and ability to survive extreme trampling on Army training grounds, wheatgrass and bluegrass, prairie revegetation, native grass mixtures, Kay H. Asay, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.10-11

Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, Nine Decades of Improving Agriculture, research highlights or milestones at BARC for past 90 years, history, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.12-17

Rainfall Simulators Target Runoff, new portable rainfall simulator, phosphorus losses in runoff, effects of no-till and conventional tillage on erosion and phosphorus loss, manure applications, Andrew N. Sharpley, University Park, PA, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.18-20

Grass Hedges To Catch Runaway Soil, stiff-grass hedges halt erosion, ability of switchgrass and eastern gamagrass to withstand water flow, Darrel M. Temple, Stillwater, OK, Seth M. Dabney, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.21

Using Hot Water as a Solvent To Analyze Atrazine in Meat, safer and faster subcritical water extraction to extract atrazine from meat samples, Meredith S.S. Curren and Jerry W. King, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.22

ARS Research Targets Bovine Viral Diarrhea and Other Pestiviruses, new BVD virus isolated, new detection methods and vaccines, Julia F. Ridpath, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.22

Veggie Oils as Engine Lubricants, vegetable oils tested as biodegradable lubricants and hydraulic fluids, Sevim Z. Erhan, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.23

Moms-To-Be Also Need Zinc, iron and zinc needs of expectant and nursing mothers and their babies, Janet C. King, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.23

Raspberries the Color of Coho, new raspberry with longer growing season, Chad E. Finn, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.23

Soybean Hulls To Filter Wastewater, hulls used as low-cost ion exchange resin in filters to capture metals in wastewater, Lynda H. Wartelle, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.23

Reducing Organics—Solvents, That Is, use of ionic liquids to stimulate enzymes as catalysts in organic reactions in labs, Joseph A. Laszlo, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01OCTp.23

New Floral and Nursery Crop Studies Come Into Bloom, floral and nursery crops research in ARS, pest control, greenhouse research, Judy St. John, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.2

From Arboretums to Your Garden, horticultural research of U.S. National Arboretum's Floral and Nursery Plants Research Unit (FNPRU), ornamentals and floriculture, flowers, plum pox virus resistance in fruit trees, Don Egolf Chinese redbud and Betsy Ross lilac, IR-4 ornamental minor-use pesticide program at FNPRU and at Secrest Arboretum in Wooster, John Hammond, Margaret R. Pooler, and others, Beltsville, MD, Charles R. Krause, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.4-8

A Pox on That Virus!, efforts to eradicate plum pox potyvirus (PPV) from Pennsylvania and the U.S., quarantine of stone fruit trees in Adams County to prevent the spread of plum pox virus, aphid vectors, Vernon Damsteegt, Laurene Levy, and others, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.9-10

One Gene Makes the Difference, new transgenic plums (C5) highly resistant to plum pox virus, Ralph Scorza, Vernon Damsteegt, and others, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.11

Helping Flowers Fight Soil-Dwelling Foes, propargyl bromide and iodomethane as methyl bromide alternatives for cut-flower production, soil fumigants, chloropicrin, Thomas J. Trout, Sally M. Schneider, and James S. Gerik, Fresno, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.12-13

Rosy Outlook for Greenhouse Roses, new sampling technique for monitoring mites on greenhouse roses, predicting outbreaks of powdery mildew, Edwin L. Civerolo, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.14-16

Pomegranate—A Backyard Favorite, ARS pomegranate collection, Charles J. Simon, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.17

Uncovering the Mysteries of Gray Mold, using green fluorescent protein (GFP) technology to study the spread of the pathogen, Burkholderia biocontrol bacteria eradicates the plant disease at lower concentrations when applied with natural polymers, Walter F. Mahaffee, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.18-19

Good Nutrition Benefits All—Except Viruses, selenium deficiency in mice causes influenza to mutate and become more virulent, coxsackieviruses, echovirus, and herpesvirus, human nutrition, virulence, antioxidant protection of selenium and metal competition with it, Orville A. Levander and Allen D. Smith, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.20-21

Tiny Berry Tops Tomatoes in Lycopene, autumn olive berries much higher in lycopene than tomatoes, carotenoids, Ingrid M. Fordham, Beverly A. Clevidence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.22

Therapeutic Berries, resveratrol content in berries and grapes, Agnes Rimando, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.23

Chemoprotectant Broccoli in the Offing? broccoli varieties and hybrids screened for anticarcinogen glucoraphanin, Mark Farnham, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.23

Beetles Sock It to Saltcedar, biocontrol insect Chinese leaf beetle is being monitored for it's affect on Saltcedar, Raymond Carruthers, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.23

Helping Thirsty Plants Tell When They're Thirsty, BIOTECH system "Biologically Identified Optimal Temperature Interactive Console" monitors field temperature and indicates when to irrigate, James R. Mahan, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.23

Elders: Eat Protein for Strong Bones, protein, calcium, and vitamin D important in maintaining bone density, Katherine L. Tucker, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 01SEPp.23

Getting the Lowdown From High Up, remote sensing work by ARS, TOPAZ computer program for topagraphy, watershed configurations, water quality protection, and drainage, satellite detection of pest infestations, precision agriculture, Jean L. Steiner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.2

Remote Sensing of Planet Earth, weather forecasting, weather maps generated from satellite data, temperature and evaporation, soil moisture variations and development of storms, using fluorescence and multiangle remote sensing to map vegetation more accurately, Jornada Experimental Range, Tom Jackson, Tom Schmugge, Bill Kustas, Jerry Ritchie, James McMurtrey, Paul Doraiswamy, Al Rango, Mark Chopping, Charles Walthal, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.4-8

Free-Forming With Soybean Oil, polymer slurries containing soybean oil for manufacturing parts and other objects, soybean substitutes for petroleum, free-form fabrication, Sevim Z. Erhan, Zengshe Liu, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.9

Cacao and Marker-Assisted Selection, selecting for resistance to fungal diseases of cacao, witches' broom, monilia pod rot, genetic fingerprinting of cacao germplasm collections, Raymond Schnell, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.10-11

An Organic Cure for a Turfgrass Disease? application of a mixture of microbes to turfgrass to prevent dollar spot disease on bentgrass, weed suppression, Robert J. Kremer, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.12-13

Cooking Process Reduces Toxin in Corn, nixtamalization cooking process lowers carcinogenic fumonisins in corn-based products like tortillas, Ronald T. Riley, Filmore I. Meredith, Kenneth A. Voss, Athens, GA, Mary Ann Dombrink-Kurtzman, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.14-15

Getting the Good Stuff With Supercritical Fluid Extraction, alternative sources of nutraceuticals, phytosterols from rice bran, soybean and corn oil, extracts that lower cholesterol in humans, supercritical fluid fractionation, margarines low in trans fatty acids, Jerry W. King, Scott L. Taylor, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.16-17

New Oats and Barleys-Ready for Breakfast, Brewery, or Barn, new varieties Powell, Provena, Lamont, AbSP9-2, and Garnet, have excellent yields, disease tolerance, and lodging resistance, new malting barley and hull-less oats, Darrell M. Weisenberg, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.18-19

Why Are Dieters So Hungry? leptin hormone's role in hunger, obesity and weight loss, effect of glucose and fructose on leptin and insulin production, Nancy L. Keim, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.20-21

Early Findings Raise Questions About Popular CLA Supplement, effects of conjugated linoleic acid on leptin levels, blood-fat levels, body fat, and muscle in humans, Darshan S. Kelley, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.22

A Push-Pull Answer to Asian Lady Beetles, camphor and menthol repel unwanted beetles from home interiors, Eric W. Riddick, Mississippi State, MS, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.23

Transgenic Cow To Resist Mastitis, milk from genetically engineered cow named Annie is being tested for mastitis resistance proteins, Kevin Wells, Robert Wall, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.23

Kit for Detecting Flesh-Eating Maggots, for diagnosing screwworms and preventing reinfestations, Steven R. Skoda, Lincoln, NB, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.23

Heat Your Home or Feed Your Livestock? pellets from cotton gin trash are burnable and also useful for livestock feed, Gregory A. Holt, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01AUGp.23

Research Supports Sustainable Cattle Production, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, Madison, WI, digestibility and nutrition in forage, Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Laboratory, Miles City, MT, feed and calving, beef cattle, dystocia, calving difficulty, Lewis W. Smith, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.2

Helping Heifers Calve Easier, calving difficulty (dystocia), calf birth weight, role of hormones on dystocia, calf and heifer deaths, Robert A. Bellows, Michael D. MacNeil, and Tom Mott, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.4-6

Red Clover Silage Boasts Benefits Over Alfalfa Silage, feed efficiency, nitrogen in manure, milk production, fiber digestibility, protein efficiency, Glen Broderick, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.7

Curtailing Campylobacter, Campylobacter jujuni food poisoning microbe, role of sphingomyelin and proteoglycan in binding the microorganism to poultry skin, fluorescence gene from Pacific jellyfish, Robert E. Mandrell and others, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.8-9

Cutting Through Wheat Stem Sawfly Dilemmas, attractants and trap baits for the pest, chromatographic-electroantennographic detection (GC-EAD), pheromones, Allard A. Cosse and Robert J. Bartelt, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.10-11

Turning the Phage on Produce Pathogens, foodborne pathogens on fresh-cut fruit, Salmonella Enteritidis, alternatives to chlorine and other sanitizers, Britta Leverentz and William S. Conway, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.12

Bone Gains in New Mothers, bone mass and density losses in mothers after pregnancy and lactation, bone accretion and loss, Judy M. Hopkinson, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.13

Foraging Ahead, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, Madison, WI, dairy cow diets, fiber, concentrate (grains), and phosphorus in diet, feed digestibility, nitrogen management of manure, bacterial inoculants before ensiling, Neal P. Martin, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.14-15

Cracking the Code of Marek's Disease, genetic code of Marek's, gene sequencing, virulent strains, new vaccines, genes for virulence, Sanjay M. Reddy and others, East Lansing, MI, Daniel L. Rock and others, Plum Island, NY, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.16-17

Coping With Swine Manure, polymer gel pellets contain nitrifying bacteria that remove ammonia from swine wastewater, polyacrylamide (PAM) treatment, animal waste, manure, Patrick G. Hunt, Matias B. Vanotti, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.18-19

A Healthy History, medical discoveries at NCAUR during the last 60 years, mass production of penicillin, Super Slurper, Fantesk, Dextran blood extender, ARS Culture Collection, new Penicillia species, production of riboflavin, Oatrim and Nutrim, deep-tank fermentation, various scientists, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.20-21

Statistical Model Reduces Chicken Giveaway, reducing overfill in packaged poultry products by presizing and presorting chicken breast fillets, Louis Young, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.22

Biodiesel Jet Fuels, winterization process for biodiesel fuels made from soybean oil, reducing air pollution, Robert O. Dunn, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.22

Screening Plants for Calcium Crystals, genetic screening system for calcium crystal formation in plants, Paul Nakata, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.23

Hormone May Herald Health Problems in Livestock, development of test for adrenomedullin in animals to detect diseases and parasites, Theodore H. Elsasser, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.23

Cotton Improvements in the Bank, National Cotton Germplasm Genebank, cotton accessions, genetic material, John Yu, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.23

When's Your Burger Really Done? meat color, premature browning based on meat handling, food safety, Bradford W. Berry, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JULp.23

Observing Swine Behavior To Lower Piglet Mortality, animal management, piglet survival, preventing piglets from being crushed by sows, animal behavior studies, Lewis W. Smith, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.2

High-Tech Spying—On Livestock, animal behavior studies on cattle in the feedlot, managing animal stress by adjusting feeding time, shade, and transportation practices, physical and psychological stresses, Julie Morrow-Tesch, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.4-7

Solving the Campylobacter Mystery, food safety, campylobacteriosis, Iceland's closed agricultural system, using genotyping or DNA sequencing to study transmission of Campylobacter bacteria, Norman J. Stern, Athens, GA. (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.8-9

Fruit Perfume Lures Female Codling Moths, pear ester acts as kairomone and outperforms synthetic pheromones, attractants or lures, Douglas M. Light, Albany, CA, Alan L. Knight, Wapato, WA, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.10-12

Pushing the Yield Limits, maximum crop yields of soybeans with HYSIP, early planting, narrow rows, semidwarf varieties, subirrigation/drainage system to manage water optimally, Richard L. Cooper, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.13-15

Boning Up on Navajo Food Habits, bone health and bone density in Navajo Native Americans linked to minerals in well water and in juniper ash, Judith G. Hallfrisch, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.16

South African Insects May Help Against Cape Ivy, biological control agents, Cape Ivy gall fly, Parafreutreta regalis, and moth Acrolepia sp., Joseph K. Balciunas, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.17

Infectious Emergencies, immune response of cattle and pigs, cytokine production, cytokine expression by studying flurorescent labels on DNA, Joan K. Lunney, Dante S. Zarlenga, Louis C. Garbarre, and Joseph F. Urban, Jr., Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.18-19

Yeast Debuts in Tests on Controlling Wheat Scab, 7 strains of the yeast Cryptococcus nodaensis reduce severity of wheat scab (or Fusarium head blight) caused by Fusarium graminearum, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.20-21

How Much Enteral Feeding Is Enough? feeding studies on neonatal piglets, parenteral nutrition (TPN) vs. nutrition by mouth, intestinal development from nutrition by mouth, human infants similar, Douglas G. Burrin, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.22

Sturdier Melons Taste Good, Too, calcium solution for preserving honeydews, on-vine and post-harvest treatments, Gene E. Lester, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.23

Mildew-Resistant Lilac for Warmer Climates, Syringa lilac cultivar named Betsy Ross resists powdery mildew, Margaret R. Pooler, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.23

Dietary Trends May Be Clue to Kids' Overweight, changing dietary habits and exercise level of children nationwide, food intake, exercise levels, snack consumption, human nutrition, Alanna J. Moshfegh and Sharon J. Mickle, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.23

A Melon-Cuke Merger, cucumber and melon cross may be useful for shuffling disease resistance genes into these crops, cross-breeding, Joseph H. Kirkbride, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.23

Using Microwaves To Extract Pectin, faster, nondestructive, and cheaper way to extract pectins from fruit, Marshall L. Fishman, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 01JUNp.23

From Awareness to Knowledge to Solutions, insect and arthropod disease vectors, Lyme disease, four-poster device for tick control on deer, baculovirus and other biocontrols for mosquitoes, insect control, Linda McGraw, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.2

Out of the Lyme-Light, tick control device called four-poster controls ticks and reduces spread of Lyme disease, blacklegged ticks, tick control, insect control, amitraz, permethrin, J. Mathews Pound, J. Allen Miller, Kerrville, TX, John F. Carroll, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.4-7

Tater Treats, new nutritious sweetpotato chips and fries, higher in starch, lower in moisture, White Regal, new yellow-fleshed potatoes with higher carotenoid content, lutein content, Janice R. Bohac, Charleston, SC, Kathleen G. Haynes, Beverly A. Clevidence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.8-9

New Ways To Foil Potato Pests, integrated pest control strategies for insect pests of potatoes, biological control agents and chemical control for green peach aphid, Lawrence A. Lacey and David R. Horton, Wapato, WA, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.10

Make Hayst, Not Waste, growing hay crops to remove excess phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, copper, and zinc from soils fertilized with poultry litter and swine effluent, forages, animal waste, environment, groundwater and surface water contamination, runoff, Gary A. Pederson, Mississippi, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.11

Pretty Peppers, new ornamental and culinary pepper plants, John R. Stommel, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.12-13

A Better Fruit Fly Trap, new medfly trapa modified McPhail trapuses three chemicals to attract both male and female fruit flies, Robert R. Heath, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.14-15

Out of Africa: the Origins of Tapeworms, new evidence on evolution of tapeworms, life cycle of Taenia or Taeniid tapeworms, transmission of tapeworms from humans to domestic animals, taxonomy, Eric P. Hoberg, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.16-18

Tagging New Leaf Rust Resistance Genes in Wheat, genes from wheat ancestors, DNA markers, Gina Brown-Guedira, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.19

Reducing Poultry Crop Breaks, removing the chicken crop through the neck to reduce crop rupturing and spread of Salmonella, R. Jeff Buhr and J. Andra Dickens, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.19

Soil Fungi Critical to Organic Success, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in roots function in nutrient uptake, inoculation, growth of fungi in response to root, David D. Douds, Gerald Nagahashi, and Philip Pfeffer, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.20-21

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Quick Test To Determine Wheat Color Class, test kits for wheat color, Floyd Dowell, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.23

Oat Oil for Healthier Bread, fat substitute for vegetable shortenings, Douglas C. Doehlert, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.23

Poultry Manure + Industrial Wastes = Better Fertilizer, alum and iron bind phosphorus to keep it out of waterways, water pollution, Pfiesteria piscidida in Chesapeake Bay, Eton E. Codling, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.23

Arabidopsis—An Even More Reliable Plant Model, gene sequencing of Arabidopsis thaliana as a genetic model for other plant species, Todd J. Vision, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 01MAYp.23

A Global Harvest of Knowledge, international research of ARS, food safety, germplasm collection, genomics and genetics research, production agriculture, environmental protection, OIRP, Floyd P. Horn, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 01APRp.2

Spinning a Global Web for Agricultural Science, the role of ARS' Office of International Research Programs (OIRP), collaborative research between ARS and others, FAPESP, sequencing the genome of Xylella fastidiosa, biocontrol work in overseas laboratories, natural resources management and sustainable agriculture in Latin America, Campylobacter and food safety in Russia, nutrient deficiency around the globe, soil erosion and rangeland health in South Africa, Arlyne Meyers, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01APRp.4-8

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Research Off the Beaten Path, scientist's journal of trip to Nepal and India to search for natural enemies as potential biocontrols for giant reed (Arundo donax), saltcedar (Tamarix). and pink hibiscus mealybug, stem-boring caterpillars that attack giant reed, Raymond I. Carruthers, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01APRp.14-17

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Beating the Australian Bush for Melaleuca's Enemies, partnership of Fergusobia nematode and Fergusonina fly as potential biocontrol for melaleuca, John A. Goolsby, Indooroopily, Quensland, Australia, Gary R. Buckingham, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 01APRp.26-27

Appalachian Scholars Aid ARS Scientists in Australia and France, Berea College students work at Australian Biological Control Laboratory to seek natural biocontrol agents against melaleuca and Old World climbing fern, John A. Goolsby, Indooroopily, Queensland, Australia, Paul C. (Chuck) Quimby, Jr., Montpellier, France,(html) or (pdf) 01APRp.28

Deadly Defenses Could Squelch Mosquitoes, diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. mosquito biocontrol with baculoviruses, magnesium, sequencing the genome of the baculovirus, Culex nigripalpus, Culex fasciatus, Culex pipiens, protozoan parasite for biocontrol of yellowfever mosquito, Aedes aegypti, Donald R. Barnard and James J. Becnel, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 01APRp.29-31

Finding Foods That Agree With Our Genes, functional genomics, genetic response to diet, human nutrition, nutrient absorption, Kathleen C. Ellwood, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.2

Was It a Slab, a Slice, or a Sliver? Food Model Booklet with graphics helps food survey participants estimate portion size, nutrition, merger of USDA food survey and National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), determining food and nutrient intakes, health status, Alanna J. Moshfegh, Linda E. Cleveland, Linda A. Ingwersen, Nancy R. Raper, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.4-7

Investigating Minor Nutrients of Major Importance, determining recommended daily intakes for copper, molybdenum, and magnesium, computer model for copper use and metabolism, magnesium absorption, human nutrition, Judith R. Turnlund, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.8-9

Estimating Energy Expenditure, studies to better predict daily physical activity levels of people, activity questionnaires and activity records, Joan M. Conway, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.11

New Clues About Carotenes Revealed, studies of beta-carotene absorption and conversion into vitamin A in the body, gene-based differences, Betty J. Burri, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.12-13

New Technology Boosts Fiber in Foods, invisible fiber doesn't absorb water, taste and texture of foods, dynamic pulse-pressure treatment for increasing fibers in fluid foods, Charles I. Onwulata, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.14-15

Folate and Choline Interplay Investigated, B vitamins, choline deficiency and recommended daily amount, human nutrition, folate levels affect amount of choline needed, Robet A. Jacob, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.16-17

Kaolin Particle Film Knocks Out Citrus' Evil Weevil, kaolin deters Diaprepes abbreviatus from feeding and laying eggs on citrus, Stephen L. Lapointe, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.18

Feeding Sodium Chlorate to Livestock To Kill Salmonella and E. coli, Escherichia coli O157:H7, sodium chlorate reduces on-farm bacteria levels in intestinal tract of pigs and cows, food safety, human food poisoning bacteria, Robin C. Anderson and David J. Nisbet, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.19

A Plant by Any Other Name, GRIN taxonomy web site updated, plant names searchable for scientific names (genus and species), common names, economic use, native distribution, synonyms, botanical uses, noxious weed site, GRIN database, John H. Wiersema, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.20

Looking for Genes To Protect Beans, identifying genes for resistance to white mold in snap beans, genetic markers for resistance, Phillip N. Miklas, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.21

Listening to Larvae, noninvasive tool for detecting and identifying insects in wood tree trunks by the sounds they make, Ronald W. Mankin, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.21

Honey Bees Mite Breathe Easier, mite-resistance testing service for Acarapis woodi tracheal mites in bees, autogrooming, beekeeping, Robert G. Danka and José D. Villa, Baton Rouge, LA, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.22

Corn Extract for Waxing Paper, zein corn protein has good grease resistance, using zein coatings for waterproofing boxes and other packaging materials, Nicholas Parris, Wyndmoor PA, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.23

What Do You Get When You Cross a Plum With an Apricot? a plumcot named Spring Satin, tolerant to major plum diseases, William R. Okie, Byron, GA, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.23

Speedier Fat Analysis in Foods, HPLC/APCI-MS analytical technique shows how triglycerides change during food processing and food storage, Gary R. List, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.23

Multiplying Macrophages the Easy Way-in Cell Culture, macrophages now cultured from precursor cells called monocytes, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, Neil Talbot, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.23

Shedding New Light on Deadly Bacteria, new and sensitive device for detecting fecal matter (and bacteria) on meat, Mark A. Rasmussen, Thomas A. Casey, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 01MARp.23

Carbon Credits on the Chicago Board of Trade? international agreements on greenhouse gases, trading credits on stored soil carbon for air pollution credits, stockpiling carbon in U.S. soils (from CO2), Michael D. Jawson, Steven R. Shafer, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01FEBp.2

Depositing Carbon in the Bank, storing greenhouse gases (CO2) from air in the soil, air pollution and stored soil carbon credits, carbon storage potential of soil, computer model CQESTR estimates soil carbon gains and losses, effects of conservation practices, carbon sequestration, CO2 emission from soil, ethanol production from biofuel crops, switchgrass, Marlen D. Eve, Ronald F. Follett, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 01FEBp.4-7

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Fantastik Fantesk, natural starch and oil product from jet-cooking process for making low-fat cheese, ice cream, cookies, muffins, used in seed coating to enhance germination, in barrier cream for skin and wound protection, in drug delivery system for injectable drugs, as lubricant, Craig J. Carriere, G. Astrid Garzon, Jeffrey A. Byars, Frederick C. Felker, Selim M. Erhan, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01FEBp.10-13

Putting the Soil to Bed Over Winter, breeding improved hairy vetch and subterranean clover cover crops, sustainable agriculture, improving winterhardiness, seedling vigor, thatch production in clover, Trifolium subterranean, earlier flowering and vigorous fall growth in hairy vetch, Vicia villosa, Thomas E. Devine, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01FEBp.14-15

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Finessing the Flavonoids, phytonutrient, databases of carotenoids such as beta carotene and lycopene, isoflavones like genisteine and daidzein, HPLC techniques for analyzing flavonoids in foods for a flavonoid database for foods, health benefits, anthocyanidins, catechins, flavanones, flavones, flavonals, Howard M. Merken, Gary R. Beecher, Joanne M. Holden, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01FEBp.18-19

Protecting Farmers' Investment in Bt Cotton, assays and artificial diets for testing lepidopteran larvae for Bt resistance, genetic resistance, Bt protein production, varieties with two Bt genes, regulations for prolonging Bt cotton's effectiveness, D.D. Hardee, Douglas V. Sumerford, John J. Adamczyk, Larry C. Adams, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 01FEBp.20-22

Protecting U.S. Sunflowers Against Broomrape, Orobanche cumana, interspecific hybridization, plant breeding, sunflower hybrids, Chao C. Jan, Jerry F. Miller, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 01FEBp.23

Blackeye Peas Go Green, first blackeye pea with green cotyledon seed trait, Green Dixie Blackeye, cross-breeding, Richard L. Fery, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 01FEBp.23

Can Copper Save the Day for Catfish Eggs? researching possible use of copper sulfate for protecting catfish eggs from waterborne fungi in catfish-rearing ponds, fish farming, Billy R. Griffin, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 01FEBp.23

Rice Is Nice-for Doughnutmaking, modified rice starch or rice flour reduces oil (fat) content of doughnuts, wheat-rice mixtures for doughnuts, Frederick Shih, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 01FEBp.23

Quest for Methyl Bromide Alternatives Continues, California studies on strawberries, virtually impermeable films, Telone, chloropicrin, pebulate, propargyl bromide, tomatoes, bell peppers, egg plant, vegetables, Kenneth W. Vick, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.2

Strawberry Growers Test Methyl Bromide Alternatives, promising soil fumigants applied with drip irrigation systems, ozone depleters, chloropicrin, strawberries, pathogens and diseases of strawberry, chemicals InLine, metam sodium, methyl iodide, propargyl bromide, beneficial rhizobacteria, Phytophthora root rot and crown rot, Husein A. Ajwa, Thomas J. Trout, Cynthia Eayre, Fresno, CA, Greg T. Browne, Davis, CA, Frank N. Martin, Carolee T. Bull, Salinas, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.4-8

Foaming Soy Adhesives Could Help Soybeans Bond With Lumber Industry, new soy-based plywood glue for foam extrusion application, new market for soybeans, Milagros P. Hojilla-Evangelista, Rick Haig, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.9

LichensAn Unlikely Source of New Herbicides, potential herbicide from usnic acid in lichen extract, weed control by preventing photosynthesis and carotenoid synthesis, Franck E. Dayan, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.10-11

High-Tech Castor Plants May Open Door to Domestic Production, genetic engineering to block ricin production and to produce epoxy oil in castor beans, Thomas A. McKeon and Grace Q. Chen, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.12-13

Monitoring Dioxins, source of carcinogenic dioxins in meat and poultry, air pollution's role, tumors, wood preservatives containing penta, food safety, beef, Janice K. Huwe, Heldur Hakk, Gerald L. Larsen, Nancy W. Shappell, Weilin L. Shelver, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.14-15

Purrfecting the Catfish, catfish breeding, new variety USDA 103 is meatier, tastier, faster growing, using ultrasound to select for muscle yield and low fat content, William R. Wolters, Brian G. Bosworth, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.16-18

Quirky Rice May Speed Breeding of New Improved Varieties, heterozygosity in Zhongxin No. 1 rice may allow faster rice breeding, genetic mechanism, Richard R.-C. Wang, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.19

Abscisic Acid-The Plant Stress Hormone, abscisic acid's (or ABA's) role in wheat seed germination and cold tolerance and drought tolerance, genes for drought and cold hardiness identified, water-binding proteins for cold storage, cloning genes for a protein kinase that interacts with ABA, gene expression during environmental stress, Kay Walker-Simmons, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.20-21

Invention Reduces Cotton Bale Packaging Forces, energy cost savings, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.22

Bone Gains Fade When Elders Cease Supplements, calcium and vitamin D supplements, Bess Dawson-Hughes, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.22

Making Manure Smell Better, odor abatement from oils of aromatic plants, oregano, thyme, rosemary, lavender, reduced fecal bacterial populations, Vincent H. Varel, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.23

Livestock Like Dining at Twilight, feeding preference of cattle, animal behavior studies, reducing animal stress, Julie Morrow-Tesch, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.23

Keeping Tabs on Noxious Weeds, weed distribution data now online, Kerri Skinner, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.23

Don't Wash Those Dishes-Compost Them! biodegradable plates and bowls made from limestone and starch, waste disposal, composting, Patricia Millner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.23

Assessing B12 Deficiency, symptoms of vitamin deficiency, undetected vitamin B12 deficiency, Katherine Tucker, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 01JANp.23

Keeping the Bloom on the Floral and Nursery Industry, Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative, Molecular and Cellular Imaging Center, robotic pesticide spraying, value of horticultural industry to environment and people's happiness, ornamentals, Don Comis, Beltsville, MD (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.2

Using Space-Age Technology To Open a New Window Into the World of Horticulture, studying surface topography of nursery crop leaves with scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopes, confocal laser scanning microscopes, uniformity of pesticide application on leaf surface, ecology of leaf surface, cold field emission microscope, electrostatic and cold-fog sprayers, robotic pesticide application in greenhouses, Charles R. Krause, Steven Slack, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.4-7

Terrific New Potatoes for Growers and Gardeners, popularity of potatoes, new varieties, Ida Rose, Gem Russet, Bannock Russet, and CalWhite, Dennis L. Corsini, Richard G. Novy, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.8-10

Rice Breeding Gets Marker Assists, faster rice breeding and variety development with marker-assisted gene selection, quantitative trait loci (QTLs), Anna M. McClung, Beaumont, TX, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.11

Saving North America's Greatest Aquifer by Fax, preservation of Ogallala Aquifer, North Plains Evapotranspiration Network, optimum watering times, efficient irrigation, crop water needs, evapotranspiration rate, Terry A. Howell, Bushland, TX, John M. Sweeten, Thomas H. Marek, and L. Leon New, Amarillo, TX, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.12-13

Scientific Sleuthing Helps Clear TCK Trade Hurdles, Tilletia controversa Kuhn, elimination of overseas restrictions on U.S. wheat exports, pest-risk assessment model, Wilda H. Martinez, Wyndmoor, PA, Gary Peterson, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.14-15

Census Shows Where Milkweed Grows, milkweed distribution in and around fields in the Corn Belt, Bt corn pollen, death rate of Monarch butterfly larvae that consumed milkweed coated with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Douglas D. Buhler, East Lansing, MI, Keith A. Kohler, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.16-17

Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus: From Harmful to Helpful, genome of the virus, virus vector delivers foreign genes into plants, Drake C. Stenger, Roy C. French, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.18

Putting the Pressure on Meat . . . To Be More Tender and Possibly Safer, using hydrodynamic pressure process (HDP) to tenderize meat and kill bacteria, shelf-life bacteria, E. coli O157:H7, treating packaged meat, Morse B. Solomon, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.19

Tree Sentinels Help Monitor Citrus Canker, sentinel tree grid system gives earlier detection of outbreaks of Asiatic citrus canker in Florida, Timothy R. Gottwald, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.20

Got Weeds? Breed Sheep!, genes determine food preference of animals, breeding sheep to prefer specific invasive weeds, Gary D. Snowder, Dubois, ID, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.20

Simmondsin From Jojoba Checked for Appetite Suppression, natural appetite suppressant, hunger, Thomas P. Abbott, Ronald A. Holser, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.21

Tomatoes That Age Gracefully, genetically engineering tomatoes for longer shelf life, Kenneth C. Gross, David L. Smith, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00DECp.21

Furthering the Well-Being of Farm Animals, stress control in raising farm animals, low-stress animal management, using Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite signals to guide cattle in fields, Lewis W. Smith, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.2

The Cyber Cow Whisperer and His Virtual Fence, stress control in raising farm animals, low-stress animal management, using Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite signals to guide and round up cattle, virtual fence, grazing management, intermingling livestock in a flerd, Dean M. Anderson, Las Cruces, NM, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.4-7

Fabric To Dye For, dyeing cotton/wool fabric blend in one-step, union dyeing process using cationic fixatives as pretreatment, resin treatments for colorfastness, William N. Marmer, Jeanette M. Cardamone, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.8-9

Faster Detection of Plum Pox Virus, new polymerase chain reaction technique for identifying and preventing the spread of plum pox virus on stone fruits, John Hammond, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.10

Sunflower Scientists Keep Looking Ahead, breeding disease-resistant sunflowers, Sclerotinia stalk rot, head rot, downy mildew, Thomas J. Gulya, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.11

New Fungal Strain Spells Trouble for Caterpillar Pests, highly virulent strain of Beauveria bassiana (BB-1200) is effective as a broad-spectrum mycoinsecticide against many caterpillar pests, ARSEF collection, biocontrol, Stephen P. Wraight, John D. Vandenberg, and Richard A. Humber, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.12-13

Whitewashing Agriculture, mineral coating of clay on fruit tree decreases chemical use, controls insect pests, prevents sunburn and heat stress, increases yields, increases photosynthesis, may control fungal diseases and prevent frost or freezing damage, D. Michael Glenn, Gary J. Puterka, Michael E. Wisniewski, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.14-17

New Products To Suppress an Old Insect Pest, Mexican corn rootworm control from Slam, Cide Trak, and Invite, products combine feeding stimulant and toxicant, control with lower doses of toxicant, Cide Trak uses a sticky protein wheat gluten to bind and protect beneficial microbes and toxicants to corn leaves to provide corn rootworm control, W. Clint Hoffman, Dale W. Spurgeon, Ivan W. Kirk, College Station, TX, Robert F.W. Schroder, Beltsville, MD, Michael R. McGuire, Shafter, CA, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.18-19

Learning To Live With Japanese Brome, uses of Bromus japonica on grasslands in Northern Plains, forage, factors affecting growth rate of Japanese brome, grazing strategies, Marshall R. Haferkamp, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.20

Lactic Acid Reduces Microbes in Poultry, lactic acid in drinking water lowers Salmonella in two organs (crop and ceca) of broiler chickens, J. Allen Byrd, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.20

The Cause of Bronze Wilt of Cotton, environmental conditions promoting the disease, symptoms, new Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain biovar 1 associated with the disease, resistance in B genes, Alois A. Bell, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.21

Promising New Mastitis Vaccine, new trivalent vaccine helps cure and may prevent stubborn strain of staph causing mastitis, Staphylococcus aureus, Albert J. Guidry, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.22

Spraying Fruit Trees to a "T", new T-shaped sprayer lowers pesticide use and application time in orchards, Charles C. Reilly, Byron, GA, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.23

Tackling Trouble on the Grapevine, genome of Xylella fastidiosa sequenced, the pathogen that causes Pierce's disease in grape vineyards, glassy-winged sharpshooter vector, Kevin J. Hackett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.23

CO2 Could Aggravate Allergies, effect of rising atmospheric CO2 on ragweed pollen, Lewis H. Ziska, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.23

Improving Aluminum Tolerance in Small Grains, genetic markers for aluminum tolerance found in barley, David R. Garvin, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 00NOVp.23

Mighty Mites: Ubiquitous, Inconspicuous, Harmful, Helpful, habitat and diversity of mites, flash-freezing and low-temperature scanning electron microscopy (LT-SEM), allergies and diseases caused by mites, National Collection of Insects and Mites, mite systematics, acarology, Michael E. Schauff, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.2

Mites Get Frozen, Photographed, and Identified, low-temperature scanning electron microscopy (LT-SEM), mite systematics, flash-freezing, cryofixation, mite anatomy and identification, ultrastructural features, mites as biological controls for Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense), Varroa mites, Ronald Ochoa, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.4-7

E. coli: Unwelcome From Farm to Fork, early detection of E. coli O157:H7 in feedlot manure, DNA fingerprints and gene identification, steam vacuuming of beef carcasses, meat processing, organic acid washing, genetically engineered glowing E. coli microbes, Mohammad Koohmaraie, William W. Laegreid, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.8-9

A New Whey To Prevent Cancer?, modified whey protein prevents breast cancer in some rats, Sprague Dawley rats, mammary tumors, soy, role of diet and nutrition, Thomas M. Badger, Little Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.10-11

Taking Aim at Formosan Subterranean Termites, Operation Full Stop, damage estimates, Coptotermes formosanus, overview of new technologies and tactics for control, termite bait matrix, insecticide tolerance, vetiver grass as alternative to insecticides, monitoring foraging habits with DNA analysis or genetic fingerprinting, computer simulation models predict tunneling patterns and reinfestations, sticky traps, Geographic Information System and Global Positioning Satellite, GPS, infrared cameras for detection, diflubenzuron, Metarhizium, M. Guadalupe Rojas, Juan A. Morales-Ramos, Weste L. Osbrink, New Orleans, LA, Nan-Yao Su, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dennis R. Ring, W. David Woodson, Janine E. Powell, Biloxi, MS, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.12-15

New Systems Research Targets Precision Agriculture's Effectiveness, systems approach to look at all possible variables to analyze whether precision farming improves crop yields and profits, irrigation and overapplication of water, nitrogen fertilizer inputs, Dale F. Heermann, Harold R. Duke, Walter C. Bausch, Gerald W. Buchleiter, Lori J. Wiles, Ft. Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.16-18

New Raspberries Use Virus Against Itself, genetically modified raspberries resist raspberry bushy dwarf virus (RBDV), genetic engineering techniques, gene insertion, Robert R. Martin, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.19

A Better Bait for Medfly, new medfly attractant minus-ceralure lasts longer than trimedlure, Meditterranean fruit fly or medfly Ceratitis capitata, medfly traps and lures, Eric B. Jang, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.20-21

Fresh-Cut Apples: A New Convenience Food, calcium salt treatment preserves apple slices, food processing and packaging, produce, Dominic W.S. Wong, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.22

Kudzu KO'd by Fungus, Myrothecium verrucaria fungus from sicklepod plant Arabis canadensis is lethal to kudzu, mycoinsecticide, C. Douglas Boyette, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.23

Deconstructing Cotton's Fibers, modeling lint's biochemical and physiological development in bolls, effect of environmental factors affect lint processing, Judith Bradow, New Orleans, LA, Gretchen Sassenrath-Cole, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.23

High-Tech Soy From Back-to-Basics Breeding, oil from soyola soybean, hydrogenation, dietary trans fats, oil low in linolenic acid, palmitic acid, heart-healthy oils, Joseph W. Burton, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.23

Microbes in Transplant Mix Boost Yields, microbes Paenobacillus macerans and Bacillus amyloliquefacien in a transplant mix BioYield 213 reduce yield losses from soilborne pathogens, beneficial microbes improve seedling health, methyl bromide alternative in vegetable and strawberry crops, Nancy K. Burelle, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 00OCTp.23

Horticultural Research: It's a Growing Process, horticultural crops and products and industry, floral and nursery crops, enhanced crop nutrition, food safety, genetic engineering, biotechnology, John R. Stommel, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.2

Curbing Pests in Hawaii's Ornamental Paradise, orchid or bush snails, Zonitoides arboreus, thrips, coffee green scales, tropical flowers, gardenia, anthurium, ginger, bird-of-paradise, heliconia, tropical palms, molluscicides, Thrips palmi, Chaetagnaphothrips signipennis, pesticide dips, Coccus viridis, mealybug, Pseudococcus longispinus, Robert Hollingsworth, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.4-7

Potatoes Resistance to Late Blight May Be in Their Mexican Genes, resistance to Phytophthora infestans, wild Mexican potato Solanum pinnatisectum, incorporating useful genes through embryo rescue, Solanum verrucosum, Bob Hanneman, Miguel Ramon, David Spooner, Madison, WI, John Bamberg, Sturgeon Bay, WI, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.8-9

Blissful Blueberries, six new blueberry cultivars, Biloxi, Jubilee, Magnolia, Pearl River, Cooper, Gulfcoast, rabbiteye and southern highbush, economics of blueberry farmers in the South, bee pollination, native pollinators, Osmia ribifloris, blueberry gall midge control, higher resveratrol content, antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits, James M. Spiers, James B. Magee, Blair J. Sampson, Poplarville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.10-11

Pomological Watercolors: A Wealth of Beauty and Detail, botanical illustrations, drawings, watercolor art collection of fruits, located at the National Agricultural Library, historical art collection, Susan H. Fugate, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.12-13

Transgenics for a Better Tomato, biotechnology, genetic engineering, faster than traditional breeding approach, gene introduction, tomatoes with slower ripening, higher lycopene, antioxidants, longer shelf life, "mailing" beneficial genes, "Zip Code" system, Autar K. Mattoo, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.14-15

Rotate To Prevent Replant?, wheat rotation as a cover crop in orchards lowers replant disease for new crops planted into old crops, Cylindrocarpon, Phytophthora, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Pseudomonas putida,fungal populations in soil, fungi, Mark Mazzola, Wenatchee, WA, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.16-17

Locate Outstanding Woody Ornamentals-Online, NC-7 web site gives information on performance of woody ornamentals, NC-7 trials, trees, groundcovers, shrubs, vines, herbaceous perennials, Mark P. Widrlechner and A. Paul Ovrom, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.18-19

Bringing You Better Beans, bean breeding, improving color, canning quality, nutritional value, virus resistance, series of tests for cooking and canning, flavonoids in seed coat fight cancer and heart disease, bean mosaic disease, bean color, antioxidants in seed coat, health benefits, George L. Hosfield, East Lansing, MI, Phillip N. Miklas, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.20-22

Pest's Peptides Could Cramp Its Style, three peptides discovered in soybean cyst nematode parasite extracts, nematode development, Edward P. Masler, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.23

Vetch-a-Matic Beetle Control, cover crop of hairy vetch can reduce Colorado potato beetle damage, alternative to imadocloprid, nonchemical pest control, integrated pest management strategy, Kevin Thorpe, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.23

For Better Surface Water Quality, Dig Ditches, drainage ditches, simulated storm runoff, potential contaminants from agriculture, herbicides, atrazine, Karate, surface water quality, Matt Moore, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.23

Better Retting for a Fledgling Flax Industry, new retting process to extract flax fiber, enzymatic retting, calcium bonds in the flax plant, Danny E. Akin, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 00SEPp.23

Microbial Genomes: Unraveling Their Potential, causes of Fusarium head blight of wheat and barley, plant disease, genetic diversity of Fusarium, microbial germplasm collections, gene sequencing, ARS Culture Collection (NRRL), microorganisms, Cletus P. Kurtzman, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.2

DNA Profiling: Guarding Against a Plant Disease Epidemic, eight Fusarium causes of Fusarium head blight of wheat and barley, plant disease, genetic diversity of Fusarium, molecular genetics, mycotoxins, grain and food safety, plant health, scab, DNA sequence, global spread of Fusarium, hybridization, Kerry L. O'Donnell and Todd J. Ward, Peoria, IL, H.Corby Kistler and U. Liane Rosewich, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.4-7

Avidin: An Egg-citing Insecticidal Protein in Corn, egg protein called avidin introduced into corn by genetic engineering for insect control, genetically modified organism (GMO), alternative to Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), biopesticide, transgenic corn, insect control in grain storage, avidin corn, Karl J. Kramer, Brenda Oppert, James E. Throne, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.8-9

Sugar Beet Science: Many Crops Could Benefit, breeding, resistance to root rot from nematodes and fungi, disease resistance, rhizomania or crazy root, Erwinia root rot, virus yellows, curly top virus, Rhizoctonia root rot, Cercospora leaf spot, sugar beet root maggot, biological control, biocontrol of fungi and diseases, beneficial fungus Metarhizium anisopliae, fungi identification through polymerase chain reaction, genetic markers for mapping the genome of sugar beets, Ming H. Yu, Robert T. Lewellen, Salinas, CA, John J. Weiland, Larry G. Campbell, Fargo, ND, Leonard W. Panella, Fort Collins, CO, J. Mitchell McGrath, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.10-12

Are You Vitamin B12 Deficient?, neurological symptoms from vitamin deficiency, anemia, fortified cereals, vitamin absorption in the stomach, Katherine L. Tucker, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.13

New Uses for Kenaf, uses of black liquor byproduct, fertilizer, binder for animal feed, paper manufacturing, kenaf fiber, pulping, Thomas P. Abbott, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.14-15

Safer Sprouts, preventing food poisoning from foodborne pathogens in bean and alfalfa and other sprouts, Salmonella and E. coli, using beneficial bacteria to outcompete harmful microbes, identifying genes that allow Salmonella to attack sprouts, Amy O. Charkowski, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.16-17

Giving Pork a New Image, on-farm program for certifying pigs trichina free, Trichinella spiralis, food quality assurance, foodborne pathogens, safe management practices, food safety, trichinellosis, meat contamination, H. Ray Gamble, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.18-19

Pilot Plants Push Tech Transfer, four USDA utilization centers have new pilot plants that serve as bridge between invention and commercialization, technology transfer, ARS technologies, personal care products, food safety research, corn and rice milling practices, off-flavors in fish, food processing, edible coatings, Peter B. Johnsen, Peoria, IL, John P. Cherry, Wyndmoor, PA, John P. Jordan, New Orleans, LA, James N. Seiber, Albany, CA, (Ben Hardin) (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.20-22

Starter Diets Hike Weanlings' Health, weaning piglets with a spray-dried plasma protein as a feed additive, immune system responses, Jeffrey A. Carroll, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.23

Teaming With Brazil To Quell Dengue Virus, Aedes aegypti, biological control microorganism Edhazarda aedis for mosquito control, Donald Barnard, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.23

Shellac Shines on Citrus, coatings for preserving fruit, biocoatings made from reformulated shellac, beneficial bacteria and yeast, off-flavors, gaseous exchange, Raymond G. McGuire, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.23

Forensic Pathologists Probe the Past for Potato Blight, sources of Phytophthora infestans, late blight, rapid DNA analysis of fungal DNA in pathogens, molecular studies, polymerase chain reaction technology (PCR), Carol L. Groves, Orono, ME, (html) or (pdf) 00AUGp.23

A Grass Roots Analysis of Tall Fescue, fescue toxicosis, alkaloids, summer syndrome, fungus Neotyphodium, toxicity, fungus-free varieties of tall fescue, David K. Brauer, Booneville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.2

The Grass Farmers Love To Hate, intercellular fungus Neotyphodium coenophialum improves tall fescue grass heat tolerance, drought tolerance, and cold tolerance, mychorrhizal fungi, cattle vaccine for toxic alkaloids, fescue toxicosis, summer syndrome, alkaloids movement through stomach tissue, parabiotic chambers, rumen, omasum, David P. Belesky, Beaver, WV, John A. Stuedemann, Watkinsville, GA, Charles W. Bacon, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.4-7

New Test To Keep Horses Healthy, piroplasmosis, Babesia equi, Babesia caballi, equine babesiosis, monoclonal antibody technology, complement fixation test, CFT, VMRD, Donald P. Knowles, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.8

Mayapple's Cancer-Fighting Precursor, podophyllotoxin,Podophyllum emodi, etoposide, chemotherapy, Podophyllum peltatum, Camilo Canel, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.9

Mapping the Way to Bovine Bounty, DNA markers, mapping the genes of cows, chromosomes, inheritance, artificial insemination, marker-assisted selection, embryo, genetic potential, nucleotides, putting desirable traits into cows, Melissa S. Ashwell, Curtis P. Van Tassell, Tad S. Sonstegard, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.10-11

Boosting the Quality and Potency of St. John's-wort, herb used as natural treatment for depression, economic importance, active ingredient, Hypericum perforatum, hypericin content, pseudohypericin, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), genetic fingerprinting for screening plants at the seed level using genetic markers, DNA, certified seed and plants, Donna M. Gibson, Ithaca, NY, Camilo Canel, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.12-13

Standing Crop Residue for Erosion Control, wind erosion, blowing dust or soil, air quality and traffic visibility, laser scanner for measuring surface residue and standing residue, Larry Wagner and Fred Fox, Manhattan, KS, Chi-hua Huang, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.14-15

Global Search for Climbing Fern's Foes, worldwide search for biocontrol insects and microorganisms to control climbing fern, Lygodium microphyllum, very invasive in Florida, fire hazard in forests, biological control, moth Cataclysta camptozonale, Floracarus mites, Robert W. Pemberton, Ted D. Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, John A. Goolsby, Indooroopily, Australia, Gary Buckingham, Gainesville, FL, Tony Wright of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.16-18

Making Xylitol Sweetener From Corn, making the low-calorie sweetener from corn fiber leftovers of U.S. ethanol production, Aureobasidium yeast and enzymes, hydrolysis, Pichia guilliermondii, Candida peltata, glucose repression, arabinose, xylose, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.19

Keeping Small Catfish From Straying, mechanized floating platform grader sorts catfish before they go to market, Donald W. Freeman, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.20

Cinnamon Extracts Boost Insulin Sensitivity, diabetes, blood sugar, glucose, type-2 diabetes, methylhydroxy chalcone polymer (MHCP), glucose metabolism, oxygen radicals, chalcone, polyphenol, flavonoid, blood pressure in hypertensive rats, insulin sensitivity, fat cells response to insulin, plant extracts, Richard A. Anderson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.21

Growing a Crop of Algae on Dairy Manure, algae scrubber system removes ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus from diluted dairy manure, high-protein feed for livestock, Walter Mulbry, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.22

Alarm Pheromone Knocks Off Russian Wheat Aphids, pest of winter wheat and barley, Diuaphis noxia, farnesene, pest of small-grains crops, John D. Vandenberg, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.22

More Genetic Diversity for Onions, cytoplasmic male sterility, CMS, ARS Onion Breeding Program, onion hybrids, Michael J. Havey, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.23

Daily Feedings Boost Catfish Production, feeding frequency, fingerling weight, weather and water temperature, aeration, Donald L. Freeman, Pine Bluff, AR, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.23

Fruit Coatings Forestall Postharvest Decay, biocontrol coatings of reformulated shellac and sucrose ester, growth of beneficial bacteria and yeasts, off-flavors, exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, Raymond G. McGuire, Miami, FL (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.23

Plants That Summon Their Own Defenders, wasps that are natural enemies of tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens, and corn earworm Heliocoverpa zea, react to defensive signals from plants being attacked by insect pests, chemical distress signals, Consuelo De Moraes, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 00JULp.23

Using Superplants To Clean Up Our Environment, phytoremediation, detoxification of soils, excess heavy metals, excess soil minerals, cleaning soil, alpine pennycress, Thlaspi caerulescens, zinc and cadmium hyperaccumulators, thale cress, Arabidopsis thaliana, metal tolerance, Brassica juncea, Indian brown mustard, selenium-laden soils, Brassica, green technology, John W. Radin, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.2

Phytoremediation-Using Plants To Clean Up Soils, phytoremediation, detoxification of soils, toxic heavy metals and excess soil minerals, cleaning soil, alpine pennycress, Thlaspi caerulescens, zinc and cadmium hyperaccumulators, hyperaccumulation, aluminum tolerance, selenium-laden soils, Brassica, green technology, metal transport and tolerance in plants, uranium, cesium-137, radiocesium, Amaranthus retroflexus pigweed, burning plants to bio-mine metals collected from soils, Leon V. Kochian, Ithaca, NY, Rufus L. Chaney, Beltsville, MD,(html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.4-9

Kenaf and Canola: Selenium Slurpers, hyperaccumulators for removing selenium from the soil, bioremediation, phytoremediation, feeding selenium-rich canola to livestock, Gary S. Bañuelos, Husein A. Ajwa, Fresno, CA, Henry A. Mayland, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.10-11

Colon Cancer Curbed by High-Selenium Broccoli, brussels sprouts, selenium methyl selenocysteine, SeMSCan anticancer precursor to methyl selenol, garlic, selenium supplements, rats injected with carcinogens DMABP and dimethyl hydrazine (DMH), John W. Finley, Cindy D. Davis, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.12-13

Temperature-Sensitive Medflies, TSL medflies, temperature-sensitive lethal, producing and introducing sterile male medflies to control medly population, Mediterranean fruit flies, warm bath kills female embryos, irradiation renders males sexually sterile, Toliman TSLs, Donald O. McGinnis, Honolulu, HI, (html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.14-15

Added-Sugar Intake on the Rise, American's consume more added sugars, sodas, desserts, beverages, children's sugar intake, intake of micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins, Shanty A. Bowman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.17

Asian Longhorned Beetles, detection in tree trunks by monitoring chewing sounds of ALB larvae, wood-boring beetles Anoplophora glabripennis, behavior and dispersal, eradication program, Michael T. Smith, Newark, DE, (html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.18-21

Predicting a Fat's Behavior in Food Products, new analytical technique for identifying triglycerides, seed oils, decomposition during storage and frying, improved shelf life food storage, Gary R. List, William E. Neff, Kathleen A. Warner, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.22

Insecticides From Sugar?, sugar esters as environmentally friendly insecticides, mites, aphids, psyllas, whiteflies, thrips, Gary J. Puterka, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.23

Managing Blackberry Rosette in the Southeast, fungal disease, Cercosporella rubi, modified spray schedule effective, Barbara J. Smith, Poplarville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.23

Natural Product Helps Insects "Bite the Dust", diatomaceous earth, noninsecticidal control of red flour beetles and confused flour beetles, possible alternative to methyl bromide in food-processing industry, humidity, Frank H. Arthur, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 00JUNp.23

Blue Orchard Bees and Other New Pollinators for Agriculture, Osmia lignaria, pollination of sweet cherry and almond, alfalfa leafcutting bees, Megachile rotundata, S. Karl Narang, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.2

New Pollinators Buzzing With Potential, alternative pollinators to supplement services by the domesticated honey bee, Apis mellifera, cranberry and avocado pollinator, Osmia atriventris, Megachile addenda, leaf cutter, Osmia lignaria, blue orchard bee, Megachile rotundata, alfalfa leafcutting bee, bees, beetles, wasps, Megandrena enceliae, U.S. National Pollinating Insects Collection, one of the world's top 10 bee museums, bees, wasps, other specimens, James H. Cane, William P. Kemp, Jordi Bosch, Terry L. Griswold, Vincent J. Tepedino, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.4-6

The Fort Knox of Exotic Weed Diseases, microbial containment facility, quarantine for foreign bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens that attack weeds, biological control of weeds, biocontrol, exotic weeds, natural enemies, Puccinia cardorum Jacky on musk thistle, weevil Rhynocollus conicus, Russian thistle, Russian knapweed, common grounds, mile-a-minute, yellow starthistle, Douglas G. Luster, William L. Bruckhart, Norman W. Schaad, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.7-10

Getting to the Heart of Chicken Ailments, ascites, congestive heart failure in chickens, more common at high altitudes, using hypobaric chamber to breed for resistance to ascites, Janice M. Balog, Fayetteville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.11

New Partnership Between Brazil and ARS, collaboration between Brazil's EMBRAPA and ARS in performing agricultural research, internal parasites in cows, pathogens, diseases of cattle, stink bug control on soybeans, pest control, insect biocontrol, parasitic insects, semiochemicals, precision agriculture, gene patenting, improving biotechnology in developing countries, technology transfer, Silvio Crestana, Rick Bennett, Terezinha Padilha, Louis Gasbarre, Miguel Borges, Jeffrey R. Aldrich, Ariovaldo Luchiari, Maria Jose A. Sampaio, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.12-15

Three Imported Wasps May Curb Alien Scale Pest, parasitic wasps, papaya mealybug Paracoccus marginatus, finding natural enemies, biocontrol, biological control, Acerophagus, Anagyrus, Apoanagyrus, lady beetles, hover flies, lacewings, six hyperparasites, Douglass R. Miller and Michael E. Schauff, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.16-17

Superb New Pima Cottons, Gossypium barbadense, 40 years of ARS research on improved pimas, higher yields, superior fiber quality, greater insect pest resistance, pink bollworm, silverleaf whitefly, earlier maturity, heat tolerance, Richard G. Percy, Maricopa, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.18

Shaking Up the Future, low-fat, reduced-sugar, USDA's school lunch program, taste testing, improving flavor, nutritious, fiber, lactose, lactose intolerance, Richard P. Konstance, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.19

Model Predicts Underground Flow, HYDRUS computer model called predicts surface water and groundwater movement, can be used for designing irrigation and drainage systems, Rien van Genuchten, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.20

Back to the Old Grind-er, finer ground whole wheat is more palatable, taste and texture similar to white bread, fiber content, fermented carbohydrate, diabetes, colon cancer, whole-grain flour, Kay M. Behall, Judith G. Hallfrisch, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.21

Reducing Methane Emissions From Rice, global warming, carbon dioxide, water management for rice crops, L. Hartwell Allen, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.22

New Technique To Measure Leptin Activity, technique measures genetic material unique to leptin, a protein that affects obesity of chickens, technique may allow selection of chickens on basis of feeding behavior, chick production, ability to reproduce, feed restriction, Christopher M. Ashwell, Mark P. Richards, John P. McMurtry, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp.22

New Species of Leafhoppers Found in South America, transmit crop diseases, Megophthalmini, Stuart H. McKamey, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp. 23

Biofungicide Treats Apples and Oranges Alike, biofungicides, nontoxic biological coatings are replacing synthetic chemicals for controlling rot fungi on apples, pears, and citrus, Candida saitoana, chitosan, shelf life, Charles L. Wilson, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp. 23

Toward Safer Fresh-Cut Tomatoes, Melons, produce, Salmonella, salmonellosis, alternatives to current sanitizing agents, 2-year agreement for cooperative research and development to find methods to kill or remove disease-causing bacteria from fresh-cut fruits, Gerald M. Sapers, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 00MAYp. 23

Enhancing Plants for Western Rangelands, native plant varieties developed, Timp Utah sweetvetch, Rimrock Indian ricegrass, Sand Hollow squirreltail, grasses, plants for mine spoils and along roadsides, Scarlet globemallow, Munroe globemallow, Allen R. Dedrick, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.2

Hardy Natives at Home on the U.S. Range, native plant varieties developed for western rangelands, Timp Utah sweetvetch, Hedysarum boreale, Rimrock Indian ricegrass, Achnatheum hymenoides, Sand Hollow squirreltail, Elymus elymoides, revegetating lands denuded by wildfire or disturbed by mining, cheatgrass, medusahead wildrye, bluebunch wheatgrass, N. Jerry Chatterton, Douglas A. Johnson, Thomas A. Jones, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.4-7

A New Wood Adhesive, starch-based adhesive for composite wood products is moisture-resistant and environmentally safe, no toxic fumes, Syed H. Imam, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.8-9

Spinosad Battles Crop Pests, environmentally friendly insecticide produced naturally from Saccharopolyspora spinosa, alternative to malathion, Mediterranean fruit fly, medfly, phloxine B, Fopius arisanus wasp, baits, Solbait, tests on cotton bollworms and budworms. Steven L. Peck, Roger I. Vargas, Grant T. McQuate, Hilo, HI, Robert L. Mangan, Daniel S. Moreno, Weslaco, TX, Ivan W. (Buddy) Kirk, Jesus F. Esquivel, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.10-12

Ozone Puts New Wrinkle in CO2 Yield Projection, crop yield response from CO2and ozone, ozone stress, water stress, Joseph E. Miller, Allen S. Heagle, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.13

Mapping the Way to Disease-Free Chickens, chicken genome map, Marek's disease, superchicken, genes, gene mapping, DNA, genetic markers, disease resistance, RNA, Hans H. Cheng, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.14-16

Ugly Duckling Corn Repels Borers, B-96 corn resists egg laying by European corn borer, Bt or Bacillus thuringiensis alternative, HMBOA, DIMBOA, Illinois A or ILLA corn line, Bradley F. Binder, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.17

Elevating Grain Storage Practices, procedures to reduce damage from insects like lesser grain borer, rice weevil, red flour beetle, and rusty grain beetle in grain elevators, grain cooling, cleaning bins, fumigating, IPM or Integrated Pest Management practices, beneficial insects, parasitoid wasps, David W. Hagstrum and Paul W. Flinn, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.18-19

Fending Off Siberian Moths, defoliation of spruce, larch, and fir, keeping the moth out of the United States, trapping and monitoring, pheromones, tested synthetic lures, Jerome A. Klun, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.20

Amazing Graze, pasture-grazed cows have more cancer-fighting CLA in milk, conjugated linoleic acid, adding soybean and linseed oil to corn-alfalfa diet, Larry Satter, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.21

New Trefoils Give Breeders More Options, improved forages, forage quality, ARS-1207 narrowleaf trefoil, ARS-1221 big trefoil, Jeffrey J. Steiner, Corvallis, OR, Paul R. Beuselinck, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.22

Lab Diets for Two Pest Insects, artificial diets to sustain Colorado potato beetle and silverleaf whitefly, insecticide replacements, Dale B. Gelman, Michael B. Blackburn, Jing S. Ju, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.22

Mouth-Watering Mangoes for Mass-Marketing, using methyl jasmonate to prevent mango chilling injury, also hexyl resorcinol, isoascorbic acid, potassium sorbate, storing mango slices in plastic, Chien Y. Wang, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.23

Clearing the Air With Biodiesel, fuel blend of soy-based biodiesel and diesel, BARC, Beltsville has 65 vehicles running on it, less air pollution, Ronald F. Korcak, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.23

Processing Alfalfa and SoybeansOn the Spot, fieldside removal of crude oil from crops, wet fractionation of soybean herbage, new products and markets, Richard G. Koegel, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 00APRp.23

Biological Control: Important Tool for Managing Invasive Species, invasive weeds, insects, and other pests, natural enemies of pests, leafy spurge, imported biological control agents, weed control, Ernest S. Delfosse, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.2

Foreign Agents Imported for Weed Control, biological control agents for invasive weed species with insects, plant quarantine facilities, natural enemies, flea beetles (genus Aphthona) feed on leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula), gall midge (Spurgia capitigena), Chinese beetles (Diorhabda elongata) and mealybug (Trabutina mannipara) feed on saltcedar (Tamarix spp.), leaf weevil (Oxyops vitiosa) is thriving on melaleuca (Melaleuca quinquenervia), foreign biological control laboratories. Neal R. Spencer, Sidney, MT, Jack DeLoach, Temple, TX, Raymond I. Carruthers, Albany, CA, Ted D. Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, John A. Goolsby, Australia, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.4-9

Watch Out Water-hyacinth!, Eichhornia crassipes, search for natural enemies and biological control agents in the jungle of the rainforests of the Amazon, Taosa plant hoppers, Thrypticus flies, Megamelus plant hoppers, Hugo Cordo, Hurlingham, Argentina, Ted D. Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.10-12

Feeling Weak? Try the Tortillas!, new corn line with lower phytic acid (phytate), absorption of iron, zinc, calcium, Victor A. Raboy, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.13

Overweight? Losing Excess Weight Is More Important Than Trimming Dietary Fat, obesity, bodyweight, saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, triglycerides, LDL, Jose M. Ordovas, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.14

Jellyfish Gene Lights Up E. coli, Escherichia coli O157:H7, fluorescing genetically engineered E. coli allow scientists to study movement of the bacteria, food poisoning, fluorescence-based assay, Marian R. Wachtel, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.15

Whence Come Hog Manure Odors?, investigations of microbes that cause manure to smell, microorganisms in waste storage pits and treatment lagoons, Clostridium, Lactobacillus, Ruminococcus, Streptococcus, Peptostreptococcus, Michael A. Cotta, Terence R. Whitehead, Cherie J. Ziemer, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.16-17

Medfly Leftovers = Gourmet Feed, spent medfly diet from mass rearing of medfly can be used as a nutritious livestock feed, Eric B. Jang, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.18

A Unique Potato Virus Collection, Schultz Potato Virus Collection, viral diseases, tubers, pathogen collection, Robert W. Goth, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.19

Curbing Wind-Blown Dust, computer prediction model for wind erosion and dust emission, dust of PM-10 and PM-2.5, air quality, Keith E. Saxton, Frank L. Young, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.19

Zapping Airborne Salmonella and Dust, electrostatically charged air cleaners remove Salmonella and dust from hatching cabinets, smoke removal, Bailey W. Mitchell, Henry D. Stone, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.20

Screening Mites From Honey Bees, varroa mite, screen insert in bee hives helps keep mites from reattaching to bees after smoke or chemical treatment, Jeffery S. Pettis, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.22

New Roadside Grass Marketed, seed for RoadCrest is now availablea crested wheatgrass planted along roadsides and used to revegetate the West, cold and drought tolerant crop, Kay H. Asay, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.23

Restoring Burned Nevada Range, team working to revegetate western acres burned by fire from lightning, prevention of cheatgrass, planting native shrubs and grasses, HyCrest, James A. Young, Reno, NV, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.23

History Buff's Guide to U.S. Farming, history collection web site by the National Agricultural Library is now online, historical photos and images, Susan H. Fugate, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.23

Latex From Desert Shrub Blocks Viruses, Bacteria, gloves, condoms, and other products from guayule latex prevent disease, guayule latex is free of the allergens found normally in latex, Katrina Cornish, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 00MARp.23

Hydraulic Lifelines for Soil, Water, and People, hydraulic structures, engineered stream channels, dams, terraces, grassed waterways, erosion control, flood control, stream stabilizing, reservoirs, stilling basin, spillways, vegetated spillways, Darrel Temple, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.2

Holding Back Floodwaters, hydraulics, rehabilitation of earthen dams, SITES computer software for predicting flood damage and designing spillways and earthen dams, revitalizing dams, floods, vegetated earthen spillways, watersheds, erosion control, flood control, stream stabilizing, reservoirs, stilling basin, spillways, vegetated spillways, plunge pools, hood inlets, step baffle trash racks, flow measurement flumes, rock chutes, riprap, circular jet test for measuring soil erodibility, Darrel M. Temple, Gregory J. Hanson, Kerry M. Robinson, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.4-8

Crustaceans Can Tell Us To Clean Up Our Act, Hyalella azteca are a biological measure of water quality in streams and lakes, measure overall health of the ecosystem, Charles M. Cooper, Scott S. Knight, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.9

Fungal Protein Slows Broadleaf Weeds, Nep1 protein from Fusarium oxysporum is a powerful natural herbicide, hypersensitive response makes weed kill itself, combining Nep1 with glyphosate and 2,4-D, killing a cover crop, alternative herbicide for organic farming, Bryan Bailey, Nichole O'Neill, Jim Anderson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.10-11

How Attractive Are You? To Mosquitoes, That Is, chemical attractants humans emit, lactic acid, carbon dioxide, Aedes aegypti, attractants, blends, Aedes, Anopheles, Coquillettidia, Celex, Culiseta, Psorophora, traps, systemic mosquito repellents taken orally, Donald R. Barnard, Ulrich R. Bernier, Daniel L. Kline, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.12-14

Soy Soothes Cellular Circuits, isoflavones-genistein and daidzein-in soy foods like tofu, tempeh, and miso may calm overreactive signal transduction in cells to reduce chance of chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease, Norberta W. Schoene, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.15

Sunshine Bass Makes a Splash!, hybrid fish is cross between male striped bass and female white bass, survival rate of fry, production and food sources in aquaculture ponds, Gerald M. Ludwig, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.16-17

Zoonoses!, animal diseases communicable to people, transmission of brucellosis, leptospirosis Weil's disease, tuberculosis, Mycobacterium bovis, Brucella abortus, vaccines, RB51 vaccine, Carole A. Bolin, Diana Whipple, Mitchell V. Palmer, Steven C. Olsen, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.18-20

Biocatalysis: Using Enzymes To Produce New Products, enzymes used to make fats and oils, ultraviolet light-absorbing sunscreen made from several vegetable oils, supercritical carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methanol, and enzymes to make soaps, detergents, and related chemicals, David L. Compton, Joseph A. Laszlo, Jerry W. King, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.21

The Nose Knows: How Pests Zero-in on Their Favorite Crops, five different synthetic blends, chemical attractant for Colorado potato beetle, scents, lure, Joseph C. Dickens, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.22

Gene May Stall Fall Armyworms, gene triggers plant production of cysteine proteinase protein that prevents armyworm larvae from developing, W. Paul Williams, Mississippi State, MS, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.23

Developing Foods That Promote HealthA Report, advertisement for report on state of phytonutrient science and the efficacy of phytonutrients such as lycopene in tomatoes, sulforphane in broccoli, and genistein in soybeans in reducing chronic or degenerative diseases of humans, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.23

Blueberry Elixir Reverses Age-Related Symptoms, blueberry extract reverses some loss of coordination and balance and short-term memory, high-antioxidant fruits and vegetables, strawberry and spinach, oxygen free radicals, motor function, James A. Joseph, Barbara Shukitt-Hale, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.23

Homes Opened for Arctic- and Arid-Land Plants, two new sites for crop specimens and genetic materials, germplasm storage, northern grasses, plants that prefer arid, hot, and dry conditions, David M. Ianson, Palmer, AK, Maria M. Jenderek, Parlier, CA, (html) or (pdf) 00FEBp.23

Teaming Up for Better Water Quality, Management Systems Evaluation Areas (MSEA), phosphorus and nitrogen reaching waterways, nitrogen loadings, surface water and groundwater quality, herbicide reduction in groundwater, toxic organisms in runoff, Dale Bucks, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.2

Precise Inputs for a Cleaner Environment, MSEA and ASEQ projects to develop farming methods that safeguard water resources, protecting groundwater from runoff and leaching of nitrate-nitrogen, phosphorus, pesticides, fertilizer, and other agricultural chemicals with the use of precision farming, GPS (global positioning system), effects of drainage on surface water quality, effects of ridge tillage on pesticide leaching, James S. Schepers, Brian J. Wienhold, Lincoln, NE, Eugene Alberts, Newell R. Kitchen, Columbia, MO, Jerry L. Hatfield, Ames, IA, Norman R. Fausey, Columbus, OH, Robert H. Dowdy, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.4-8

Corn Seed Pretreatment Reduces Fusarium, competitive exclusion, pretreatment with Bacillus subtilis bacteria competes with Fusarium moniliforme to exclude it from corn seed, Charles W. Bacon, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.8

The Degreening of Canola, finding mutants that tolerate freezing and that either do not put chlorophyll in the seed or that break down chlorophyll after a freeze, genetically modify plants for freeze-tolerance, transgenic plants, C. John Whitmarsh, Adriana Ortiz-Lopez, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.9

Inter-Bacterial Communication!, Salmonella enteritidis uses acylhomoserine lactone (AHL) to signal other Salmonella cells to invade, virulence, egg contamination, scout cells, Jean Guard-Petter, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.10-11

Biodegradable Decoy Reduces Insecticide Use, apple maggot flies, Rhagoletis pomonella, apple maggots, wooden sphere decoys coated with a sticky substance of sugar, imadocloprid insecticide, and cayenne pepper, Michael R. McGuire, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.12-14

Dates Go Under Cover, sustainable agriculture, cover crops tested to improve soil compaction, fix nitrogen, recycle nutrients and stimulate production of older date trees, no-tillage system, Lana vetch, Clay Iron cowpeas, Aref Abdul-Baki, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.15

Vitamin K: Another Reason To Eat Your Greens, phylloquinone, current RDA's insufficient for vitamin K, bones, dihydrophylloquinone in oils, broccoli, Gla, gamma carboxyglutamic acid, osteocalcin, Sarah L. Booth, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp. 16-17

CORN: Taking Genetic Stock, mutant corn collection at the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center, genetic treasure to breeders and researchers, flood tolerant corn, anaerobic stress, Martin M. Sachs, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.18-19

Ultra-Narrow-Row Cotton, UNR, cotton planted closer together crowds out weeds and reduces need for herbicides, soil conservation practices, harvesting devices, cotton fiber properties, cotton cleaning machinery, canopy closure, future of UNR cotton, William T. Molin, W. Stanley Anthony, Martin Locke, Ray Williford, Stoneville, MS, D. Wayne Reeves, Philip J. Bauer, Florence, SC, Judith M. Bradow, New Orleans, LA, David McAlister, Clemson, SC, V.T. Walhood, Angus Hyer, Shafter, CA, F. Douglas Wilson, Phoenix, AZ, Alan D. Brashears, Lubbock, TX, R. Louis Baumhardt, Bushland, TX, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.20-22

Chesapeake Bay Day Highlight, research results on whether pasteurization kills microbes in cow manure, composting, disease-causing microbes in manure, escape of pathogens and phosphorus in farm runoff, Patricia D. Millner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.23

What Hispanic Americans Eat, dietary patterns, fiber and legume consumption, also non-Hispanic whites and non-Hispanic blacks, nutrients, diet, food survey, Katherine Tippett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.23

Collaring Deer Ticks To Reduce Lyme Disease, automatic device that puts pesticide-impregnated collar around wild white-tailed deer, ticks, parasites, amitraz, tickborne human disease, (html) or (pdf) 00JANp.23

ARS Research: Past, Present, and Future, five ARS Science Hall of Famers comment on ARS' research, R. James Cook, Lyman B. Crittenden, Edward F. Knipling, Wilson A. Reeves, Walter H. Wischmeier, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.2

Farming and Natural Resources, time tunnel for monitoring effects of CO2 concentrations in air of the past, present, and future, overview of research on natural resources, water resources, water quality program MSEA, ridge tillage, water pollution, managing manure, phosphorus runoff, groundwater and surface water, irrigation, drainage practices, drinking water, reduced tillage, precision agriculture, computer models, Hyrum B. Johnson, Justin Derner, Wayne Polley, Daren Harmel, Clarence Richardson, Temple, TX, Andrew N. Sharpley, University Park, PA, Allen R. Dedrick, Beltsville, MD, Ward Voorhees, Morris, MN, Jerry L. Hatfield, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.4-9

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Onward From Mendel, Gregor Mendel, gene mapping, bioinformatics, computational biology, gene databases, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.15

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Three New Crops for the Future, cuphea, milkweed, Euphorbia lagascae, useful for oil and fiber, milkweed seedmeal as alternative for methly bromide, Thomas P. Abbott, Bliss S. Phillips, Rogers Harry-O'kuru, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.18-19

Improving the Weather Odds, seasonal forecasting as tool for managing crops, El Niño, La Niña, El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon, ocean temperature and surface pressure records, Dan R. Upchurch, Steven A. Mauget, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.19

Nutrition Research: Key To Eating Better, hot topics in ARS' nutrition research, fighting obesity in adults and children, phytonutrients, isoflavones, thiols, antioxidants, Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs), vitamin K, folate research, tolerable upper intake levels, special nutrient needs of Hispanic Americans and African Americans and others, spin-offs of human genome research, osteoporosis, bone health, cardiovascular health, Kathleen C. Elwood, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.20-23

Phytonutrients Take Center Stage, isoflavones in soy products, flavonoids, lower risks of diseases of aging, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, genetically engineered and tissue cultured tomatoes higher in lycopene and other antioxidants, beta carotenes, broccoli inhibits cancer, history of discovery of trace elements and vitamins, Beverly A. Clevidence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.24-25

Nutrition for the Very Young, genetic makeup, prenatal development, early growth and development, obesity, body weight and body composition, nutrient availability, phtyochemicals, brain development and function, Dennis M. Bier, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.26

Toward a Safer Food Supply, ionizing radiation to zap microbes like Escherichia coli 0157:H7 and Salmonella, tests to ensure shellfish are pathogen free, antibiotics and development of food-poisoning microbes, food safety, biosensors and genome mapping, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.27

Animal AgricultureConception to Consumption, animal health, disease diagnosis, vaccines, irradiation of meat and poultry against foodborne pathogens, gene marker selection, food inspection, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.28-31

Getting More Milk From Fewer Cows, data analysis of milk, fat, protein, health, vigor, and profitability, genetic studies related to growth, disease resistance, and productivity, gene mapping, searching for genetic markers, Curtis P. Van Tassell, Vernon G. Pursel, H. Duane Norman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.32-33

Cowboys Use High Tech To Round 'em Up, genetic selection of cattle, development of imbred lines, using computers to analyze expected progeny difference (EPD) to identify genetic merit of cattle, genetic mapping, Michael D. MacNeil, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.34

Beating Summertime Insect Woes, finding new insect repellents against mosquitoes, piperdines as alternative to DEET, mosquito-transmitted diseases, attractants as baits to monitor mosquito populations or kill mosquitoes, Donald R. Barnard, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.35

Outstanding ARS Accomplishments, lists ARS top 15 accomplishments since the agency's inception in 1953, Beltsville sperm-sorting technology, vaccines and other controls for avian leukosis, development of soybeans to be top crop in U.S., Universal Soil Loss Equation, fire-resistant textiles that use THPC, DEET insecticide repellent, molecular structure of a transfer RNA (tRNA), discovery of phytochrome, near-infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy, nutritional needs of the elderly, infants, and other specialized groups, lactose intolerance, Super Slurper, Taxol as an anticancer agent, successful eradication of several animal diseases, (html) or (pdf) 99DECp.36-37

CACAOGood for Agriculture and the Environment, economic worth of chocolate industry, cocoa research, tropical crop, diseases and pests of cacao, failure of cacao in Bahia, Brazil, global impact from deforestation of rainforests, chocolate shortages in the future, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.2

Fighting a Fungal Siege on Cacao Farms, pathogenic fungi that attack cacao trees, Theobroma cacao, black pod rot, frosty pod rot, witches'-broom, Phytophthora, Moniliophthora roreri, Crinipellis perniciosa, M&M Mars, Inc., phtyochemicals and essential micronutrients, cardiovascular health benefits and lower risk of cancer, antioxidants, economic worth of chocolate, cocoa research, tropical crop, ACRI, CEPLAC, CATIE, CABI-Bioscience, biocontrol agents, beneficial fungi Trichoderma viride and Cladobotryum amazonense, diseases and pests of cacao, failure of cacao in Bahia, Brazil, global impact from deforestation of rainforest, chocolate shortages in future, Robert D. Lumsden, Prakash K. Hebbar, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.4-8

A Peanut Pest Showdown, Bacillus thruringiensis, tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) resistance, genetically engineered peanuts, trangenic peanut plants with Bt gene resist lesser cornstalk borer larvae, Robert E. Lynch, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.9

Predicting Tenderness in Beefsteaks, electronic testing system to rate beef tenderness, computerized image analysis provides estimate of retail beef after fat and bones removed, Mohammad Koohmaraie, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.10-11

Fallowing Falls by the Wayside, minimizing use of fallow in Central Great Plains for water conservation, achieving a crop every year through crop rotation, best combinations of crop rotation and tillage systems, 4-year cycle rotation, Randy L. Anderson, Akron, CO, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.12-13

A Storybook Future for Lesquerella?, mustard family relative Lesquerella has many uses, oil, gum, meal, castor oil substitute, high hydroxy fatty acid content, increased salt tolerance, may substitute for xanthum gum, combined with cornstarch in jet cooking, food thickener, adds texture to foods, binder or gluelike compound in feed, David A. Dierig, Terry A. Coffelt, Phoenix, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.14-15

Nutrition Studies Get Psyched Over the Internet, psychologist conducts nutrition studies over the World Wide Web, Internet, tests of cognitive and motor functions, effects of vitamin B12 and zinc on perception and memory, James G. Penland, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.16-17

In Search of Useful Fungi, new mycoparasites, antifungal compounds, and Penicilliums found, Aspergillus flavus, aflatoxin, Fusarium verticillioides, Fusarium moniliforme, wood-decay fungi, Donald T. Wicklow, Stephen W. Peterson, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.18-19

Drink Your Beans!, varieties of grean beans, snap beans, evaluated for calcium content, Hystyle variety twice as high as Labrador variety, Michael A. Grusak, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.20

BromelainHealth Food for Bossy, Too, chronic mammary gland infections in cows, bromelain reduced white blood cell count of cows, improved milk quality, Max J. Paape, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.21

For Late Plantings, Tropical Corn, heat and pest resistance, alternative to sorghum, preferred silage, Joseph C. Burns, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.21

Tracking Manure-Borne Pathogens, movement of protozoan Crytosporidium parvum and bacterium Escherichia coli 0157:H7 through soil, movement of soil water and contaminants down the sides of soil lysimeter, Daniel R. Shelton, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.22

Reunion With Weevils Could Sink a Water Weed, South American weevils (Cyrtobagous salviniae) might stop spread of Salvinia (Salvinia molesta), an invasive water weed, Ted D. Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.23

New Mosquito Trap, Dragonfly trap attracts mosquitoes and other biting insects with carbon dioxide, heat, and octenol, then kills them with electronic pulse, Daniel L. Kline, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.23

Biotech Blooms for the Floral Industry, disease resistance and virus resistance in lilies, gladioli, and other cut flowers, Kathryn Kamo, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99NOVp.23

Time to Act, USDA's focus on small farms research, Nancy N. Ragsdale, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.2

Diversifying Helps Small Farms Thrive, research to benefit Appalachian farmers and other small farmers, groundwater quality, niche markets and products including chevon, ramps, and grass-fed beef, goat clearing of pastures, more durable pastures, William M. Clapham, Carol M. Schumann, Charles M. Feldhake, David P. Belesky, Joyce G. Foster, Kenneth E. Turner, Paul W. Voight, Douglas G. Boyer, Beaver, WV, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.4-9

New Vaccines for Aquaculturists, vaccine against fish disease from bacterial pathogen Streptococcus iniae, for cultivated tilapia, hybrid striped bass, rainbow trout, yellowtail, eel, and turbot, first live-bacterium fish vaccine against a major catfish disease-enteric septicemia (ESC), tail rot or columnaris disease or peduncle disease, Flavobacterium columnare, fish behavior and health problems from fungi, algae, bacteria, and chemical toxins, Phillip H. Klesius, Craig A. Shoemaker, Auburn, AL, Joyce J. Evans, Chestertown, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.10-11

Seed-Savers Unite, organic growers and ARS' National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) work together to preserve germplasm, provide diversity of germplasm and broader genetic base, Farmer Cooperative Genome Project (FCGP), Richard M. Hannan, Pullman, WA, Joseph D. Postman, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.12-14

Model Takes the Guesswork Out of Fertilizing, computer model saves farmers money by predicting nitrogen fertilizer needs more accurately, estimating nitrogen losses over the winter, eliminating the need for a second soil nitrate test, nitrogen availability, Alan E. Olness, Morris, MN, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.15

Newcastle Disease: Protecting Poultry Farmers on Two Fronts, ARS collaborates with Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to track disease spread, evaluate genetics and virulence or disease-causing ability of virulent strains, quarantine of infected pet birds, parrots, international disease prevention, Daniel J. King and Bruce S. Seal, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.16-17

Turning to the SunInstead of Methyl Bromide, soil solarizationcovering soil with plasticsterilizes soil, provides improved vegetable yields, weed and insect and disease control, tomatoes and peppers and other vegetable crops, Daniel O. Chellemi, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.18-19

Grass-Based Farming: A Demo Dairy Project, Cove Mountain Project, economic and environmental benefits of grazing over full-confinement operations in which cattle are grain fed, monitoring animal waste, excretion of manure and urine, nitrate leaching and phosphorus runoff, ecological benefits and drawbacks to grazing, effects on groundwater, grazing exclosures, C. Alan Rotz, Kathy J. Soder, William L. Stout, Stephan R. Weaver, R. Howard Skinner, Matt A. Sanderson, Benjamin J. Tracy, University Park, PA, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.20-22

Clues to Redder, More Nutritious Tomatoes, lycopene gives red color and may reduce cancer risk, finding gene that triggers lycopene production, Betty K. Ishida, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.22

Surfing for Soy Compounds, database on World Wide Web (WWW) lists isoflavones in soy foods, benefits of isoflavones include lower cancer and cardiovascular risk and less bone loss after menopause, David Haytowitz, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.23

Oral Vaccine for Shipping Fever, also called bovine respiratory disease, meat production, cattle transportation, Robert E. Briggs and Fred M. Tatum, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.23

New Grape Trio, seedless grapes, Melissa, Summer Royal, Summer Muscat, traits include big berries without need for gibberellic acid growth regulator, dry-on-the-vine (DOV), David W. Ramming, Fresno, CA, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.23

Electricity "Waste" Powers Crops, Clean Air Act, scrubbers on smokestacks of electric power plants generate more gypsum waste, gypsum is useful for corn and soybean yields, reducing erosion, improves water uptake by soils, prevents crusting, loosens soil, treats soils high in sodium and aluminum, helps soils with calcium and sulfur deficiencies, (html) or (pdf) 99OCTp.23

Hope for Fire Ant Control, red imported fire ants, biological control agents, Richard J. Brenner, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.2

Ouch! The Fire Ant Saga Continues, red imported fire ants, biological control agents, natural enemies, phorid fly Pseudacteon tricuspus, Pseudacteon curvatus, pathogens Thelohania solenopsae and Vairimorpha, parasitic ant Solenopsis daguerrei, David F. Williams, Richard J. Brenner, David H. Oi, Sanford D. Porter, Dana A. Focks, Daniel P. Wojcik, Robert K. Vander Meer, Gainesville, FL, Juan Briano, Luis Calcaterra, South American Biological Control Laboratory, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp. 4-8

Forage To Make Taste Buds Tingle, improving taste of forages, chemical and physical characteristics of forages, alfalfa hay and tall fescue hay, Henry F. Mayland, Kimberly, ID, Dwight S. Fisher, Watkinsville, GA, Joseph C. Burns, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.9

Nonfattening Food AdditivesFrom Sugar?, carbohydrate polymer called alternan may be produced and marketed as a substitute for gum arabica gum from Acacia trees in Africa used as a thickener and stabilizer in foods, an alternansucrase enzyme from the bacterium Leuconostoc mesenteroidesis used to make alternan, bacterial fermentation, emulsifier, Gregory L. Cote, Timothy D. Leathers, Jeffrey A. Ahlgren, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.10-11

Building a Better Berry, Fragaria x ananassa, selecting best genotypes from two parent species F. virginiana and F. chiloensis for breeding, pest and disease resistance, day-neutral habit, Stan C. Hokanson, Beltsville, MD, Chad E. Finn, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.12-13

Activated Carbons in a Nutshell, recycling of soybean hulls and shells of various nuts, making activated carbons from pecan, almond, and macademia nut shells, uses include filters, water purifiers, and wastewater treatment and air pollution control, Wayne E. Marshall, Lynda H. Wartelle, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.14-16

Improved Lure for Malaysian Fruit Flies, solanaceous fruit fly, Bactrocera latifrons, attractant is made from alpha-ionol and cade oil, Roy T. Cunningham, Nicanor J. Liquido, and Grant T. McQuate, Hilo, HI, Robert A. Flath, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.17

Aloha! To Hawaiian Bananas, risk of infestation by oriental fruit fly and medfly neligible if appropriate procedures followed, John W. Armstrong, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.17

Helping Piglets Survive and Thrive, using hormones neuropeptide-Y, leptin, and orexins to increase feed intake and improve growth rate, cloning the DNA that directs lexin production, importance of stress during birth, linking diet and stress, Robert L. Matteri, Jeffrey A. Carroll, Cheryl J. Dyer, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.18-19

Pitting Two Fungi Against Tough Pests, alternatives to Bt or Bacillus thuringiensis, use of parasitic fungi Beauveria bassiana and Paecilomyces fumosoroseus as biological controls for diamondback moths and Russian wheat aphids, Diuraphis noxia, Mycotrol, John D. Vandenberg, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.20-21

Diapers for On-the-Run Livestock, used to collect urine and feces in studies of nitrogen excretion, Kenneth E. Turner, Beaver, WV, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp. 22

Sunflower Bee's a Great Pollinator!, sunflower leafcutting bees (Megachile pugnata, or megapugs) outperform the honey bee (Apis mellifera) in pollinating sunflowers, Vincent J. Tepidino, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.22

Healthy Animals on the Web, new web site covers 70 health topics—from diseases to nutrition, Caird Rexroad Jr., Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.23

Turkey Syndrome Yielding Its Secrets, Poult Enteritis Mortality Syndrome (PEMS), virus strikes the thymus gland, Stacey Schultz-Cherry, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.22

License for Aerial Spray System, new nozzle and aerial spray system for aircraft could lower application volumes and reduce spray drift, spray is electrostatically charged, Ivan W. Kirk, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.22

Do Some Crops Need a "V-Chip"?, crop uptake of vanadium, effect on yield, competition with phosphorus, breeding crops with a V-chip trait to block vanadium, Alan E. Oleness, Morris, MN, (html) or (pdf) 99SEPp.23

A Need for More and Better Nutrients From Plants, bioavailability of mineral nutrients and phytonutrients, human nutrition, nutritional genomics, Leon K. Kochian, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 99AUGp.2

A Gut IssueMeasuring Iron Bioavailability, artificial gut for measuring iron absorption, in vitro model gut, nutrient bioavailability, iron availability and absorption, iron nutrition, iron deficiency, caco-2 cells, human intestinal epithelial cells, food digestion, Raymond P. Glahn, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 99AUGp.4-6

Feed to FilletsWhat Makes Catfish Grow, glass beads used to measure daily food consumption by fish, Jeffrey T. Silverstein, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 99AUGp.7

Early-Season Soybeans, early soybean production system (ESPS), early planting of soybeans, soybean diseases, Larry G. Heatherly, Jeffrey M. Tyler, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 99AUGp.8-9

Fighting Phytophthora, soybean diseases and pests, soybean germplasm resistant to Phytophthora rot and two soybean cyst nematodes (races 3 and 14), D95-5246, soybean pest resistance, Thomas C. Kilen, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 99AUGp.9

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Beneficial Wasps Get ID Tags, biocontrol of the silverleaf whitefly with wasp Encarsia formosa Dennis R. Nelson, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 99APRp.14

What's New? HiMag Fescue, protection from grass tetany caused by too little magnesium, Henry F. Mayland, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 99APRp.15

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A Store-Bought Tomato With Vine-Ripened Taste! plant growth hormone, auxin, Jerry D. Cohen, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99APRp.19

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Two New Peas for the Southeast, pinkeye-type southern peas, Charleston Greenpack and Petite-N-Green, Richard L. Fery, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 99APRp.23

Feeling Ladybugged? new indoor blacklight trap captures beneficial ladybugs, Asian multicolored lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis, W. Louis Tedders, Byron, GA, June Blalock, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99APRp.23

New Genetics Initiatives, two new plant-gene centers and eight new gene-analyzing machines at ARS labs, Perkin-Elmer ABI model 3700 DNA sequencers, Judy St. John and Caird E. Rexroad, Jr., Beltsville MD, Edward H. Coe, Jr., Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 99APRp.23

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Delta MSEA Benefits Local Ecology, Management Systems Evaluation Area, Deep Hollow Lake, Yazoo River, slider turtles, oxbow lakes, Scott S. Knight, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 99MARp.20

Seeking New Controls for Costly Nematodes, methyl bromide, preplant soil fumigation, Caenorhabditis elegans genome sequencing project, David J. Chitwood, William P. Wergin, Susan L.F. Meyer, James K. Nitao, and Andrea M. Skantar, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99MARp.22

Moms' Low Copper Could Harm Newborns, link between copper deficiency during pregnancy and neurological defects, protein kinase C (PKC), W. Thomas Johnson, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 99MARp.24

A Snapshot of Blood Homocysteine Levels, risk of heart disease and stroke, folate, vitamin B12, or vitamin B6, methionine, cysteine, Paul F. Jacques, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 99MARp.25

Trap Crops Prove Irresistible to Diamondbacks, moths, cabbage, broccoli, collard greens, kale, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Everett R. Mitchell, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 99MARp.26

New Soft Wheat Fights Powdery Mildew, new breeding stock, named NC 97BGTAB-10, Steven Leath, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 99MARp.27

Nature-Based Weapon Against Salmonella Is a Top Product of '98, PREEMPT by MS BioScience in Madison, WI, Donald Corrier, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 99MARp.27

Baiting the Mexican Fruit Fly, new chemical lure for traps made from ammonium acetate, putrescine, and methyl butanol, Robert R. Heath, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 99MARp.27

More Dietary Kudos for Oatrim? soluble oat fiber, natural low-calorie fat substitute in foods, antioxidant for fatty acids, soluble beta glucans fibers, Judith Hallfrisch or Kay Behall, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 99MARp.27

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Public Soybean EST Project, identify genes in the soybean genome that are turned on, or expressed, at different stages of plant development, Randy C. Shoemaker, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 99FEBp.8-9

For More Soybeans, Dig Deep, clay soils, dryland production systems, subsoiling, deep tillage, less runoff, less erosion, more yield, Richard A. Wesley and Lowrey A. Smith, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 99FEBp.10

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Coping With Rett Syndrome, a debilitating neurodevelopmental disorder, innovative ways to promote adequate nutrition, improve health, and enhance growth, Kathleen J. Motil, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 99FEBp.20

Sunflowers Add Variety to the Great Plains, crop rotation, wind erosion control, natural snow fences, David C. Nielsen, Akron, CO, (html) or (pdf) 99FEBp.21

Topsoil Is Alive: Keep It Fresh, reclaiming strip-mined Western rangeland, sagebrush, beneficial root-dwelling fungi, mycorrhizae, Gerald E. Schuman, Cheyenne, WY, (html) or (pdf) 99FEBp.21

Weevil Gets Upper Hand With Unruly Weed, biocontrol of yellow starthistle, Eustenopus villosus, Joseph K. Balciunas, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 99FEBp.22

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Two Proteins Determine Wheat Texture, molecular basis for wheat hardness or softness, two proteins called puroindolinespinA and pinB, glycine, Craig Morris, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 98AUGp.27

Spud Book Holds 4,000 Pedigrees, 4,000 pedigrees of North American and European potato varieties, Kathleen G. Haynes, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98AUGp.27

New Homegrown Hop Adds German Zest to Beer, new variety Santiam, Tettnanger, Hallertau, and Saaz, John Henning, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 98AUGp.27

New Ways for an Ancient Science, animal husbandry, sorting livestock sperm for chromosomal content, cryopreservation of pig embryos, evaluating dairy breeding animals, cattle birthing ease, Caird E. Rexroad, Jr., Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.2

Spotting Top-Notch Toms, turkey production, improving the reproductive efficiency, artificial insemination, Beltsville poultry semen extender, Ann M. Donoghue, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.4-7

Tactics Simplify Wasp-Rearing, beneficial Biosteres arisanus, wasps attack Mediterranean fruit flies, Ernest J. Harris, Renato C. Bautista, John P. Spencer, Harvey T. Chan, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.8-9

Setting the Stage To Screen Biocontrol Fungi, Hypomyces, Trichoderma, Gary J. Samuels, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.10

A Prize Pinto, a Better Bean, Burke, genetic package confers high levels of disease resistance against bean common mosaic virus and common necrosis virus and rust fungus, Uromyces appendiculatus. Phillip N. Miklas and Matt J. Silbernagel, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.11

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Testing for Natural Aflatoxin Inhibitors, Aspergillus flavus fungi, corn, test a much wider range of compounds for toxin-producing activity including lipids, Robert A. Norton, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.17

Toppling Tall Whitetop, hungry goats serve as natural controls for this weed that may be poisonous to animals, James A. Young, Robert R. Blank, and Charles D. Clements, Reno, NV, Lynn F. James, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.18-19

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No Ants Allowed!, fire ants, pharaoh ants, patented several noninsecticidal ant repellents, Robert K. Vander Meer, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.20

Induced Heat Resistance in E. Coli, Escherichia coli O157:H7 bacteria, need to adequately cook food, heat-shocking the bacteria is dangerous, Vijay K. Juneja, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.21

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Diatomaceous Earth Wrecks Insects' Internal Water Balance, kills insects in food processing plants, higher heat needed, Alan K. Dowdy, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.22

"Seeing-Eye" Sprayer for Weeds, uses a light reflectance sensor to scan the ground for weeds, then kills them with less herbicide, James E. Hanks, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.22

Making Foods More Healthful Could Add Taste, potential phytonutrient benefits of broccoli, garlic, tea, soybeans, tomatoes, Roger Lawson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.22

Giving Insects a KISS, keep-it-simple sampler for insects, 10 times more efficient than hand-collecting boll weevils, Kenneth R. Beerwinkle, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.23

Milk Fever Gel Is Licensed, ARS-patented gel may cut milk fever in dairy cows by about 50 percent, calcium propionate, Jesse P. Goff, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.23

Corn-Based Heavy Metal Attractants, use corn derivatives to remove lead, copper, zinc, and others from wastewater, citric acid, fiber, Robert E. Wing and David J. Sessa, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 98JULp.23

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New Tests for Chlamydia Strains, bacterium, respiratory disease, conjunctivitis, arthritis, enteritis, and reproductive failure, Arthur A. Andersen and Karin D.E. Everett, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.7

HydrodyneExploding Meat Tenderness, shock waves from explosives tenderize beef, Morse B. Solomon and Bradford W. Berry, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.8-10

Cattle Gain on Pasture-Finishing, beef, grass, wheat pasture, Old World Bluestem, William A. Phillips and Samuel W. Coleman, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.11

Managing Poultry Manure Nutrients, fertilizer, water runoff, aluminum sulfate, alum, ammonia, Philip A. Moore, Jr., and Thomas J. Sauer, Fayetteville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.12-13

Mid-Oleic Sunflower Hybrids Debut, produce a healthful vegetable oil, NuSun, oleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acid, vitamin E, Jerry F. Miller and Brady A. Vick, Fargo, ND, Kathleen A. Warner, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.14-15

GPS Helps Put Manure Where It Counts, applying livestock waste, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, global positioning system satellite technology, precision farming, James S. Schepers, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.16

New Biotech Test for Cotton Pests, monoclonal antibody test to distinguish between tobacco budworms and cotton bollworms, timing insecticide applications, pyrethroids, Matthew H. Greenstone, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.16

Coupled Antibodies Fend Off Mastitis, Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus uberus, dairy, cows, neutrophil, hydrogen peroxide, Max J. Paape and Yan Wang, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.17

In-Stream Wetland Improves Water Quality, pollution, nonpoint source nitrogen in rivers, Herrings Marsh Run watershed, USDA Water Quality Demonstration Project, Patrick G. Hunt, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.18

Poplars That Cope With Salty Water, fast-growing hybrid, suck up leftover water drained from irrigated farmlands, chloride salt, boron, and selenium, Michael C. Shannon, Riverside, CA, Gary S. Banuelos, Fresno, CA, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.19

Teamwork Boosts Biopesticides' Potential, microencapsulation, cooperators in Mexico, starch, Michael R. McGuire, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.20-22

Antifungal Peptides Could Protect Cotton, genetic engineering peptides into plants, Aspergillus flavus, Anthony J. De Lucca, John M. Bland, Jeffrey W. Cary, and Kanniah Rajasekaran, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.23

Faster ID of Wheat Resistant to BYD Virus, Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus, polymerase chain reaction, PCR test for, Joseph M. Anderson, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.24-25

Handle This Spinach With Care, Florida Everglades, water weed, irradiation to prevent sprouting, Thai K. Van, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.26

Look Out for Leaf Scorch, oaks and elms, bacterial leaf scorch, sycamores, and maples, Xylella fastidiosa, Jo-Ann Bentz, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.27

Preemptive Strike Against Salmonella, chickens, blend of beneficial bacteria, Preempt, MS Bioscience of Dundee, Illinois, Donald Corrier, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.27

Dragnet for Cucumber Mosaic Virus, new commercial test for, CMV attacks tomatoes, cucumbers, and many other crops, Hei-Ti Hsu, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98JUNp.27

Research That Goes Beyond the Farm Gate, forum, agricultural raw materials, cost-effective use, fiber optic probes, chicken carcasses, permanent-press cotton fabric, Time-Temperature Tolerance Project, frozen vegetables, frozen condensed orange juice, staple-core and filament-core spinning, E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes, meat-packing and hide-tanning industries, L. Frank Flora, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.2

Automated Chicken Inspection, near-infrared and visible light scans, Tyson Food's, poultry processing, spectral cameras, spectrophotometer, septicemia, tears, bruises, or tumors, Yud-Ren Chen, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.4-5

Giving Broilers a Firmer Leg To Stand On, bone disorders, tibial dyschondroplasia, collagen, Narayan Rath, Fayetteville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.6

Milk Is Milk . . . or Is It?, elephant, various mammal species, nutrients, amino acids, glutamate, leucine, and proline, cystine, arginine, Teresa A. Davis, Peter J. Reeds, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.7

Exploiting Plants' Protective Proteins, pathogenesis-related proteins, chitinases and glucanases, CRADA, KeyPlex 250-DP, 350-DP, and 445-DP, fertilizer supplements, yellow and black Sigatoka, citrus, benzothiadiazole, West Indies sugarcane rootstalk borer weevil, Diaprepes abbreviatus, Richard T. Mayer, Orlando, FL, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.8-10

Corn Rootworms Get Juiced, red dye, bitter, mutant watermelon, cucurbitacin E-glycoside, phloxine B, insecticide, Robert F.W. Schroder, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.11

Giant Soybeans Have Multiple Uses, forage, grain, oil and protein, ensilage, Phytophthora root rot, Thomas E. Devine, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.12

Grass Tailored Just for Putting Greens, TifEagle, bermudagrass, golf courses, forage and turfgrass, Wayne W. Hanna, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.13

NIR Detects, Destroys Insect Pests, peanuts, wheat, scanning with near-infrared energy, lesser grain borer, rice weevil, and maize weevil, James E. Throne, Floyd E. Dowell and James E. Baker, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.14

Synthetics Mimic Natural Brain Chemicals, artificial neuropeptides, corn earworms, halt molting, upset mating, alter digestion, or disturb water balance, Ronald J. Nachman, G. Mark Holman, College Station, TX, Peter E.A. Teal, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.15

DECI: Information Age Tool for the Cattle Industry, Decision Evaluator for the Cattle Industry, beef, Thomas G. Jenkins, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.16-19

Detecting Marblingon the Hoof, sidebar, steak, estimating how a carcass will grade, ultrasound scanning systems, Michael D. MacNeil, Miles City, MT, (html) 98MAYp.19

Designer Composts To Fight Farm Pollutants, Pfiesteria, Chesapeake Bay, Pfiesteria piscicida, dinoflagellates, compost chicken litter, 2-acre composting center, Lawrence J. Sikora and Randall K. Townsend, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.20-22

Low-Phytic-Acid Corn Gets First License, cut water pollution, phosphorus, Victor Raboy, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.23

The Buzz on Russian Bees: They're Research Ready, resist varroa and tracheal mites, Tom Rinderer, Baton Rouge, LA, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.23

Company Gets License To Dye Fruit Flies, PhotoDye International, Inc., of Baltimore, MD, bait-dye product, SureDye, Robert Mangan, Weslaco, TX, Steven Peck, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 98MAYp.23

Teaming Up To Examine Planet Earth, El Nino, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), soil moisture experts, SGP97, Southern Great Plains 97 project, MODIS satellite, David A. Farrell, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.2

World Weather: The Soil Has a Role Too, Southern Great Plains 97 Project (SGP97), soil moisture, climate-monitoring Mission to Planet Earth, tornadoes, Little Washita, Walnut Gulch, ESTAR, for Electronically Scanned Thinned Array Microwave Radiometer, AMSR, or Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer, Thomas J. Jackson and William P. Kustas, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.4-9

A Good Place To Start the SGP97, sidebar, Southern Great Plains 97 Project, climate and soil moisture research, 236-square-mile Little Washita River experimental watershed, SHAWMSSoil Heat and Water Measurement System, Patrick J. Starks, El Reno, OK, (html) 98APRp.5

FractalsA Bridge to the Future for Soil Science, fractal geometry, spatial variability, Bahman Eghball, Lincoln, NE, Laj Ahuja, Fort Collins, CO, Raymond R. Allmaras, St. Paul, MN, Yakov Pachepsky, Lawrence J. Sikora, Walter J. Rawls, Daniel Gimenez, and Jerry C. Ritchie, Yud-Ren Chen, Beltsville, MD, John A. Nienaber, G. LeRoy Hahn, and Roger Eigenberg, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.10-13

What To Expect From Mothers in the Military, female soldier, pregnancy, Baylor College of Medicine, calorie needs, body composition, and physical ability, hydrodensitometry, Nancy F. Butte and Judy M. Hopkinson, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.14-16

Deep-Rooted Safflower Cuts Fertilizer Losses, Carthamus tinctorius L., crop rotation, Donald L. Tanaka and Stephen D. Merrill, Mandan, ND, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.17

Harvesting Drugs From Medicinal Plants, annual wormwood, Artemisia annua, malaria-fighting, artemisinin, St. John's-wort, hypericin, anti-viral and anti-cancer, Stephen O. Duke, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.18-20

Better Cold-Weather Starts for Biodiesel Fuel, soybean oil, waxy crystals, winterization process, lower cetane number, Robert O. Dunn and Gerhard H. Knothe, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.21

Hard-To-Control Weeds Need a Mix of Measures, Hemp dogbane, waterhemp, leafy spurge, cocklebur, and thistle, combined herbicides, controlled burning, and replanting, integrated weed management strategies, ALS-resistant biotypes, Robert A. Masters, Lincoln, NE, Loyd Wax, Urbana, IL, Douglas D. Buhler, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.22-23

Measuring Odors From Livestock Operations, mechanical air-sampling device, manure, hydrogen sulfide, acids, ammonia, phenols, and indoles, Jerry L. Hatfield, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.24

Transgenic Alfalfa Yields New Products, phytase, phosphorus, additional proteins, xanthophyll, Richard G. Koegel, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.25

Beltsville Symposium XXIII: Food Quality and Safety, Salmonella, E. coli, Cyclospora, pathogens, Kenneth C. Gross and Chien Yi Wang, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.28

Two New Maples Resist Bugs, Cold, trees, Red Rocket, U.S. National Plant Germplasm System, Alden M. Townsend, Glenn Dale, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.26

Fungal Enzyme Could Help Livestock Retain Phosphate, phytase, phosphorus, water pollutant, manure, Edward Mullaney and Jaffor Ullah, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.26

New Kids' Diet Survey, What We Eat in America, children under 10 years old, food assistance and nutrition education, Sharon Mickle, Riverdale, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.26

Navaho Blackberries May Firm Up Domestic Berry Market, longer shelf life, export test, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Lane, OK, (html) or (pdf) 98APRp.26

Speeding Inventions AlongFrom Lab to Marketplace, forum, technology transfer, Biotechnology Research and Development Corp. (BRDC), Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation (AARC), Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant Program, Peter B. Johnsen and C. Andrew Watkins, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.2

Public-Private Partnership Boosts Public Benefits, federal inventions, Biotechnology Research and Development Corp, BRDC, Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986, cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs), Peter B. Johnsen, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.4-7

Harvester Picks Ripe Citrus Faster, orange juice, foliage shakers, Donald L. Peterson, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.8-9

Pest-Proofing Food Packaging, stored products, red flour beetle, confused flour beetle, sawtoothed grain beetle, Indianmeal moth, and almond moth, (CRADA) with International Paper of Loveland, OH, Michael A. Mullen, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.10-11

Foods, Phytonutrients, and Health, broccoli and cauliflower, phytoestrogens, soybeans, plant anthocyanins, Carla Fjeld, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.12

Vegetarians, Watch Your Zinc!, meat, fish, and poultry, beans and peas, Janet R. Hunt, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.13

Women May Need More Folate, B vitamin folate (folic acid), spina bifida, birth defects, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, homocysteine, Robert A. Jacob, Presidio of San Francisco, CA, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.14-16

Special Dietary Guidelines for Teenage Mothers, women nursing a baby, breast milk production, Kathleen Motil, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.17-18

Vitrification Keeps Pig Embryos Viable, liquid nitrogen, cryopreservation, John R. Dobrinsky, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.19-20

Compression Puts the Squeeze on Hay Pests, hydrogen phosphide, Hessian flies, timothy, alfalfa, oat, bermudagrass, and sudangrass, Victoria Y. Yokoyama, Fresno, CA (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.21

Tackling Ticks That Spread Lyme Disease, blacklegged deer ticks, Ixodes scapularis, biological control with roundworms, nematodes, Dolores E. Hill, Patricia C. Allen, and John F. Carroll, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.22-24

Altered Baculovirus Dooms Corn Earworms, appetite-stopping hormone, helicokinin-II (Hez-HK-II), peptide, Ashok K. Raina, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.25

Insect Salivary Proteins Prevent Blood Clotting, mosquitoes, gnats, biting flies, midges, Culicoides variipennis, bluetongue,Walter J. Tabachnick and Adalberto Perez de Leon, Laramie, WY, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.26

Spice May Be Nice for Controlling a Chicken Parasite, Eimeria protozoa, cecum, cucurmin, turmeric, Patricia Allen, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.27

Microscopic Ally Fights Fruit Rot Grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, beneficial fungus against green mold, Geotrichum candidum, Cynthia C. Eayre, Fresno, CA, (html) or (pdf) 98MAR p.27

Low Blood Protein May Mean Infection, Not Malnutrition, transferrin, Farook Jahoor, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 98MARp.27

Restoring Stream Corridors, flood prevention and erosion control, sedimentation, handbook Stream Corridor Restoration: Principles, Processes, and Practices. David A. Farrell, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.2

Natural Environmental Protection Agents, grass and forest buffers protect stream water, pollutants, erosion, riparian zones, grass hedges, rainfall simulator, nitrate leaching, Pfiesteria piscicida, chicken manure, fish kills, Little River Watershed, REMM (Riparian Ecosystem Management Model) turf grass seed, Richard Lowrance, Robert K. Hubbard, Tifton, GA, Stephen M. Griffith, Corvallis, OR, Ron R. Schnabel, University Park, PA, Seth M. Dabney, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.4

Biofilms Less Likely on Electropolished Steel, stainless, bacterial, poultry processing, Judy W. Arnold, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 98FEB p.10

Keeping Freshness in Fresh-Cut Produce, prolong shelf life, chilling injury, methyl jasmonate, abscisic acid, Botrytis cinerea, citric acid and N-acetylcysteine, Kenneth C. Gross, Chien Yi Wang, J. George Buta, Harold E. Moline, Judith A. Abbott, David Smith, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.12

IntelliGinImproved Cotton Ginning Technology, automated cotton extraction and grading equipment, sampling devices, electrical moisture sensors, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.15

INTERBULL Shows How U.S. Bulls Stack Up, (International Bull Evaluation Service) semen, dairy cows, milk production, National Dairy Herd Improvement Association, Rex L. Powell, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.16

Pigeonpea, a Summer Legume for Wheat Growers, rotation crop, forage, grazing livestock, Srinivas C. Rao, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.17

New Process Improves Wheat Flour Separation, gluten and starch, uses ethanol, pentosans, George H. Robertson, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.17

Starry Sky Beetle, Asian longhorn beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis, maple syrup and lumber industries, woodboring pest, Steve Lingafelter, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.18

Gel Could Stop Two Mites With One Treatment, formic acid, honey bees, tracheal and varroa mites, fluvalinate, Mark Feldlaufer, Beltsville, MD, (science update) (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.19

Nationwide Poultry Microbe Hunt Under Way, survey, chicken pathogens, Salmonella and Campylobacter, Norman Stern, Athens, GA, (science update) (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.19

Helpful Wasp Recruited To Fight Cotton Pest, San Joaquin Valley, black wasps, biocontrol against aphids, Lysiphlebia japonica, Raymond K. Yokomi, Fresno, CA, (science update) (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.19

Papaya Enzyme Tenderizes Abalone, Haliotis fulgens, Haliotis cracherodii, papain, collagen, Brenda Lyon, Athens, GA, (science update) (html) or (pdf) 98FEBp.19

Fabulous FruitWithout Fumigation, cherries, apples, mangoes, grapefruit, avocados, papayas, carambola, and bananas, irradiation, heat, cold, traps, biological controls, quarantine, Mediterranean fruit flies, methyl bromide and phosphine, codling moth, controlled atmospheres, Kenneth W. Vick, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.2

Heated Air Blasts Papaya Pests, high-temperature-forced-air, Hawaii, Mediterranean fruit fly, oriental fruit fly, and melon fly, alternative to fumigation, John W. Armstrong and Steven A. Brown, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.4

What Works in Hawaii Is Also Good in Texas, (sidebar), citrus pest, Mexican fruit fly, hot-forced-air treatments, grapefruit, Valencia oranges, and tangerines, Rio Grande Valley, controlled atmosphere, Robert L. Mangan and Krista Shellie, Weslaco, TX, (html) 98JANp.6

Probing Plants' Water Needs, computerized irrigation system, time domain reflectometry (TDR), water, neutron probes. Software available from Steven R. Evett, Bushland, TX, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.7

Florida Growers Like Lychees and Longans, not Caribbean fruit fly hosts, Walter P. Gould, Raymond G. McGuire, and Jennifer L. Sharp, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.8

An Ounce of Prevention Equals Pounds of Milk, brown stomach worm, Ostertagia ostertagi, roundworm, dairy and beef cattle, rotational grazing system, Louis C. Gasbarre, Beltsville, MD, William L. Stout, University Park, PA, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.10

Ubi7New Tool for Potato Breeders, promoter, ubiquitin7, genetic engineering, soft rot, Erwinia carotovora, William R. Belknap, Albany, CA, Dennis L. Corsini and Joseph J. Pavek, Aberdeen, ID, Peter H. Quail, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.12

Fire Blight Control, Nature's Way, apples, pears, biocontrol of Erwinia amylovora, bacteria, streptomycin, copper, Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf-A506, Joyce E. Loper, Virginia O. Stockwell, Corvallis, OR, Larry Pusey, Rodney G. Roberts, Wenatchee, WA, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.14

Biological Warfare Against Beet Armyworms, caterpillars, corn, cotton, soybeans, tomatoes, and other vegetables, biocontrol with Spodoptera exigua nuclear polyhedrosis virus (SeNPV), parasitic wasp Cotesia marginventris, P. Glynn Tillman, Mississippi State, MS, Randy Bell and Doug Streett, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.17

Range Reseeding Relies on Rodents, kangaroo rats and chipmunks, Indian ricegrass, antelope bitterbrush, cattle, mule deer, squirrels, William S. Longland, Reno, NV, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.18

Keeping Pesticides on Target, high magnification, x-ray technology, and computer imaging software, crystals, electron beam analysis, or EBA, chlorothalonil, copper hydroxide, Charles R. Krause, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.20

Bigger, Better Berries Available Soon, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, Black Butte, Siskiyou, Chandler, Bluecrop, Firecracker and Independence, Chad E. Finn, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.21

Foxtail Millet for the Central Plains, crop rotations with wheat, Golden German, Manta, White Wonder, Butte, cattle grazing, Randy L. Anderson, Akron, CO, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.22

Hypernodulating Gene Found in Soybeans, nitrogen fixation, bacteria, ammonia, mung bean root, James E. Harper, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.22

Feeding Soil Microorganisms To Reduce a Water Pollutant, conservation tillage, beneficial microbes break down atrazine, Jeffrey M. Novak, Florence, SC, (science update) (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.23

Some Texas Wheats Don't Bow to Hessian Flies, high yield and resistance to leaf rust, J.H. Hatchett, Manhattan, KS, (science update) (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.23

Computer Program Helps the Honey Bee Business Keep Buzzing Along, BK-ECONOMICS, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Tucson, AZ, (science update) (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.23

C Supplements Deter Cataracts, vitamin C, women, oxidation of proteins, Paul F. Jacques, Boston, MA, (science update) (html) or (pdf) 98JANp.23

To Restore the Everglades, It Takes Teamwork, forum, Florida, citrus, winter and spring vegetables, sugarcane, rice, ornamentals, biocontrol, ecology, soil subsidence, melaleuca, Dale A. Bucks, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.2

Aussie Weevil Opens Attack on Rampant Melaleuca, Florida Everglades, biocontrol with melaleuca leaf weevil, Oxyops vitiosa, tube-dwelling moth, gall-forming fly, paperbark tree, Australia, sawfly Lophyrotoma zonalis, Boreioglycaspis melaleucae, or melaleuca psyllid, Joseph K. Balciunas, Albany, CA, Gary R. Buckingham, Gainesville, FL, Ted D. Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.4

Changing Sugarcane to Aid the Everglades, pollen storage at minus 180oC, sugarcane varieties for high water tables, sawgrass, cattail, phosphorus, soil subsidence, Barry Glaz and Peter Y. Tai, Canal Point, FL, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.8

Sprinkler Head Matches Waterflow to Soil Needs, cuts erosion, pollution, center pivot irrigation system, Dennis C. Kincaid, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.11

Corn Fiber Yields Oil and Gum Products, new corn fiber oil, white corn fiber gum, ethanol, new products, technology transfer, AmaizingOil, corn gluten feed, hemicellulose, Robert A. Norton, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.12

Imported Wasps Work Well as Biological Controls, biocontrol of alfalfa plant bugs, parasitic wasps, Peristenus digoneutis and P. conradi, William H. Day, Newark, DE, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.14

New Safeguards Against Glycoalkaloids, plant breeders have new test for, tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants, monoclonal antibody, Sol-129, genetic engineering for less glycoalkaloids, William R. Belknap, Mendel Friedman, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.16

T-Cell Testing Made Easy, marginal nutritional deficiencies, cellular immune competence, cytokines, interleukin-2 (IL-2), interferon-gamma, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF), Tim R. Kramer, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.18

Phony Pheromone Foils Gypsy Moth Males, mini pheromone dispensers in tree canopies, Disparlure, sex attractant, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Kevin W. Thorpe, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.20

Lab Diet for Wasps Spells Trouble for Potato Beetles, biocontrol of Colorado potato beetles, parasitic wasp, Edovum puttleri, Dale Gelman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.21

In Future, Potato Chips-To-Be May Not Need a Warm-Up, cold storage potatoes need month long warming, or reconditioning period, Solanum raphanifolium, Robert E. Hanneman, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.21

"No Hands" Scale, weighs objects dangerous to touch, such as molten ceramics and glass using microwave resonant cavity technology, Stuart O. Nelson, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 97DECp.21

Big or SmallAll Farmers Gain From Research, forum, thornless blackberries, shiitake mushrooms, lesquerella, pine tree plantings, pine needles, Richard L. Dunkle, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.2

Growers Support Research That Supports Farming, Swan Lake Farm, Barnes-Aastad Soil and Water Conservation Research Association, tillage and erosion, soil freezings, weed emergence in crops, and cross-pollinating of corn hybrids, WeedCast, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Ward B. Voorhees, Mark E. Westgate, and Frank Forcella, Morris, MN, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.4

FarmWin 97a Window on Farming's Future, computerized recordkeeping, Sam Alessi, Morris, MN, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.8

New Money-Making Options With Trees, agroforestry, silvopasture, alley cropping, cattle, grass, black walnut, pecan, loblolly pine, pulpwood, timber, and pine straw, corn, muscadine grapes, ginseng, Panax quinquifolia, sage, Salvia officinalis, thyme, Thymus serpyllum, St. Johnswort, Hypericum, and chamomile, Matricaria recuttia, Catalino A. Blanche and Robert Webster, AR, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.10

Fungus, Corn Plants Team Up To Stymie Borer Pest, biocontrol, European corn borer, Beauveria bassiana, Leslie C. Lewis, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.12

New Soybeans Fill Tofu Niche, natto variety, Pearl, phytoestrogens, NTCPR92-40, Thomas E. Carter, Raleigh, NC, 97NOVp.13

America's First Grape, the Muscadine, Vitis rotundifolia, resveratrol, lowering cholesterol, ellagic acid, scuppernong, James B. Magee, Poplarville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.14

Focusing on Field-Size Watersheds, Treynor, IA, conservation, soil erosion, crop rotation, sustainable agriculture, nitrogen fertilizer, crop residue, Douglas L. Karlen, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.17

Monitoring, Treating Brucellosis in Bison, Yellowstone National Park, buffalo, elk, Brucella abortus, undulant fever, vaccine, RB51, moose, Steven C. Olsen, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.18

A New Melon Disease: Yellow Vine, cucurbit, BLO, or bacterium-like organism, cantelope, leafhopper, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, trap cropping with squash, Benny D. Bruton and Sam D. Pair, Lane, OK, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.20

Could Wheat Bran Fight Colon Cancer? raw or processed bran, colonic crypt cells, Wallace H. Yokoyama, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.23

Obesity Research Could Lead to Leaner Pork, two hormones, neuropeptide-Y and leptin affect appetite, C. Richard Barb, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.23

New Equations Reduce Manure Risk, waste storage systems that adequately protect streams and rivers from nitrogen and other nutrients in manure, compost, water quality, pollution, Victor A. Wilkerson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 97NOVp.23

Going Areawide Makes IPM Goal Practical, forum, integrated pest management, Edward F. Knipling, sterile-male release technique, biocontrol, pesticide, screwworm, corn rootworm, Robert M. Faust, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.2

Corn Belt Growers Give Areawide IPM a Try, integrated pest management (IPM) powdered wild buffalo gourd root, carbaryl insecticide, Sevin, Cucurbitacins, low-insecticide bait, SLAM, corn rootworms, Robert M. Faust, Beltsville, MD, Laurence D. Chandler, Brookings, SD, James R. Coppedge, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.4

Holding Soil Fungi at Bay, Phytophthora sojae attacks soybeans, Phytophthora root rot, sudden death syndrome (SDS), Rps gene, phytoalexin, Fusarium solani and F. oxysporum, T. Scott Abney, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.8

Insect Pollinators Help Preserve Plant Treasures, caged bees, ARS North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station, keeping genetic variability, plant germplasm collections, honey bees, Peter K. Bretting, Craig Abel, Richard Wilson, and Mark Widrlechner, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.10

For Pepper Growers, Built-in Nematode Resistance, fumigant methyl bromide, southern root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, Charleston Belle and Carolina Wonder, N gene, Richard L. Fery, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.12

Gin Managers Cotton To Training Classes, transfer ginning technology, school, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.14

Steaming Out the Salmonella Risk, steam device that kills bacteria on the surface of raw meat, bacteria, Arthur I. Morgan, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.16

Colored Mulch Starves Nematodes, root knot nematodes, South Carolina tomato fields, plastic, Michael J. Kasperbauer, Patrick G. Hunt, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.18

Good Nutrition Strengthens Cattle Immunity, balanced protein feed strengthens immune system, cytokines-nitric oxide response, endotoxins, Ted H. Elsasser, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.19

Teaming With Experts To Improve Peanuts, expert systems, EXNUT, MNUT, HARVPRO, PNTPLAN, TILNUT, PECMAN, STORNUT, SHELNUT, VNUT, Jim Davidson, Jay Williams, Dawson, GA, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.20

New Process Keeps Biocontrols Alive Longer, fungi and bacteria, biocontrol of weeds, Stabileze, Paul C. Quimby, Jr., Anthony J. Caesar, and Nina K. Zidack, Sidney, MT, William J. Connick, Jr., New Orleans, LA, Clyde D. Boyette, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.22

GlomalinSoil's Superglue, common root-dwelling fungi secrete unique protein, soil aggregates, Sara E. Wright, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.22

Cook-and-Serve Meals for Bugs, liver and ground beef new lab diet for mass-rearing Diapetimorpha introita parasitic wasps and spined soldier bugs. CRADA, biocontrol, Patrick D. Greany, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.23

Hormone Could Make Suckers the Baitfish of Choice, human chorionic gonadatropin (HCG), encourages them to spawn, Gerald M. Ludwig, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.23

New Sensor Is Anti-Smear Campaign for Soil, smooth, dense layer in furrows, restricts shoot and root growth, sensor technology, Donald C. Erbach, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 97OCTp.23

Many Rewards From International Cooperation, forum, honey bees, gene for wheat in aluminum soils, mosquitoes, apple germplasm, floral industry, A. Rick Bennett, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97SEPp.2

GEM Searches for Treasures in Exotic Maize, tropical or other exotic corn Germplasm Enhancement for Maize, hybrids, Marty L. Carson, Raleigh, NC, Linda M. Pollak, Susan A. Duvick, Mack N. Shen, Ames, IA, pdf 97SEPp.4

Soybean Cyst Nematodes, Look Out!, Heterodera glycines, biocontrol with bacterial parasite Pasteuria, Gregory R. Noel, Urbana, IL, pdf 97SEPp.7

Floral GemsNew Blooms for America's Markets, U.S. National Arboretum, Ornithogalum, ARC Fynbos, South Africa, gladiolus and amaryllis, Plumbago, Pelargonium (geranium), proteas, Thomas S. Elias, Washington, DC, Ruxton H. Villet, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97SEPp.8

Cooperation Delivers Livestock Embryos, cryo-preserved Romosinuano cattle embryos, APHIS, foot and mouth disease, Chad C. Chase, Jr. and Andrew C. Hammond, Brooksville, FL, pdf 97SEPp.14

Reviving Trap Cropping, cucumber beetles and squash bugs, watermelon, cantaloupe, biocontrol, beneficial insects, lacewing, Sam D. Pair, Benny D. Bruton, Lane, OK, pdf 97SEPp.16

Stopping Erosion With Gypsum and PAM, soil amendment, irrigation, water infiltration, rill erosion, gullies, L. Darrell Norton, West Lafayette, IN, pdf 97SEPp.18

Polyacrylamide Keeps Soil in Its Place, water erosion, irrigation furrows, polyacrylamide, or PAM, infiltration, Robert E. Sojka and Rodrick L. Lentz, Kimberly, ID, pdf 97SEPp.21

Helping Cereals Resist Head Scab, wheat, rye, barley, fungus Fusarium graminearum, disarmed the fungus' ability to produce its toxin trichothecene, Thomas M. Hohn, Peoria, IL, pdf 97SEPp.22

Steadfast Trefoil's a Survivor, birdsfoot trefoil, fine-stemmed, yellow-flowered legume crop that spreads by rhizomes, nonbloating, Paul R. Beuselinck, Columbia, MO, pdf 97SEPp.22

Let Us Eat Tastier Rice Cake, flavor added, (CRADA) between ARS and Wehah Farm, Inc., of Richvale, California. William J. Orts, Albany, CA, pdf 97SEPp.23

Silenced, Corn Genes May Speak, genetic engineering, Trait Utility System for Corn, TUSC, loss-of-function, Sarah C. Hake, Albany, CA, pdf 97SEPp.23

Prettier Pea Soup, deeper green or a brighter yellow, disease resistance, new varieties, Joel, Fallon, Shawnee, Frederick J. Muehlbauer, Pullman, WA, pdf 97SEPp.23

Elk Unaffected by Pine Toxin, pregnant elk that eat Ponderosa pine needles develop no reproductive problems, cattle, waxy lipids, postpartum hemorrhages, Robert Short, Miles City, MT, pdf 97SEPp.23

Making More Cropland by Tinkering With Plants, forum, poor drainage, limited root zones, limited natural fertility, poor water availability, or high erosion potential, Aluminum toxicity, drought tolerance, salty conditions, Michael D. Jawson, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97AUGp.2

AERENCHYMAFor Crop Survivability, air passages allow Eastern gamagrass roots to penetrate hardpan soils and tolerate both droughts and floods, apomixis, teosinte, corn, soybeans, Rich Zobel, Ithaca, NY, Tara T. VanToai, Columbus, OH, E. Eugene Alberts, Columbia, MO, Bryan K. Kindiger, Chet Dewald, Jeffrey D. Ray, Woodward, OK, Thomas R. Sinclair, Gainesville, FL, John W. Radin, Dale A. Bucks, Charles D. Foy, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97AUGp.4

Mouth-Watering New Fruits, embryo rescue, peaches, nectarines, grape, apricot, Spring Baby, Spring Gem, and Autumn Red, Crimson Red, September Free, Robada apricot, pdf 97AUGp.9

Less Fire, More Science for Grass Growers, burning grass seed straw in the Willamette Valley, blind seed disease, ryegrass, oxyfluorfen, metolachlor, and pendimethalin, Stephen C. Alderman, Bill Pfender, Reed E. Barker, George W. Mueller-Warrant, Lloyd F. Elliott, Donald B. Churchill, Jeffrey J. Steiner, Stephen M. Griffith, Corvallis, OR, pdf 97AUGp.12

Boosting Ellagic Acid in Strawberries, ellagitannins, John L. Maas, Gene J. Galletta, and Shiow Y. Wang, Beltsville, MD, Barbara J. Smith and James B. Magee, Poplarville, MS, pdf 97AUGp.16

Smoking Out Bee Mites, varroa mites, honey bee, fluvalinate, pyrethroid, creosote bush, gobernadora, dried grapefruit leaves, Frank A. Eischen, Weslaco, TX, pdf 97AUGp.19

Fungal Rivalry Protects Tomatoes, pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum fungi, benign saprophytic strains, Race 3, methyl bromide, induced systemic resistance, biocontrol, Deborah R. Fravel and Robert P. Larkin, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97AUGp.20

Enzyme Catalyst for Solventless Extractions, supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) with lipase, carbon dioxide gas, Janet M. Snyder, Peoria, IL, pdf 97AUGp.22

Winter Wheat Gets New Resistance to Hessian Fly, Mayetiola destructor, cultivar named Grant, biocontrol, Roger H. Ratcliffe, West Lafayette, IN, pdf 97AUGp.22

Convenience Food for Good Bugs, liver and ground beef, new lab diet for mass-rearing pest-eating insects, parasitic wasp Diapetimorpha introita, and spined soldier bug, CRADA, lady beetle, Coleomegilla maculata, biocontrol, Patrick D. Greany, Gainesville, FL, pdf 97AUGp.23

Keeping Cattle Cool, Temperature-Humidity Index (THI), G. LeRoy Hahn, Clay Center, NE, pdf 97AUGp.23

Getting Texas Farmers the Fax on Crop Water Needs, weather station network facsimile, irrigation, Terry Howell, Bushland, TX, pdf 97AUGp.23

Will Cotton Fiber "Muscle Up"? stronger fiber, Agracetus, transgenic cotton, O. Lloyd May, pdf 97AUGp.23

Global ChangeWhat Will It Do to Agriculture? forum, climate, weather, carbon dioxide, (CO2), greenhouse gases, temperature, and precipitation patterns, Herman S. Mayeux, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97JULp.02

Preparing Agriculture for a Changing World, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, (CO2), global climate change, environment, tillage, climate forcing, methane, nitrous oxide, nitrogen fertilizers and manure, FACE, Free Air CO2Enrichment project, ozone, EPIC, RZWQM, CREAMS, SRM, WEPP, SHAW, NLEAP and SPUR2, SALSAthe SemiArid Land Surface Atmosphere Program, Herman S. Mayeux, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97JULp.4

The Ozone HoleA Different Issue, sidebar, oxygen, air pollutant, protective layer, pdf 97JULp.4

RZWQMModeling Effects of Farm Decisions, Root Zone Water Quality Model, soil and movement of chemicals, groundwater quality, pollution, Zeneca Ag Products of Wilmington, DE, Best Management Practices, Lajpat R. Ahuja, Hamid Farahani, Jon D. Hanson, Ken W. Rojas, and Marvin J. Shaffer, Gerald W. Buchleiter, Fort Collins, CO, and E. Eugene Alberts, Columbia, MO, pdf 97JULp.18

Mending the Ties That Bind, simple repair for cotton bales, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, pdf 97JULp.20

String Trimmers for Curbing Weeds in Row Crops, weed whacker, corn and soybeans, reduced herbicide use, less water pollution, William W. Donald, Columbia, MO, pdf 97JULp.21

New Clues to Wheat Hardness, flour, bread, starch, gluten, friabilins, Craig F. Morris, Pullman, WA, pdf 97JULp.21

Dogwood, Hydrangea Chemicals Foil Key Crop Pests, biocontrol of corn earworm and fall armyworm, black cherry, Bradford pear trees, Billy R. Wiseman and James E. Carpenter, Tifton, GA, pdf 97JULp.22

Fuzzy Leaves Confuse Fungi, leaf hair, Puccinia recondita, a fungal disease of wheat and rye, rust, David L. Long, St. Paul, MN, pdf 97JULp.22

Technique Squeezes Potential Anti-Cancer Compound From Citrus, limonoid glucosides, citrus molasses, Shin Hasegawa, Albany, CA, pdf 97JULp.23

Wild Wheat Offers New Mildew Resistance, powdery mildew, a fungal disease, cell tissue culture, biocontrol, Steven Leath, Raleigh, NC, pdf 97JULp.23

Salmonella Gives Up a Few Secrets, bacterium, mouse spleen, chicken eggs, Jean Guard-Petter, Athens, GA, pdf 97JULp.23

Second Areawide IPM Assault: Corn Rootworms the Target, ARS-developed bait, integrated pest management (IPM) project, powdered wild buffalo gourd roots, cucurbitacin, carbaryl insecticide, Larry Chandler, Brookings, SD, pdf 97JULp.23

Diet Critical to Mass-Rearing Beneficials, forum, biocontrol, IPM, integrated pest management, rearing beneficial insects, Raymond I. Carruthers, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97JUNp.2

Mass-Reared Insects Get Fast-Food, biocontrol, big-eyed bugs, Geocoris punctipes, and lacewings, Chrysoperla carnea, sweetpotato and other whiteflies, aphids, scale insects, moth eggs and larvae, and mealybugs, artificial diets of ground beef and beef liver, fish innards, oysters, Thomas J. Henneberry, Phoenix, AZ, Allen C. Cohen, Mississippi State, MI, pdf 97JUNp.4

Fire Blight Under Wraps, bacterium, Erwinia amylovora, attacks pear and apple, whole-tree arborsphere, plastic growth chamber, Tom van der Zwet, Kearneysville, WV, pdf 97JUNp.8

Cotton Drying System Saves Energy, conveyor-belt dryer instead of conventional tower dryer, cotton gin, Roy V. Baker and J. Weldon Laird, Lubbock, TX, pdf 97JUNp.11

Making the Most of Manure, source of nutrients for feed crops and a fertilizer, ammonia gas, Barbara P. Glenn, Beltsville, MD, Robert J. Wright, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97JUNp.12

Livestock Behavior Facility Opens, cattle and hogs, animals response to stress, Heb-Williams maze, Julie Morrow-Tesch, West Lafayette, IN, pdf 97JUNp.14

Cannabinoid Receptors Key to Stress Response, compounds that influence livestock behavior, Gary D. Weesner, West Lafayette, IN, pdf 97JUNp.15

Foods To Be Fortified With Folic Acid, Vitamin B enriched breads, flours, cornmeals, rice, pastas, and other grain products, less risk of spina bifida, birth defect, high homocysteine risk factor in coronary artery disease, Framingham Heart Study, Katherine L. Tucker, Boston, MA, pdf 97JUNp.16

MAYSIN: a Natural Insecticide From Corn Silk, genetic engineering, biocontrol, corn earworm, alfalfa, cotton, peanuts, and tomatoes, Michael D. McMullen and Patrick Byrne, Columbia, MO, pdf 97JUNp.18

Mir1 Gene Stalls Corn Pests, fall armyworms and southwestern corn borers, rare natural enzyme that curbs the caterpillars' appetite, 33 kd cysteine proteinase, biocontrol, genetic engineering, W. Paul Williams, Mississippi State, MS, pdf 97JUNp.19

Chilly Research Thwarts Soil Erosion, wheat-growing areas of the Pacific Northwest, frozen soil, Columbia Plateau, mow-plow is a cross between traditional and conservation tillage, John D. Williams, Dale E. Wilkins, and Clyde L. Douglas, Jr., Pendleton, OR, Don K. McCool, Pullman, WA, pdf 97JUNp.20

DNA Fingerprinting of Rice Varieties, genetic diversity, plant breeding, J. Perry Gustafson, Columbia, MO, pdf 97JUNp.22

Geranium Virus Hard To Identify, Easy To Spread, new test for pelargonium line pattern virus and pelargonium ringspot virus, Ramon L. Jordan, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97JUNp.22

Less Irradiation Would Still Stop Fruit Pests, quarantine treatment to keep fruit flies from spreading, alternative to methyl bromide, Guy J. Hallman and Donald B. Thomas, Weslaco, TX, pdf 97JUNp.23

Fat in Cow's Diet Helps Calves Keep Warm, avoiding cold stress, safflower with a high concentration of linoleic fatty acid, Robert Bellows, Miles City, MT, pdf 97JUNp.23

Computer Model Helps Grain Stay Too Cool for Bugs, rusty grain beetles and lesser grain borer, Paul W. Flinn, Manhattan, KS, pdf 97JUNp.23

The Promise of Dolly, forum, sheep, cloned, genetic engineering, Caird E. Rexroad, Jr., Beltsville, MD, pdf 97MAYp.2

With IPM Bigger Areas Are Better, codling moth, pome fruit pest, apples, pears, wide-area integrated pest management, biocontrol, pesticides, sex pheromones, mating disruption, Carrol O. Calkins, Bradley S. Higbee, Alan L. Knight, Thomas R. Unruh, Wapato, WA, pdf 97MAYp.4

Heterophils to the Rescue!, infection-fighting white blood cells in poultry, chickens, salmonella, listeria, pasteurella, or E. coli, immune systems, lymphokines, coccidiosis, Michael H. Kogut, College Station, TX, pdf 97MAYp.9

Potatoes, Once Again, Under Fungal Attack, fungus Phytophthora infestans, late blight, metalaxyl, International Potato Center in Lima, Peru, Kenneth L. Deahl, Kathleen G. Haynes, Robert W. Goth, and Judith Keane, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97MAYp.10

Hybrid Potatoes Survive Blight, sidebar, wild Mexican species Solanum bulbocastanum, late blight resistance, genetic engineering, somatic hybrids, John P. Helgeson, Madison, WI, pdf 97MAYp.13

A Close-up Look at White-Speck Neps in Cotton, underdeveloped cotton, HVI High-Volume Instrumentation, Wilton R. Goynes, Eugene J. Blanchard, and Patricia D. Bel-Berger, New Orleans, LA, pdf 97MAYp.14

Assessing Air Quality Around Cotton Gins, hand-held meter measures dust particle concentration, HAM, for Hand-held Aerosol Monitor, Ed Hughs, Mesilla Park, NM, pdf 97MAYp.17

Trickle-L Spreads Irrigation Know-How, Internet, aboveground and underground (buried) drip-irrigation systems, water, Salinity-L, Thomas J. Trout, Fresno, CA, Microirrigation Forum, enter 97MAYp.18

Weed Control on the Central Plains, volunteer rye, jointed goatgrass, downy brome, timing of nitrogen fertilizer placement, Randy L. Anderson, Akron, CO, pdf 97MAYp.19

Fuzzy Logic for More Rational RDAs, mathematical approach to setting recommended dietary allowances, Eric O. Uthus, Grand Forks, ND, pdf 97MAYp.20

A Breakdown of Cultural Barriers, transmitting viruses to corn without insect vectors, maize streak and maize rough dwarf, leafhoppers and planthoppers, Ray Louie, Wooster, OH, pdf 97MAYp.21

Helping Honey Bees Fight Mites, smaller honeycomb cells create less stress on bees, improve resistance to varroa, Eric H. Erickson, Tucson, AZ, pdf 97MAYp.22

Sweeping Away Weeds, sweep cultivator, downy brome, winter wheat fields, Frank Young, Pullman, WA, pdf 97MAYp.23

Lure Could Stop Gypsy Moths From Finding Mates, sex-attractant dispensers, synthetic pheromone, Kevin Thorpe, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97MAYp.23

Guayule Latex Process Is Licensed, Yulex Corp., hypoallergenic, Parthenium argentatum, Katrina Cornish, Albany, CA, pdf 97MAYp.23

Less July Thirst Means More September Cotton, smaller, more frequent irrigation, water, silverleaf whiteflies, Chang-Chi Chu and Thomas J. Henneberry, Phoenix, AZ, pdf 97MAYp.23

WEPP—Erosion Prediction for the Next Millennium, Water Erosion Prediction Project, preventing soil loss, forum, computer model, John M. Laflen, Ames, IA, pdf 97APRp.2

WEPP: Spilling the Secrets of Water Erosion, Water Erosion Prediction Project, preventing soil loss, computer model, Accessing WEPP Online John M. Laflen, Ames, IA, Mark Nearing, Dennis Flanagan, and Charles Meyer, West Lafayette, IN, pdf 97APRp.4

Vanishing Ponds Not a Sure Sign of Spring, disappearance of ponded meltwater, freezing and thawing soil, erosion, John M. Baker, St. Paul, MN pdf 97APRp.9

Sap Beetle Has a Nematode Nemesis, biocontrol of Carpophilus lugubris with Psammomermis nitiduesis, Patrick F. Dowd, Peoria, IL, pdf 97APRp.10

Keeping Fuji Apples Fresh, controlled atmosphere, CA, storage, James P. Mattheis, Wenatchee, WA, pdf 97APRp.11

Gentle Sprayer Cuts Pesticide Drift, cross-flow fans, orchards and nurseries, apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches, Ross D. Brazee and Robert D. Fox, Wooster, OH, pdf 97APRp.12

Nothing but a Wasteful Weed, tropical soda apple, Solanum viarum Dunal, Charles T. Bryson, Stoneville, MS, Clyde C. Dowler, Tifton, GA, David T. Patterson, Fort Pierce, FL, pdf 97APRp.14

Calcium Boosts Fruit Quality, apples and pears, calcium chloride or calcium nitrate reduces incidence of bitter pit, cork spot, alfalfa greening, and internal breakdown, Stephen R. Drake, Wenatchee, WA, pdf 97APRp.16

Using Heat To Study Ice Damage in Plants, frost, infrared video thermography, ice-nucleating bacteria, Michael E. Wisniewski, Kearneysville, WV, pdf 97APRp.18

Plastic Made More Flexible, More Degradable, biodegradable, incorporating amino acids glycine, isoleucine, and proline, plasticizers, high-starch plastic, Thomas M. Stein, Peoria, IL, pdf 97APRp.21

Computer Figures Risk of Rust in Wheat, leaf rust fungi, computer model Rusty, Merle G. Eversmeyer, Manhattan, KS, pdf 97APRp.22

Bacteria May Provide Biofuel, Cheap Nitrogen Fertilizer, enzymes containing iron or iron and vanadium, Paul Bishop, Raleigh, NC, pdf 97APRp.23

Speediest Cover Crop? sunn hemp, Crotalaria juncea, natural nitrogen fertilizer, green manure crop, D. Wayne Reeves, Auburn, AL, pdf 97APRp.23

A Couple of Drinks a Day Can Lower Vitamin B12, alcohol, folate, homocysteine, heart disease and stroke, Judith Hallfrisch, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97APRp.23

Seed's Coat of Many Microbes Wards Off Rot, helpful fungi and bacteria prevents Pythium and Fusarium fungal diseases, Robert Lumsden, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97Apr23

Booming Exports Good for Jobs, forum, trade deficit, agricultural exports, rice, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), Mycoplasmalike organisms MLOs, Tilletia controversa, dwarf bunt disease, carambola, Richard L. Dunkle, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97MARp.2

Gearing Up To Grow Rice for Japan, germplasm, grower Chris Isbell, Koshihikari, Akita Komachi, GATT Minimum Access Program, Robert H. Dilday, Stuttgart, AR, pdf 97MARp.4

New Noodlemaking Wheat in the Works, hard white wheat, oriental noodles, amylose, gluten, C. James Peterson, Bob Graybosch, Lincoln, NE, pdf 97MARp.9

Two Italian Imports Tackle Musk Thistle, biocontrol, Italian flea beetle, Psylliodes chalcomera,syrphid fly, Cheilosia corydon, Carduus nutans, artichoke and chicory, Gaetano Campobasso, Rome Substation, Rome, Italy. Paul Boldt, Temple, TX, pdf 97MARp.10

Growing Broccoli the Eco-Friendly Way, soybean mulch, less chemicals, eliminating soil erosion, and conserving water, Aref A. Abdul-Baki, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97MARp.12

Another Kind of Surge Protector, automatic pressure-control valve, water erosion, irrigated slopes, Patent No. 5,509,449, Control of Fluids, Dennis C. Kincaid, Kimberly, ID, pdf 97MARp.15

Pawpaws Making a Comeback, largest native fruit, also papaw, germplasm, custard apple, Kim E. Hummer, Corvallis, OR, pdf 97MARp.16

Tasty Tomato Flavor Compound Revealed, furaneol, 2,5-dimethyl-4-hydroxy-3(2H)-furanone, Ronald G. Buttery, Albany, CA, pdf 97MARp.17

Bald Beets Sweet News to Sugar Industry, sucrose, smoothroot germplasm, breeding out root hairs, Joe Saunders, East Lansing, MI, pdf 97MARp.17

Microbes Clean Up Toxic Waste, Old Inger abandoned petroleum refinery, pollution, benzo[a]pyrene, a carcinogen, Marasmiellus troyanus, fungus, bioremediation, TNT trinitrotoluene, William J. Connick, Jr., and Donald J. Daigle, New Orleans, LA, pdf 97MARp.18

WEEDCAST Predictions Save Farmers Money, corn, weed forcasting, pigweed, lambsquarters, Frank Forcella, Morris, MN, pdf 97MARp.20

Chance Discovery Leads to New Vegetable Oil Uses, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, bacterium, convert oleic acid to 7,10-dihydroxy-8-(E)-octadecenoic acid, Ching T. Hou, Peoria, IL, pdf 97MARp.21

Yeast Gene Accumulates Cadmium, Schizosaccharomyces pombe cleanses metal-contaminated soil, bioremediation, gene hmt1, David W. Ow, Albany, CA, pdf 97MARp.21

Bee Traps Go Commercial, Africanized honey bee swarms, beekeepers, pressed wood pulp pots, Justin O. Schmidt, Tucson, AZ, pdf 97MARp.22

Digital Image Gallery on the World Wide Web, Internet, agricultural photographs, John Kucharski, Greenbelt, MD, pdf 97MARp.23

New Roach Allergen Found, high-molecular-weight cockroach allergen, test, Richard J. Brenner, Gainesville, FL, pdf 97MARp.23

Shining a Brighter Light on Cotton Quality, HVI, high volume intrumentation, dyeing, bulk maturity, NIR, near infrared reflectance, Joe Montalvo, New Orleans, LA, pdf 97MARp.23

Prodigal Wasp Gets a New Chance Against Gypsy Moth, Rogas indiscretus, biocontrol, Roger W. Fuester, Newark, DE, Robert F.W. Schroder, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97MARp.23

Teaming Up Against the Whitefly, forum, editorial, silverleaf, biotype B, sweetpotato, Robert M. Faust, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97FEBp.2

The Whitefly PlanA 5-Year Update, silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia argentifolii, biotype B, biocontrol, sweetpotato, Bemisia tabaci, tomato irregular ripening, squash silverleaf, lettuce chlorosis, closteroviruses, geminiviruses, tomato yellow leaf curl, cotton sticky fibers, insect growth regulators, IGRs, parasitic wasp, Eretmocerus, CRADA, Robert M. Faust, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97FEBp.4

Natural Plant DefensesFight or Flight? Pseudomonas solanacearum, bacterium, active oxygen burst, (AO), Jacyn Baker, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97FEBp.13

Tracing Moth Migrations, corn earworms, Helicoverpa zea, as well as armyworm, Pseudoletia unipuncta, tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens, and fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperdia, Douglas C. Ferguson, Washington, DC, pdf 97FEBp.14

Peanut Breeding Gets Hairy, less fat, great flavor, improved pest resistance, hirsuta, Harold E. Pattee, Raleigh, NC, pdf 97FEBp.16

Meadowfoam Fills a Niche, biodegradable lubricant, alternative crop, cosmetics, oil, Terry A. Isbell, Peoria, IL, pdf 97FEBp.17

Prize Plants From the U.S. National Arboretum, viburnum x burkwoodii Conoy, Ruth L. Dix and Margaret R. Pooler, Washington, DC, Egolf Legacy, crape myrtles, 6 pyracanthas, and 4 rose-of-Sharons, U.S. National Arboretum, Ruth L. Dix and Margaret R. Pooler, Washington, DC, pdf 97FEBp.18

Two Leaf Rusts Found Where One Expected, wheat and rye, Puccinia recondita, triticina, fungus, Tel Aviv University in Israel, Kurt J. Leonard and Bill R. Bushnell, St. Paul, MN, pdf 97FEBp.22

Genetic Test Pinpoints New Swine Diarrhea, bacterium, Serpulina pilosicoli, Thad B. Stanton and Neil S. Jensen, Ames, IA, pdf 97FEBp.22

Early Feeding May Help a Preemie Go Home Sooner, premature infants, breast milk, lactase enzymes, lactose, Robert Shulman, Houston, TX, pdf 97FEBp.23

When Crops Need a Drink, Soil Can Turn On the Faucet, pulse irrigation systems, tensiometer valve, Intertec, Inc., of Lynchburg, VA, D. Michael Glenn and D.L. Peterson, Kearneysville, WV, pdf 97FEBp.23

Biotech Wheat for Lighter Loaves, breads, genetic engineering, breadmaking proteins, high-molecular-weight glutenins, Ann E. Blechl, Albany, CA, pdf 97FEBp.23

With Soybean Oil, Bacteria May Wax Eloquent, sperm whale oil, oleic acid, Acinetobacter, Larry K. Nakamura, Peoria, IL, pdf 97FEBp.23

Tanners Might Replace an Old Salt With a Potassium One, chloride, animal hides, brine, pollution, William N. Marmer, Wyndmoor, PA, pdf 97FEBp.23

An Experiment Continues, forum, agriculture, farming, conservation tillage, crop residue, reduced wind erosion, cotton stalk pullers, Jim Smart, Weslaco, TX, pdf 97JANp.2

Sustaining Agriculture in Drought Years, conservation tillage, cotton, grain sorghum, corn, crop residue, reduced erosion, stalk or row pullers, weeds, boll weevils, Joe Bradford, James Smart, Weslaco, TX, pdf 97JANp.4

Hunting Livestock Parasites With a Gene Gun, genetic engineering, embryo, transgenic animal, vaccination, gene gun, DNA, Cryptosporidium parvum, Robert J. Wall and David E. Kerr, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97JANp.10

Canned Carp Tops Taste Test, bighead, aquaculture, grass carp, plankton, Donald W. Freeman, Pine Bluff, AR, pdf 97JANp.12

From Bread to Blocks, wheat starch, lightweight aggregate, concrete, roofing tiles, insulation, flooring, or soundproofing, aquagel, Gregory M. Glenn, Albany, CA, pdf 97JANp.13

Novel Alfalfa Cleans Fertilizer Spill, nitrogen, contaminated soil, bioremediation, Rhizobium meliloti, Carroll Vance, JoAnn Lamb, and Michael Russelle, St. Paul, MN, pdf 97JANp.14

A Speedier Transformation, sidebar, Agrobacterium tumefaciens, genetic engineering, alfalfa, DNA transfer, Deborah Samac, St. Paul, MN, pdf 97JANp.16

Superior Sorter Selects Stain-Free Nuts, Pistachios, high-speed, bichromatic sorters, machine vision systems, Aspergillus flavus, aflatoxin, DSP, digital signal processors, Thomas C. Pearson or Thomas F. Schatzki, Albany, CA, pdf 97JANp.18

Earthworm Casts Reflect Soil Conditions, Lumbricus terrestris, common night crawler, Dennis Linden, St. Paul, MN, pdf 97JANp.19

En Route to Virus-Free Melons, resistance, watermelon mosaic virus, eguisi watermelons, A. Graves Gillaspie, Jr., Griffin, GA, pdf 97JANp.19

Fruit and Veggie Cut-Ups, Fresh-cut produce, carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli, chlorine solution, calcium chloride, Alley E. Watada, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97JANp.20

Surprising New Uses for Rice, modified starch, yogurt, sour cream, slow digesting drinks, Harmeet Guraya, New Orleans, LA, pdf 97JANp.22

For Beet Armyworms, Too Much Pheromone Makes Sex Elusive, biocontrol, cotton, Everett R. Mitchell, Gainesville, FL, pdf 97JANp.23

Nature Versus Nurture: A Formula for Goats, American Dairy Goat Association, Suzanne Hubbard and George Wiggans, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97JANp.23

Feathers for Fiber, biodegradable substitute for wood or synthetic fibers, CRADA, chicken, Walter F. Schmidt, Beltsville, MD, pdf 97JANp.23

Regulating Drought Damage to Cotton Fiber, plant growth regulator, PIX, immature fibers, neps, Gayle H. Davidonis, New Orleans, LA, pdf 97JANp.23

Three New Neem Products Do Double Duty, biopesticides, CRADA, Trilogy, Triact, and Rose Defense, James Locke, Washington, DC, pdf 97JANp.23

Parasites: The Problems Persist, forum, Trichinella spiralis, schistosomiasis, Toxoplasma gondii, Theileriosis, K. Darwin Murrell, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96DECp.2

Searching for Parasitic Roots, Systematics, taxonomy, host/parasite relationships, macroparasites, tapeworms, flukes, and roundworms, muskoxen, penguins, Arctic Refugium, Eric P. Hoberg, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96DECp.4

Hardy Oats Stand Up to a Cold World, winter oats, freeze protection, David Livingston, Raleigh, NC, pdf 96DECp.8

New Red Clover Puts Pastures in the Pink, plant breeder, resistant, root rots, Fusarium, anthracnose, Marathon, forage crop, Richard R. Smith, Madison, WI, pdf 96DECp.9

Speck Trek Tracks Hard-To-Dye Cotton, textile flaws, white specks, floral anthesis, fiber quality, Judith M. Bradow and Gayle Davidonis, New Orleans, LA. Philip J. Bauer, Florence, SC. Gretchen F. Sassenrath-Cole, Mississippi State, MS, pdf 96DECp.10

Mutant Corn Has Low Phytic Acid, phosphorus, water pollution, algae, Victor Raboy, Aberdeen, ID, pdf 96DECp.12

Yeast Collection on the Rise, DNA fingerprinting, 80,000 yeasts, molds, and bacteria, special database, fermentation, Aspergillus and Penicillium, Fusarium, Cletus P. Kurtzman, Peoria, IL, pdf 96DECp.15

Eye-in-the-Sky Made More Useful to Farmers, satellites, remote sensing, MADMACMultispectral Airborne Demonstration at Maricopa Agricultural Center, fertilizer, irrigation water, or weed and insect control, near-infrared, Edward M. Barnes, Thomas R. Clarke, M. Susan Moran, Paul J. Pinter, Jr., and Jiaguo Qi, Phoenix, AZ, pdf 96DECp.16

Virus Zaps Pests, Speeds Medical Research, biocontrol, tobacco budworms, cotton plants, tomatoes, alfalfa looper, cabbage looper and beet armyworm caterpillars, MicroGeneSys of Meriden, CT, baculoviruses, Patrick V. Vail, Fresno, CA, pdf 96DECp.18

What's in a Name? sidebar, Autographa californica multiply embedded nucleopolyhedrosis virus, AcMNPV, biocontrol, alfalfa looper, polyhedrons, Patrick V. Vail, Fresno, CA, pdf 96DEC19

Killing Psylla in Cold Blood, Pseudomonas syringae bacterium, freeze-dried, biocontrol, pear, David R. Horton and Lisa G. Neven, Wapato, WA, pdf 96DECp.20

Pennies for Research Can Cut Dollars From Health Care, forum, editorial, human nutrition research, lutein and zeaxanthin, carotenoids, Floyd P. Horn, Washington DC, pdf 96NOVp.2

Plant Pigments Paint a Rainbow of Antioxidants, human nutrition, beta carotene, free radicals, immune system, carotenoids, lutein, lycopene, cancer, lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, macular degeneration, kale, spinach, and collard greens, tomato juice, sweetpotatoes, blueberries, strawberries, red bell peppers, Concord grapes, beets, Frederick Khachik, Beverly A. Clevidence, Tim R. Kramer, and Padmanabhan Nair, Beltsville, MD. Ronald L. Prior and Guohua Cao, Boston, MA, pdf 96NOVp.4

The ORAC Assay Automated, sidebar, oxygen radical absorbance capacity, peroxyl, hydroxyl, metal ions, Guohua Cao, Boston, MA, pdf 96NOVp.4

Fruitful Research Leads to Nutritious Sweets, puree, gelling agents, molds, twin-screw extruders, restructuring, starch, gelatin, Tara H. McHugh, Charles C. Huxsoll, Albany, CA, pdf 96NOVp.9

What Dietary Carotenes Do for You, pigments, carotenoids, vitamin A, beta carotene, menstrual cycles, thyroid hormones, thyroxine, Betty J. Burri, San Francisco, CA, pdf 96NOVp.10

Special Legumes May Be an Unopened Medicine Chest, pharmaceutical secrets, velvet beans, jack beans, winged beans, peanuts, soybeans, peas, lentils, beans, alfalfa, clover, and vetch, snout bean, ringworm bush, fish poison bean, dopamine and serotonin, lectin, daidzein, daidzin, genistein, Brad Morris, Griffin, GA, pdf 96NOVp.12

Gas 'N' Go Grapefruit, Mexican fruit flies, oxygen, controlled atmosphere, or CA, CRADA, TransFRESH Corp., quarantine treatment, methyl bromide, fumigant, ozone, Robert Mangan, Krista Shellie, Guy Hallman, and Sam Ingle, Weslaco, TX, pdf 96NOVp.16

Better Vaccines for Healthier Catfish, Edwardsiella ictaluri, bacteria, enteric septicemia, immune system, Phillip H. Klesius, Auburn, AL, pdf 96NOVp.20

Oceanographic Instruments Monitor Fishpond Algae, catfish, blue-green, off-flavors, SAfire (Spectral Absorption and Fluorescence Instrument), David F. Millie, New Orleans, LA, pdf 96NOVp.21

Suppressing a Serious Citrus Pest, root weevils, Diaprepes abbreviatus, Steinernema riobravis nematode, biocontrol, William J. Schroeder and Heather L. Smith, Orlando, FL, pdf 96NOVp.22

Older Hens: Fasting, Eggs, and Salmonella, chickens, immune system, Peter Holt, Athens, GA, pdf 96NOVp.23

International Germplasm Could Help Lay Down a Bunt, wheat, India, Mexico, Karnal, fungal disease, CIMMYT, Tilletia indica fungi, Morris Bonde/Gary Peterson, Frederick, MD, pdf 96NOVp.23

Interleukin-4 for Deworming? parasites, immune cells, Joseph F. Urban, Jr., Beltsville, MD, pdf 96NOVp.23

Probing Irrigation Needs, Automated, cotton, CRADA, Steve Evett, Bushland, TX, pdf 96NOVp.23

Agricultural Pests: No Shortage in the Forecast, Interregional Research Project 4, or IR-4, registration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, pesticides, biopesticides, minor crops, Karnal bunt fungus, Don Wauchope, Bill Johnson, Tifton, GA, pdf 96OCTp.2

IR-4 Projects Protect "Minor" Crops, Interregional Research Project 4, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, pesticides, biopesticides, registration, Paul H. Schwartz, Jr., Beltsville, MD, pdf 96OCTp.4

NAPIAP Assesses Pesticide Impacts, sidebar, National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Assessment Program, Interregional Research Project 4, IR-4, Nancy N. Ragsdale, Washington, DC, pdf 96OCTp.5

A Brief IR-4 Timeline, sidebar, Interregional Research Project 4, pdf 96OCTp.7

Improving Ethanol Yield From Corn, fuel, fermentation, starches, sugars, fiber, ethyl alcohol, distill, D-glucose, D-xylose, and L-arabinose, cellulose, hemicellulose, and starch, monosaccharides, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, furfural, cellulase and amyloglucosidase enzymes, E. coli strain K011, filamentous fungi, Rodney J. Bothast, Peoria, IL, pdf 96OCTp.8

Two Strategies for Protecting Poultry From Coccidia, parasites, protozoans, Eimeria genus, chickens, sporozoites, cytotoxic cells, crypt epithelium, monoclonal antibodies, Gamma-interferon, Hyun S. Lillehoj, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96OCTp.12

Fire Ants Find Grains Tasty, no-till cotton, wheat, corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, liquid fertilizer, John E. Morrison, Temple, TX, pdf 96OCTp.14

Cool Nightlife Bad for Tomatoes, photosynthesis, soybeans, corn, temperature sensitivity, Donald Ort, Urbana, IL, pdf 96OCTp.15

Arthritis From Foodborne Bacteria?, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, or Yersinia, human leucocyte antigen HLA-B27, James L. Smith, Wyndmoor, PA, pdf 96OCTp.16

A Producer-Friendly Brucellosis Vaccine, cattle, RB51, Brucella abortus, bacterium, Bang's disease, Mark G. Stevens, Mitchell V. Palmer, Shirley M. Halling, Betsy J. Bricker, and Norman F. Cheville, bison, buffalo, Steven C. Olsen, Ames, IA, pdf 96OCTp.17

New Alfalfa Powers Cows and Houses, leaves for high-protein feed, thick stems generate electricity, Minnesota, biomass energy system, cytokinin, growth regulator Carroll Vance, Hans Jung, St. Paul, MN, pdf 96OCTp.18

The Year Sugar Baby Died, air pollution, ozone, watermelon, magnesium deficiency, manganese toxicity, open-top chambers, carbon dioxide, global change, cantaloupes, Joseph E. Miller, Richard A. Reinert, and Allen S. Heagle, Raleigh, NC, pdf 96OCTp.20

New Test Quantifies Aflatoxin in Grain, Aspergillus flavus, corn kernels, cottonseed, fungicides, genetic marker, Thomas E. Cleveland and Robert L. Brown, New Orleans, LA, pdf 96OCTp.22

Global Address for New Technology:, TEKTRAN, C. Andrew Watkins, Kate Hayes, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96OCTp.23

Cantaloupe: More Nutritional Clout for a Sweet Favorite, beta carotene, Gene Lester, Weslaco, TX, pdf 96OCTp.23

Sensing New Agricultural Tools Ahead, pheromones, CRADA, radar, weather-charting systems, plant stress, soil moisture, Jim McKinion, Mississippi State, MS, pdf 96OCTp.23

A Summer Job Can Shape a Life, forum, Annette C. Thomas, associate biology editor, Nature, pdf 96SEPp.2

Swinging the Door Wide Open, Diana Decanini, pdf 96SEPp.4

Listening to Insects, Everett Foreman, larvae chewing, citrus, pdf 96SEPp.6

Confidence Is Off-Shoot of ARS Programs, Dennis Finnegan, pdf 96SEPp.9

Summer Job Turns On Science Interest, Bobby Valdez, horn flies, pdf 96SEPp.10

Lab Skills Are Highly Transferable, Nikola Coleman, pdf 96SEPp.11

Full Circleand Then Some, Sandy Sutherland Dincher, pdf 96SEPp.12

In Search of Marketing Partners, Diana Tucker, pdf 96SEPp.16

He Found Science Interesting. Then Built a Career, Jim Arnold, pdf 96SEPp.18

Fieldwork Leads to Resource Management, Cody Johnson, pdf 96SEPp.20

From Agricultural Research to Medicine, Kendalle Cobb, pdf 96SEPp.22

Today's Plant Breeders Increase Tomorrow's Food Supply, forum, genetic engineering, food, crossbreeding, DNA fingerprint, hybrids, molecular markers, John W. Radin, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96AUGp.02

Precision Breeding Makes Better CornFaster, genetic engineering, crossbreeding, hybrid, genetic markers, Iowa Stiff Stalk Synthetic, Lancaster Sure Crop, Charles W. Stuber, Raleigh, NC, pdf 96AUGp.4

New Solvent for Cottonseed Oil Processing, isohexane, solvents, Peter Wan, New Orleans, LA, pdf 96AUGp.7

Making Plants Hormone-Deaf, abscission, molecular genetics, ethylene, cellulase, enzymes, receptor protein ETR1, Arabidopsis, ACC synthase, Endless Summer tomatoes, Mark Tucker, Autar Mattoo, and Dingbo Zhou, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96AUGp.8

Getting Big Sagebrush Back on the Range, grass, strip mine, disturbed lands, Artemisia tridentata spp. Wyomingensis, debearder, erosion, D. Terrace Booth and Gerald E. Schuman, Cheyenne, WY, pdf 96AUGp.11

Sorting Look-Alike Soybeans, genetic fingerprinting, tofu, simple sequence repeats SSR's, nucleotides, Plant Variety Protection Act of 1970 (PVPA), Perry B. Cregan, Beltsville, MD, Jeffrey L. Strachan, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96AUGp.12

African Swine Fever Poses a Risk to U.S. Hogs, arboviruses, genes, BCL-2, vaccine, ticks, Ornithodoros turicata, Dan L. Rock, Plum Island, Greenport, NY, pdf 96AUGp.14

Beefing Up Herefords With Line 1, cattle breeding, Michael D. MacNeil, MT, pdf 96AUGp.18

Protecting Fruit TreesHelping a Rural Economy, peach, cherry, peach ringspot disease, Prunus necrotic ringspot virus, peach stunt, ELISA, Buckskin disease, PCRpolymerase chain reaction, Jerry K. Uyemoto, Davis, CA, pdf 96AUGp.20

A Seeming ParadoxSoil Condition Best After Grazing, organic carbon and nitrogen, rangeland, cattle, Gerald E. Schuman, Richard H. Hart, Cheyenne, WY. Jack A. Morgan, Fort Collins, CO, pdf 96AUGp.22

An Electric Sense of Fiber Quality, sensor, cotton fiber moisture, CRADA, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, pdf 96AUGp.23

"Starter Crop" of Caterpillar Hunters Might Slow Gypsy Moth Advance, Calosoma sycophanta beetle, caterpillar hunter, biocontrol, Roger Fuester, Newark, DE, pdf 96AUGp.23

Telltale Address for Mastitis?, chromosome 23, Holstein cow, bacterial infection, milk, genetic analysis, dairy, Melissa S. Ashwell, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96AUGp.23

For Every Corn Plant, a Genetic Pedigree, genetic markers, DNA fingerprinting, corn, CRADA, simple sequence repeats (SSRs), germplasm, Stephen Kresovich, Griffin, GA, pdf 96AUGp.23

Horticultural Research is No. 1, shade trees, flowering shrubs, flowers, and bedding and foliage plants, U.S. National Arboretum, Bradford pear, Thomas S. Elias, Washington, DC, pdf 96JULp.2

New American Elms Restore Stately Trees, Dutch elm disease, Ophiostoma ulmi, Alden M. Townsend, Lawrence R. Schreiber (now retired), Susan E. Bentz, Tom Abell, Glenn Dale, MD, Ing-Ming Lee, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96JULp. 4

Arboretum Releases Eight More Elm Hybrids, sidebar, Valley Forge, New Harmony, Dutch elm disease, fungus, Prospector, Frontier, Homestead, Pioneer, Patriot, Ohio, Pathfinder, Dynasty, Frank S. Santamour, Jr., Washington, DC. Alden M. Townsend, Glenn Dale, MD, pdf 96JULp.6

Congress Honors Arboretum, sidebar, Valley Forge American elm, pdf 96JULp.6

Trash or Cash Commodity?, yard waste, paper, poultry litter, pesticides, mulches, fertilizers, Drywall, Scrap Wood, gypsum wallboard, compost, pellets, Tascon, Inc., peat pots, James H. Edwards, Jr., Auburn, AL, Ronald F. Korcak, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96JULp.9

Plant Pigment Puzzle Complete, genetic engineering, flower pigments, U.S. National Arboretum, colors, chlorophyll, flavonoids, and carotenoids, anthocyanins, Robert J. Griesbach, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96JULp.12

Genetic Resistance a Key To Controlling Aflatoxin, peanuts, Aspergillus fungi, carcinogenic, germplasm, Burkina Faso, termites, Florunner, Robert E. Lynch, Corley C. Holbrook, Jr., Tifton, GA, pdf 96JULp.14

Microbes Clean Up Wastewater, pollution, bioremediation, bacterium Pseudomonas putida, nitrophenol, Richard V. Greene, Syed H. Imam, Peoria, IL, pdf 96JULp.15

Geneplay Combats Cucumber Mosaic Virus, tomatoes, biotechnology, viral satellite, S-CARNA 5, genetic engineering, aphid, Marie E. Tousignant, Jacobus M. Kaper, John R. Stommel, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96JULp.16

Drawing the Chicken Genome Map, genetic engineering, DNA, markers, microsatellites, Hans H. Cheng, East Lansing, MI, pdf 96JULp.19

Venture Into Agricultural ScienceAt Disney World, tissue-cultured peach plants, biotechnology, gene gun, Agrobacterium tumefaciens, John Cordts, Lake Buena Vista, FL. Ralph Scorza and Ann Callahan, Kearneysville, WV, pdf 96JULp.20

No Muss, No Fuss Spray Rig for Greenhouses, automated insecticide spray system, pesticide-misting rig, whiteflies, mealy bugs, Stan Malone, Dennis Rowe and Quinnia Yates, Mississippi State, MS, pdf 96JULp.22

With Age, Fat Creeps Up As Body "Idles" More Slowly, calories, overeating, metabolic rate, Susan Roberts/Paul Fuss, Boston, MA, pdf 96JULp.23

Genes of Tobacco Cousin May Be Biotech Pest-Fighters, Nicotiana gossei, silverleaf whiteflies, sucrose esters, esters have killed whiteflies, aphids, spider mites, pear psyllas, and tobacco hornworms, George Pittarelli (retired), Beltsville, MD. David Akey, Phoenix, AZ, pdf 96JULp.23

Red Mulch for Hotter Yields, plastic (CRADA), tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, Michael J. Kasperbauer, Florence, SC, pdf 96JULp.23

Enzyme Blocker May Help Tame Whipworms, swine whipworm, Trichuris suis, parasite, pigs, enzyme, thiol protease, weight loss, anemia, diarrhea, Dolores E. Hill, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96JULp.23

Cups and Plates Made From Wheat, biodegradable, starch, CRADA, Gregory M. Glenn, Albany, CA, pdf 96JULp.23

ARS Science Serves Many Users, forum, bioremediation of pollutants in soil and water, Floyd P. Horn, Washington, DC, pdf 96JUNp.2

Cracking the Hard Cases, contaminated drinking water, Cryptosporidium parvum, parasites, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, AIDS, leptospirosis, CDC, pulmonary hemorrhaging, Nicaragua, PCR diagnostic test, ticks, Ixodes scapularis, Borrelia burgdorferi, Lyme disease, white-tailed deer, white-footed mice, repellent chemicals, dengue fever, filariasis, yellow fever, malaria, deet, diethyl toluamide, Carole A. Bolin, Ames, IA. Ronald Fayer, John F. Carroll, Albert B. DeMilo, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96JUNp.4

Elusive Bacteria Pinpointed With DNA Tests, strawberries, angular leaf spot disease, citrus variegated chlorosis (CVC), polymerase chain reaction (PCR), bacterium Xanthomonas fragariae, Xylella fastidiosa, Margaret Pooler, John Hartung, John Maas, Beltsville, MD, Tim R. Gottwald, Orlando, FL, pdf 96JUNp.9

Fighting Back at Biting Flies, maggots, Knipling-Bushland U.S. Livestock Insects Research Laboratory, boluses, cattle fever ticks, vaccines, grubs, mange mites, Lyme disease, human ehrlichiosis, screwworms, irradiation, stable fly, horn fly, organophosphate pesticide, coumaphos, acaricides, white-tailed deer, eartags, lone star ticks, (CRADA), Sidney E. Kunz, John E. George, Kerrville, TX. Jeffrey S. Karns and Walter W. Mulbry, Beltsville, MD, Ronald Davey and Elmer Ahrens, Mission, TX, pdf 96JUNp.10

A Tag-Team Knockout for Fungi, damping-off diseases, Pythium ultimum, Fusarium, corn, cucumber, squash, watermelon, biocontrol, beneficial bacteria, Enterobacter cloacae and Burkholderia cepacia, Soilgard, CRADA, Rhizoctonia solani, Daniel P. Roberts, Pierre Dery, Remy Yucel, Prakash Hebbar, and Weili Mao, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96JUNp.16

America's KidsScanning for Growth Trends, taller, fatter, Children's Nutrition Research Center, obesity, muscle, bone, Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), Kenneth J. Ellis and Marilyn Navarrete, Houston, TX, pdf 96JUNp.18

How Much Water Do Seed Carrots Need?, fiber, potassium, and beta-carotene, vitamin A, Nantes, Imperator, king umbel, James E. Ayars, Robert B. Hutmacher, and Susan S. Vail, Fresno, CA, Jeffrey J. Steiner, Corvallis, OR, pdf 96JUNp.20

Helping Raisins Make the Grade, near infrared reflectance (NIR) or transmittance spectroscopy, acidity, water content, and sugar content, Charles C. Huxsoll, Albany, CA, pdf 96JUNp.22

Conservation Day Is No. 1, Despite Weather, cotton, corn, and sorghum, tillage, reduce fuel and labor costs, conserve water, and cut wind and water erosion, Joe E. Bradford and James R. Smart, Weslaco, TX, pdf 96JUNp.23

A First for Cattle Embryos, foot-and-mouth disease, FMD, Romosinuano cattle embryos frozen in liquid nitrogen, cows, surrogate mothers, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, Chad C. Chase, Jr., Brooksville, FL, pdf 96JUNp.23

License Issued for Multipurpose Extractor, multipurpose supercritical fluid extractor (SFE), CRADA, carbon dioxide gas, organic solvents, fats and residues of pesticides, nitrosamines, antibiotics, Robert J. Maxwell, Philadelphia, PA, pdf 96JUNp.23

The Research Commitment to Rural Communities, forum, rural development, water quality, Karl Stauber, Washington, DC, pdf 96MAYp.2

Protecting Cotton's Good Name, High-Volume Instrumentation (HVI), grading, classification, colorimeter, video camera, AFIS, Advanced Fiber Information System, Charles K. Bragg, Clemson, SC, pdf 96MAYp.4

Textile Advances Enhance Cotton Markets, sidebar, HVI (High-Volume Instrumentation) and AFIS (Advanced Fiber Information System), durable-press and flame-retardant, formaldehyde, PEGS (polyethylene glycols), Ty L. Vigo, New Orleans, LA, pdf 96MAYp.5

A Hardy, Hairy Sheep, wool, Gulf Coast Natives, St. Croix, Dorset, Michael A. Brown and Art L. Goetsch, Booneville, AR, pdf 96MAYp.7

Zip-Skinned Citrus, PRE-PEELED FRUIT, INC., enzymes, pectinase, vacuum-infusion, oranges, grapefruit, tangelos, or tangerines, Robert A. Baker, Winter Haven, FL, pdf 96MAYp.8

One Team, One ProductMany Uses, starch-based superabsorbent, Super Slurper, starch-encapsulated pesticides, starch xanthate, degradable plastics, saponified starch-graft polyacrylonitrile copolymers, CRADA, microbes, polymer mix, Charles Russell, Bill Doane, Mary Ollidene Weaver, Edward B. Bagley, and George F. Fanta, Richard L. Dunkle, Peter B. Johnsen, Peoria, IL, pdf 96MAYp.10

Scuttling Water Hyacinths, Biocontrols, Neochetina eichhorniae and N. bruchi, Sameodes albiguttalis, Florida Devils, Ted D. Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, pdf 96MAYp.14

Pine Needlesa Hot, New Commodity, straw, loblolly pine, Catalino A. Blanche, Booneville, AR, pdf 96MAYp.16

ARS, Companies Team Up To Boost Rural Economies, center-pivot irrigation systems, computerized, CRADA, BLAD, Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency, Calves, cattle, leukocytes, recessive gene, pneumonia, diarrhea, In-the-Shell Vaccination, embryos, eggshells, chickens, Marek's disease, Embrex, Inc., avian coccidiosis, salmonella, Dale Heermann, Fort Collins, CO, Laverne Stetson, Lincoln, NE, Marcus Kehrli, Ames, IA, pdf 96MAYp.18

Microwaves Zap Grain Pests, fumigant, methyl bromide, maize weevils, Sitophilus zeamais, soft white wheat, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Wendell E. Burkholder and Rudy Plarre, Madison, WI, pdf 96MAYp.21

Haptoglobin Test for Cattle Health, protein, cow, infection, antibiotic treatments, mastitis, metritis, pyometra, traumatic reticulitis, abomasal displacement, traumatic pericarditis, bacterial nephritis, and hepatic lipidosis, diagnostic test, calves, Larry H. Stanker and Colin R. Young, College Station, TX, pdf 96MAYp.22

First Cotton Harvested Is Not First Choice of Whitefly, germplasm, silverleaf whiteflies, Texas 121, smooth leaves, Charles Cook, Weslaco, TX, pdf 96MAYp.23

Gene That Boosts Plant Hormone Is Patented, (CRADA), tomato and tobacco, cytokinin, caterpillar-killing proteins, cytokines, sugar beets, soybeans, strawberries, Ann C. Smigocki, Beltsville, MD, pdf 96MAYp.23

Second Test Needed To Spot Elevated Amino Acid, homocysteine, heart disease and stroke, vitamins, folate (folic acid), B12, and B6, Andrew G. Bostom and Jacob Selhub, Boston, MA, pdf 96MAYp.23

Pests Won't Concede: Here's How We Deal, forum, integrated pest management, or IPM, pesticides, biocontrol, Robert M. Faust, Beltsville, MD, 96JAN02

IPM Targets Grasshoppers, pesticides, malathion, carbaryl, integrated pest management, Grasshopper IPM User Handbook, Jerome A. Onsager, Bozeman, MT. carbaryl, kestrels, biocontrol, Nosema locustae, a microscopic protozoan, and the fungus Beauveria bassiana, Douglas A. Streett, Elaine A. Oma, James R. Fisher, J. Ross Wight and Fred B. Pierson, Boise, ID, William P. Kemp, Bozeman, MT, Tom Kalaris, global positioning system (GPS), geographic information system (GIS), 96JAN04

Sidebar. How To Get the Handbook and Software, Grasshopper IPM User Handbook (USDA, APHIS Technical Bulletin No. 1809), 96JAN08

Sidebar. Grasshoppers Frozen in Time, Knife Point glacier, Richard Nunamaker, Laramie, WY. DNA analysis, 96JAN10

Natural Product Outdoes Malathion, abamectin, Caribbean fruit fly, Streptomyces avermitilis, biocontrol, Michael K. Hennessey, Jimmie R. King, Miami, FL. paralyzes the fly's nervous system, citrus rust mite, 96JAN11

Arboretum Leads Low-Chemical Landscape Movement, pesticide, IPM, integrated pest management, bonsai, Scott Aker, Washington, DC, 96JAN12

Biologicals Hit the Marketplace, milky spore disease, bacterium, Bacillus popilliae, Japanese beetles, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), CRADA, Mycotech. fungus Beauveria bassiana, nematode, Steinernema riobravis, ASPIRE, yeast Candida oliophila, Bio-Save 11, biocontrol, bacterium Pseudomonas syringae, Ray Carruthers, Richard M. Parry. Jr., Beltsville, MD, Jimmy R. Raulston, Weslaco, TX, Charles L. Wilson and Michael E. Wisniewski, Kearneysville, WV, 96JAN16

Testing Diversified Orchard Ecosystems, integrated pest management (IPM), Mark Brown, D. Michael Glenn, Kearneysville, WV, biocontrol, Golden Delicious and Empire apple, rape, buckwheat, dill, and dwarf sorghum, apple scab, plant bugs, and leaf rollers, codling moth, sex pheromone dispensers, peach trees, 96JAN18

To Zap Medflies—Red Dye, Updated Traps, sun-activated insecticide, Mediterranean fruit fly, phloxine B, malathion, C&C trap, Merrill and McPhail traps, Roy T. Cunningham, Nicanor J. Liquido, Hilo, HI, Robert L. Mangan and Daniel S. Moreno, Weslaco, TX, 96JAN20

Soybean Enzyme Replacing Formaldehyde, in adhesives, abrasives, protective coatings, peroxidase, David J. Sessa, Peoria, IL, 96JAN23

Kit To Detect Coccidiosis Drug, CRADA, Neogen Corp. of Lansing, MI, Salinomycin, broiler feed, protozoan, chickens, Larry H. Stanker, College Station, TX, 96JAN23

ARS Taps Grain Bugs' Suppertime, CRADA, ALFID Acoustic Location Fixing Insect Detector, larvae, Dennis Shuman, Gainesville, FL, 96JAN23

Gene Probe Unmasks Culprit in Soybean Sudden Death, DNA probes, Fusarium fungi, Kerry O'Donnell, Peoria, IL, 96JAN23

Nature's Chemical Factory Yields a Kiwifruit Protector, biocontrol, extract from Trichoderma harzanium mold prevents Botrytis cinerea mold, Hank Cutler, Athens, GA, 96JAN23

Curbing Foodborne Illnesses, Salmonella, E. coli, Jane F. Robens, forum, Beltsville, MD, 96FEB02

Keeping 'em Off the Farm, foodborne illnesses, Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter jejuni, Listeria monocytogenes, Mycobacterium paratuberculosis, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), brucellosis, Arcobacter, pigs, pork, Paula J. Cray, Tom Stabel, Irene V. Wesley, Karen Harmon, Mark A. Rasmussen, Brad T. Bosworth, William C. Cray, Jr., Thomas Casey, Albert L. Baetz, Judith R. Stabel, Betsy J. Bricker, NADC, Ames, IA, 96FEB04

The Cat/Pig Toxoplasmosis Connection, Toxoplasma gondii, cats, pork, pregnant women, Vaccine J.P. Dubey, Beltsville, MD, 96FEB08

Breeding Oats for Rust Resistance, genetic engineering, Avena sativa, corn, Zea mays, biocontrol, resistant to a crown rust, fungus, haploid oat plants, Howard Rines, St. Paul, MN, 96FEB10

Nematode Takes On Japanese Beetle Grubs, Steinernema glaseri, Popillia japonica, white grub, turf, biocontrol, Michael G. Klein, Wooster, OH, 96FEB12

Foreign Genes for Domestic Cottons, Republic of Uzbekistan, Russia, National Cotton Germplasm Collection, Ed Percival and Russell J. Kohel, College Station, TX, 96FEB14

Sugarcane for Cooler Climes, Benjamin L. Legendre and William H. White, Houma, 96FEB17

From Barley—More Heart Benefits, cholesterol-lowering tocotrienol, oat bran, David M. Peterson, Madison, WI, Y. Victor Wu and George E. Inglett, Peoria, IL, 96FEB20

Lower Fat French Fries Made From Rice, Ranjit Kadan, New Orleans, LA, 96FEB21

Sexual Trichoderma Discovered, fungus, BioFungicides, biocontrol, Amy Y. Rossman and Gary J. Samuels, Beltsville, MD, 96FEB22

Toxin To Get Competition From a Nontoxic Cousin, CRADA, aflatoxin, peanuts, Aspergillus, biocontrol, Richard J. Cole, Dawson, GA, 96FEB23

Eastern Europe Gets Demos of U.S. Biocontrols, Colorado potato beetle, beneficial bacteria, fungi, wasps, predator bugs, and nematodes, biocontrol, Richard Soper, Robert Schroder, Beltsville, MD, 96FEB23

Follow-Up Trip to Kazakhstan Yields Potential Apple Bonanza, plant explorers, Central Asia, germplasm, Philip L. Forsline, Geneva, NY, 96FEB23

Africanized Honey Bees—the March North Has Slowed, Hachiro Shimanuki, Beltsville, MD, 96MAR02

Buzzing Across the Border, africanized honey bees, Mexico, pheromone-baited traps, varroa and trachael mites, DEET, William Wilson, Weslaco, TX, Anita Collins, Beltsville, MD, 96MAR04

Sampling With a Bee-Vac, africanized honey bees, Dust buster vacuum, William Wilson, Weslaco, TX, 96MAR04

An Ounce of Prevention . . . a Cure for Plum Pox Virus, virus, Sharka, aphids, grafting, peaches, apricots, transgenic plants, papaya ringspot, Ralph Scorza, Kearneysville, WV, Vernon D. Damsteegt, Frederick, MD, 96MAR11

A High-Tech Mosquito Barrier, Everglades, Key Island, salt marsh mosquito, octenol, carbon dioxide, Aedes taeniorhynchus, rotator surveillance trap, Dan Kline and Don Barnard, Gainesville, FL, 96MAR12

Benign Mutant Bacterium Holds Down Brown Spot, green beans, Pseudomonas syringae, biocontrol, Christen D. Upper and D. Kyle Willis, Madison, WI, 96MAR15

Intercropping. for More Forage and Less Erosion, alfalfa, sweet sorghum, sorghum/Sudangrass hybrid, interseeding, Dwayne R. Buxton, Ames, IA, 96MAR15

Banking on Bt, germplasm collection, Bacillus thuringiensis, biocontrol, 12.145 strains, Phyllis A. Martin, Beltsville, MD, 96MAR16

Reducing Airborne Dust Particles, PM-10, wind erosion, air quality, Keith Saxton, Ann Kennedy, Frank Young, Pullman, WA, Lawrence J. Hagen, Manhattan, KS. Donald Fryrear, Big Spring, TX, 96MAR18

Algorithm Helps Hunt Jumping Genes, biotechnology, transposons, potato plants, Teruko Oosumi and William R. Belknap, Albany, CA, 96MAR23

Fungus Could Make Special Gene Deliveries, genetic engineering, biotechnology, Olpidium zoospore, genetic courier, virus, beans, lettuce, Lingyu Zhang and William Langenberg, Lincoln, NE, 96MAR23

Algae Show Promise Against Cancer, blue-green alga, beta carotene, carotenoids, Spirulina algae, vitamin A, leukoplakia, Padmanabhan P. Nair, Beltsville, MD, 96MAR23

Plowing Uproots Carbon Dioxide, reduces soil fertility, CO2, microbes, wheatfields, Donald C. Reicosky, Morris, MN, 96MAR23

Does Agriculture Compute, forum, computers, models, precise control of machinery, record keeping, management scenarios, technology, Jan van Schilfgaarde, Beltsville, MD, 96APR02

From Cow Chips to Silicon Chips, computer-controlled Ag-Chem Terra Gator, potash, soil potassium, fertilizer, precision farming, Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, yield monitor, cotton, center-pivot irrigation, thermal kinetic window, STEERISK, cattle, forage, genetic evaluations of dairy bulls, Net Merit, software FarmBook, FarmWin, Galen Hart, Duane Norman, and Paul VanRaden, Beltsville, MD, Sam Alessi, Morris, MN, Dan Upchurch, Don Wanjura, John Burke, and James Mahan, Lubbock, TX, 96APR04

Watering for Peanuts, sidebar, Tommy Bennett, Jim Davidson, Dawson, GA, EXNUT, irrigation, computer modeling, 96APR07

Computing Pollution, sidebar, nitrogen fertilizer, nitrates, NLEAP (Nitrate Leaching and Economic Analysis Package), Marvin J. Shaffer, Fort Collins, CO, 96APR11

Orbiting Eye Will See Where Crops Need Help, satellites, RESOURCE21, Inc., video cameras remote-sensing, maps, James H. Everitt, David Escobar, Weslaco, TX, 96APR12

Smart Sprayer Selects Weeds for Elimination, computer chips, light, and infrared emitters, silicon photo detectors, herbicides, soybeans, cotton, James E. Hanks, Stoneville, MS, 96APR15

Golden Nematodes Are Anything But, potato plant roots, Globodera rostochiensis, fumigants, Peconic, Wauseon, Atlantic, Allegheny, and Kanona, Bill B. Brodie, Ithaca, NY, 96APR16

Fingerprinting Parasitic Worms, nematodes, tapeworms to roundworms, synlophe, parasitologists, barber pole worm, J. Ralph Lichtenfels, Beltsville, MD, 96APR18

A New Spin on Naturally Colored Cottons, cotton textile engineering, yarns and fabrics, staple-core, filament-core spinning, Linda B. Kimmel, Craig L. Folk, New Orleans, LA, 96APR20

Melon Could Speed Soyoil Drying, green Chinese melon, bitter melon, enzymes, varnishes and coatings, conjugated fatty acid synthetase, eleostearic acid, Dorselyn Chapital, Min Kun Chang, New Orleans, LA, 96APR22

Fruit Flies May Hide—But May Not Arrive Alive, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, controlled temperatures, methyl bromide, CRADA, TransFRESH Corp. citrus, mango, avocado, Mediterranean, Mexican, Caribbean, grapefruit, Robert Mangan, Weslaco, TX, 96APR23

Silky Weapon Against Worms, Cornsilk, CRADA, plant breeding techniques, pest resistance, Neil Widstrom, Tifton, GA, 96APR23

Could Beans Clean Up After Pigs?, water pollution, soybean plants cleanse soil of nitrogen from swine waste, fertilizer, Dan Israel, Raleigh, NC, 96APR23

Peanut Turns Out Finished Beef Cattle, rhizoma, cow-calf, Gulf Coast, Andrew C. Hammond, Brooksville, FL, 96APR23


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