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Last updated March 13, 2014

The Sum Is Greater Than the Parts: Advances in Catfish Research (forum), challenges in aquaculture, oxygen management, renewed domestic catfish industry, production from new hybrid catfish from channel catfish and blue catfish, better methods for hybrid juvenile production, Jeff Silverstein, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.2

Producing Better Catfish the Hybrid Way, producing hybrid catfish from cross between channel catfish and blue catfish, better methods for hybrid juvenile production, recommended calcium hardness of water, proliferative gill disease, high production from NWAC103 line of catfish, Craig Tucker, Brian Bosworth, Nagaraj Chatakondi, Geoff Waldbieser, Brian Peterson, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.4-7

Airing Out Catfish Oxygen Needs (sidebar), determining proper levels of dissolved oxygen levels in catfish ponds to optimize catfish production in aquaculture, Les Torrans, Stoneville, MS, (html) 13NOV/DEC p. 7

Dairy Farms Are Not a Source of Far-Flung Bioaerosols, measuring airborne bacteria, viruses, and fungi endotoxins from a dairy barn and a large-scale open-lot dairy facility, Robert Dungan, April Leytem, David Bjorneberg, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.8-9

Protecting Water Near Feedlots, geographic information system (GIS) studies assess management practices to prevent fecal contamination of waterways downhill of feedlots, containing nitrogen, phosphorus, antibiotics, microorganisms, Kim Cook, Bowling Green, KY, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.10

Breadfruit: Not So Appetizing to Mosquitoes, three natural compounds in tropical breadfruit—capric, undecanoic acid, and lauric acid—repel mosquitoes, Charles Cantrell, Oxford, MS, Kamal Chauhan, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.11

Better White Layer Cakes Ahead, boosting fiber content of white cakes with corn bran, steam-jet cooking to encapsulate microdroplets of oil mixed with flour to cut cake calories, Mukti Singh, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.12

Breakfast Helps Kids Handle Basic Math, Study Suggests, skipping breakfast lowers 8- to 11-year olds math test response rate/performance, EEG tests used also, R. Terry Pivik, Little Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.13

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Yields From Organic and Conventional Systems, crop yields in 4-year corn-soybean-wheat-alfalfa rotation, nitrous oxide footprints of organic vs. conventional, Jane Johnson, Morris, MN, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.14

Fungus Takes Down Another Weed, fungus Myrothecium verrucaria as potential biocontrol of palmer amaranth, which is becoming glyphosate resistant, Douglas Bayette, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.15

Biodegradable Packaging From Cotton Waste, using cotton gin waste and fungi to grow custom-shaped biodegradable packaging materials as a green alternative to polystyrene foam, use of cotton waste in place of wood fiber for composite building materials, Gregory A. Holt, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.16-18

Pairing Sesamol With Soybean Oil for Better Frying, sesamol from sesame oil is antioxidant, reduces oxidation/deterioration of soybean oil during frying to extend life of soybean oil, works better than TBHQ, Hong-Sik Hwang, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.19

Ramping Up a Phytochemical Compound in Crops, incorporating two genes for producing pterostilbene into plants that don’t normally produce this phytochemical, transgenics of Arabidopsis and tobacco, Scott Baerson, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.20

New, Disease-Resistant Pea Lines Developed, dry pea and garden pea Aphanomyces-tolerant lines developed by ARS to fight Aphanomyces root rot, Rebecca McGee, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 13NOV/DECp.20

On Guard Against Foreign Animal Diseases (forum), tools to prevent infectious animal disease outbreaks in U.S. and worldwide, animal health biodefense, classical swine fever, ARS’s Foreign Animal Disease Research Unit, African swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, Cyril G. Gay, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.2

Guarding the Country Against Foreign Animal Diseases, ARS’s Foreign Animal Disease Research Unit’s efforts for prevention of infectious animal disease outbreaks in U.S. and worldwide, infection site of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), interferons prevent FMD replication until new FMD vaccine takes over, detectable marker vaccine for classical swine fever, progress on attenuated-virus vaccine for African swine fever, origins of virus for vesicular stomatitus virus, Jonathan Arzt, Luis Rodriquez, Juan Pacheco, Teresa de los Santos, James Zhu, William Golde, Elizabeth Rieder, Manuel Borca, Plum Island, NY, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.4-9

Understanding Signals and Controlling Growth in Plants, genes that control the TOR signaling pathway, transgenic plants, rampamycin treatment, Arabidopsis, growth acceleration, early flowering, plant lifespan, Autar Mattoo, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.10-11

Tapping Tomatoes for Taste, taste testers’ analysis of flavors, odor, taste, texture in tomato varieties, sugar and acid play key role, new statistical genetic approach shows linkage drag of undesirable genes with desirable genes in previous breeding efforts, Joanne Labate, Larry Robertson, Geneva, NY, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.12-13

Cracking Nut-Allergy Mechanisms, allergen-immune system interactions to peanuts and tree nuts, computational database for cross-reactivity, peptides that trigger human allergic reaction and affect of peanut roasting and browning, Soheila J. Maleki, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.14-15

Casting a Wider Net To Detect Peanut Allergy, diagnostic commercial skin prick allergy tests use extracts from raw peanuts but should also include extracts from roasted and boiled peanuts, Soheila J. Maleki, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.16

Assessing the U.S. Population’s Sodium Intake, analysis of accuracy of Automated Multiple Pass Method surveying tool for assessing self-reported sodium intake of volunteers in national food and intake surveys, Donna Rhodes, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.16

Sweeping Away Scotch-broom Shrubs, control strategies involving combinations of mowing, burning, and release of scotch-broom seed weevil biocontrols in Pacific Northwest, Raymond Carruthers, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.17

Delaying Drainage From Prairie Potholes Protects Water Quality, tile risers and subsurface tile drainage networks that drain Midwest field potholes can be outfitted with blind inlets to slow drainage and collect sediment, phosphorus, and nitrogen so these pollutants don't end up in streams, soil and water conservation, Doug Smith, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.18-19

Kitty Litter: Potential New Assignment for Leftover Dried Distiller’s Grains, combining x-DDGs, glycerol, guar gum, copper sulfate, for biodegradable new kitty litter formulation, Steven F. Vaughn, Peoria, IL (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.20

Patented New Trap Irresistible to Insect Pests, “Terrestrial Arthropod Trap” equipped with pheromones and LED lights captures red flour beetles and small hive beetles and other insects, Peter Teal, Gainesville, FL, Lee Cohnstaedt, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.21

Models Suggest Canola Could Be New Biofuel Crop for the Central Great Plains, CROPGRO and RZWQM2 computer models estimate potential for using canola crop during fallow periods in crop rotations, David Nielsen, Akron, CO, Liwang Ma, Laj Ahuja, Saseendran Anapalli, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 13OCTp.22

The Long-Term Agroecosystem Network: Starting Local, Going National (forum), establishment of Long-Term Agroecosystem Research (LTAR) network of research locations for data collection to answer scientific questions, such as pest outbreaks, changes in soil carbon and impacts from land uses, global climate changes, practices for conservation and sustainable agriculture, Mark Walbridge, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13SEPp.2

Overcoming Hurdles To Eradicate Tuberculosis in Cattle, USDA techniques that decrease incidence of bovine TB in humans, drawbacks to skin TB test in cattle, new tests for TB detection in serum and fresh tissues, safety of using Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine in deer and resulting BCG prevalence in deer meat, Mitch Palmer, Ray Waters, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 13SEPp.4-6

The Pathways of a Shape-Shifting Pesticide, how endosulfan moves and changes forms in the atmosphere following volatilization, pesticide drift to Everglades and Biscayne National Park, Cathleen Hapeman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13SEPp.7

Understanding and Controlling Two Invasive Vines, fungus and moth biocontrols for pale swallowwort and black swallowwort dog-strangling vines, antofine allelopathic phytochemicals for displacing native plants, Lindsay Milbrath, Donna Gibson, Ithaca, NY, Dana Berner, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13SEPp.8-9

Fighting Back Against Glyphosate Resistance, early detection of glyphosate resistance by measuring shikimate levels in plant tissues, fomesafen herbicide alternative use in cotton, “irrigation incorporation” for best weed control, less crop injury, less runoff, Dale Shaner, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 13SEPp.10-11

William Saunders: A Monumental Figure in USDA, contributions to agriculture from the first USDA horticulturist and superintendent of experimental gardens 1862-1900, plant species introduction to U.S., National Agricultural Library Special Collections, Susan Fugate, Beltsville, Maryland, (html) or (pdf) 13SEPp.12-15

Multiple Prospects for Maine’s Potato Producers, cultural practices for reducing disease, increasing yields, and improving production sustainability in potato crops, cropping systems and soil microbes, Brassica (canola, rapeseed, mustard) and sudangrass green manure cover crops affect on soil microbes and soilborne potato diseases, Bob Larkin, Orono, ME, (html) or (pdf) 13SEPp.16-17

An Improved Method To Estimate Calories, alternative method to traditional Atwater method for estimating calories in pistachios and almonds, Atwater method overestimates nut calories, new method subtracts undigested calories, David Baer, Janet Novotny, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13SEPp.18-19

Addressing Climate Change in Forests, Container Crops, effect of rising CO2 levels on incidence/severity of diseases pitch canker and fusiform rust in loblolly pine, greenhouse study on effects of container size and fertilizer application method (incorporating, top dressing, dibbling) on greenhouse gas production, methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide from azaleas, Brett Runion, Allen Torbert, Steve Prior, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 13SEPp.20-21

Experimental Wildfire-Retardant Coating May Help Protect Homes, experimental gel made of sodium bentonite clay, cornstarch, and water, outperformed commercial coatings in burn tests, Gregory M. Glenn, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13SEPp.22

Novel Ways To Combat Plant Pathogens (forum), crop rotations for suppressing soil pathogens of potato, treating citrus with heat to control citrus greening, biological control of ambrosia beetle vectors to provide avocado disease prevention, genome mapping, computer modeling, and bioinformatics to fight pathogens, Deborah Fravel, Gail C. Wisler, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.2

Prescription for Curing Citrus Greening: Add Heat and Wait, heating potted citrus plants to kill Huanglongbing (HLB) bacteria, solar tent use in field, temperature and duration of treatment, Yongping Duan, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.4-6

Screening Fresh Oranges With UV: Study Pinpoints New Value of Detection Tactic, improving the use ultraviolet light/fluorescence for detecting decay on packing lines, David M. Obenland, Joseph L. Smilanick, Parlier, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.7

Breed Matters: Selecting Rams for Rangeland Production, comprehensive evaluation of terminal-sire breed for breeding operations, lamb performance from rams of Columbia, Suffolk, and Texel breeds compared, weigh gain, feed efficiency, loin muscle, fleece pelts examined, Tim Leeds, Michelle Mousel, David Kirschten, Dubois, ID, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.8-9

Scientific Works of Art Reveal Hidden World, valuable contributions to science from ARS’s Confocal Microscopy Unit, photographs from electron microscopes, confocal laser-scanning microscopes, digital video microscopes, to explore science-based discoveries, Gary Bauchan, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.10-12

ARS Validates Soil Moisture Data Collected Via Satellite, ARS scientists took actual soil moisture measurements to verify accuracy of soil moisture data from the European Space Agency’s Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity satellite, Tom Jackson and collaborators, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.13

New Strategies To Thwart Pecan Scab, foliar applications of nickel, fungicides, and phosphite sprays to tree canopies fight peach scab, Bruce Wood, Clive Bock, and others, Byron, GA, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.14

Fire Ant Venom Compounds May Be Useful as a Fungicide, alkaloids in fire ant venom can fight soilborne plant pathogen that causes Pythium damping off diseases, Jian Chen, Xixuan Jin, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.15

Possible Links Between Soil Microbial Communities and Stroke Risk, correlating soil characteristics (from NRCS’s Soil Survey Geographic database) with stroke incidence in South Carolina and the “Stroke Belt”, stroke rate correlated to shallow water table and soil drainage class, evaluating soil moisture, soil acidity, and soil microbes, human microbiomes, Patrick Hunt, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.16-17

Early Weaning: A Good Bet for Beef Producers in Drought-Stricken Areas, when forage/feed are limited, early weaning has advantages for the cow/calf herd and producer, Richard Waterman, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.18-19

Fungal Foam Tested Against Avocado Threat, beneficial fungi target red bay ambrosia beetle and polyphagous shot hole borer, vectors of the diseases laurel wilt virus and Fusarium dieback, biobased foam might be useful way to deliver the beneficial fungi in orchards, Alejandro Rooney, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 13AUGp.20

Current Challenges Can Help Fuel Future Opportunities (forum), removing native invasive juniper trees for renewable jet fuel production, biofuels, reducing wildfire threat, rangeland management, sage grouse habitat, Jeffrey J. Steiner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.2

Turning Trees Into Fighter Fuels, project for Accelerated Renewable Jet Fuel Supplies from Western Wood Species, making renewable jet fuel from invasive junipers and pinyon pines removed from western rangelands, computer models show how to remove the weedy trees in a sustainable manner, water conservation, Mark Weltz, Tony Svejcar, Burns, OR, Fred Pierson, Boise, ID, David Goodrich, Tucson, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.4-7

Tools for Tracking Troublesome Trees, use of aerial photography and computer programs to detect western juniper trees and pinyon pine trees for eventual removal and bioenergy production, Kirk Davies, Matt Madsen, Burns, OR, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.8-9

Better Maps Mean Better Rangeland Management, linking soil type with vegetation coverage, ecological-state categories for soils to determine potential for weedy shrub removal and revegetation with rangeland grasses, Brandon Bestelmeyer, Las Cruces, NM, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.10-11

New, Improved Codling Moth Lures Available, pear ester and acetic acid added to sex pheromones increase lure attraction to both sexes of codling moth, leafrollers, Alan Knight, Peter Landolt, Wapato, WA, Douglas Light, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.12

New Strawberry Species Found in Oregon, found in Oregon Cascades, can grow at high altitudes and with little water, potential to breed with cultivated strawberry for new flavors and disease resistance, Kim Hummer, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.13

Measuring the Feeding Behavior of Livestock, new electronic automatic system to monitor feeding behavior of feedlot cattle and grow-finish swine, Tami Brown-Brandl, Roger Eigenberg, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.14

Saavy Seed Sorter Gains New Fans, new compact color-image based seed sorter device, useful for wheat, flax, barley, sorts detects and separates rejects, Thomas C. Pearson, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.15

Fungi Can Be Friends or Foes, features some recent projects of U.S. National Fungus Collections, correctly identifying the fungal cause of anthracnose disease in turfgrass, corky bark of rambutan and pulasan, Amy Rossman, Jo Ann Crouch, Shannon Dominick, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.16-17

Detecting Deadly Colonies of E. coli,new test kit for detecting all six serogroups of Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli O157:H7, collaboration of USDA’s ARS and FSIS, Marjorie Medina, Pina Fratamico, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.18-19

Storage Technique Preserves Citrus, Kills Pathogens, cryopreservation of citrus shoot-tip cuttings to safeguard germplasm, process also eliminates bacteria, viruses, and viroids, including Huanglongbing, or citrus greening disease, Gayle Volk, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.20-21

Better French Fries: Technique Helps Lower Fat, infrared heat used before frying reduces oil uptake of fries, Zhongli Pan, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13JULp.22

Providing More—and Better—Food for 2050 (forum), challenges to feed a growing population, not just more food, but more nutritious food, reducing obesity-linked overconsumption, John W. Finley, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13MAY/JUNp.2

Olives! Scientists Take a New Look at an Ancient Crop, two new tests for olive oil authenticity to rule out contamination with canola, sunflower, or safflower oils, more accurate coefficients for improving pomace drying efficiency in olive mills, olive powder’s use in hamburger meat to kill E. coli and retard formation of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines during grilling, Talwinder S. Kahlon, Jiann-Tsyh Lin, Rebecca R. Milczarek, Mendel Friedman, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13MAY/JUNp.4-7

Getting Hooked on Farmed Salmon: A Good Source of Omega-3s, omega-3 levels in farm-raised salmon are as high as those in wild salmon, proper cooking doesn’t destroy omega-3s, salmon portion size affects omega-3 blood levels in feeding trials for humans, Susan Raatz, Matthew Picklo, Grand Forks, ND, William Wolters, Franklin, ME, (html) or (pdf) 13MAY/JUNp.8-9

Nematode-Filled Capsules Tested Against Corn Rootworms, beneficial Heterorhabditis bacteriophora entomopathic nematodes applied to soil in an algal-based sugar polymer capsules to control corn rootworms, corn plant’s chemical cues/scents released to attract the nematodes following rootworm feeding, Bruce Hibbard, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 13MAY/JUNp.10-11

Viral Infection in Sheep Linked to Gene, new genetic test can help producers predict sheep susceptibility to ovine progressive pneumonia based on variations in the gene TMEM154, Michael Heaton, Kreg Leymaster, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 13MAY/JUNp.12-13

Cited for More Than 60 Years of Flavor Research, ARS’s Western Regional Research Center wins the American Chemical Society’s Landmarks award for flavor chemistry research, WRRC won same award in 2002 for frozen foods research and time-temperature tolerance studies, Howard Zhang, Bill Orts, Tara McHugh, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13MAY/JUNp.14-16

Dogs, Pine Trees, and Carbs: Studies Lead to New Pet-Food Ingredient, addition of hemicellulosic carbohydrates from southern yellow pine wood chips to dog food promotes healthy lower digestive system and increase in some beneficial bacteria, Neil P.J. Price, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 13MAY/JUNp.17

Nourishing America’s Preemies: Scientists Confront the Challenges of IV Feeding, piglet animal model shows digestive tract development problems after 2 or more weeks of total parenteral nutrition (TNP, or IV feeding), decreased beta cell production, increased blood glucose, increased insulin resistance, reduced production of GLP-1 hormone, studies show tiny doses of CDCA chenodeoxycholic acid (natural bile acid) improve gut health, boost production of important hormones, and prevent development of liver disease, in infant pigs on long-term TNP feeding, Douglas G. Burrin, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 13MAY/JUNp.18-19

Mapping the Way to Even Healthier Rice, analysis to screen for high-mineral uptake of iron, zinc, calcium, and other minerals of value in rice accessions from around the world, and low-uptake of arsenic and cadmium, identifying genes and markers for mineral uptake, mineral uptake from flooded and nonflooded fields, Shannon Pinson, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 13MAY/JUNp.20-21

New Bioenergy Yeast Is an Overachiever, new strain of yeast called Clavispora NRRL Y-0-50464 (Y-50464) for ethanol production from corn cobs following xylose extraction, works at higher temperatures, bioenergy feedstock fermentation, Zonglin Lewis Liu, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 13MAY/JUNp.22

Challenge for Sustaining Agriculture: Making the Most of Our Water Supply (forum), food and water supply over next 40 years with declining water resources, irrigation-scheduling tools, satellite assessment of soil water levels and drought worldwide, identifying crop genes for drought tolerance and water-use efficiency, heat tolerance, Mark Walbridge, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13APRp.2

Irrigation Wastewater: Waste Not, Want Not, recycling spent irrigation water to establish  salt-tolerant Bermuda grass for cattle grazing on saline-sodic soils, drop in soil salinity, boron and molybdenum levels, Dennis Corwin, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13APRp.4-5

Two Approaches for Optimizing Water Productivity, irrigation prescription maps from ARS wireless sensor system for automating irrigation and saving water, prototype TDR (time domain reflectometry) probes and wireless infrared thermometers, crop canopy temperatures, deficit irrigation, Steve Evett, Susan O’Shaughnessy, Bushland, TX, (html) or (pdf) 13APRp.6-7

Compounds in Whole-Grain Rice Varieties, extractable and cell-wall-bound vitamin E, antioxidants (gamma-oryzanol), phenolics, and flavonoids in brans of various-colored rice, glossary of flavor differences, Ming-Hsuan Chen, Stuttgart, AR, Karen Bett-Garber, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 13APRp.8-9

New Discovery Makes Detecting Johne’s Disease Easier, novel antibody 100 percent specific to Johne’s disease bacterium, Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP), eliminates false positives in testing, future diagnostic tests in progress, John Bannantine, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 13APRp.10-11

Examining Johne’s Vaccines and Bovine TB Tests for Cross Reaction (sidebar), testing new serology tests for bovine tuberculosis isn’t affected by Johne’s vaccination, TB diagnostics, Judy Stabel, Ames, IA, (html) 13APRp.11

House Fly Virus Stops Flies From Reproducing, promising virus biocontrol for house flies and stable flies, salivary gland hypertrophy virus stops reproduction, stops males from mating, females from laying eggs, improving infection rates and delivery methods, Chris Geden, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 13APRp.12-13

Improved Vitamin B12 Test May Help Young and Old Alike, improved method for measuring a marker of vitamin B12 in blood, John W. Newman, Lindsay H. Allen, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13APRp.14-15

Rooting Out a Novel Stress Syndrome in Pigs, previously undetected genetic stress syndrome of piglets identified and mapped to a genetic mutation in dystrophin gene, general anesthesia and ECG tests, creatine phosphokinase levels, Dan Nonneman, Gary Rohrer, Tami Brown-Brandl, Shuna Jones, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 13APRp.16-17

A Modeling Milestone for Soil Phosphorus Management, updating the phosphorus index for NRCS, development of Annual Phosphorus Loss Estimator (APLE) model that predicts field loss of phosphorus (P) in runoff, whole-farm estimates of P losses, Peter Vadas, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 13APRp.18-19

New Technologies for Studying Crops and Crop Diseases, plant virus transport via virions, protein interaction reporter technology shows topological features of virion that carries potato leafroll virus, adapted computed tomography technology shows potential role of bridge cells in grape plant xylem in spreading Pierce’s disease virus, Michelle Cilia, Stewart Gray, Ithaca, NY, Andrew McElrone, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13APRp.20-22

Wasted Food: What We Are Doing To Prevent Costly Losses (forum), technologies for curbing postharvest food losses, ozone-based treatments, refrigeration and packaging of produce, cold plasma technology improves poultry shelflife, robots for culling apples, packaging for fruit and fresh-cut produce, Robert L. Fireovid, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.2

Weight Loss, Cortisol, and Your Brain: Scientists Explore Connections, studying decisionmaking (via Iowa Gambling Task) or executive function and levels of the stress hormone cortisol in relation to dieting success in obese women, Nancy L. Keim, Kevin D. Laugero, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.4-5

How Does Mom’s Nutrition Affect Her Children’s Health? Epigenetics May Provide New Insights, seasonal food availability and weather variability affect Gambian mothers' nutrition and cause permanent changes in DNA methylation in some genes of their children, prenatal nutrition, Robert A. Waterland, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.6-7

Enhancing Yogurt With Healthful Fiber From Oats, adding oat beta-glucan edible fiber to yogurt without affecting texture, viscosity, color, and other properties, Mukti Singh, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.8

An Atlas for Guatemala, a Tool for Conserving World Crops, online interactive atlas of wild plants in Guatemala, genetically diverse native wild plants related to world crop plants, germplasm resource, Karen Williams, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.9

Linking Animal Behavior to Useful Natural Repellents, citrus compounds deter ticks and mosquitoes and impair tick behavior, compounds in crushed millipedes tested for toxicity/repellency on ticks, John Carroll, Matt Kramer, Beltsville, MD, Ulrich Bernier, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.10-11

Cultural Practices To Maintain Soil Quality and Address Climate Change, effect of no-till, crop rotation, ecological cultural practices, nitrogen fertilization, and sheep grazing on soil quality, greenhouse gas emissions, crop yields, carbon sequestration, and nitrogen pollution of air and water in northern plains, Upendra Sainju, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.12-14

A Desert Shrub’s Crystallized Protein Sheds Light on Photosynthesis, crystallizing the heat-tolerant rubisco activase from creosote bush, potential for heat-tolerant photosynthesis in crop plants, Michael Salvucci, Maricopa, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.15

Measuring and Managing Impacts of Manure Spills, stream sediment absorption of phosphorus and subsequent release back into an artificial fluvarium water channel, use of alum-calcium carbonate amendments to mitigate release of phosphorus from sediments, Doug Smith, Chi-hua Huang, West Lafayette, IN, April Leytem, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.16-17

Trickery and Other Methods Explored To Vanquish Potato Cyst Nematodes, identifying egg-hatching compounds exuded from potato roots that stimulate potato cyst nematode eggs inside cysts in soil to hatch, sticky nightshade trap crops that promote egg hatching and subsequent starvation of the hatched nematodes, Roy Navarre, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.18-19

Measuring the Potential of Switchgrass Pellets, comparing heating production efficiency, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions from burning switchgrass pellets instead of fuel oil for heating greenhouses, residences, and other buildings, carbon dioxide equivalents, Paul Adler, Fred McNeal, University Park, PA, (html) or (pdf) 13MARp.20-22

Lifting All Boats With Organic and Conventional Research (forum), dual benefit of ARS research for organic and conventional growers, biological and physical pest control, soil fertility, cover crops, roller crimpers, environmental impact/footprint, Matt Smith, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.2

Robust Results From Long-Term Research on Organic Cover Cropping, long-term study called Salinas Orgranic Cropping Systems trial, cover crops and seeding rates for biomass production and weed suppression, carbon/nitrogen ratios of cover crops, environmental footprint, Eric Brennan, Salinas, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.4-5

Rolling Out Cover Crops for Higher Yields and Improved Soil Quality, new roller/crimpers for killing cover crops for organic and conventional vegetable growers to use rather than pesticides, best timing for optimum cover crop termination rates, Ted Kornecki, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.6-7

Emergency Enemy of Veggies Unmasked, correctly identifying and renaming Pseudomonas cannabina pv. alisalensis, the cause of bacterial blight of crucifers, from Pseudomonas syringae pv. maculicola, the cause of pepper spot disease of cauliflower, genetic makeup of the two pathovars in database called PAMDB, Carolee T. Bull, Salinas, CA, (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.8-10

Travel Patterns of Wind-Blown Soil Microbes, use of pyrosequencing to assess soil bacteria diversity and transport of them on coarse and fine dust particles via wind tunnel, Veronica Acosta-Martinez, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.11

New Tools for Studying the Root of the Matter, transparent gels and 3-D imaging technology show root architecture of 400 rice lines, RootReader3D system, potential use by breeders to screen for root function for drier habitats and changing climates, Leon V. Kochian, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.13

Identifying Compounds To Help Control Bed Bugs, 17 compounds and two alarm pheromones identified in bed bug’s cuticle, affect on aggregation, may be important in canine detection of the pest, Mark Feldlaufer, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.14-15

Studying Manure in Cows, in Feedlots, and in Fields, use of pyrosequencing to classify bacteria in bovine gastrointestinal tracts of both beef cattle and dairy cattle, manure bacteria, effect of livestock diet on pathogen transport and runoff from manure-amended soil, phosphorus and nitrogen loads, Lisa Durso, John Gilley, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.16-17

New Club Wheat Holding Its Own Against Fungal Disease, ARS-released club wheat variety ‘Cara’ resisted epidemic levels of strip rust (straw breaker foot rot) in Washington State, also resists powdery mildew and lodging and has outstanding flour quality, Kim Garland-Campbell, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.18-19

Temperament Plays Key Role in Cattle Health, interrelationships of cattle stress (from transportation) and cattle temperament, immune challenges, and body/meat composition and quality, using temperament scores to select bulls for breeding to improve herd health and productivity, Jeffery Carroll, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.20-21

State Department’s Gift of Dogwoods to Japan in Honor of 100th Anniversary of Cherry Tree Gift, U.S. National Arboretum scientist’s and collaborator’s efforts to select and prepare flowering dogwood trees as gift to Japan, germplasm selection, Richard Olsen, Washington, D.C., (html) or (pdf) 13FEBp.22

Citrus Greening: A Puzzle With Many Pieces, spread of Huanglongbing (HLB) in United States, control of the vector Asian citrus psyllid, cryopreservation of citrus, DNA signatures of Liberibacter isolates, Gail Wisler, Beltsville, MD, (Dennis O’Brien) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.2

Helping Citrus Growers Deal With a Nasty Invader, Elizabeth Baldwin, David Hall, screening orange juice for bitter compounds limonin and nomilin from Huanglongbing (HLB) infection, potential biocontrol fungus Hirsutella citriformis kills Asian citrus psyllids that spread citrus greening, Fort Pierce, FL, (Dennis O’Brien) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.4-6

Orange Juice Amino Acids May Reveal Secrets to Quelling Citrus Greening Disease, amino acid profiles in orange juice might provide early diagnosis of Huanglongbing HLB in orange trees, Andrew Breksa, St. Albany, CA, (Marcia Wood) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.7

Drainage Ditch Research Reveals Opportunities for Cleaning Up Runoff, pesticide and nutrient runoff cleanup in vegetated drainage ditches, phosphorus, nitrogen, atrazine and lamba-cyhalothrin, pyrethroids bifenthrin and esfenvalerate, Matt Moore, Oxford, MS, (Ann Perry) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.8-10

Crop-Friendly Bacteria Tapped To Battle Fungal Marauders, evaluation of 26 bacteria Pseudomonas bacteria strains as biocontrols of Pythium and Rhizoctonia fungi that cause root rot in wheat and barley, Patricia Okubara, Pullman, WA, (Jan Suszkiw) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.11

Advantages of Understanding the Lady Beetle Diet, feeding habits show importance of nonprey components like sugar and plant tissue in lady beetle diets, Jonathan Lundgren, Brookings, SD, (Sharon Durham) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.12

New Uses for Sugar Beet Pulp, LinShu Liu, making biodegradable disposable food containers plus light-weight biodegradable polyethylene from sugar beet leftovers, Wyndmoor, PA, (Rosalie Marion Bliss) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.13

Going Beyond the Barnyard To Stop Stable Flies, use of insect growth regulator to interrupt stable fly development at hay-feeding sites, attractants and repellents, catnip oil, David Taylor, Jerry Zhu, Lincoln, NE, (Sandra Avant) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.14-15

The Real Dirt on Biosolids as Soil Amendments, yields of and mineral accumulation in wheat grown in soils amended with biosolids, lime-treated biosolids, Eton Codling, Beltsville, MD, (Ann Perry) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.16

With Hot Air Treatment, Bacteria Fly the Coop, hot-air treatments of poultry coop flooring to kill Campylobacter and Escherichia coli, Mark E. Berrang, Athens, GA, (Rosalie Marion Bliss) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.17

ARS Works Toward Control of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, control via traps, attractants, sequencing the genome of the bug, potential parasitic wasps as biocontrols, Tracey Leskey, Kearneysville, WV, Jana Lee, Corvallis, OR, Kim Hoelmer, Montpellier, France, Aijun Zhang, Ashot Khrimian, Jeff Aldrich, Don Weber, Dawn Gunderson-Rindal, Beltsville, MD, (Sharon Durham, Dennis O’Brien) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.18-20

New Technology for Harvesting the Power of Beneficial Fungi, use of “liquid culture fermentation” in bioreactors for producing biopesticides, Metarhizium brunneum microsclerotia for killing sugar beet root maggots, Mycoleptodiscus terrestris for controlling hydrilla, Mark Jackson, Peoria, IL, (Jan Suszkiw) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.21

Corn Cobs On Deck for Cellulosic Feedstock, runoff from no-till corn plots when cobs were removed (for potential biofuel production) vs. not removed, effect on soil quality and soil nutrients, Brian Wienhold, Lincoln, NE, (Ann Perry) (html) or (pdf) 13JANp.22

Products To Protect Consumers and the Military From Insects (forum), partnership between USDA and military for non-agricultural insect pest control, protecting troops in war from insect-transmitted diseases, repellents and insecticides for clothing and skin, ARS and U.S. Navy and Army and APHIS’s creation of Deployed War-Fighter Protection program (DWFP), IR-4s assistance with pesticide registration, Daniel Strickman, Beltsville, MD, (Sandra Avant) (html) or (pdf) 12 NOV/DECp.2

DWFP: A Battle Plan To Protect U.S. Troops From Harmful Insects, partnership between USDA and military for non-agricultural insect pest control, protecting troops in war from insect-transmitted diseases, ARS and Department of Defense (Navy and Army) and APHIS’s Deployed War-Fighter Protection program (DWFP), DEET, disease transmission by insects, Jatropha curcas oil mosquito repellency, callicarpenal from beautyberry, toxic sugar baits for killing mosquitoes and sand flies, sand fly transmission of parasites that cause leishmaniasis, autodissemination of pyriproxyfen to kill house flies, uniform fabrics and treatments for insect resistance and fire resistance, IR-4s assistance with pesticide registration, Ken Linthicum, Ulrich Bernier, Gary Clark, and others, Gainesville, FL, Kamal Chauhan, Joseph Dickens, Dan Strickman, Beltsville, MD, Charles Cantrell, David Wedge, Stephen Duke, Oxford, MS, Clint Hoffman, College Station, TX, (Sandra Avant) (html) or (pdf) 12NOV/DECp.4-14

Spraying Insecticide? There’s An App for That!, two mobile phone applications (apps) developed by ARS and U.S. Department of Defense’s Navy Entomology Center of Excellence for applying insecticides properly for 60 different sprayers and various nozzle types on land and from planes, droplet size, air speed, nozzle type, Bradley Fritz and Wesley “Clint” Hoffman, College Station, TX, (Dennis O’Brien) (html) or (pdf) 12NOV/DECp.15

Finding Ways To Save Water in Peach Orchards, peach yield and quality after deficit irrigation postharvest in San Joaquin Valley, infrared sensors measure canopy temperature to determine when to irrigate with four different irrigation treatments (furrow or subsurface drip irrigation with or without postharvest water stress), stem water potential, Dong Wang, James Ayars, Jim Gartung, Parlier, CA, (Dennis O’Brien) (html) or (pdf) 12NOV/DECp.16-17

Where Does E. coli Come From? It’s Complicated! Water and sediment samples from Santa Ana River Watershed sampled to determine origin—urban, wildlife, or farm animals—of bacteria, DNA fingerprints for identification, antibiotic resistance of the E. coli, Mark Ibekwe, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 12NOV/DECp.18-19

Livestock Waste Management 2.0: Recycling Ammonia Emissions as Fertilizer, new on-farm nitrogen management system uses gas-permeable membranes to capture ammonia from livestock wastewater before ammonia get in air, collected nitrogen as fertilizer, Matias Vanotti, Ariel Szogi, Florence, SC, (Ann Perry) (html) or (pdf) 12NOV/DECp.20

Eco-based Fire Logs: An Environmentally Friendly Invention From ARS, clean-burning artificial logs and pellets made of grass/lawn clippings emit less volatile organic compounds, potential use for other ag. leftovers/residues, Syed Imam, Albany, CA, (Marcia Wood) (html) or (pdf) 12NOV/DECp.21

Breeding Better Fruits and Veggies (forum), crop genetic improvement and genomic resources, safeguarding germplasm, FasTrack for improved tree-fruit breeding, Ug99 master switch genes, Kay Simmons, Beltsville, MD, (Sharon Durham) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.2

Fruits and Veggies for Now and in the Future, potatoes with higher carotenoids levels, ‘Yukon Gold’, ‘Peter Wilcox’ purple-skinned potato, potato resistance to Phytophthora late blight and Streptomyces scab, invertase gene controls cold-induced sweetening sugar accumulation in stored potatoes, ornamental potatoes, extension of strawberry growing season with low tunnels, humidity and control of Botrytis and anthracnose, large raspberry aphid resistance in black raspberry, Kathy Haynes, Beverly Clevidence, Rick Jones, Ken Deahl, Leslie Wanner, John Stommel, Kim Lewers, Beltsville, MD, Paul Bethke, Shelley Jansky, Madison, WI, Chad Finn, Corvallis, OR, (Sharon Durham) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.4-7

Addressing a New Threat to Avocado: Laurel Wilt, testing lures of manuka oil, phoebe oil, lychee wood, and avocado wood for attracting redbay ambrosia beetle, the vector of laurel wilt disease, safeguarding the avocado collection from laurel wilt in Miami with propiconazole root treatments, Paul Kendra, Tomas Ayala-Silva, Osman Gutierrez, and others, Miami, FL, (Dennis O’Brien) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.8-9

ARS Scientists Tee Up To Tackle Golf Course Pesticide Runoff, comparison of hollow-tine core cultivation vs. solid-tine core cultivation and effects on runoff of fertilizer nutrients and five turfgrass pesticides, evaluation and update of TurfPQ runoff model, Pamela Rice, St. Paul, MN, (Ann Perry) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.10-11

Human Medical Advances May Result From Tree Nut Research, plant compounds like thymol from thyme plants tested for effects on conventional antifungal medications in battling Aspergillus molds, Candida and Crytococcus yeasts, also tested cinnamic acid, salicylic acid, and 2,5-DBA, chemosensitization, Bruce C. Campbell, Jong H. Kim, Albany, CA, (Marcia Wood) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.12-13

Reducing Sorghum’s Major Limitations: Cold Tolerance and Diseases, cold-tolerant sorghum lines from accessions from China, technique for screening for head smut, sorghum highly resistant to anthracnose and grain mold, Gloria Burow, John J. Burke, Zhanguo Xin, Lubbock, TX, Louis K. Prom, College Station, TX, (Dennis O’Brien) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.14-15

Using Manure To Mend Mine-Damaged Soils, using beef cattle manure compost to amend soils degraded by mining in Tri-State Mining District, revegetating with switchgrass, lead and zinc availability in soils, Paul White, Houma, LA, (Ann Perry) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.16

Trapping Weevils and Saving Monarchs, formula for lure for milkweed weevil, based on pheromone formula used for cotton boll weevil, milkweed as food source for Monarch butterflies, Charles Suh, College Station, TX, (Dennis O’Brien) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.17

New Tool Predicts Piglet’s Nursing Ability, new technique called immunocrit determines whether neonatal piglets receive enough colostrum from lactating sows, immunoglobulin, immunocrit use in cattle, Jeffrey Vallet, Clay Center, NE, (Sandra Avant) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.18-19

Beneficial Fungus Formulated Into Bioplastic “Bullets”, packaging nontoxigenic Aspergillus K49 in bioplastic made of corn starch and vegetable oil, biocompetitive exclusion from K49 reduces aflatoxin-producing Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus in corn fields, Hamed K. Abbas, Stoneville, MS, (Jan Suszkiw) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.20-21

Parasitic Wasps: Serve Chilled, James Throne, cold storage of biocontrol wasp Habrobracon hebetor induces reproductive diapause state for long-term cold storage, rearing and maintaining wasp colonies, Manhattan, KS, (Jan Suszkiw) (html) or (pdf) 12OCTp.22

Biofuels: No Single Answer, Many Possibilities (forum), establishing commercial biofuel biomass supply chains nationwide to benefit farmers and biorefiners, region-based supply of feedstocks for renewable-fuel supply, bioenergy, partnerships, Jeffrey Steiner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12SEPp.2

ARS and the Regional Biomass Research Centers, coordination of U.S. region-based biofuel supply chains for feedstocks for renewable fuels, bioenergy, Jeffrey Steiner, Beltsville, MD, Ken Vogel, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 12SEPp.4-6

Biofuel Prospects With Prairie Perennials, NIFA funding of cenUSA project for production of central USA bioenergy crop grasses like switchgrass, big bluestem, indiangrass, prairie cordgrass, biomass production, pyrolysis plant decomposition for bio-oil for renewable fuels, Ken Vogel, Rob Mitchell, Lincoln, NE, Michael Casler, Madison, WI, Bruce Dien, Peoria, IL, Akwasi Boateng, Wyndmoor, PA, (Ann Perry) (html) or (pdf) 12SEPp.7-9

Same Plant, Different Project, Shared Goals (sidebar), inserting Corngrass gene into switchgrass to keep it in juvenile form and preserve stem starch for potential bioenergy production, biofuels, lignin, Sarah Hake, Albany, CA, (html) 12SEPp.8

Finding the Right Biofuels for the Southeast: A Range of Alternatives, options for biomass production for bioenergy/biofuels in Southeast, improved varieties of energy cane with cold tolerance, comparing napiergrass, switchgrass and giant reed, breeding sweet sorghum for bioenergy and electricity production, William Anderson, Timothy Strickland, Robert Hubbard, Tifton, GA, Ed Richard, Houma, LA, Jeff Pedersen, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 12SEPp.10-13

Sweet Sorghum Research: Building on the Past for a Better Future (sidebar), germplasm and breeding work on sorghum for higher sugar yields, insect and disease resistance, lodging resistance, technologies for sorghum syrup handling, fermentation performance studies for ethanol production, Gary Pederson, Griffin, GA, Scott Sattler, Lincoln, NE, Gillian Eggleston, New Orleans, LA, (html) 12SEPp.12

ARS Researchers Flying Higher With New Jet Fuels, ideal plant oils for renewable jet fuel, oilseeds, testing germplasm from rapeseed for seed oil production, near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy for estimating seed-oil content, Terry Isbell, Peoria, IL, Michael Gore, Matthew Jenks, Maricopa, AZ, Dan Long, Pendleton, OR, Dave Archer, Mandan, ND, (html) or (pdf) 12SEPp.14-15

Pink Lemonade, Razz, and More! Wonderful Blueberries From ARS to You, new varieties called Pink Lemonade, Razz, Sweetheart and Cara’s Choice with unique tastes, production seasons, Mark K. Ehlenfeldt, Beltsville, MD, and Chatsworth, NJ, (html) or (pdf) 12SEPp.16-17

Making Fruit Flies More Macho for Sterile Insect Releases, control of Mexican fruit fly in Mexico, mass-reared male fruit flies sterilized with irradiation and treated with methoprene analogue mature faster and mate sooner, can be released for sterile insect technique sooner, Peter Teal, Gaineville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 12SEPp.18-19

Banking on Plants as Storehouses, battling pest insects by using banker plants as storehouses for predatory insects, using papaya as greenhouse banker plant to host the biocontrol wasp parasite Encarsia sophia provides control of silverleaf whitefly on poinsettias, ornamental peppers bank predatory mite Amblyseius swirskii for whitefly and thrip control, corn as banker for a gall midge to fight two-spotted spider mite, Cindy L. McKenzie, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 12SEPp.20-21

A Cautionary Note About Copper Footbaths for Dairy Cows, copper buildup in soils following irrigation with copper sulfate footbath wastewater, alfalfa growth, tolerance, and copper uptake in response to various soil copper levels, use of biochar in pecan shells to reduce copper in the wastewater, Jim Ippolito, David Tarkalson, Kimberly, ID, Tom Ducey, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 12SEPp.22

ARS Scientists: All-Purpose Agronomists (forum), ARS research helps decisions on managing crop fields, soil water, no-till vs. conventional till, rotations and planning for climate change, turf and golf course management, Steven R. Shafer, Kay Simmons, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12AUGp.2

Climate Change May Help Restore Arid Grasslands, sustained above-average rainfall in Jornada Experimental Range helped displace mesquite, creosote bush, and tarbush with perennial native grasses, Debra Peters, Las Cruces, NM, (html) or (pdf) 12AUGp.4-5

EcoTrends (sidebar), EcoTends project for long-term monitoring of Earth’s ecosystems, (html) 12AUGp.5

Hotter Summers Could Trump CO2 Benefits on Dry Cropland, models predict wheat, millet, corn, yields and water use in central Great Plains for three crop rotation systems as carbon dioxide levels rise from global climate change, models RZWQM2, FACE, T-FACE, Laj Ahuja, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf)12AUGp.6-7

No-Till and Snow Can Help Crops Grow, effects of crop residues from no-till and conventional till on snow accumulation and distribution and spatial variation of soil water in the Palouse region, David Huggins, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf)12AUGp.8

New Blueberry Varieties Being Readied for Sale, two new southern highbush cultivars called Gupton and Pearl, also released Prince, and early-ripening rabiteye, Stephen Stringer, Poplarville, MS, (html) or (pdf)12AUGp.9

Cranberries! Native Fruit’s Interesting Natural Compounds Investigated, flavonols in pomace after juice extraction, phytochemicals, sodium hydroxide extraction process recovers more polyphenol proanthocyanins, Ronald L. Prior, Little Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 12AUGp.10-11

USDA’s History Comes Alive at National Agricultural Library, records, research notes, collections, images, and photographs of USDA’s first 150 years, fiber collection, watercolors, Fruit Laboratory Card Catalog Collection, Sara B. Lee, Susan Fugate, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf)12AUGp.12-15

What the Mall Once Looked Like (sidebar), National Agricultural Library’s Special Collections hosts drawings and photographs of USDA’s buildings from 1800s and 1900s, Sara B. Lee, Susan Fugate, Beltsville, MD, (html) 12AUGp.15

Predicting Tenderness and Lasting Color in Meat, noninvasive visible and near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (Vis/NIR) method for predicting meat and pork tenderness and red color stability, Tommy Wheeler, Steven Shackelford, Andy King, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf)12AUGp.16-17

Roundworms (and Their Bacterial Buddies) Rub Out Pests, morphological and other features identifying and describing Pelodera nematodes that carry entomopathogenic bacteria and control Formosan subterranean termites, identification of Parasitorhabditis beetle biocontrol of southern pine beetle, nematode Panagrellus and yeast and tarantula death, Lynn Carta, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf)12AUGp.18-19

Understanding Herbicide Resistance of an Enzyme in the “Pigments of Life, mechanism of PPO (protoporphyrinogen oxidase) resistance in waterhemp, studies show PPO resistance in waterhemp is due to missing amino acid in weed’s enzyme, Franck Dayan, Oxford, MI, (html) or (pdf) 12AUGp.20-21

King George’s Porphyrin Problem (sidebar), symptoms of disruption of the PPO enzyme in humans, historical evidence King George III had porphyria, (html) 12AUGp.21

A “Greener” Fertilizer for Growing Horticultural Crops, tests of a natural, greener EDDS chelating agent as alternative to synthetic agents EDTA and DTPA for micronutrient availability to floral, horticultural, nursery plants, Joseph Albano, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 12AUGp.22

Innovations for Pest Control in Produce (forum), postharvest pest control, red flour beetle control in stored-grain facilities, low-temperature vacuum treatments and parasitoids for tree nuts and fresh fruits, mating disruption of Indianmeal moth in dried beans, submerging citrus in soak tanks to control Asian citrus psyllid, gas-chromatography rapid screening for tephritid fruit flies, Daniel Strickman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12JULp.2

Colony Collapse Disorder: An Incomplete Puzzle, causes of colony collapse disorder explored, many myths disproven, honey bees, Varroa mites, Nosema, environmental stresses, pesticides, pathogens, imidacloprid, Jeff Pettis, Jay Evans, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12JULp.4-8

Many Suspects, But No Culprit (sidebar), report on honey bees and suspects of colony collapse disease, including pathogens, parasites, pests, diseases, pesticides, transportation stess, monoculture, GM crops, high-fructose corn syrup, global climate change, ozone, cell phones and cell phone towers, Jeff Pettis, Jay Evans, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12JULp.7

Cracking Down on Poultry Disease With Egg Yolk, feeding hyperimmune egg yolk antibodies to chicks after hatching gives resistance to intestinal poultry disease coccidiosis, caused by Eimeria protozoa, Hyun Lillehoj, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12JULp.9

Oxygenated Phosphine Fumigation for Pest Control on Harvested Fruits and Vegetables, phosphine fumigation combined with oxygen improves pest control on fruits and veggies, lower phosphine levels are safer, less fire risk, more effective, control of western flower thrips, leafminer, mealybug, Indianmeal moth, Yong-Biao Liu, Salinas, CA, (html) or (pdf) 12JULp.10-11

Getting Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables: Scientists Scrutinize “Parenting Practices”, ARS-developed video games help parents educate their children on how to eat properly, proactive approach to increasing childrens’ vegetable consumption, Internet survey of health care professionals on long-term effectiveness of parenting practices, proactive vs. punishing, Tom Baranowski, Teresia M. O’Connor, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 12JULp.12-14

Beneficial Yeast: A New Weapon for Keeping Tree Nuts Safe To Eat, lab and orchard studies show beneficial yeast Pichia anomala controls Aspergillus flavus mold that attacks tree nuts, Sui-Sheng T. (Sylvia) Hua, Maria T. Brandl, Bradley J. Hernlem, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 12JULp.15

The Search for Nematode-Resistant Cotton, identifying genetic markers in cotton for nematode resistance, line for root-knot-nematode resistance released, developing resistance to reniform nematode and root-knot nematode in upland cotton, Richard Davis, Tifton, GA, Sally Stetina, John Erpelding, Stoneville, MS, Johnie Jenkins, Mississippi State, Mississippi, (html) or (pdf) 12JULp.16-18

No-Till Crops Can Improve Air Quality in the Pacific Northwest, 11-year study on whether no-till spring cereal rotations in Northwest can mitigate wind erosion, alternative to popular winter wheat/summer fallow system, water infiltration, soil moisture, Brenton Sharratt, Frank Young, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 12JULp.19

Searching for Genes To Protect Soybeans From Flooding and Diseases, tests of 21 soybean varieties in Vietnam reveals superior flood tolerance, root rot resistance, flood-tolerant eastern gamagrass, role of arenchyma and adventitious roots, Tara Van Toai, Columbus, OH, (html) or (pdf) 12JULp.20-22

Resistance to Soybean Rust (sidebar), tests of 65 soybean varieties for resistance to Asian soybean rust reveal Vietnamese variety DT 2000 with best resistance, Tara Van Toai, Columbus, OH, (html) or 12JULp.22

Alternative Strategies for Keeping Animals Healthy, novel technologies as alternatives to antibiotics in animals, mushroom extract lectin boosts poultry immunity to parasitic diseases, phytochemicals and dietary supplements like green tea and cinnamaldehyde, Cyril G. Gay, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12MAY/JUNp.2

Strategies That Work: Alternatives to Antibiotics in Animal Health, antibiotics resistance, food supplements and probiotics fight coccidiosis in poultry, cloning NK lysine gene which makes NK lysine antimicrobial protein that kills coccidia, Neospora, and Cryptosporidia, vitamin D infused into cow mammary glands can help fight mastitis, chlorate and nitro compounds in feed/water reduce E. coli and Salmonella, phages that produce endolysins that can kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Cyril Gay, Hyun Lillehoj, David Donovan, Beltsville, MD, John Lippolis, Ames, IA, Robin Anderson, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 12MAY/JUNp.4-7

New Insights Into Irrigation Management, changing/adjusting sprinkler heads on center-pivot irrigation systems to minimize droplet impact on soil and erosion of soils, maximize infiltration and watering efficiency, increase sugar beet seedling emergence, amending soils with organic materials bolsters soil-aggregate stability, Gary Lehrsch, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 12MAY/JUNp.8-9

Flow Rate, and More (sidebar), field and lab tests of irrigation flow rate and timing of application on erosion and runoff from four center-pivot commercial sprinklers, Brad King, Dave Bjorneberg, Kimberly, ID, (html) 12MAY/JUNp.9

150 Years of Making History: USDA’s 150th Anniversary, May 15, 2012, history of USDA scientists’ efforts, daily sterile insect technique operation against screwworm, development of stubble mulch tillage and for wind erosion control in response to Dust Bowl in the thirties, developments and products from ARS’s six nutrition centers and four regional research centers, mass production of penicillin in powder form, objectives of USDA’s first leader, Isaac Newton, (html) or (pdf) 12MAY/JUNp.10-19

New Tool Opens a Bigger Window to Insect Warfare, new EPG monitor called “AC-DC correlation monitor” for monitoring insect feeding, how and when they inject saliva and spread plant diseases, glassy-winged sharpshooter transmits Pierce’s disease, squash bugs transmit cucurbit yellow vine disease, tick, mite, mosquito, bed bug, deer fly and other biting insects, Elaine Backus, Parlier, CA, (html) or (pdf) 12MAY/JUNp.20-21

ARS Assists in Fight Against Kudzu Bug, Megacopta cribraria (kudzu bug) also attacks soybean and other legumes, ongoing tests of potential biocontrol wasp Paratelenomus saccharalis that attacks kudzu bug, Walker Jones, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 12MAY/JUNp.22

Genetics and Bermudagrass: It’s Not Easy Being Uniformly Green, new DNA-based tool for identifying off-types or mutations of 15 Tifgreen bermudagrasses used in putting greens, turf grasses, Karen Harris-Shultz, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 12MAY/JUNp.23

Innovations Through Biotechnology, ARS biotechnology projects in metagenomics, genomic selection, metabolomics, poultry diseases, metabolites in supplements and botanicals, new advanced microbials, Jack Okamuro, Kay Simmons, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.2

A Bit of Gold and Nanotechnology Bring Viruses to Light, diagnostic test uses surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) with gold nanoparticles to identify viruses that causes West Nile fever and Rift Valley fever, William Wilson, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.4-5

Digital Detectives Decipher Ingredients, using metabolomics to study metabolites in and botanical ingredients in green tea products and supplements, nutrient differences in red grapefruit juice as affected by growing year, harvest time, and farming method (organic vs. conventional), assessing where ginseng was grown, James Harnly, Pei Chen, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.6-7

SERS: High-Tech Tactic May Newly Expose Stealthy Salmonella, technique using surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) for quick detection of Salmonella and other foodborne pathogens, differentiating two Salmonella serotypes, Bosoon Park, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.8-9

What’s In Your Blood? The Ongoing Hunt for Metabolites, metabolomics studies of metabolites in blood to assess human health and predict diseases, online Serum Metabolome database of metabolites in blood serum, John W. Newman, Theresa Pedersen, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.10-11

Protein Biomarkers Identify Disease-Carrying Aphids, aphid genetic markers show which aphids can carry and transmit yellow dwarf viruses, predicting disease vectoring, Michelle Cilia, Stewart Gray, Ithaca, NY, John Burd, Melissa Burrows, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.12

A New Approach to Molecular Plant Breeding, statistical method for genomic selection in developing improved crop varieties, more accurate than marker-assisted selection, Jean-Luc Jannink, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.13

Cotton Gets Nanotech and Biotech Treatment in New Orleans, nanoparticles of clay provide flame-retardance, nanocoating, environmentally friendly alternative to halogenated flame retardants, silver nanoparticles inhibit microbial growth in cotton fibers and fabrics, impregnating nonwovens with lysozyme to kill microbes and prevent fabric infection and odor, ultrasonic energy for cleaning griege cotton with enzymes, Brian Condon, SeChin Chang, Sunghyun Nam, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.14-15

Barcoding Insects To Control Them, DNA barcodes identify best insect predators of Colorado potato beetle, identifying the beetle’s DNA in guts of predators, using DNA barcoding for tracking threat of and reproduction of Russian wheat aphid biotypes, Mathew Greenstone, Beltsville, MD, Gary Puterka, Kevin Shufran, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.16-17

Metagenomics Offers Insight Into Poultry Diseases, phiCA82 virus bacteriophage and its antimicrobial applications, PCR tests for chicken parvoviruses, metagenomics techniques for determining contents of turkey gut for fight against enteric diseases in poultry, Michael Day, Laszlo Zsak, Brian Oakley, Bruce Seal, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.18-19

Longstanding Erosion Calculator Enters 21st Century, update of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (or RUSLE), newest version called RUSLE2, more powerful, practical computer model for predicting erosion, article gives history/evolution from USLE to RUSLE to RUSLE1 now to RUSLE2, vegetation type, residue type, 20 key soil properties, tillage options, daily information, RUSLE 2 downloadable on Web, Seth Dabney, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 12APRp.20-22

Monitoring America’s Nutritional Bottom Line, ARS monitors the amount and type of food consumed by the U.S. population, human nutrition policy, overfed but undernourished population, obesity, dietary-intake survey, nutrient database, “What We Eat in America” survey, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12MARp.2

Monitoring Best Practices for Food Analysis: The First Step—Monitoring What We Eat, methods for analyzing food composition, better method of assessing vitamin D and its metabolites in foods, supplements, vitamin D in orange juice, James Harnly, Craig Byrdwell, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12MARp.4-7

Vitamin D Needs Reevaluated (sidebar), vitamin D Dietary Reference Intakes issued, based on better vitamin D analysis methods for foods, (html) or (pdf) 12MARp.5

Monitoring Food-Supply Nutrients: The Second Step—Conservators of the National Nutrient Database, National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, nutrient profiles for foods, “Lets Move!” initiative, “Healthy Kids” competition for entrepreneurs to develop software, users of nutrient database,, commercial downloads of national nutrient databases, Dietary Guidelines, Joanne Holden, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12MARp.8-15

Inside the Nutrient Data Laboratory (sidebar), Q&A describing users of National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, (html) or (pdf) 12MARp.9

Vitamin D’s Debut in the National Nutrient Database (sidebar), vitamin D levels in foods, revision of DRIs for vitamin D, (html) or (pdf) 12MARp.12

The National Food and Nutrient Analysis Program (sidebar), USDA and DHHS efforts to make food surveys of foods/nutrients consumed by Americans, (html) or (pdf) 12MARp.14

Monitoring the U.S. Population’s Diet: The Third Step—The National “What We Eat in America” Survey, national dietary intake food survey, nutrients, nutrition, sodium intake, supplement intake, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, overeating, obesity, Alanna J. Moshfegh, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12MARp.16-21

The Stealth Sodium Revolution, Beltsville, MD, salt intake from processed foods, food industry’s efforts to wean American’s off salt and sodium, (html) or (pdf) 12MARp.22

ARS National Program for Human Nutrition Monitoring, monitoring American’s food supply and diet, uses of nutrition monitoring information, Molly Kretsch, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12MARp.23

It Takes a Satellite To Feed the World, gap in Landsat coverage for monitoring land use and cover, additions to Landsat for thermal imaging for global water use, evapotranspiration, future launch of Landsat 8 by NASA and monitoring capabilities, protecting the world’s food and water supply, Charles L. Walthall, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.2

A New Way To Map Drought and Water Use Worldwide, computer model/satellite evapotranspiration (ET) maps for drought monitoring, ALEXI computer model for estimating ET, water use and availability, ground-truth accuracy, irrigation scheduling from space, Bill Kustas, Martha Anderson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.4-7

Multi-Pronged Fight Against Zebra Chip Disease in Potatoes, identification of pathogen (bacterium Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum) and insect vector (potato psyllid Bactericera cockerelli) responsible for zebra chip, kaolin particle film lowers feeding oviposition of potato psyllid, repellency of four biorational insecticides made from plant extracts and essential oils, and/or mineral oil, biopesticide formulations from fungi Metarhizium anisopliae strain F-52 and Isaria fumorosea used to kill psyllids, or PFR-97, Joe Munyaneza, Wapato, WA, Jim Crosslin, Prosser, WA, John Goolsby, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.8

Step-by-Step Strategies for Restoring Western Rangelands, model “Ecologically Based Invasive-Plant Management” (or EBIPM) aids in revegetating rangelands with native vegetation, gives site-specific recommendations, Roger Sheley, Burns, OR, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.10

Battling Problem Pests in Paradise, use of fungus biocontrol Metarhizium anisopliae for Japanese beetle control in Azores, “autodissemination” of fungal spores in traps, use of parasitic wasp Fopius arisanus as biocontrol of Oriental fruit fly in French Polynesia, Lerry Lacey, Stefan Jaronski, Sydney, MT, Roger Vargas, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.12

A Dose of Selenium That Goes a Long Way, longer lasting selenium supplement, made from coproduct of wheat milling, selenomethionine, selenium passed from ewe to lambs, enhanced production of milk and colostrum, J. Bret Taylor, Dubois, ID, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.14

Gene Helps With Multiple Leaf Diseases in Corn, gene with resistance to southern corn leaf blight, northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot, Peter Balint-Kurti, Jim Holland, Matt Krakowsky, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.16

Can a Prairie Teach Us About Agricultural Water Quality?, conversion of corn/soybean fields to reconstructed prairie and effect on nitrate and phosphorus levels in ground water ephemeral gully water, legacy nutritents, Mark Tomer, Cynthia Cambardella, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.17

Nixing Nitrate Flow From the Farm, underground drainage trenches with drain pipes and wood chips reduce nitrate losses from fields, bioreactors, denitrification, soil emissions of nitrogen gas and nitrous oxides, Tom Moorman, Timothy Parkin, Tom Kaspar, Dan Jaynes, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.18

Infrared Heating: Hot Idea for Keeping Almonds Safe To Eat, infrared heating pasteurization method is safe efficient way to kill Salmonella in roasted and raw almonds, foodborne pathogens, Zhongli Pan, Maria T. Brandl, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.20

Almond Hulls: Harvest Leftover May Offer a Health Connection (sidebar), natural hull compounds may lower cholesterol, fight HIV and some cancer, suppress inflammation in arthritis, Gary R. Takeoka, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 12FEBp.22

Mining for Phytochemicals: A Multifaceted Effort, role of phytochemicals in natural defense system against pests and in providing human health benefits, Kay W. Simmons, Jack Okamuro, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.2

Corn Defenses Probed for New Pest-Fighting Clues, corn’s biochemical response to insect and fungal attacks, kauralexins and zealexins produced in plant when European corn borer chews, ZmPep1 peptide response to fungal attack, anthracnose stalk rot, Eric Schmelz, Alisa Huffaker, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.4-6

Comparing Light-Conversion Efficiency of Plants and Manmade Solar Cells, comparing solar energy conversion efficiency of photosynthesis vs solar cell, Donald Orts, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.7

Building Baby’s Tiny Bones: Formulas and Mother’s Milk Analyzed in Animal Study, comparison of soy formula, cow’s milk, and mother’s milk/breast feeding on bone development in piglets, bone mineral density, osteoblasts, osteoclasts, Jin-Ran Chen, Aline Andres, Little Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.8-9

Recognizing the Threat of Leptospirosis, risk of disease spread from sea lions on West Coast, vaccine tests to assess protection/effectiveness and protection from shedding in feces, hamsters as model for leptospirosis studies, Richard Zuerner, David Alt, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.10-11

Using Cactus as a Bioremediation Tool, five prickly pear varieties evaluated as potential crop in arid west side of San Joaquin Valley, tolerance to drought, salt, boron, and selenium, fruit production, phytoremediation of selenium in soils, Gary Bañuelos, Parlier, CA, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.12-13

ARS Scientists Rally ’Round the Range, evaluating hand seeding vs. rangeland drilling to replant/establish native plants following burning/fire, preventing cheatgrass reinfestation, treating grasses with microbes before establishment, use of hydrogels for establishing native grasses, Tony Svejcar, Jeremy James, Burns, OR, Mary Lucero, Las Cruces, NM, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.14-16

There’s a New Biofuel Crop in Town, using sunn hemp in rotations in Southeast U.S., comparison of energy yield from sunn hemp vs. cowpea, switchgrass, Bermuda grass, reed canarygrass, and alfalfa, Keri Cantrell, Kyoung Ro, Philip Bauer, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.17

A Search for the Sweet Spot in Sugar Beet Production, sugar beet varieties analyzed for rhizomania infection, sugar content, and loss of sugar during storage, new model explains how pathogens infect healthy sugar beets, genetic markers associated with curly top, insecticides for leafhopper control also help control curly top, seed treatment with Poncho Beta or Goucho pesticides, Carl Strausbaugh, Imad Eujayl, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.18-19

Nutrient Data in Time for the New Year, federal rules for nutrition information for popular cuts of meat and poultry, update of beef and pork nutrient data in USDA’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 24, USDA Nutrient Data Set for Retail Beef Cuts, Release 2.0, USDA Nutrient Data Set for Fresh Pork, Release 2.0, Joanne Holden, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.20-21

A Rough, Tough Forage for Rangeland Cattle, forage kochia establishment on western rangelands can compete with cheatgrass, forage yield of and crude protein in kochia, animal stocking rate, Blair Waldron, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 12JANp.22

Turning to Nature To Address Some of Our Most Vexing Problems, natural solutions to challenges facing agriculture, biochar for decreasing ag. emissions, biocontrol, nonantibiotic reduction of foodborne pathogens in cattle, Judith B. St. John, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11NOVp.2

Carefully Unraveling the Intricacies of Biochar, materials used for biochar production, effect of biochar applications on soil carbon sequestration, soil fertility, crop production, gas emissions from soil, ethylene emission, volatilization of pesticides, nurtrient runoff, also pyrolysis methods, Doug Karlen, Ames, IA, Jeff Novak and others, Florence, SC, Karamat Sistani, Bowling Green, KY, Jim Ippolito, Rick Lentz, Kimberly, ID, Kurt Spokas, John Baker, St. Paul, MN, Wayne Marshall, New Orleans, LA, Akwasi Boateng and Kevin Hicks, Wyndmoor, PA, Hal Collins, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 11NOVp.4-8

Peter and the Festulolium Stalk, new variety of festulolium grass with improved freezing tolerance and persistence, forage, Michael D. Casler, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 11NOVp.9

Cleaning Cows From Inside Out, citrus byproducts/orange peel and citrus peel pellets reduce foodborne pathogens in the gut of cattle, E. coli o157:H7 and Salmonella enterica and S. Typhimurium, Todd R. Callaway, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 11NOVp.10-11

Coming to a Field Near You: Taped Insect Cadavers, new method of applying biocontrol entomopathogenic nematodes to soil by encapsulating them in insect cadavers sealed in masking tape, control of root weevil and small hive beetle, David Shapiro-Ilan, Byron, GA, Juan Morales-Ramos and Guadalupe Rojas, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 11NOVp.12-13

Tall Fescue Ground Cover Stifles Nematodes in Peach Orchards, tests of four tall fescue varieties for control of four root-knot nematode species in soil, MaxQ, Andrew Nyczepir, Byron, GA, Susan Meyer, Beltsville, MD, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11NOVp.14-15

Integrated Control System Improves Cotton Health, treating with whitefly-specific insecticides vs. broad spectrum insecticides, preserving natural predators of whiteflies, influx of whiteflies from neighboring cantaloupe fields to cotton field, Steven Naranjo, Maricopa, AZ,
(html) or (pdf) 11NOVp.16-17

Flour Power: Whole-Grain Flour Studies May Help Boost the Goodness of Crackers and Cookies, comprehensive analysis of dietary fiber in soft-wheat whole-grain flour from different wheat-growing areas, new tests for wheat breeders to identify soft wheats good for cookie flour, Edward J. Souza, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 11NOVp.18-20

Solving Global Agricultural Issues: International Scientific Collaboration Is the Key, ARS’s Office of International Research Programs, collaboration/partnerships on domestic and international research priorities, germplasm collections, CGIAR partnerships, Borlaug Global Rust Initiative, Global Foot and Mouth Disease Research Alliance, EMBRAPA, LABEX, ARS international labs overseas, screwworm, cattle tick fever, Ibrahim Shaqir, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11OCTp.2

ARS and CGIAR: Working To Provide International Food Security, ARS’s Office of International Research Programs, collaboration/partnerships on domestic and international research priorities, including animal diseases: East Coast fever, Rift Valley fever, foot-and-mouth disease, sheep parasites, with ILRI, KEMRI, and KARI, and plant production/breeding work with CIP, CIMMYT, IRRI, ICARDA, CIAT, and KARI, of potato, corn (beta-carotene content), wheat, rice, beans, cacao diseases, Ug99 rust, germplasm collections, CGIAR partnerships, Borlaug Global Rust Initiative, Pullman, WA, Manhattan, KS, Orient Point, NY, Beltsville, MD, Madison, WI, Ithaca, NY, Mississippi State, MS, Stuttgart, AR, Miami, FL, St. Paul, MN, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 11OCTp.4-13

GRIN-Global Brings Powerful Genebank Information System to Forefront (sidebar), online Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) plant germplasm database goes global and will be available in all CGIAR research centers, multilingual, Peter Cyr, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 11OCTp.13

“Labs Without Borders” Fosters New Opportunities, international exchange research program between ARS and Brazil’s EMBRAPA yields mutually beneficial results via LABEX, Office of International Reseearch Programs (OIRP), animal disease work, nanocomposites, biomaterials, parnerships, overseas biological control labs, Eileen Herrera, Ryan Morrre Ladislau Martin Neto, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11OCTp.14-15

ARS in Africa: Building Trust and Fighting Poverty, cattle breeding partnership between ARS researcher and South African Agricultural Research Council, positive traits of Nguni cattle, heat tolerance, resistance to ticks and tickborne diseases, Michael D. MacNeil, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 11OCTp.16-17

NAL & A Science-based International Search Engine, National Agriculture Library’s role in 71-nation sponsored science search engine, Eleanor Frierson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11OCTp.18-20

Cayenne Tick Responsible for Equine Piroplasmosis in Horses, EP outbreak in Texas, first discovery of transmission of this tickborne disease from Theileria equi via cayenne tick Amblyomma cajennense, cELISA testing for screening horses, imidocarb diproprionate treatment, Donald Knowles, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 11OCTp.20-21

A Mississippi Graveyard: The Perfect Place for a Plant Mystery, blue sedge (previously unknown in North America) discovered in Meridian, Mississippi, in cemeteries and along railroads, possibly introduced by vagrants/gypsies, Charles Bryson, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 11OCTp.22

Managing Land With Aerial Digital Cameras (forum); very-high-resolution digital aerial photography on low-flying aircraft; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); for remote sensing of natural resources; rangeland monitoring; changes in vegetation; Charles L. Walthall; Beltsville; MD; (Don Comis) (html) or (pdf) 11SEPp.2

Photographing Land Changes From Low in the Sky; very-high-resolution and Very Large Scale Aerial (VLSA) digital photography on low-flying aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); remote sensing of natural resources; rangeland monitoring; changes in vegetation; color infrared technology for vegetation “greenness” and canopy cover; digital mosaics; Terry Booth; Cheyenne; WY; Ray Hunt; Beltsville; MD; Al Rango and others; Las Cruces; NM; (Don Comis and Dennis O’Brien) (html) or (pdf) 11SEPp.4-7

Rangelands Are Ready for Their Close-Up (sidebar); high-resolution digital panoramas for tracking landscape changes; monitoring plant communities; animals; riparian areas; wildlife; Mary Nichols; Tucson; AZ; (Ann Perry) (html) or (pdf) 11SEPp.7

Peruvian Cacao Collection Trip Yields Treasures; new wild cacao (Theobroma cacao) plants with unique chocolate flavors and resistance to Witches’ Broom disease; endophytic fungi collected for potential biological control; Lyndel Meinhardt; Beltsville; MD; (Sharon Durham) (html) or (pdf) 11SEPp.8-10

A New Arrangement for Potato Production; comparing potato yields from conventional ridged row cropping and raised flat beds; Bradley King; Dave Bjorneberg; David Tarkalson; Kimberly; ID; (Ann Perry) (html) or (pdf) 11SEPp.11

Peering at Genes To Detect Origin of Cattle Diseases; quantitative trait loci (QTL) discovery on bovine chromosome 20 for pinkeye; foot rot; and bovine respiratory disease; cattle genes for resistance to multiple diseases; Eduardo Casas; Ames; IA; (Sandra Avant) (html) or (pdf) 11SEPp.12-13

Cotton’s Potential for Padding Nonwovens; innovations in using textile equipment for cotton disposable nonwoven fabrics from virgin or greige cottons; wipes; bed sheets; hydroentanglement; spunlacing; elimination of scouring/bleaching; Brian Condon; New Orleans; LA; (Rosalie Marion Bliss) (html) or (pdf) 11SEPp.14-17

Tools To Help Make Decisions for Better Nitrogen Use; Nitrogen Index and Nitrogen Loss and Environmental Package (NLEAP computer model) show growers how much nitrogen to apply to soils; reduce nitrogen losses both here and abroad; Jorge A. Delgado; Fort Collins; CO; (Dennis O’Brien) (html) or (pdf) 11SEPp.18-19

New Test Detects Bone Disease in Red Angus; use of SNP50 BeadChip to identify genes for “marble bone disease” or “osteopetrosis” in cattle; development of PCR test to detect the genes; Tim Smith; Tara McDaneld; Clay Center; NE; Tad Sonstegard; Beltsville; MD; (Sandra Avant) (html) or (pdf) 11SEPp.20-21

New Potatoes Withstand Destructive Wireworms; crossing wild potatoes from Chile and Brazil with a cultivated variety to make lines with wireworm resistance; Rich Novy; Jonathan Whitworth; Aberdeen; ID; (Jan Suszkiw) (html) or (pdf) 11SEPp.22

Feeding the World Through Food Technology Excellence, extrusion technology food-processing technique used to develop instant corn-soy blend for mass feeding in emergencies, Sevim Erhan, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.2

Fully Cooked Emergency Aid Food, new ARS technique for extrusion technology food-processing process to develop instant fully cooked corn-soy blend for mass feeding in emergencies, cooperative efforts of ARS, USAID, and USDA’s Farm Service Agency to bring the product to market, Charles Onwulata, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.4-7

Seeking Saponins and Other Compounds To Fortify Crops, insecticidal properties of natural saponins from soybeans, switchgrass, and yerba maté and of phytochemicals/anthocyanins from petunia on caterpillars corn earworm and fall armyworm, Pat Dowd, Alejandro Rooney, Eric T. Johnson, Peoria, IL, Ken Vogel, Gautam Sarath, Rob Mitchell, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.8-10

Identifying Trees Infected With Citrus Greening, new technology “Fourier transform infrared-attenuated total reflection” (FTIR-ATR) spectroscopy for identifying Huanglongbing (HLB), faster and cheaper than existing PCR technology, Samantha Hawkins, Athens, GA, Gavin Poole, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.11

Growing Crops and Saving Water in the West, water consumption of corn crop as water supply/irrigation rate changes, water use per bushel of corn produced, timing water applications, limiting water supply, selling water rights from nonirrigated acreage, Tom Trout, Walter Bausch, Dale Shaner, Lori Wiles, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.12-13

Where the Wild Bees Are: The Search for More Pollinators, study of declining range and abundance of Bombus occidentalis over past 2 decades, new greenhouse pollinators B. occidentalis B. impatiens, and B. huntii, James Strange, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.14-15

A Tale of Freeze-Drying Fish, faster freeze-drying process for salmon cubes, healthful snacks, Peter Bechtel, Kodiak, AK, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.16

Predicting Switchgrass Ethanol Yields, new near-infrared sensing device and inexpensive test can predict maximum and actual ethanol yields from switchgrass biomass, Kenneth Vogel, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.17

Battling the Nematodes That Threaten Potatoes, new molecular diagnostic test quickly distinguishes between potato cyst nematode and golden nematode, procedures to identify type of potato cyst nematode and race of golden nematode, Xiaohong Wang, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.18-19

Making Bioenergy Yeasts Strong, new Sachharomyces cerevisiae yeast NRRL Y-50049 for making cellulosic ethanol resists furfural and HMF inhibitors during fermentation, identifying genes for resisting inhibitors, Zonglin Lewis Liu, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.20-21

In Idaho, New Tillage for a New Crop, comparing corn yields in Pacific Northwest from conventional tillage with broadcasting fertilizer vs. strip tillage with banding fertilizer, David Tarkalson, David Bjorneberg, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.22

Good News About Ground Covers for Organic Gardeners, comparing commercial fabric with a woven polypropylene ground cover (with poultry litter or cow manure composts added on top) to see effect on water penetration, soil carbon and nutrient levels,  soil microbial activity, Larry Zibilske, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 11AUGp.22

Sound Science, Sound Air: Helping Agriculture and Air Quality at the Same Time, goals of ARS national program on Climate Change, Soils, and Emissions (#212), ammonia and other emissions, air pollution from agriculture, ozone, cotton gin emissions, Charles L. Walthall, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.2

At ARS, the Atmosphere Is Right for Air Emissions Studies, fate of legacy pesticides in Chesapeake Bay air samples and in rain water, air and water quality, soil moisture’s effect on volatilization of atrazine and metolachlor herbicides, emissions of ammonia, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide from dairy farms, Laura McConnell, Cathleen Hapeman, Cody Howard, Timothy Gish, Beltsville, MD, John Prueger, Peoria, IL, April Leytem, Robert Dungan, David Bjorneberg, Anita Koehn, Kimberly, ID, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.4-8

Blowing in the Wind, Michael Buser, sampling particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions from agricultural industries like cotton gins and farms, helping regulatory agencies set standards for agricultural emissions, effect of tillage technique, crops, soil moisture, and soil crusting on wind erosion and dust in air, soil microbe fingerprinting, Derek Whitelock, Mesilla Park, NM, Clif Boykin, Stoneville, MS, Greg Holt, Lubbock, TX, Brenton Sharratt, Ann Kennedy, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.9-13

Predicting Pathways for Windblown Dust, combining models for wind erosion and regional climate patterns to study particulate matter (PM10) emissions of soil in the wind around Mexico City, John Tatarko, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.12

Breeding Plants for a High-Ozone World, genetic link between tolerance to ozone, salt, and other plant stresses in Swedish soybeans, breeding ozone resistance into cultivated soybeans, antioxidant’s role in plant ozone resistance, SoyFACE tests of soybean yield response to higher ozone levels predicted, satellite/remote sensing monitoring of ozone damage in crops, Thomas Carter, Kent Burkey, Fitz Booker, Raleigh, NC, Lisa Ainsworth, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.14-16

Ozone: Plants Don’t Like It, ozone damage and production losses to crops and forages, Fitz Booker, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.15

Ozone Erodes CO2 Benefit for Plants, effects on plant growth, yield, and health of expected higher carbon dioxide levels but also higher ozone levels, Fitz Booker, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.15

ARS National Research Program for Air Quality, goals of two ARS national programs in promoting less agricultural emissions in future, dust, agrochemicals, pesticides, greenhouse gases, particulate emissions from agricultural operations, Charlie Walthall, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.17

Helping Growers Adapt to Changing Rules on Fumigants, effectiveness of various tarps/covers for reducing air emission rates of soil fumigants (used as alternatives to methyl bromide), Dan Chellemi, Fort Pierce, FL, Sharon Papiernik, Brookings, SD, Scott Yates, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.18-19

E. coli: Alive and Well, Probably in a Streambed Near You, survival of Escherichia coli from dairy manure and effects on microbial water quality over time, Yakov Pachepsky, Daniel Shelton, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.20

Yeasts Produce “Green” Surfactants, screening Starmerella yeasts for ability to produce sophorolipids that are alternative surfactants to petroleum-derived surfactants, Cletus Kurtzman, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.21

Egg Quality Preserved After Exposure to Egg Crack Detection Technology, study of whether a new ARS test (called modified pressure imaging system) for tiny egg cracks harms egg quality, Deana Jones, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.22

New Primer Helps Identify More DNA Markers, new way (called HFO-TAG, stands for high-frequency oligonucleotides targeting active genes) to identify genetic markers in watermelon, faster and cheaper than random primers, Amnon Levi, Pat Wechter, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 11JULp.22

The Delightful Domesticated American Blueberry: Some Research Challenges for its Next 100 Years, breeding for insect and disease resistance in blueberry, irrigation research, phytochemicals and nutrition of blueberries, Sally M. Schneider, John W. Finley, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUNp.2

Blueberries: Making a Superb Fruit Even Better! Frederick Coville’s pioneering blueberry breeding, genetic resistance to mummy berry disease, and splitting and cracking, genetic map for highbush blueberry, Mark Ehlenfeldt, James Polashock, Jeannie Rowland, Beltsville, MD, Philip E. Marucci, Chatsworth, NJ, James Spiers, Donna Marshall, Stephen Stringer, Poplarville, MS, Chad Finn, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUNp.4-8

Blueberries of the World Housed in Unique Collection, blueberry genebank in Corvallis, worldwide expeditions to collect accessions, Kim E. Hummer, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUN p. 7

Blueberries and Your Health: Scientists Study Nutrition Secrets of Popular Fruit, lab animal studies on health effects from consuming blueberries and their polyphenols, cholesterol, atherosclerosis, mammary gland health and breast cancer risk, bone health and osteoporosis risk, Wallace H. Yokoyama, Albany, CA, Agnes M. Rimando, Oxford, MS, Xianli Wu, Rosalia C. M. Simmen, Jin-Ran Chen, Little Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUNp.9-13

New Blueberry Powder Placebo: A Boon for Nutrition Research, standard placebo developed that looks and tastes like powdered blueberry, for use in human clinical trials, Donald A. Olson, Tara H. McHugh, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUNp.10

Blueberry Growing Comes to the National Agricultural Library, Frederick Coville’s collection of research notes and botanical illustrations in pioneering blueberry cultivation/breeding work for USDA, Sara B. Lee, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUNp.14-16

With Feedlot Manure, It Pays To Be Precise, using GPS-equipped electrical conductivity devices  to measure manure levels in soils and on feedlots, Roger A. Eigenberg, Bryan L. Woodbury, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUNp.17

Putting Dairy Cows Out to Pasture: An Environmental Plus, comparing ecological hoofprint of dairy cows raised via grazing vs raised in confinement, manure management, nutrient losses to environment, methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide emissions, carbon sequestration, Al Rotz, Kathy Soder, Howard Skinner, et al., University Park, PA, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUNp.18-19

Solving Challenges in Sugarcane Factories and Refineries: Award-Winning Factory and Pilot Plant Studies Provide Solutions, pilot plant studies comparing burnt and unburnt or green cane and effect of green leaf “trash” on purifying and processing cane juice, optimizing level and timing of amylase applications to break down unwanted starch in processing green unburnt cane, Gillian Eggleston, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUNp.20-21

Software Helps Farmers and Ranchers Spot Critical Changes in Crop Growth Stages, Phenology MMS software based on cumulative temperature, weather, and soil moisture, predicts plant growth stages to alert growers when to apply water, fertilizer, and pesticides, Gregory S. McMaster, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUNp.22

Market Lighting Affects Nutrients, nutrient content of spinach leaves boosted from exposure to fluorescent light during cold storage, higher carotenoids, vitamins C, E, K, B9, and folate, Gene E. Lester, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11MAY/JUNp.22

Food Safety Advances and Collaborations Here and Abroad, priorities for preventing foodborne illness and ensuring food supply in USA and overseas, new methods for foodborne pathogen detection, contamination from residues and antibiotics, James A. Lindsay, Mary E. Torrence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.2

Pouncing on Food Pathogens: It Takes a Planet!, collaboration with Russian organization to fight Aspergillus flavus aflatoxins, adding thymol to Folicur (tebuconazole) fungicide, use of multispectral imaging system in South Korea for detecting feces on poultry and defects/pathogens on apples, testing food safety screening procedures for toxin/pathogen detection in imported beef trim, Bruce C. Campbell, John H. Kim, Albany, CA, Moon Kim, Kevin Chao, Alan Lefcourt, Beltsville, MD, Joseph M. Bosilevac, Tommy L. Wheeler, Clay Center, NE, 11(html) or (pdf) APRp.4-6

ARS Scientists Study the Ins and Outs of E. coli Contamination, studying E. coli O157:H7 soil survival and root uptake into root vascular system of baby spinach plants into leaves, Manan Sharma, David Ingram, Jitu Patel, Patricia Millner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.7

Preharvest Food Safety: Keeping Pathogens and Chemical Residues Out of Beef and Poultry, techniques to identify E. coli serogroups and two Shiga toxin genes, effect of feeding rate of wed distillers grains with solubles (WDGS) on E. coli O157:H7 incidence in cattle, vaccines for preventing E. coli O157:H7 shedding in cattle manure, yeast extracts as alternative to antibiotic use in organic poultry, Pina M. Fratamico, Wyndmoor, PA, James E. Wells, Tommy L. Wheeler, Vijay K. Sharma, Thomas A. Casey, Ames, IA, Clay Center, NE, Gerry Huff, Annie Donoghue, Fayetteville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.8-12

ARS and FSIS Take On Chemical Residues (sidebar), comparison of field and lab tests for drug residues in cattle, meat, FAST, PremiTest, KIS, testing for PCBs and PBDEs in meat, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, Steven Lehotay, Marilyn Schneider, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.12

ARS National Research Program for Food Safety, ARS vision and collaboration for control of food contaminants safe food supply, 2011-2015 ARS Strategic Action Plan for Food Safety, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.13

Food Safety Research Information Office: (sidebar/box), comprehensive source of food safety research information, National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.13

Leafy Greens: Keeping Salad Favorites Safe To Eat, microarray-based study of how E. coli O157:H7 genes activate to survive natural protective oxidants leaking from fresh-cut lettuce, food safety, bagged salad greens, Maria T. Brandl, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.14-15

Oysters, Clams, and Mussels: Keeping Popular Mollusks Safe To Eat, new assays to identify pathogens in shellfish, high-pressure processing (HPP) method to inactivate viruses, hepatitis A viruses, Vibrio bacteria, David H. Kingsley, Dover, DE, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.16-17

Steak! Researchers Give It a Grilling (sidebar), effect of gas grilling on E. coli O157:H7 survival in blade-tenderized subprimal meats, John B. Luchansky, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.17

Waging War on a Voracious Pest: Efforts To Contain the Emerald Ash Borer, cooperative work with APHIS and Forest Service to control emerald ash borer, parasitic wasp biocontrols from northeast Asia, tree girdling to make sentinel trees for monitoring infestations, chemical pheromone attractants for traps, ash cryopreservation, John Vandenberg, Michael Griggs, Ithaca, NY, Jian Duan, Newark, DE, Allard Cossé, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.18-21

PCR Fine-Tuned for Better Plant Disease Detection, new rapid, sensitive test called Bio-PCR-based for early disease detection when samples are limited, Norman Schaad, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11APRp.22

Conservation Grazing Uses Livestock as Ecosystem Engineers, rangeland management practices in western Great Plains, role of grazing, fire, prairie dogs, Evert K. Byington, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.2

Can Livestock, Prairie Dogs, and Fire Coexist? Long-term study on balance of role of grazing by cattle and prairie dogs and fire on mountain plovers and vegetation diversity,  wildlife, controlled burns, David Augustine, Fort Collins, CO, Justin D. Derner, Cheyenne, WY, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.4-5

Cattle Pastures May Improve Soil Quality, effect of grazing, haying, and fertilizer treatment on grass revegetation of degraded U.S. Piedmont soils, also carbon sequestration and soil compaction, Alan Franzluebbers, Watkinsville, GA, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.6

Dairy Farmer Finds Unusual Forage Grass, comparison of meadow fescue and tall fescue as forage for cattle, milk production, fiber digestibility in livestock, endophytes, Michael D. Casler, Geoffrey E . Brink, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.7

Testing No-Till Winter Wheat in the Pacific Northwest, watershed-scale studies comparing conventional till and no-till for winter wheat-fallow cropping rotations and effects on runoff, erosion, crop yields, effectiveness of USDA Water Erosion Prediction Project, Dan Long, John Williams, Hero Gollany, Stewart Wuest, Pendleton, OR, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.8-9

ARS Scientists Strategize To Save a Desert River, cooperative water conservation studies of runoff and ground-water recharge to preserve and replenish water of San Pedro River, computer program KINEROS2 assesses how switch from rural to urban affects runoff, water use by riparian vegetation type along riverbanks, Dave Goodrich, Russ Scott, Tucson, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.10-11

Investigating Two Pathways to Replacing Methyl Bromide, testing anaerobic soil disinfestation with poultry litter and molasses and plastic covers for control of crown rot and root rot in Florida, test of new fumigants dimethyl sulfide “Paladin” and methyl iodide “Midas” for delphinium growing, Erin Rosskopf, Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, David Butler, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.12-13

ARS and Russian Scientists Develop “AgroAtlas” With Worldwide Benefits, interactive Russian/Enlish website of crops, weeds, pests, crop diseases, in Russia and surrounding area for solving agricultural problems, promotes global food security, Stephanie Greene, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.14-15

“FasTracking” Plum Breeding, fruit tree breeding system shortens breeding time with early flowering gene called PtFT1, resulting plants not genetically engineered, developing dried-plum germplasm for sugar content and plum pox resistance, Ralph Scorza, Chinnathambi Srinivasas, Christopher Dardick, Ann Callahan, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.16-17

Livestock Numbers by Weather and Climate, GPFARM-Range computer model for determining livestock stocking rate in semi-arid Great Plains, forage yields, accounting for soil compaction, Samuel Adiku, Gale H. Dunn, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.18

Reading Herbal Tea Leaves: Benefits and Lore, human nutrition benefits of herbal teas, including antioxidants, antimicrobial, antiplatelet-clumping, anti-inflammatory action, cholesterol-lowering activity, chamomile, peppermint, and hibiscus tea, blood pressure lowering from hibiscus tea, Diane L. McKay, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.19

Protecting Our Melons: Combating Cucurbit Yellow Stunting Disorder Virus, determining vectors and host plants for spread of CYSDV, disease resistance from foreign accessions, Bill Wintermantel, Jim McCreight, Salinas, CA, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.20

Getting Closer to Better Biocontrol for Garden Pests, urease-producing strains of  Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) provide pest control lasting multiple generations of gypsy moths, Michael Blackburn, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.21

Vaccine for Anaplasmosis Under Development, promising vaccine against Anaplasma marginale being tested, Susan Noh, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.21

New Device Eavesdrops on Insect Pests, inexpensive insect monitoring device identifies insects by sounds, tested on stored-product pests and German cockroach and bed bug, Richard Mankin, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 11MARp.22

At the Agricultural Research Service, Bioenergy Is Up and Running, feedstocks for biofuels, ethanol, uses for dried distiller’s grains, ethanol from winter barley, switchgrass, USDA Regional Biomass Research Centers, Robert Fireovid, Jeffrey Steiner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.2

Prospecting for Pacific Northwest Biofuel Crops, bioenergy crop trials of oilseed crops and grass crops for economic viability of biofuel production, Rick Boydston, Hal Collins, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.4-5

Bioenergy Options in the Pacific Northwest, computer models show best locations for bioenergy plants using straw, transport costs, George Mueller-Warrant, Gary Banowetz, Jerry Whitaker, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.6-7

A Better Way To Track Salmonella and E. coli in Waterways, super sensitive water test for detecting E. coli and Salmonella, Michael Jenkins, Watkinsville, GA, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.8

Using Genetics To Build a Better Tomato, targeting polyamines to improve tomato taste, nutrient levels, and shelf life, Autar Mattoo, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.9

Federal Forests Still Protecting Chesapeake Bay After 100 Years, “Green Wedge” of Federally owned land in Washington, D.C., area supports sustainable stewardship of land, riparian buffers, alternative vegetative caps for landfills, David A. Prevar, Patricia D. Millner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.10-11

Phytosanitizing Hawaiian Fruit, irradiation for control of insect pests on fresh commodities, lifting quarantine restrictions on Hawaiian fruit, Peter Follett and Marisa Wall, Hilo, HA, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.12-14

Tangerine Tomatoes Top Reds in Preliminary Lycopene Study, different lycopene in chilli made from tangerine tomatoes makes the lycopene more bioavailable than that from red tomatoes, antioxidant, Betty Burri, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.15

Fire Gel Protects Beneficial Nematodes From Sun, Steinernema carpocapsae biological control nematodes control peachtree borers with help from a protective environmentally friendly fire gel, foam formulation for nematodes that attack codling moth, David I. Shapiro-Ilan, Ted Cottrell, Byron, GA, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.16-18

Examining Climate Change Effects on Wheat, Hot Serial Cereal Experiment tests effect of heat on wheat in Arizona, Bruce Kimball, Gerard Wall, Jeffrey White, Maricopa, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.19

Studying Streambanks Reveals Their Weaknesses and Strengths, seepage erosion from streambanks causes streambank collapse in Mississippi streams, Glenn V. Wilson, Natasha L. Banks, evapotransporation capability and tensile strength of various tree roots critical to bank stability, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.20-21

Agro/Environmental Data at Your Fingertips, farmers and ranchers use GPS and smart phones for Web access to Object Modeling System for recommendations on specific land management, erosion control, conservation practices, at specific sites in their fields, Laj Ahuja, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 11FEBp.22

Innovative Ways To Fight Insect Pests, development of new insecticides for the military and the public, new ways to test equipment, pesticides, application techniques, Daniel Strickman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.2

New Hopes for Combating Hopping Pests, effects of livestock grazing and late summer fires on grasshopper populations, possibility of timing biocontrol with early life stages of Mormon cricket when immunity low, field tests of Green Muscle fungus biocontrol, David Branson, Robert Srygley, Stefan Jaronski, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.4-6

New Red Imported Fire Ant Enemies in Place for Fight, field release of phorid fly species Pseudacteon cultellatus as biocontrol in ongoing battle against fire ants, Sanford Porter, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.7

Citrus Chemical Call to Arms Found: Could Improve Use of Nematodes “First Responders”, citrus roots being attacked by citrus root weevil release volatiles that attract beneficial entomopathogenic nematodes, Hans Alborn, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.8-9

Lignin + Nootkatone = Dead Ticks, procedure encapsulates natural tick control (nootkatone, made from essential plant oils) in lignin to extend nootkatone life and allow it to penetrate forest leaf litter to kill tick nymphs, Robert W. Behle, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.10-11

Newcastle Disease Virus Vaccine on the Horizon, new vaccine reduces mortality and severity of Newcastle disease in poultry and disease spread through shedding of feces, Qingzhong Yu, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.12

Ultraviolet Light Boosts Carrots’ Antioxidant Value, short dose of UV-B light boosts antioxidant level of carrots, and vitamin D in mushrooms, Tara H. McHugh, Albany, CA, Charles B. Stephensen, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.13

Combining No-Till and the Right Rotations Stores More Precious Precipitation, 4-year rotation cycles of various crops, no-till, continuous cropping, fallow, and effect on crop yield and soil moisture preservation, skip-row planting, Merle F. Vigil, Akron, CO, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.14-15

Global Warming in Western Mountains, snow vs. rainfall in various elevations of Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, earlier snowmelt and more rainfall at higher elevations makes for less streamflow when growers need it most, Danny Marks, Mark S. Seyfried, Boise, ID, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.16-17

Beef Cattle: Improving Production Efficiency and Meat Quality, effect of reduced feed on feed efficiency, growth rate, rebreeding, and life span, over first, second, and third generations, genetic markers for marbling and fatty acid composition, Andrew Roberts, Michael MacNeil, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.18-19

Mystery Solved: Detecting the Source of a Boll Weevil Outbreak, using modeling techniques and weather data to pinpoint source of a 2007 boll weevil outbreak in Texas, pollen and DNA analysis, Tom Sappington, Ames, IA, John Westbrook, Gretchen Jones, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.20-21

Managing Grass Germplasm and Its Microbial Tenants, Western Regional Plant Introduction Station, National Plant Germplasm System, cool-season forage and turfgrass collection is also an endophyte collection, nontoxic tall fescue MaxQ, potential pest resistance in cereal from endophytes crops, Steve Clement, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.22

Research Locations Featured in This Magazine Issue, Sidney, Corvallis, Albany, Davis, Pullman, Boise, Miles City, Akron, College Station, Ames, Peoria, Oxford, Beltsville, Gainesville, (html) or (pdf) 11JANp.23

Working Together To Fight Citrus Greening, holistic approach to preventing the spread of citrus greening, Huanglongbing (HLB), Asian citrus psyllid, Gail Wisler, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.2

Citrus Greening? Not If These Scientists Can Help It! preventing the spread of citrus greening into Texas, Huanglongbing (HLB), controlling and identifying the vector Asian citrus psyllid, biocontrol T. radiata wasp, essential oils as baits for traps, inducing citrus flushing for year-round testing, Robert Mangan, Donald Thomas, Jesse de León, et al, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.4-7

Better Ballfields and Rain Gardens Start Below the Surface, recipes for constructed or replacement subsoils and topsoils for turfgrass on ballfields and for growing rain gardens, rain garden materials for neutralizing fertilizer and pesticide runoff, Rich Zobel, Doug Boyer, Charlie Feldhake, Javier Gonzalez, Beaver, West Virginia, Isabel Lima, Wayne Marshall, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.8-10

Pest-Free Christmas Trees, usefulness of mechanical shaking for removing yellowjacket queens from Christmas trees before transport to Hawaii, preharvest pyrethroid sprays, Robert Hollingsworth, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.11

Taking a Closer Look at Tannins, effect of phenolics like tannins from trees and plant litter on agroecosystems, silvopastures, soil, toxic effects of metals like aluminum, microbial response, Javier Gonzalez, Jonathon Halvorson, Beaver, WV, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.12-13

Predators Can Be a Farmer’s Best Friend, potential biocontrols of western corn rootworm, sucking predators vs. chewing predators, effect of winter cover crop of slender wheatgrass on predator diversity, Jonathon G. Lundgren, Brookings, SD, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.14-16

Rolling Rye: Guidelines Help Determine When’s Best, when to roll rye cover crops to kill them without using herbicides, Steven Mirsky, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.17

Ridding the Texas-Mexico Border of Cattle Fever Ticks, cattle fever tick outbreaks in Texas have potential to spread bovine babesiosis, injectable microsphere treatment of doramectin, spread of ticks by white-tailed deer, automatic deer-collaring device for pesticide-impregnated neckbands, J. Mathews Pound, Adalberto Pérez de León, Kerrville, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.18-19

Saving America’s Hemlocks, crossing native hemlocks with those from China that resist hemlock woolly adelgid, U.S. National Arboretum, Richard Olsen, Susan Bentz, Kevin Conrad, Washington D.C., Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.20-21

In Peoria, a Brisk Business in Biodiesel Research, assessing oil produced from pennycress winter ground cover for biodiesel production, low-temperature pour and cloud points, oxidative stability, uses for glycerol byproduct in vegetable oils, Bryan Moser, Gerhard Knothe, Terry Isbell, Steven Vaughn, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.22-23

Public Gardens and ARS Working Together in Plant Preservation, partnerships for preserving woody plant/ornamental germplasm, 15th anniversary of partnership of U.S. National Arboretum and North Atlantic Plant Collections Consortium, Kevin Conrad, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.24

A Green Light for Postfire Grazing, rangeland recovery on grazed and ungrazed plots of Wyoming big sagebrush and perennial bunchgrasses following fire, Jonathon D. Bates, Kirk W. Davies, Burns, OR, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.25

New Fuels From an Ancient Crop, energy content of bio-oil produced from barley straw, hulls, and DDGS, biochar byproduct, Akwasi Boateng, Charles Mullen, Neil Goldberg, et al., Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.26

CO2 in Soil Easily Measured, carbon dioxide analyzer for measuring carbon decomposition rates, Lucretia Sherrod, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.27

Infrared Sheds Light on Beneficial Microbes, new infrared spectroscopy use for spotting beneficial mycorrhizae on roots, Francisco Calderon, Akron, CO, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.27

Defatted Corn Protein Produces Palatable Gluten-Free Bread, new way to make rolls that rise like wheat rolls but made from corn flour, possibility of using rice and sorghum, Scott Bean, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.28

New Soybeans With Seed Rot Resistance Identified, promising soybean lines with resistance to Phomopsis seed decay, fast screening methods to find resistance and map resistance genes, Shuxian Li, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.28

ARS Overseas Lab Sets the Stage for Reuniting a Weed and Its Enemies, searching North America for biocontrols of silverleaf nightshade weed in Europe, Africa, India, Australia, starting Europe’s first weed-biocontrol program, genetic diversity studies to reveal point of origin of silverleaf nightshade, Walker Jones, Stoneville, MS, Montpellier, France, (html) or (pdf) 10NOVp.29

Supporting U.S. Aquaculture, seafood supply and demand, aquaculture performance and yield, alternative to fishmeal/fish oil diets, sustainable production, vaccines and disease resistance, recirculating systems, Jeff Silverstein, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.2

Recirculating Water Helps Aquaculture, developing water-recirculating systems for cool, cold water and warm-water (marine) fish species, fishmeal-free trout feeds, low-energy water-pumping systems, Caird Rexroad III, Kearneysville, WV, Tim Pfeiffer, Fort Pierce, FL, Rick Barrows, Hagerman, ID, Steven Summerfelt, Shepherdstown, WV, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.4-6

A Better Way To Hatch Catfish Eggs, new see-saw device oxygenates and improves hatching of catfish eggs with less water, Les Torrans, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.7

Finding Alternative Fish Feeds for Aquaculture, feeds with low or no fishmeal or fish oils, formulations for each development stage, proteins from oilseed crops and poultry-processing coproducts, algae bioenergy protein coproducts, Rick Barrows, Hagerman, ID, William Wolters, Franklin, ME, Marty Riche, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.8-10

Keeping Aquaculture Fish Healthy, genome variation and sequencing of strains of Flavobacterium psychrophilum, the cause of cold-water disease in trout aquaculture, breeding for resistance to cold-water disease, water treatments to control Ich on catfish and its eggs, vaccine against enteric septicemia and Streptococcus iniae, Greg Wiens, Tim Welch, Caird Rexroad III and others, Leetown and Kearneysville, WV, Dave Straus, Stuttgart, AR, Phil Klesius and others, Auburn, AL, Joyce J. Evans, Chestertown, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.11-13

Eat Fish! Nutrition Studies Zero In on Health Benefits, interplay of three fatty acids, CLA, DHA, and EPA, from fish oils, and effect on insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty-liver disease, adiponectin's role in insulin resistance and DHA protection, Darshan S. Kelley, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.14-15

Fish Leftovers: New Life Ahead for Todays Discards? Smoke-processing of fish byproducts/discards, dessicants to dry skins of Alaskan Pollock for gelatin production, fish-processing leftovers for pellet feeds, film production from fish gelatin and polylactic acid, Peter J. Bechtel, Cynthia K. Bower, Kodiak, AK, Bor-Sen Chiou, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.16-17

In-Demand Fish: Making Sure Theyre Always Safe To Eat, new model for controlling Listeria monocytogenes on smoked salmon based on temperature, type of smoking, salt, smoke compound, brining, plus heat-free ways to reduce Listeria and Shigella microbes of fish fillets with ionizing radiation and UV treatments, Cheng-An (Andy) Hwang, Kathleen Rajkowski, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.18-19

ARS National Research Program for Aquaculture, genomics, genetics, nutrition, health, and physiology studies, breeding for improved health, growth, disease resistance, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.20

Worth a Look: The National Agricultural Librarys Aquaculture Web Pages, reading materials and other sources of aquaculture information, Rebecca Thompson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.20

Winter Canola: An All-Around Winner, alternative crops food, fuel, and jobs in north-central Washington, planting date, planting rates, and establishment techniques for winter canola production, biofuel production from canola on land of Tribe of the Colville Reservation, Frank L. Young, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.21-22

Invention May Help Improve School Lunch, fluorescence spectroscopic imaging method to detect bone fragments in meat and fish, Moon Kim, Alan Lefcourt, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.23

Celebrating 15 Years of a Healthy School Lunch Option, 15th anniversary of low-fat mozzarella for school lunch pizza, reducing students dietary intake of fat, Michael H. Tunick, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 10OCTp.23

A Systems Approach to Corn, genome sequencing and genetic diversity of corn, Nested Association Mapping Population, crop improvement, biofuel production, breeding, Germplasm Enhancement of Maize project, Aspergillus, aflatoxin, weed management, new uses for cornstarch, corn-based plastics, Kay Simmons, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.2

Opening Up a New World of Maize Traits, Nested Association Mapping Population, genetic diversity of corn, QTLs for traits, photoperiod sensitivity, recombination in the chromosome, Ed Buckler, Ithaca, NY, Jim Holland, Raleigh, NC, Michael McMullen and Sherry Flint-Garcia, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.4-6

Want To Know What a Gene Does? Use a Little MAGIC, “mutant-assisted gene identification and characterization” process for mapping useful agricultural traits, hypersensitive response as indication of plant defense response, Peter Balint-Kurti, Raleigh, NC (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.7

Protecting Corn Crops From Aflatoxin, competitive exclusion with Afla-Guard or K49 for outcompeting Aspergillus flavus to inhibit aflatoxin production, lines Mp715 and Mp717 resist aflatoxin and fumonisin accumulation, other germplasm resists fall armyworm and southwestern corn borer, Joe Dorner, Dawson, Georgia, Hamed Abbas, Stoneville, MS, Peter Cotty, Tucson, AZ, Paul Williams, Mississippi State, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.8-10

Helping Earth-Friendly, Corn-Based Plastics Take the Heat, heat deflection temperature modifier added to polylactic acid improves corn-based plastic’s heat tolerance, potential uses include coffee-cup lids and beverage bottles, William J. Orts, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.11

Rooting Out Rootworm Resistance, studying western corn rootworm resistance to Bt corn lines, using non-Bt plants as insect refuges, genes and DNA markers in rootworm for resistance to corn-soybean rotations, Bruce Hibbard, Columbia, MO, Tom Sappington, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.12-13

Sweet Corn Weed-Management Systems for the Changing Climate, changes in corn yields and weed species in north central U.S. as climate warms over the years, role of latitude, corn planting time, and Marty Williams, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.14

Genetic-Diversification Program Is a “GEM” of a Resource for Corn Growers, Germplasm Enhancement of Maize (GEM) project for broadening genetic base of corn and identifying promising exotic germplasm, allelic diversity study, double haploid method, photoperiod-control shade houses, Mike Blanco, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.15

Corn Genomics: At the Touch of a Keystroke, Maize Genomics and Genetics Database (Maize GDB) online provideds geneticists and breeders with genetic maps, bioinformatics and more, Carolyn Lawrence, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.15

Corn! See These Sources To Learn More, sources of literature and web sites on corn recommended by National Agricultural Library, Felicia Tyler, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.16

ARS National Research Program on Corn, improving genetic diversity of corn, pest resistance, resilience to climate change, food and biobased product uses, Kay Simmons, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.17

Hawaii Hosts Wasp-on-Wasp Battle Royale, taxonomic identification of African biocontrol wasp Eurytoma erythrinae and release to battle the gall wasp in Hawaii, Michael Gates, Washington, D.C., (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.18-19

Designing Technology To Minimize Environmental Damage, W. Clint Hoffman, testing spray nozzles and droplet size for three oil dispersants used to clean up oil slicks from oil spills in waterways, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.20-21

Pickle Spoilage Culprit May Give the Environment a Helping Hand, studying Lactobacilli spoilage bacteria in pickles treated with FD&C yellow no. 5 tartrazine food dye, role of pH, prevention with sodium benzoate, Ilenys Pérez-Díaz, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.22

Fungus-on-Fungus Fight Could Benefit Chickpeas, Aureobasidium pullulans as biocontrol to combat Ascochyta rabiei (cause of Ascochyta blight) on chickpea crops, Frank Dugan, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.23

Tryptophan-enriched Diet Reduces Pig Aggression, amino acid tryptophan makes young female pigs less aggressive, easier to manage, Jeremy Merchant-Forde, Heng-Wei Cheng, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.23

ARS Survey Helps Growers Track Two Key Cotton Pests, 13 new host plants identified for tarnished plant bugs and 8 for cotton fleahoppers, Jesus Esquivel, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.23

Livestock Can Help Rangelands Recover From Fires, grazing helps control cheatgrass and helps native bunchgrass establishment, Kirk Davies, Burns, OR, (html) or (pdf) 10SEPp.23

Saving the Bay: It’s One of the Things ARS Does Best, restoring water quality in the Chesapeake Bay, Executive Order to clean up bay, sediment and fertilizer runoff, CEAP, wetlands, watershed, Mike Shannon, Mark Walbridge, Matt Smith, Charles Walthal, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.2

There’s More Than One Way To Save the Bay, reducing nutrient/fertilizer runoff from farm land, nitrogen leaching, runoff, manure disk injectors to reduce runoff and odor emissions, gypsum trenches to capture phosphorus, arsenic levels in soils from poultry litter fertilizer, Peter Kleinman and others, University Park, PA, Gary Feyereisen, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.4-8

New Poultry Litter Applicator Offers Hope for Chesapeake Bay Area, prototype applicator injects manure belowground (subsurface) in no-till fields, reduces nutrient runoff and ammonia/odor emissions, Poultry Daniel H. Pote, Booneville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.9

ARS Chesapeake Bay Research Intensifies, study of agricultural pollutants in Choptank River, CEAP, nitrate levels and algal blooms, phosphorus and copper and herbicide flows from the watershed, conservation practices, forested wetland restorations, Cathleen Hapeman, Greg McCarty, Laura McConnell, and others, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.10-12

Forested Wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, merging two remote sensing technologies—LiDAR and a type of radar—to map surface-water flow in forested wetlands and determine ecological benefits of wetlands as they filter/remove nutrients, sediments, and pesticides, Greg McCarty, Megan Lang, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.13-15

Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Revs Up!, testing winter cover crops—rye, barley, wheat—for controlling nitrogen losses from farm fields, GIS software for monitoring performance and benefits/effects of cover crop, and Greg McCarty, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.16-17

Anti-pest Aeration: A New Twist on an Old Concept, effect of suction vs. pressure aeration for controlling insect pests in grain storage bins, Frank Arthur, Mark Casada, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.18

Throwing a Citrus Pest Off Its Scent, control of citrus leafminer via mating disruption, sex pheromone/attractant in SPLAT substance, Stephen Lapointe, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.19

Bee Pastures: Floral Havens Where Pollinators Can Prosper, native California wildflowers identified as ideal pastures to raise populations of blue orchard bees for almond orchards, James H. Cane, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.20-21

Producers and Pigs Profit From Manure Management Process, second-generation energy-efficient swine wastewater treatment system, reduces ammonia, methane, nitrous oxide, odors, pathogens, nitrogen and phosphorus, ammonia levels in barns, pig mortality, and cull weight, and increases pig weight gain and production, Matias B. Vanotti, Ariel A. Szogi, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.22-24

Unraveling the Origins of a Symbol of the Tropics, phylogenetic analysis of coconut/palm species (Attaleinae subtribe) reveals evolution of coconut trees from South American ancestors, Alan W. Meerow, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.25

Stress: It’s Not Just for You and Me, sow prenatal stress causes piglets increased plasma cortisol and less ability to heal wounds, vitamin C/beta-glucan supplements improve piglet health and weight gain during stresses like transport, infrared lasers reduce pain from beak trimming and amount of beak removed, improve feather condition, Donald C. Lay, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.26-27

Whole Tree: A More Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Substrate, plantation thinnings of southern pine trees (loblolly pine) provides a good potting substrate for growing chrysanthemums and other landscaping ornamentals, Glenn Fain, Jim Spiers, Poplarvillke, MS, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.28-29

Power Needs and Wind Power as Different as Day and Night, wind and solar power in Texas and California provide complementary renewable energy, Brian D. Vick, Bushland, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.30

Torching Invasive Trees Revives Rangeland Perennials, John Bates, winter burning cut western juniper trees reduces cheatgrass establishment and enhances perennial grass establishment, Tony Svejcar, Burns, OR, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.30

Sustainable Corn Production Supports Advanced Biofuel Feedstocks, pyrolysis process converts stover and cobs into energy-dense bio-oil (for fuel) and biochar (for enriching soil and sequestering carbon), Charles Mullen, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 10AUGp.31

Plant Hormone Increases Cotton Yields in Drought Conditions, cytokinins promote bigger cotton root systems to access deeper water, boost yield, John Burke, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf)10AUGp.31

Fungi May Hold Key to Reducing Grapefruit Juice Interactions with Medications, Aspergillus niger proteins can reduce medication-interfering furanocomarins in grapefruit juice, Jan Narciso, Winter Haven, FL, (html) or (pdf)10AUGp.31

Tough New Spuds Take on Double Trouble, five new potato breeding lines resist powdery scab and black dot diseases, Chuck Brown, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf)10AUGp.31

Nutrition and Your Health: ARS Studies Target Nutrition’s Vital Roles, nutrition-related health problems, chronic disease prevention, obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, nutrient timing and interactions, science-based approach to nutrient recommendations, John W. Finley, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.2

Eat Well, But Don’t Feed a Cancer Cell, human nutrition and health, disease prevention, benefits of phytochemicals, cancer risk from excess resveratrol or excess folic acid consumption in lab animals, excess antioxidant consumption during chemotherapy or radiation treatments, Thomas Wang, Beltsville, MD, Joel Mason, Jeffrey Blumberg, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.4-5

Cancer-Fighting Roles of Intriguing Plant Compounds, human nutrition and health, disease prevention, strawberry phytochemical compounds role in combating cancer and inflammation, bioavailability, TBK1 enzyme, Susan J. Zunino, Daniel H. Hwang, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.6

Seeing is Believing—When Nutrition Saves Sight, human nutrition and health, disease prevention, relation between dietary nutrient intake and risk of age-related macular degeneration, vitamins C and E, zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin, omega-3 fatty acids, Allen Taylor, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.7

Boost Immunity With Food and Sun, human nutrition and health, disease prevention, vitamin D recommendations based on sun exposure and skin tone, white button mushroom compounds enhance immunity, zinc supplements and immunity in elderly, Charles B. Stephensen, Davis, CA, Simin Meydani, Dayong Wu, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.8-9

Bolstering Bone Health Through Nutrition Research, human nutrition and health, disease prevention, “Adequate Calcium Today” study shows girls’ perception of lactose intolerance, soy isoflavones and bone loss in postmenopausal women, weight-bearing exercise, recommended dietary calcium intake, Marta D. Van Loan, Davis, CA, LuAnn Johnson, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.10-11

Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart, human nutrition and health, disease prevention, adherence to “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” and frequency of plant sterol consumption affects progression of arterial plaque, atherosclerosis, effect of substituting corn oil for partially hydrogenated soybean oil, trans fats, low-fat diets, Alice H. Lichtenstein, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.12-14

Nutrition and Your Health—Sources Suggested by the National Agricultural Library, Food and Nutrition Information Service, disease prevention, heart-healthy foods, osteoporosis, diabetes and prediabetes, cancer, eye health, supplements, Lorraine Butler, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.15

Diabetes: Nutrition Research Tackles Widespread Disease, human nutrition and health, disease prevention, fatty acylcarnitines as biomarkers for African American women at risk to type 2 diabetes, chromosome 13 and diabetes risk in young Hispanics, cinnamon extracts effect on metabolic syndrome, Sean H. Adams, Davis, CA, Nancy Butte, Houston, TX, Richard Anderson, Marilyn Polansky, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.16-17

Adventure Video May Help Kids Dodge Diabetes (sidebar), video game encourages children to make wise food choices, human nutrition and health, disease prevention,Tom Baranowski, Houston, TX, (html) 10JULp.17

Food Discoveries for Brain Fitness, human nutrition and health, disease prevention, omega-3 fatty acids from fish, dementia, Alzheimer’s, APOE epsilon 4 gene, vitamin D and cognitive function in elderly, B vitamins and cognitive function and blood supply to brain, B12 ratio to holotranscobalamin protein in Hispanic elders in SALSA study, Ernst Shaefer, Aaron Troen, Irwin Rosenberg, Boston, MA, Lindsay H. Allen, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.18-20

ARS Research on Preventing Diseases Through Nutrition, human nutrition and health, nutrients/proper nutrition for prevensting chronic diseases, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.21

How To Make a Wave Behave, wave-breaking device for controlling erosion on reservoir levees, Daniel G. Wren, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.22

Integrated Worm Control in Lambs, FAMACHA eye chart for diagnosing anemia from barber pole worm, rotational grazing reduces need for deworming, Joan M. Burke, Booneville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 10JULp.23

Using Genetic Tools To Combat Hunger, research to ensure a bountiful food supply, pest and pathogen threats to staple crop production, livestock health, Ug99 wheat stem rust, vitamin A deficiencies, Kay Simmons, Steven M. Kappes, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10MAY/JUNp.2

Improving Rice, Staple Crop Worldwide, breeding for rice yield and sheath blight and rice blast resistance, technique for more precise measurement of amylose content, Anna McClung, Georgia Eizenga, Yulin Jia, Stuttgart, AR, Shannon Pinson, Beaumont, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10MAY/JUNp.4-7

Golden Rice-2 Shines in Nutrition Study, genetic engineering of white rice for beta-carotene production to help combat vitamin A deficiency, Guangwen Tang, Boston, MA, (html) 10MAY/JUNp.6-7

Help for the Common Bean: Genetic Solutions for Legume Problems, breeding for rust resistance, heat tolerance, and drought resistance in common beans, chocolate pod resistance in snap beans, beat armyworm resistance in chickpeas, Talo Pastor-Corrales, Beltsville, MD, Tim Porch, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Richard Larsen, Prosser, WA, Stephen Clement, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf)10MAY/JUNp.8-10

Better Beans Mean Better Health for People Everywhere, boosting iron content and bioavailability in beans, chickens as animal model for prediction of iron absorption in humans, Raymond P. Glahn, Ithaca, NY, (html) 10MAY/JUNp.10

ARS Wheat Rust Resistance Roundup, summary of ARS Ug99 stem rust research around the U.S., St. Paul, MN, Raleigh, NC, Aberdeen, ID, Fargo, ND, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 10MAY/JUNp.11

Corn: Boosting Vitamin A Levels in Corn To Fight Hunger, using association mapping genetic screening technique to identify high beta-carotene genes in corn lines for fighting vitamin A deficiency in the world, Edward Buckler, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf)10MAY/JUNp.12-13

Nutrient-Packed and Pest-Resistant Potatoes From ARS Research, breeding for late blight resistance, Defender, longer storage varieties Dakota Crisp and Dakota Diamond, high vitamin C potatoes Clearwater and Classic varieties, antioxidant content, root knot nematode resistance, Rich Novy, Aberdeen, ID, Jeff Suttle, Fargo, ND, Chuck Brown, Roy Navarre, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf)10MAY/JUNp.14-16

Fighting Potato Diseases by Enhancing Germplasm, using wild potatoes genes for developing disease resistance in potatoes, late blight, early blight, Verticillium wilt, Dennis Halterman, Shelly Jansky, Halterman, ID, (html) 10MAY/JUNp.16

Fast-Track Insights on World Hunger: Selections From the National Agricultural Library, recommended reading/info. sources on world hunger and food security, Felicia Tyler, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10MAY/JUNp.17

ARS National Research Programs in Genomics and Genetics for Food Security, sustainable food production, feed utilization, animal production, informatics, (html) or (pdf)10MAY/JUNp.18

A New Approach to an Old Problem: Devising Formulas To Enhance Growth, ion-based approach for creating culture medium, fertilizers, nutrient solutions, potting soils, Randall P. Niedz, Terence J. Evens, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 10MAY/JUNp.19

Algae: A Mean, Green Cleaning Machine, algal turf scrubbers remove nitrogen and phosphorus from manure effluents, dried algae as fertilizer, keeping nutrients out of Chesapeake Bay, Walter Mulbry, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf)10MAY/JUNp.20-21

True Origins of Widely Used Potato Germplasm Revealed, origin of Neo-Tuberosum traced to southern lowland Chile, not to Andes, potato breeding and taxonomy, David Spooner, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 10MAY/JUNp.22

A Hedge With an Edge for Erosion Control, grass hedges for sediment and runoff control in wide-row and ultra-narrow-row conventional and no-till cotton, Seth Dabney, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 10MAY/JUNp.23

First Hard Winter Wheat Varieties for Eastern U.S. Production, NuEast hard red winter wheat and Appalachian White hard white winter wheat with good yields and disease resistance, grain quality, rust, powdery mildew, Hessian fly, David Marshall, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 10MAY/JUNp.23

Roasting Does More Than Enhance Flavor in Peanuts, dark-roasting effect on antioxidant and vitamin E level of peanuts, peanut flour, peanut skins, Jack Davis, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 10MAY/JUNp.23

New Vaccines May Help Thwart E. coli O157:H7, vaccines reduce E. coli in Holstein calves manure, microbe shedding, lowers food safety risk, Vijay Sharma, Tom Casey, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 10MAY/JUNp.23

At BARC, We’ve Only Just Begun, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center and it’s projects around the country, 100th Anniversary of and history of BARC, future research, Joseph Spence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.2

Celebrating 100 Years of Beltsville Agricultural Research, photojournal of highlights of BARC research, BARC’s 100th Anniversary, Joseph Spence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.4-8

Diverse Wheat Tapped for Antifungal Genes, Fusarium head blight resistance (types I, II, and III) from exotic Asian wheat lines from China, Korea, Japan, Guihua Bai, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.9

New Ideas for Longer Lasting Blooms in California Laboratory, extending life of potted plants leaves and flowers with thidiazuron (TDZ), cytokinin, use of virus-induced gene silencing technique to assess gene function in senescence in petunia plants, Cai-Zhong Jiang, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.10-11

Figuring Out Puzzling Animal Diseases, changes in replication in malignant catarrhal fever virus make it difficult for vaccine development and virus cell culturing, potential diagnostic tests for ovine progressive pneumonia virus in sheep, Hong Li, Lynn Herrmann-Hoesing, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.12-13

Self-Pollinating Almonds Key to Bountiful Harvests, new and improved self-pollinating almonds with desired traits of Nonpareil, navel orangeworm, Craig A. Ledbetter, Parlier, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.14-15

Whole-Grain Rice Stakes Out Its Claim, ARS’s workshops with USA Rice Federation to promote health benefits and whole-grain health claim of brown rice, resistant starch, patented brown rice treatment reduces cooking time, Elaine T. Champagne, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.16-17

Hops Could Reduce Ammonia Production in Cattle, adding hops to a ruminant’s diet can reduce ammonia-producing bacteria, fermentation, feed digestion efficiency, Michael Flythe, Lexington, KY, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.18

“Skip Planting a Row or Two” Is Good Advice for Some, stabilizing annual corn and sorghum grain yields in arid Central Plains by skipping rows in planting, skip-row planting, Merle F. Vigil, Akron, CO, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.19

Partnering With the NRC, estimating movement of soil pollutants/contaminants in the subsurface (vadose) zones,  improving accuracy of contaminant transport models, Yakov A. Pachepsky, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.19

Niches and Glitches in Ethanol Production, optimizing cellulosic ethanol production from wheat straw, barley straw, and rice hull feedstocks with alkaline peroxide or lime pretreatments, bacterial outbreaks from Lactobacillus fermentum inhibit yield, viriniamycin antibiotic, Badal Saha, Ken Bischoff, Tim Leathers, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.20-21

Better Guidance for Battling Corn Earworm, aerial spray rates and droplet sizes for insecticides controlling corn earworm, Bradley K. Fritz, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.22

Subtract Pounds of Weeds, Add Pounds of Grass = More Cows, online weed calculator shows western U.S. ranchers potential cow production if control key exotic invasive weeds, Mathew J. Rinella, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.22

Drug Eliminates Parasite That Causes Babesiosis in Horses, imidocarb diproprionate as potential treatment of equine babesiosis, current use in cattle could be expanded to include horses, Donald P. Knowles, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.23

Researchers Study Effect of Cinnamon Compounds on Brain Cells, cinnamon compound extracts’ protection of brain cells from fluid accumulation, effect on membrane potential, brain trauma injuries, Richard Anderson, Marilyn Polansky, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.23

Springtime Sheep Grazing Helps Control Leafy Spurge, effect of simulated grazing  on plant community recovery following leafy spurge infestation, Matthew J. Rinella, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.23

Food “Tattoos”: An Alternative to Labels for Identifying Fruit, laser etching technology on citrus and other fruit could replace current fruit labeling practices, Jan Narcisco, Winter Haven, FL, (html) or (pdf) 10APRp.23

Childhood Obesity: Researchers Attack a Nationwide Epidemic, human nutrition program for ARS research to prevent kids from being overweight or obese, David M. Klurfeld, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.2

Kids Lose Pounds, Gain Fitness, in Science-Based Regimen, study of self-and-parent taught nutrition and fitness plan vs. instructor-led program for weight loss in Hispanic youths, BMI, prevention of obesity, overweight, Craig A. Johnston, John P. Foreyt, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.4

Through Computer Fun, Girls Improve Fitness and Food Choices, “Food, Fun, and Fitness Internet Program for Girls,” cartoons teach African-American girls nutrition and fitness, help prevent obesity, overweight, Deborah Thompson, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.5

Hey Mom, What’s for Dinner? Parents’ Feeding Styles May Affect Kids’ Obesity, permissive (indulgent and uninvolved) vs. authoritarian feeding styles of parents/caregivers compared, affect on childhood obesity, overweight, Sheryl O. Hughes, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.6

Kids’ Body Fat: What’s Healthy? What’s Not? making reliable body-composition charts for all ages of children, recommended body fat and lean, Kenneth J. Ellis, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.7

Baby’s Weight: Is Epigenetics To Blame? Genetic programming of rat pups’ weight after birth as affected by mother’s obesity, overweight, during pregnancy, transgenerational amplification, predisposition to obesity, Kartik Shankar, Little Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.8-9

Weight Gains in U.S. Hispanic Children: Study Identifies Significant Predators, Viva La Familia program to determine causes of weight gain in Hispanic children, child’s and mom’s BMIs, hormones, calories, overweight, obesity, Nancy Butte, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.10

Cutting the Fat—and Calories—in a Childhood Favorite, FANTESK trans-fat-free cooking oil lowers fat and calories in cake and frosting, healthy fruit bars, apple slices provide alternative to prevent obesity, overweight kids, Mukti Singh, Jeffrey Byars, Peoria, IL, Tara McHugh, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.11

Helping Kids Fight Obesity: Best Online Info Sources, Food and Nutrition Information Center at National Agrcicultural Library lists online info. sources for prevention of childrens’ obesity, overweight, Sara Wilson, Beltsville, MD (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.12

ARS Research Program on Children’s Nutrition—and Obesity Prevention, childhood obesity prevention program at ARS, overweight, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.13

Line 1 Hereford Cattle: More Than 75 Years of Research, 75th anniversary of Line 1 Hereford cattle, role/foundation in cattle breeding, Michael MacNeil, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.14-15

Biocontrol Bacteria Hold Their Own—to the Benefit of Apples, integrated management of apple replant disease, beneficial Pseudomonas bacteria produce CLPs protectant biofilms for apple roots, using wheat cover crops and treating soils with seed meal from canola and Brassica, Mark Mazzola, Wenatchee, WA, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.16-17

Geraniums and Begonias: New Research on Old Garden Favorites, geranium flower compound as potential natural insecticide against Japanese beetles, begonia varieties that tolerate high light intensity and colder temperatures in greenhouse, Christopher M. Ranger, Heping Zhu, Wooster, OH, (html) or  (pdf) 10MARp.18-19

Helping Cattle Keep Their Cool, causes of and responses to heat stress in cattle, comparison of four shade materials for outdoor pens, Tami Brown-Brandl, Roger Eigenberg, John Nienaber, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.20-21

No Easy Answers to Echinacea’s Evolution, chemical differences in root metabolites perform better than DNA analysis in species distinction of Echinacea populations, Mark Widrlechner, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.22

Reaping More Rewards From Crop Residues, Ann Kennedy, tool for crop residue management to build soil organic matter, soil moisture, maximize yields, prevent erosion, decomposition, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.23

Experimental Chickpeas Fend Off Caterpillar Pest, new lines of chickpeas resist beet armyworm moth larvae, crop breeding, Stephen L. Clement, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.23

ARS Scientists Help Sequence Genome of Potato Late Blight Pathogen, genome of Phytophthora infestans, pathogen of Irish potato famine, genes for enzymes of plant cell wall degradation, Richard W. Jones, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.23

Reflective Particle Films Improve Apple Quality, aluminized plastic film or particle-based mineral reflective films improve color and weight of apple fruit, alter light quality, Michael Glenn, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 10MARp.23

ARS Research Partnerships Are Critical to U.S. Grain Production, oat and barley cooperative projects, Fusarium head blight (scab), U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative, genome work for disease resistance, beta-glucan and heart health, barley as bioenergy crop, Kay Simmons, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.2

Fighting Fusarium Through Molecular Genetics, identifying gene promoters and markers for barley resistance to Fusarium graminearum, U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative, Barley Coordinated Agricultural Project, breeding for mycotoxin reduction and barleys for malting and brewing, Ron Skadsen, Cynthia Henson, Madison, WI, Shiaoman Chao, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.4-6

Like Malt? You’ll Love This Malting Barley Research! serine-class proteases affect other enzymes that degrade carbohydrate in barley kernel during germination in malt houses, Mark Schmitt, Allen Budde, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.7

International Wheat and Barley Screening Collaboration Helps Uncover Stem Rust-Resistant Material, progress in screening U.S. wheat germplasm in Kenya for Ug99 rust resistance and at the Winter Wheat Stem Rust Resistance Nursery in Ankara, Turkey, also screening barley lines, Mike Bonman, Eric Jackson, Aberdeen, ID, Yue Jin, St. Paul, MN, David Marshall, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.8-9

Oats: Cooling Inflammation and Unhealthy Cell Proliferation, health benefits of avenanthramides in oats, arrest smooth muscle cell proliferation and promote nitric oxide production, decrease inflammation of arterial wall, lower risk of atherosclerosis, oats and oat bran and colon cancer risk, Mohsen Meydani, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.10

Barley Examined as Source for Potential Fish Feed, concentrating protein in barley grain for aquaculture fishmeal-free feeds, Rick Barrows, Hagerman, ID, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.11

Markers Point the Way to New Oat Traits, cooperative molecular genetics program to map oat genome and find markers for beta-glucan and tocopherol production and disease resistance, Eric Jackson, Don Obert, Aberdeen, ID, Gina Brown-Guedira, Raleigh, NC, Joe Anderson, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.12

Finding Crown Rust Resistance That Can Go the Distance, in Oats, putting crown rust resistance genes from wild oats into cultivated oats, Martin L. Carson, St Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.13

Boosting Barley for Bioenergy, developing technologies for using winter barley as biofeedstock for biofuel/ethanol production, developing improved varieties for ethanol production and Ug99 stem rust resistance, Kevin B. Hicks, Wyndmoor, PA, David S. Marshall, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.14

Uncovering the Nutritional Value of Oats, determining the function and production of avenanthramides in oats, disease resistance in plant, biosynthesis of avenanthramides in oat shoot tissue cultures, Mitchell Wise, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.15

All-Oat, All-Barley Breads Ahead? Maybe! using the plant fiber hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) in oat, barley, and wheat breads, cholesterol-lowering effects in hamsters, Wallace H. Yokoyama, Hyunsook Kim, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.16

Oats, Barley, and Wheat: Great Reads and Web Viewing, National Agricultural Library-recommended books, websites, and other references on oats, barley, and wheat, including nutrients/nutrition in the grains, Rebecca Mazur, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.16

ARS Research Program in Oats and Barley, focus of ARS’s national research program on oats and barley research, including breeding/genome work, disease resistance, partnering/managing U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative, pest resistance, nutritional quality, and more, Kay Simmons, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.17

A Range of Plants for Rangeland Rehab, best plants and practices for revegetating dry rangeland of western U.S., plant releases include Hycrest and Hycrest II crested wheatgrasses, Vavilov II Siberian wheatgrass, Bozoisky II Russian wildrye, FirstStrike wheatgrass, White River Indian ricegrass, and more, to re-establish after wildfire, erosion, other disturbances, Jack Staub, Kevin Jensen, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.18-19

Fungal Fumes Clear Out Crop Pests, using fungus Muscodor albus as biobased fumigant, volatile organic compounds act as fungicide against bunt diseases (Tilletia species) of wheat and gray mold fungus (Botrytis cinerea) on grapes, insecticide against potato tuber moth and apple codling moth, Blair Goates, Aberdeen, ID, Lawrence A. Lacey, Wapato, Washington, Joseph L. Smilanick, Parlier, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.20-21

Chicken House Attics Can Be Tapped To Warm Broilers, ventilation system uses solar-heated attic air in broiler houses and reduces fuel energy use, moisture, and ammonia, improves air quality, Joseph L. Purswell, Mississippi State, MS, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.22

Balancing Water Content and Temperature To Manage Antibiotic Breakdown in Manure, oxytetracycline degradation in cattle manure as affected by temperature and moisture content, Scott R. Yates, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.22

Why a North American Tree Is Invasive In Europe? virulent Pythium species of fungi from U.S. could prove to be biocontrol for black cherry tree invasive species in Europe, Kurt O. Reinhart, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.23

Catnip Compound Curbs Asian Lady Beetles, nepetalactone compound repels lady beetles and some other species, Eric W. Riddick, Stoneville, MS, Kamal R. Chauhan, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.23

Developing Attractants, Repellents for a Cattle Pest, nepetalactone aromatic compunds protect cattle from stable flies, reduce biting and egg laying, possible use of carbon dioxide and other compounds emitted from manure as biobased controls of stable flies, Junwei Zhu, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.23

Water Hardness Plays a Role in Removing Bacteria From Chicken Skin, soft water removes Campylobacter, Staphylococcus, and Pseudomonas from the skin of chicken broilers better than hard water, Arthur Hinton, Ronald Holser, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 10FEBp.23

Systematics and Collections: Preserving Diversity, Trade, and Our Way of Life, value of ARS's collections of microbes, viruses, invertebrates, plants, animals, insects, cell cultures, seeds, and more, role in trade, imports, shipments, transport, food safety, Kevin J. Hackett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.2

Plant Germplasm: Preserving Diversity, Insuring Our Future, ARS genebanks/collections preserve world supply of food, fiber, crop production and diversity, almonds and replant disease resistance, reniform nematode resistance in cotton, Germplasm Resources Information Network, Gary Kinard, Beltsville, MD, Malli Aradhya, Davis, CA, Alois Bell, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.4-6

Roundworm Repository Provides "Ag Insurance", role of USDA's Nematode Collection in nematode identification at U.S. ports and around the world, providing pest control through nematode biological controls, Zafar A. Handoo, Lynn K. Carta, David J. Chitwood, Andrea Skantar, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.7

Overseas Collections Help Solve Domestic Problems, European Biological Control Laboratory, Australian Biological Control Laboratory, South American Biological Control Laboratory, overseas collections provide biocontrol agents to fight U.S. invasive species like giant reed (Arundo donax), melaleuca, fire ants, Walter Jones, Montpellier, France, Mathew Purcell, Brisbane, Australia, Juan Briano, Hurlingham, Argentina, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.8-9

Marvelous Microbe Collections Accelerate Discoveries To Protect People, Plants—and More!, role of ARS Culture Collection, U.S. National Fungus Collections, Collection of Entomopathogenic Fungal Cultures, and National Rhizobium Germplasm Resource Collection, in detecting, identifying, classifying species of fungi, molds, bacteria, actinomycetes, microorganisms, Rhizobium, Cletus Kurtzman, Amy R. Rossman, Stephen Rehner, Peter van Berkum, Beltsville, MD, Richard Humber, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.10-11

Troublesome Microbes That Resist Antimicrobials: The Antimicrobial Resistance Collection, role of the collection and the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System in monitoring resistance of pathogens to antimicrobials, Paula Cray, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.11

Animal Gene Collections Support U.S. Research, preserving the genetic diversity of animals, cryopreservation, National Animal Germplasm Program, National Sedimentation Laboratory, Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory, Harvey Blackburn, Fort Collins, CO, Scott Knight, Oxford, MI, and others, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.12-14

Archiving Parasites and Protozoa for Research, Diagnoses, and More, role of U.S. National Parasite Collection, ARS's microsporidia collections' role in biocontrols against fire ants, grasshoppers, beetles, Eric Hoberg, Beltsville, MD, David Oi, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.15

Our Invaluable Invertebrate Collections, role of ARS's insect and mite collections in protecting trade, agriculture, food supply, quality of life, and providing biological controls, cryopreservation, Natalia Vandenberg, Alma Solis, Washington, D.C., Beltsville, MD, John Burd, Stillwater, OK, Roger Leopold, Joe Rinehart, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.16-17

Freeze-Drying Is Key to Saving Fungal Collection, value of freeze-drying preservation of fungi in the Fungal Culture Collection, Maren A. Klich, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.18

Tropical Treasure Turns 60, anniversary of Cotton Winter Nursery (CWN) in Tecoman, Mexico, collaboration of ARS's Cotton Germplasm Collection and CWN for testing/developing cotton varieties, James Frelichowski, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.18

ARS Research Programs in Systematics and Collections, ARS's research emphasis in germplasm preservation of plants, animals, microbes, and more, Germplasm Resources Information Network, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.19

Preparing Peanuts for the Future: New Cultivars and Farming Strategies, screening of U.S. peanut mini-core collection identifies two heat- and drought-resistant peanuts, evaluation of traditional vs. conservation tillage (strip tillage) and deficit irrigation in early- and late-season stages, Paxton Payton, Rao Kottapalli, Lubbock, TX, Wilson Faircloth, Diane Rowland, Dawson, Georgia, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.20-21

The National Cotton Variety Test, 50 Years Old and Growing Strong, 50th anniversary of National Cotton Variety Test for evaluating upland and pima region-specific varieties, cotton variety changes over time, William R. Meredith, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp. 22

Know Your USDA Watersheds, U.S. watershed data on topography, weather info., nitrogen, phosphorus and other ag. pollutants now available online on STEWARDS, conservation, Jean Steiner, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.23

It Pays To Furrow Dike, effects of furrow diking on runoff and erosion in southeast U.S. cotton fields, irrigation rates, water savings, Russell C. Nuti, Dawson, GA, Clinton C. Truman, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.23

Avian Bacterium More Dangerous Than Believed, pathogenicity tests on Bordetella hinzii prove it can cause disease in turkeys, Karen B. Register, Robert A. Kunkle, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.23

Conservation Tillage and Cotton: The Bottom Line, comparing five different tillage practices combined with winter wheat cover crop on cotton production, James E. Hanks, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 10JANp.23

Managing Agriculture in a Climate of Change, adaptations to global warming, rangeland response, plant community health from rising heat and carbon dioxide, heat islands in cities, invasive weed growth, Charles L. Walthall, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.2

GRACEnet: A Unified Response to Climate Change, fertilizer, crop rotations, alternative tilling cropping systems, and effect on greenhouse gas emission from agriculture, biofuel production and carbon sequestration in soil, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide emissions, Ronald Follett, Fort Collins, CO, Hero Gollany, Pendleton, OR, Jane Johnson, Morris, MN, (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.4-6

Predicting Impacts From Climate Variations, using NOAA data to make useful climate forecasts for farmers/growers, weather, computer models for climate forecasts, Jeanne M. Schneider, Jurgen D. Garbrecht, John Zhang, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.7

New Leads on Nitrous Oxide, greenhouse gas emissions from different soils, fertilizers and manures, tillage/reduced tillage, soil injection of fertilizer, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane (article includes page 9 sidebar, Ardell Halvorson, Fort Collins, CO, on altering types and amounts of fertilizers to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from fields, controlled-release urea fertilizers), Timothy B. Parkin, Ames, IA, Rodney T. Venterea, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.8-9

Soybean & Wheat Response to Climate Change, effect of elevated carbon dioxide and ozone levels on soybean and wheat growth and production, no-till cropping and carbon sequestration, SoyFACE, Fitzgerald Booker, Kent Burkey, Ed Fiscus, Raleigh, NC, Bruce Kimball, Don Ort, Randall Nelson, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.10-11

As CO2 Levels Rise, Plants—and Humans—Respond, effect of elevated carbon dioxide and warmer temperature on soybean, wheat, and corn growth and production, weed growth, pollen production, Lewis Ziska, Richard Sicher, Jim Bunce, and others, Beltsville, MD, Anna McClung, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.12-13

Changing CO2 Promises Surprising Changes in Plant Communities, effects of elevated carbon dioxide and temperature on water-use efficiency of weedy shrubs and grasses, no-till and carbon storage in soil, urban studies of weeds and plants, invasive/exotic weed growth from global climate change (article includes p.16 sidebar on National Agricultural Library’s top information choices for climate change), Wayne Polley, Philip Fay, Temple, TX, Jack Morgan, Dana Blumenthal, Fort Collins, CO, Steve Prior, Auburn, AL, Lewis Ziska, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.14-16

ARS Research on Global Climate Change Adaptation, effects of climate change on agriculture, climate change adaptation strategies, carbon sequestration, GRACEnet, mitigation strategies, (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.17

Why Watermelons Just Grow and Grow, gene segments, or expressed sequence tags, regulating growth and development, discovery of genes involved in ethylene production in watermelon fruit, ripening, Amnon Levi, Pat Wechter, Karen Harris, Charleston, SC, Angela Davis, Lane, OK, Jim Giovannoni, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.18-19

Boosting Alkali Levels for Bones, high-protein (high in meat, low in fruits and vegetables) diet vs. alkali (potassium bicarbonate) diet and preservation of bone mass and muscle mass, acidosis, Bess Dawson-Hughes, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.20

Grain Pest’s Own Genes Turned Against It, using the genomic map of red flour beetle, exploiting genes for chitin deacetylases to disrupt normal beetle development, potential for pest control and biopesticide, Richard W. Beeman, Manhattan, KS (html) or (pdf) 09NOV/DECp.21

ARS’s Animal Breeding Work, selection in animal breeding, genome sequencing, SNP50 BeadChip, data collection and evaluation techniques, Steven Kappes, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.2

Breeding and Genetic Change in the Holstein Genome, selective breeding of dairy cattle, single nucleotide polymorphisms, SNP50 BeadChip, genome analysis of dairy cattle, Holstein genome influenced by breeding practices, milk yield and fertility rate are genetically linked, John Cole, Tad Sonstegard, genes influence cattle susceptibility to parasitic nematodes at BARC facility, Curt Van Tassell, Louis Gasbarre, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.4-5

New Ultrasound and Artificial Insemination Techniques Improve Sheep Breeding, selective breeding of sheep, ultrasound accurately predicts sheep carcass traits, artificial insemination of sheep, collection, storage, transport of sheep semen, cryopreservation, National Animal Germplasm Program, Phillip H. Purdy, Harvey Blackburn, Fort Collins, CO, Gregory S. Lewis, Dubois, ID, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.6-7

Ornamentals To Brighten Garden Palette, Li’l Pumpkin, Pepper Jack, ornamental peppers, John R. Stommel, Robert Griesbach, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.8

Biofilms Have a New Foil, proprietary formulation kills Listeria monocytogenes in food-processing environments, biofilms, alkaline peroxide, phase-transfer chemistry, disinfectant, Judy Arnold, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.9

Using Doppler Ultrasound To Understand Fescue Toxicosis, Doppler ultrasound shows that ergot alkaloids in tall fescue constrict blood flow in cattle within 24 hours, fescue toxicosis, endophytic fungus, Glen Aiken, Lexington, KY, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.9

Working After Hours: A Nighttime View of Insect Predation, nighttime studies of predation by beneficial insects, Colorado potato beetle, corn rootworm, soldier beetle, carabid beetles, ladybeetles, stink bugs, big-eyed bugs, cursorial spiders, Asian cockroach, insect pests of potato, cotton, corn, soybeans, Donald C. Weber, Beltsville, MD, Robert S. Pfannenstiel, Weslaco, TX, Jonathan G. Lundgren, Brookings, SD, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.10-11

Closing In on a Citrus Killer: Huanglongbing, the Citrus Greening Disease, new real-time qPCR assay detects citrus greening bacteria in psyllids, genome sequencing of Candidatus Liberibacter species thought to cause citrus greening disease, orange jasmine, genome walking technique, Richard F. Lee, Keremane L. Manjunath, Riverside, CA, Hong Lin, Parlier, CA, Yong-Ping Duan, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.12-13

Hardy New Corn Lines Resist Toxic Fungi, six new inbred corn lines resist aflatoxin contamination and have good agronomic traits, Aspergillus flavus, kernel-screening assay, African corn lines, resistance-associated proteins, reporter genes, Robert L. Brown, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.14-15

Squeezing More Corn and Wheat Out of Each Scarce Drop of Water, balancing water needs of farm sector and growing human population, corn, wheat, irrigation in Colorado, North China Plain, RZWQM2 hybrid computer model, minimizing nitrogen fertilizer use and loss, crop responses to lack of water across critical growth stages, local historical weather records, Lajpat R. Ahuja, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.16-17

Sweetpotatoes Pack Potent Protection, sweetpotatoes have high levels of antioxidants, bigroot morningglory has high levels of antioxidants, phenolics, caffeoylquinic acids, protection against Rhizopus soft rot, Fusarium solani, Howard Harrison, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.18

“Seeing” Poultry Carcass Contamination, hyperspectral imaging system scans poultry carcasses for contaminants, image-processing method removes false positive readings, Kurt Lawrence, Athens, GA, Kevin Chao, Moon Kim, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.18

Why Rye Cover Crops Are Great Natural Weed Killers, benzoxazinoids from rye affect soil chemistry, weed suppression, rye, cover crops, John Teasdale, Cliff Rice, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.19

Kids, Fast Food, & Obesity: Menu Reviews From a Houston Pediatrician, many fast-food kids’ meals fail to meet National School Lunch Program nutrition guidelines, fat, calcium, iron, vitamin A, dietary energy density, childhood obesity, Jason Mendoza, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.20-21

Bacterium Identified as Prime Suspect in Zebra Chip Case, Candidatus Liberibacter bacterium tied to zebra chip disease of potatoes, potato psyllid, Bactericera cockerelli, altered planting dates affect severity of zebra chip disease of potatoes, Joseph E. Munyaneza, Wapato, WA, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.22

Plants Now Text Message Thirst, automated drought-monitoring system sends text messages when plants need water, irrigated fields, leaf temperatures, SmartCropTM, James R. Mahan, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.23

Potassium-Rich Foods Preserve Muscle Mass, potassium-rich diets lead to more lean tissue mass in humans, metabolic acidosis, muscle-wasting response, alkaline-residue-producing fruits, vegetables, Bess Dawson-Hughes, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.23

Mini-JET Test Predicts Erodibility, Jet Erosion Test measures erodibility of soil in constructed embankments, earthen spillways, stream channels, soil compaction, soil water content, Gregory J. Hanson, Sherry L. Hunt, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.23

Hairy Vetch Boosts Tomato Phytonutrients, hairy vetch mulch improves tomato growth, flavor, nutrition, ySAMdc-modified tomatoes, amino acids, choline, antioxidants, polyamines, Autar K. Mattoo, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09OCTp.23

Sustainable Agriculture: Efficient and Economical Practices for Maximum Production and Environmental Stewardship, composting cafeteria trash from federal buildings, conservation of natural resources, ag. productivity and energy efficiency, Steven R. Shafer, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.2

In the Eastern United States: A Multifaceted Focus on Farms and Food, computer models to assess local food-production potential on East Coast, reducing greenhouse gases during composting of food/cafeteria waste in federal buildings, federal green projects, sidebar on polyphenol’s (“kaempferol”) role in reducing iron bioavailability in beans, iron uptake, iron deficiency, David Fleisher, Walter Mulbry, Patricia Millner, Beltsville, MD, Ross M. Welch, Raymond P. Glahn, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.4-6

In the Midwestern United States: Growing Biofuel Crops Sustainably, EPIC model assesses amount of corn cobs/stover to harvest vs. soil conservation/erosion losses, using perennial cover crops to offset soil carbon losses from corn stover harvest, David W. Archer, Mandan, ND, Jane M.F. Johnson, Morris, MN, Jeremy Singer, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.7-9

In the Western United States: Using Technology To Save Water, predicting early snowmelt and runoff from climate change and effect on water levels in Rio Grande, using remote sensing of plant evapotranspiration to conserve water, irrigating only when plants need water, international effort to preserve Ogallala and Calera Aquifers, water conservation, Al Rango, Las Cruces, NM, Doug Hunsaker, Maricopa, AZ, Prasanna Gowda, Bushland, TX, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.10-13

From Lubricants to Packaging Materials: ARS Scientists Just Say “No” to Petroleum, new process for making biobased biodegradable lubricant additives from natural plant oils, starch-based foams can replace polystyrene products, sidebar on replacing petroleum-based food packaging materials with biobased edible casein films, sidebar on The National Agricultural Library’s (Beltsville, Maryland) “Sustainable Agriculture Information Tools” Website for top resources on sustainable agriculture, Sevim Erhan, Peoria, IL, Gregory Glenn, Albany, CA, Peggy Tomasula, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.14-16

ARS National Research Program on Agricultural System Competitiveness and Sustainability, ARS’s coordinated efforts to manage natural resources and environment while increasing ag. production, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.17

Evaluating an Ethanol Byproduct as a Potential Cattle Feed Ingredient, “wet distiller’s grains with solubles” as dietary supplement, effect on feedlot performance, energy utilization efficiency, postharvest meat quality, and cattle manure emissions, Calvin Ferrell, Steven Shackelford, Mindy Spiehs, Tommy Wheeler, Andy King, Vince Varel, Jim Wells, Elaine Berry, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.18-19

Feathers Can Be for More Than Pillow Stuffin’, biodegradable plastic plant pots and filters made from chicken feathers, Walter F. Schmidt, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.20-21

Corn: The Latest Glue Ingredient? Corn germ-based glue extenders for plywood glue, alternative to wheat flour-based extenders, Milagros P. Hojilla-Evangelista, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.22

Making Homes To Please Wild Bees, investigating natural aromas to lure wild bees to new homes in orchards, Theresa Pitts-Singer, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.23

Boosting Basil in Mississippi, testing yield and oil content of 38 basil accessions from National Plant Germplasm Collection, Charles L. Cantrell, Oxford, MI, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.23

Antibiotic-Monitoring Kits, new portable ELISA tests for detecting sulfonamides/sulfa drugs in wastewater or in soils, Weilin L. Shelver, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.23

Nitric Oxide Regulates Plant and Animal Signaling, nitric oxide in soil targets proteins and enzymes to have regulatory effect on many processes in plants and mammals, Autar Mattoo, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09SEPp.23

Diversity of ARS Research, ARS range of work from nutrition and food safety, to animal disease research, sustainable agriculture, climate change, genetic diversity and germplasm, energy and biofuels, natural resources, crop production, Edward B. Knipling, Washington, D.C., (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.2

Animal Scientist Finds New Vistas in Cleft Palate Research, cause of crooked calf syndrome in calves and goats (kids), lupine alkaloids affect on fetuses, birth defects, prenatal surgical repair of cleft palate in utero on goats, potential surgery on humans, Kip E. Panter, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.4-6

Yum! Flavorful Wraps and Glazes Show Off Fruit and Vegetable Tastes and Textures, all-natural fruit and vegetable films from purées, Tara H. McHugh, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.7

Flu Fighters: Identifying, Treating, and Preventing the Flu With Help From ARS Research, swine influenza outbreak (H1N1 virus) in America and ARS’s efforts to monitor and combat the disease’s spread, avian influenza, protecting pigs and humans with vaccines, Amy Vincent, Kelly Lager, Ames, IA, Yong Kuk Kwon, Luciana Sarmento, and others, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.8-9

Conserving Crop Diversity and a Way of Life in Ecuador, preserving agricultural crop germplasm and cultural uses of crops in Ecuador, promoting products and agrotourism, Karen A. Williams, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.10-11

Genetic Research Sheds Light on Group B Streptococcus, family tree/origin of Streptococcus agalactiae, distribution and host susceptibility of GBS, potential for human GBS isolates to cause infection in fish, Joyce Evans, Chestertown, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.12-13

Gender Evolution in Strawberries: The Doorway to Enhanced Productivity, understanding the inheritance of reproductive dysfunction, molecular marker map in octoploid strawberries, new strawberry gender class discovered, Kim Lewers, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.14-15

For Want of Microbes, Soil Processes and Function Could Be Lost, how crop choice and rotations affect soil microbe populations, new DNA technology called pyrosequencing for microbe species identification, soil carbon levels, Veronica Acosta-Martinez, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.16-17

Retinal Scan Technology Identifies Early TSE Symptoms in Cattle, retinal scan to observe bipolar cells changes for early detection of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, Justin Greenlee, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.18

Virus-Resistant Beans on Tap as Insurance Against Chocolate Pod Disease, PCR test for detecting/distinguishing chocolate pod virus of snap beans, genetic resistance from dry edible beans, transmission by soybean aphid, Richard C. Larsen, Phillip N. Miklas, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.19

Bacterial Backtalk: Swine, Stress, and Salmonella Infection, foodborne pathogen Salmonella Typhimurium’s QseC protein effect on pathogen movement and colonization, invasive effectiveness, microbial endocrinology, S. Typhimurium response to norepinephrine from pigs under stress, Bradley L. and Shawn M.D. Bearson, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.20-21

Nasonia Wasp Genome Completed, Nasonia Genome Project, gene sequencing, Wayne B. Hunter, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.22

Presenting Prince, a New Blueberry Cultivar, early ripening rabbiteye blueberry, Stephen J. Stringer, Poplarville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.23

Extreme Weather Boosts Antioxidant Levels in Soybean Seeds, effect of drought and heat on alphatocopherol/vitamin E levels in soybeans at Maryland Eastern Shore, Steven J. Britz, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.23

Scientists Serve Up Mustard Meal To Tame Weeds, sinalbin in white mustard seed meal kills or suppresses weedy grasses and broadleaf weeds, negative affect on onion bulb crops, Rick Boydston, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.23

Military Uniforms Now Provide Reliable Protection From Mosquitoes, new insect-bite-protection-efficacy assessment method assures permethrin-treated military uniforms work to prevent insect bites/disease transmission, Ulrich R. Bernier, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 09AUGp.23

Overseas Labs Play Vital Role in U.S. Biocontrol Efforts, ARS’s overseas labs’ roles finding natural enemies/biocontrols for invasive species threatening U.S. native and crop plants, Daniel A. Strickman, Beltsville, MD (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.2

Formidable Fungus Goes Toe to Toe With Kudzu, fungus Myrothecium verrucaria biocontrol strain against kudzu invasive species, methods to remove trichothecene mycotoxins, C. Douglas Boyette, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.4-5

Tiny Moth Tackles Old World Climbing Fern, biocontrols for climbing fern invasive species, moth Neomusotima conspurcatalis, moth stem borer, Bob Pemberton, Anthony Boughton, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Matt Purcell, Tony Wright, John Goolsby, Brisbane, Australia, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.6-7

Munching on Garlic Mustard: A New Weevil in the Works, promising Ceutorhynchus scrobicollis weevil biocontrol reduces invasive species garlic mustard’s survival in rosette stage, feeds on root crown, Adam Davis, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.8-9

Tackling a Trio of Tropical Troublemakers: Hawaii Scientists Fight Invasive Banana Moth, White Peach Scale, and Nettle Moth, mating disruption tactic for banana moth invasive species with attractant, using wasp Encarsia diaspidicola against white peach scale, Eric Jang, Peter Follett, Robert Hollingsworth, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.10-11

Biocontrol Battle Begins Against Giant Reed (Arundo), four promising biocontrols against Arundo donax, invasive species in Southwest U.S., Rhizaspidiotus donacis scale, Tetramesa romana wasp, Lasioptera donacis sheath miner, Cryptonevra spp. Arundo fly, John Goolsby, Weslaco, TX, David Spencer, Davis, CA, Robert Blank, Reno, NV, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.12-13

Combating the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: A New Threat for Agriculture, a Nuisance for Homeowners, spread of invasive species Halyomorpha halys in orchards, fields, homes, and buildings, pheromone-based traps, Jeffrey Aldrich, Ashot Khrimian, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.14-15

Luring Varroa Mites to Their Doom, bait-and-kill approach with semiochemicals (natural attractants) on sticky boards reduces Varroa mite populations in honey bee hives, Peter E.A. Teal, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.16

Pepper Compound Mighty Against Mold, antifungal saponin-family plant compound  called CAY-1 has fungicidal qualities, may be useful against some grape pathogens, efficacy against some skin pathogens, Anthony J. De Lucca, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.17

Controlling Fire Ants Takes a Group Effort, competition between fire ants and other ant species in Argentina (the native home to fire ants), coexistence, organization, domination of tuna baits, biocontrols microsporidia Kneallhazia solenopsae and Valimorpha invictae for potential use against invasive species fire ants in U.S., using phorid flies as vector to deliver K. solenopsae to fire ant colonies, Luis Calcaterra, Juan Briano, Hurlingham, Argentina, David Oi, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.18-19

Western Juniper and Cheatgrass: Scientists Probe Invaders’ Evolutionary Strategies, diplochory studies western juniper show its seed are spread by birds and small animals, microsatellite markers show cheatgrass can cross-pollinate, William Longland, Reno, NV, Alien Creatures Featured at the National Invasive Species Information Center, (sidebar) National Agricultural Library, links to invasive species resources (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.20-21

Genotype Exploration Is Key to Controlling Rush Skeletonweed, introductions and spread of skeletonweed in U.S., current biocontrols not effective, genetics studies identify several genotypes in U.S., John Gaskin, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.22

ARS Biocontrol Research Program, biological control strategies, techniques, agreawide programs, (html) or (pdf) 09JULp.23

Microbes: Marvels and Miscreants, microbes that affect food safety, food supply, and animal and human health, botulism food poisoning, Salmonella, anthrax, bubonic plague, bovine tuberculosis vaccine, J. Mark Carter, Larry H. Stanker, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.2

Bashing Botulism: Scientists Sleuth World's Most Powerful Toxins, new faster cheaper tests for detecting botulinum toxin, monoclonal antibodies, food safety, J. Mark Carter, Larry Stanker, Luisa Cheng, and others, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.4-6

Back to the Past With New TSE Testing, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, new way to identify abnormal prions in formalin-fixed tissue, adapting Western blotting procedure, Eric M. Nicholson, Robert A. Kunkle, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.7

Animal Studies Safeguard Food Supplies—and Human Health, ARS's National Animal Disease Center efforts to find proteins diagnostic of Johne's disease, vaccinating white-tailed deer with human tuberculosis (TB) vaccine to fight bovine TB, immune response, developing vaccines and diagnostic tests, investigating mosquito midge transmission/vectors and vaccines for Rift Valley fever, Bovigam, Judy Stabel, John Bannantine, Mitch Palmer, and others, Ames, IA, William Wilson, Laramie, Wyoming, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.8-11

New Methods for Ensuring Food Safety, new CMF (crossflow microfiltration) process for pasteurized liquid eggs from threats from Salmonella, salmonellosis, and Bacillus anthracis (anthrax), antibody and DNA technology for detection of E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Yersinia pestis (bubonic plague) in foods, foodborne pathogens, pathogen reduction during cooking on grills, Sudarsan Mukhopadhyay, Peggy Tomasula, John Luchansky, George Paoli, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.12-13

Germplasm: Insurance for the Future That Pays Current Dividends, National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) helps researchers deal with disease/pathogen problems, and develop crops that can adapt to various growing conditions, NPGS germplasm collection at Griffin, Georgia, David Ellis, Fort Collins, CO, Gary Pederson, Griffin, GA, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.14-15

New Values for Vitamin D in Foods, U.S. foods analyzed for vitamin D content, USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Joanne Holden, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.16

The Poultry Pantry: Plums, Probiotics, Safflower, and Tea, probiotics, avian coccidiosis, Eimeria, green tea supplements effect on parasitic infection and cytokine production in chickens, plum powder and safflower supplements and spleen immune cell production, tumor cells, Hyun S. Lillehoj, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.16

Edible Fungus Could Help Address Vitamin A Deficiency, adding beta-carotene genes from Blakelslea trispora into Monascus purpurea fungus (red rice yeast) to produce vitamin A in fermented red rice dish in Asia, Daniel L. Skinner, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.17

New Vitamin Mix Gives Farmed Fish Vim and Vigor, extrusion processing new fish vitamin mix for fish farms and other fish raised in captivity, myoinositol, plant-based feeds, Rick Barrows, Hagerman, ID, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.18-20

Luscious Lychee: Scientists Find Keys to Plentiful, Predictable Harvests, new pruning and fertilizing regimen for Kaimana lychee trees synchronizes vegetative growth, improves harvest consistency, Tracie Matsumoto, Francis T.P. Zee, Hilo, HI, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.21

Cotton Bests Other Spray-On Erosion-Control Mulches, cotton hydromulch spray-on blanket made from cotton waste, erosion and runoff control, Gregory A. Holt, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.22

Just a Few Queens Started U.S. Fire Ant Population, study of hypothetical origin and spread of red imported fire ants in U.S., DeWayne Shoemaker, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.23

Paper Mill Waste May Be Just Right for Reclaiming Mineland, using higher rates of paper mill sludge to control runoff and erosion on surface-coal-mined areas, Martin J. Shipitalo, Coshocton, OH, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.23

Gene-Silencing Technique To Be Deployed Against Soybean Fungus, finding soybean genes resistant to soybean rust Phakopsora pachyrhizi, Kerry F. Pedley, Fort Detrick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.23

Modeling Erosion Damage From Ephemeral Gullies, model evaluates how tillage practices vs. no-till affects ephemeral gully formation and erosion rates, Ronald Binger, Oxford, MI, (html) or (pdf) 09MAY/JUNp.23

Understanding Earth From Space, remote-sensing satellite date from NASA satellites Aqua and Terra for evapotranspiration, drought, crop residue, weed cover, Charles L. Walthall, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.2

Spying on Crop Residue, satellite imagery for estimating crop residue and land use for conservation tillage and reduced tillage, Craig S.T. Daughtry, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.4

Knowing Where To Look for Infestations of Leafy Spurge, using remote sensing infrared imaging satellites to detect leafy spurge cover from space, Weed Invasion Susceptibility Prediction Model (WISP), E. Raymond Hunt, Jr., Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.5

Inflammation and You: How Foods From Plants Protect Us From Disease, how plant phytochemicals can fight inflammation by interfering with protein pathways, toll-like receptors (TLRs) and NODs, disease, Daniel H. Hwang, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.6-7

Tracking Salmonella's Evolution From Innocuous to Virulent, detecting differences (polymorphisms) in Salmonella strains, mutation map of Salmonella's evolution, virulence, Jean Guard-Bouldin, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.8-9

Arcobacter: Genome of Foodborne Pathogen Exposed, genome sequenced of Arcobacter butzleri foodborne pathogen, pathogen reclassified, safe food and water, William G. Miller, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.10

Scientists Use Old, New Tools To Develop Pest-Resistant Potato, field testing new russet potato line that resists root-knot nematodes and corky ringspot, Charles R. Brown, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.11

ARS and Partners Set Their Sight on Scrapie in Goats, new rectal biopsy live-animal test for detecting scrapie, genetic resistance tests in goat breeds, Katherine I. O'Rourke, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.12-13

Foot-and-Mouth Disease: Novel Technologies Improve Detection and Control, early detection infrared themography photography tool (elevated hoof temperature) for FMD, quick 2-hour diagnostic test using real-time PCR, molecular-based vaccine and interferon use to block FMD virus replication until vaccine gives protection, Luis L. Rodriguez, Marvin J. Grubman, Orient Point, NY, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.14-15

Plums Without Pits, using traditional breeding and genetic engineering to develop pitless plums, early flowering trait shortens breeding assessment, lignin, Chris Dardick, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.16

Caffeine-Containing Botanicals in Dietary Supplements, ARS Nutrient Data Laboratory releases caffeine content in botanicals and supplements, Janet Roseland, Karen Andrews, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.17

Fruitful Disease-Resistance Findings, cherries, red raspberries, apples share key genetic traits for disease resistance, markers, for possible resistance to Phytophthora root rot, cherry leaf spot, powdery mildew, sharka (plum pox), apple scab, nematodes, Angela Baldo, Geneva, NY, Gayle Volk, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.18-19

Biodiesel With Benefits: Fuel for Cars and Leftovers for Livestock, use of glycerin coproduct from biofuel production as livestock feed supplement for pigs, hens, broilers, swine, poultry, Brian J. Kerr, Ames, IA, William A. Dozier, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.20-21

Real-Time Data Refines N2O Emission Estimates, accuracy of computer model predicting nitrous oxide (a greenhouse gas) emissions from agricultural soils, GRACEnet, Timothy B. Parkin, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.22

Palm Oil Not a Healthy Stand-In for Trans Fats, plasma lipoprotein and fatty acid profiles from palm oil, affect on LDL cholesterol and apolipoprotein B, Alice H. Lichtenstein, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.22

Chickpea Disease Tied to Fungal Culprit, Sclerotinia stem and crown rots on California chick peas from S. sclerotiorum and S. trifoliorum, Weidong Chen, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.23

ARS Scientists Test MRI Device To Measure Piglet Body Fat, EchoMRI for analysis of piglet body composition, fat, lean tissue, free water mass, total body water, Alva D. Mitchell, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.23

Database of Isoflavones in Foods Updated, genistein, daidzein, and glycitein isoflavones in nearly 550 foods, Special Interest Databases of ARS Nutrition Data Laboratory, David B. Haytowitz, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.23

Making Fluorescent Markers for Corn Tissues, using experimental transgenic corn lines containing green fluorescent protein markers for corn embryo and endosperm to study corn kernel fractionation and processing, Paul Scott, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 09APRp.23

Research: We Accomplish More Together, ARS's partnerships and collaborations with universities, nonprofits, businesses, industry, and other federal and state government agencies to perform research, Edward B. Knipling, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09MARp.2

A History of Success With State and University Partnerships, automated canal irrigation in Arizona Drainage Districts, work with University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service and Hawaii Department of Agriculture for fruit fly control, teaming with Maryland Department of Agriculture to monitor cover crop growth and nutrient uptake to improve water of Chesapeake Bay, "virtual" centers for gene sequencing of berry crops, Nemacur alternatives in treating nematodes of red raspberry, kaolin and water stress, disease resistance of Yukon Gem potato, Bert Clemmens, Maricopa, AZ, Roger Vargas, Hilo, HI, Greg McCarty, Jeannine Rowland, Beltsville, MD, Nahla Bassil, Jack Pinkerton, Corvallis, OR, Jeannine Rowland, Jungmin Lee, Parma, ID, Richard Novy, Aberdeen, ID, Charles Brown, Prosser, WA (html) or (pdf) 09MARp.4-7

ARS and International Partners Team Up To Solve Common Agricultural Problems, BARD, LABEX, EMBRAPA, ProSafeBeef program to protect beef in European Union from bacteria, ComBase database of pathogens, biofortification of food plants with nutrients to prevent malnutrition, DNA maps for rainbow trout for disease resistance and growth, crop canopy cover for estimating water needs of plants in Middle East, composting poultry litter in Jordan of Middle East, Ibrahim Shaqir, Beltsville, MD, William Miller, Albany, CA, Ross Welch, Ithaca, NY, Yniv Palti, Leetown, WV, Thomas Trout, Fort Collins, CO, Matt Smith, Walter Mulbry, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09MARp.8-11

Federal-Wide Partnering for a Better Life, assessing conservation practices of CEAP watersheds with NRCS and CSREES, work with APHIS in Ames for livestock disease resistance, diagnostics, and training, Beltsville Human Nutrition Center's dietary survey data, Food Surveys Research Group, improving aquaculture feed for farm-raised fish, deciphering plants' genomes in collaboration with other organizations, various locations, (html) or (pdf) 09MARp.12-14

Partnering With Industry Pays Off, Office of Technology Transfer CRADAs, ARS Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory's partnerships for Marek's disease vaccination and other chicken disease threats, Germplasm Enhancement of Maize (GEM) Project, United Soybean Board for development of soybean germplasm lines, CMAVE mosquito controls, Aly Fadly, East Lansing, MI, Mike Blanco, Ames, IA, Joseph W. Burton, Raleigh, NC, James Becnel, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 09MARp.15-17

ARS Research From Lab to Market, ARS partnerships and CRADAs with businesses and nonprofits and North Carolina State University, hydrogen production from nitrogen-fixing bacteria, rapid microwave heating process for sweet potato purée, high-protein muscle puffs from whey, sucromalt slow-release carbohydrate-based sweetener, soybased lubricating and metalworking fluid, Paul Bishop, Van-Den Truong, Raleigh, NC, Charles Onwulata, Wyndmoor, PA, Greg Côté, Tim Leathers, Sevim Erhan, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 09MARp.18-19

Collaboration Brings Colonial Sheep Collection to Colorado, heirloom genetically distinct sheep preserved, located at George Washington's Mount Vernon home, Hog Island sheep, Leicester Longwood, Harvey Blackburn, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 09MARp.20-21

Collectively Facing an Ugly Rust, ARS's partnerships with organizations to select wheat and barley that resists Ug99 stem rust, Durable Rust Resistance in Wheat projet, resistance in einkorn, goatgrass, and sanduri wheat, David Marshall, Raleigh, NC, Michael Pumphrey, Manhattan, KS, Kay Simmons, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09MARp.22-23

Commodity Utilization Research: Ready To Meet Today's and Tomorrow's Needs, ARS regional research centers and their research accomplishments, phytochemicals, biobased alternatives to petroleum, L. Frank Flora, Robert L. Fireovid, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.2

A Better Way To Spot Eggshell Cracks, new negative-pressure/imaging technology for detecting microcracks in eggshells, Kurt Lawrence, Deana Jones, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.4-5

Ethanol Byproducts Offer Savings for Farmers and Industry, blending distiller's grains into steam-flaked corn-based cattle feeds, wet or dried distiller's grains (WDG and DDG), dried distiller's grain with solubles (DDGS), weanling pigs' immune response after fed DDGS, ileitis, Andy Cole, Bushland TX, Tom Weber, Ames, IA, Kurt Rosentrater, Brookings, SD, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.6-8

Milkweed: From Floss to Fun in the Sun, fatty acid in milkweed oil absorbs ultraviolet radiation, potential use as sunscreen and other products, Rogers E. Harry-O'kuru, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.9

Cross-Linking Cotton, chemical textile treatments for permanent press, wash and wear, cross-linking treatment, cotton flame retardant, fire retardant, chitosan treatments to stop hemorrhaging, moisture wicking, ARS Hall of Fame 2004 Winner, Ruth Benerito, Brian D. Condon, J. Vincent Edwards, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.10-11

Can Small Foe Foil Olive Fruit Fly? Parasitic wasp Psyttalia cf. concolor biocontrol attacks olive fruit fly, x-ray imaging technology and software program detect olive fruit fly damage, sorter separates/removes damaged olives, Victoria Y. Yokoyama, Parlier, CA, Eric S. Jackson, Ronald P. Haff, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.12-13

Growing Premium Seafood—Inland! Raising pompano and cobia saltwater/marine fish in recirculating aquaculture systems using less salt, optimum sizes of prey/food for raising fish larvae, stocking rate, biofilters, airlift technology, Charles R. Weirich, Martin A. Riche, Timothy J. Pfeiffer, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.14-16

Lab Saves Water While Researching New Ways To Fight Weeds, modified elutriator for separating weed seeds from soil cores saves water, seed bank studies, Adam S. Davis, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.17

Guayule! Go Native With This Promising Biofuel—and Biomedical—Crop, biofuel feedstock potential of bagasse from guayule shrubs, latex extraction, ethanol production, Colleen M. McMahon, Albany, CA, Terry A. Coffelt, Maricopa, AZ, Akwasi A. Boateng, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.18-19

Lowering Nitrogen Rates To Increase Profit, Environmental Sustainability, reducing nitrogen fertilizer in various rotations and irrigated crops in Arkansas River Valley, onions, corn, soybeans, drip irrigation, furrow irrigation, Ardell D. Halvorson, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.20-21

A Consistent Approach To Evaluate Genetically Engineered Crops, science-based approach to risk assessment of genetically engineered crops to arthropods, Richard L. Hellmich, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.22

Helping the Peanut Industry, x-ray technology for peanut grading, automated moisture detection system for peanuts, Marshall Lamb, Hank Sheppard, and Chari Kandala, Dawson, GA, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.22

Using EST Databases for Population Studies, new DNA technique for species identification of corn rootworm, SSRs, ESTs, Thomas Sappington, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.23

Ozone Might Help Make Beehives Cleaner and Safer, ozone applications degrade Varroa mite pesticide residues of coumaphos and tau-fluvalinate and kill wax moth and microbes that cause chalkbrood and American foulbrood, Rosalind James, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.23

Avian Influenza Genome Sequences Released, genetic code sequence of 150 different avian influenza viruses released to National Institutes of Health's GenBank database, David Suarez, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 09FEBp.23

Water Availability, Watershed Management, and the Impending Global Water Crisis, ARS research to provide clean water for growing population, conservation, modeling, remote sensing, Mark R. Walbridge, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.2

From Golf to Gulf, Drainage Industry Greens, using filter cartridges to filter drainage water runoff from golf courses, trench filtering with industrial byproducts or compost in filter socks, pelletized PAM/gypsum for erosion control in earthen channels, Kevin King, Barry Allred, Norman Fausey, Columbus, OH, Eton Codling, Beltsville, MD, Martin Shipitalo, Coshocton, OH, Darrell Norton, Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.4-7

Making Every Last Drop Count: Reusing Water in the Desert Southwest, urban irrigation from reclaimed sewage water, testing bacteria and carbamazepine levels in soil and in a pond fed with treated wastewater, automated water management in canal-fed surface irrigation systems, Jean McLain, Clinton Williams, Bert Clemmens, Maricopa, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.8-11

Reducing Water Use in Midsouth Rice Paddies, multiple-inlet rice irrigation (MIRI) system saves water compared to conventional paddy flooding, Earl D. Vories, Portageville, MO, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.12

New Test To Detect Triclosan in Water, faster, cheaper assay for measuring triclosan and its metabolites in river water and wastewater, Weilin L. Shelver, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.13

Monitoring and Managing Mississippi Delta Watersheds, effects of vegetated buffer zones, slotted inlet pipes, and sedimentation retention ponds on trapping pesticides and sediments in Beasley Lake Watershed, a CEAP watershed, Martin Locke, Scott Knight, Bobby Cullum, Matt Moore, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.14-15

Canopy Cover: The Secret to Gauging Plants' Thirst, plant canopy cover used to estimate plant water use and need for irrigation, use of satellite imagery, Thomas J. Trout, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.16

Using Floating Vegetated Mats To Treat Fishery Wastewater, screening plant species for growth and nutrient removal to clean water, Robert K. Hubbard, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.17

New Ways To Clean Up Water and Use It Again, bioreactor for denitrifying nitrate-laced runoff in subsurface drains, agricultural pollution management, subsurface drip irrigation with swine wastewater for hay growth, Kenneth Stone, Patrick Hunt, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.18-19

ARS-Developed Riparian Zones Reduce Atrazine Contamination in Water, herbicide degradation in grass filter strips in riparian zones, reduced atrazine transport in runoff, microbial activity in the rhizosphere, Robert N. Lerch, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.20

Tomato Cannery Tackles Tough Water-Reuse Issues, using salt-containing wash water from tomato processing for forage irrigation, infiltration rates and avoiding leaching, Donald L. Suarez, Peter J. Shouse, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.21

Water Quality in Oklahoma: Observations, Obstacles, and Opportunities, soil and water conservation in CEAP watersheds as affected by multiyear variations in precipitation, Fort Cobb Reservoir Watershed, Jean Steiner, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.22

ARS National Research Program on Water Availability and Watershed Management, managing water quality and quantity for agricultural production, environmental protection, conservation, (html) or (pdf) 09JANp.23

ARS and Your Holiday Season, ARS scientists' contributions to holiday festivities, Beltsville Small White turkey, poinsettias, potato phytochemicals, varieties of southernpeas, peas, durable-press cotton fabric for tablecloths, National Plant Germplasm System, Edward B. Knipling, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 08NOV/DECp.2

Organic Pecans: Another Option for Growers, organic treatments for soil fertility and biological control boosts pecan yields and profits, foliar applications of compost teas, Joe M. Bradford, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 08NOV/DECp.4-7

Perfect Pumpkin Pollinators: The Squash Bees! native Peponapis and Xenoglossa bee species are great pollinators of gourds and squash, James H. Cane, Logan, UT, Frank A. Eischen, Weslaco, TX, Blair J. Sampson, Poplarville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 08NOV/DECp.8-9

Boosting Calcium in Carrots—and Other Veggies, calcium-transporter gene from Arabidopsis thaliana put in carrots to raise calcium content, highly bioavailable/absorbed in human digestive system; Kendal Hirschi, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 08NOV/DECp.10-11

Zein—A Corn Compound With Diverse Valuable Uses, new methods for purifying and deodorizing zein protein to make hydrogels and microspheres for potential biomedicine uses, nonpetroleum-based resins, David J. Sessa, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 08NOV/DECp.12-13

Drought-Hardy Soybean Lines Show Their Stamina, five drought-resistant soybean lines produced from slow-wilting Asian landraces in the USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection, Thomas E. Carter, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 08NOV/DECp.14-15

Automated Monitoring of Cotton Bale Moisture, 3-D microwave imaging technology for sensing moisture content in bales, machine-vision cameras spot trash content in lint, Mathew G. Pelletier, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 08NOV/DECp.16-17

Corngrass: Youthful Plant Harbors Prized Genes, high-biomass and low-lignin traits in corngrass for making low-lignin corn for biofuels production, George S. Chuck, Sarah C. Hake, Christian M. Tobias, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 08NOV/DECp.18

Gene Identified as Key to Sorghum's Survival in Toxic Soils, SbMATE aluminum-tolerance gene found in sorghum, Leon V. Kochian, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 08NOV/DECp.19

What Boll Weevils Really Eat, Especially in Subtropical Climes, food sources, overwintering, and diapause of boll weevil in subtropics, boll weevils feed on citrus and remain active all winter, Allan T. Showler, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 08NOV/DECp.20-21

The Future of Fuel, feedstocks for bioenergy/biofuels production, renewable nonfood energy sources, coproducts from biorefineries, costs, sustainability, Bob Fireovid, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.2

Research Helps Set the Stage for Ethanol . . . Southern Style, new high-sucrose/high-fiber sugarcane varieties for the future ethanol industry, biorefinery feedstocks, breeding cold- and freeze-tolerant sugarcanes, rapid mannitol test for detecting lactic acid bacterial contamination from Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Edward P. Richard, Houma, LA, Gillian Eggleston, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.4-6

Fueling the Farm—Waste for Energy and Independence, bioenergy from manure through wet gasification and pyrolysis, Keri B. Cantrell, Patrick Hunt, Kyoung S. Ro, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.7

Banking on Biobutanol: New Method Revisits Fermenting This Fuel From Crops Instead of Petroleum, making bioenergy/ethanol alternative fuel biobutanol from wheat straw and other feedstocks, cost-saving two-stage fermentation process for making biobutanol from corn fiber, Nasib Qureshi, Bruce Dien, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.8-9

Superenzymes: Turning Tough Cell Walls Into Readily Fermented Sugars, metagenomic analysis of microbe genes for promising enzymes for ethanol production from plant cellulose, xylanase genes, AFase, hemicellulose, lignin, switchgrass genome sequencing project, breeding switchgrass for bioenergy production, Brachypodium as model grass plant, Charles Lee, Kurt Wagschal, Dominic Wong, Christian Tobias, John Vogel, Albany, CA, Gautam Sarath, Lincoln, NE, David Garvin, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.10-12

From Garbage to Gas: Converting City Refuse and Farm Leftovers to Clean Energy, biorefinery pretreatments and procedures for converting cellulose in municipal solid waste and agricultural wastes into ethanol, biofuel, Bill Orts, Kevin Holtman, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.13

Cellulosic Ethanol From Corn Stover: Calculating—and Improving—the Bottom Line, balancing corn stover harvest as bioenergy feedstock for optimum ethanol production and environment/farm sustainability, Douglas L. Karlen, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.14-15

Assessing Biofuels' Sustainability: Economic and Biophysical Models Aid the Process, models for optimum management of soil health, farm feedstock harvesting, and crop rotations for bioenergy/biofuel/ethanol production, PGA-BIOECON model, Marshall C. Lamb, Dawson, GA, David W. Archer, Mandan, ND, V.R. Reddy, Paul C. Doraiswamy, Beltsville, MD, Hero T. Gollany, Pendleton, OR, Jeffrey G. Arnold, Temple, TX,  Gerald Whittaker, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.16-19

A Cornucopia of Domestic Energy Crops, Cuphea varieties for biofuel/bioenergy production, management practices, crop rotations for optimum biomass production of Cuphea, switchgrass, soybean, and sorghum for cellulosic ethanol, Russ Gesch, Morris, MN, Terry Isbell, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.20-21

"Power Plants" Prevail at the National Arboretum, exhibit of bioenergy plants at the U.S. National Arboretum, Tom Elias, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.22-26

ARS National Research Program for Bioenergy, overview of ARS's extensive research program for producing biofuels from renewable agricultural resources, (html) or (pdf) 08OCTp.27

Who Knows What Lurks? Microbial Collections Key to Unlocking New Discoveries, value and potential uses of ARS's Peoria, Illinois, microbe collection of bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, yeasts, and molds, Cletus P. Kurtzman, Peoria, IL, Rick A. Bennett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.2

Multiplying Metarhizium, liquid culturing Metarhizium fungi to produce microsclerotia for biocontrol formulations, organic biopesticide for soil treatment of sugarbeet root maggots, Mark A. Jackson, Peoria, IL, Stefan Jaronski, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.4-5

The Roller in the Rye: Managing Cover Crops With Rolling and Crimping Techniques, rollers kill cover crop with little or no pesticide, no-till farming, erosion protection and enhanced soil water storage, Ted S. Kornecki, Randy L. Raper, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.6-7

In Search of—Biological Control Agents for Invasive Australian Pine, Australian expedition yields potential biocontrol weevils and torymid wasp, DNA identification of  species of Casuarina species, "ironwood" or "horsetail tree," Ted Center, Gregory S. Wheeler, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, John Gaskin, Sidney, MT, Matthew Purcell, Bradley Brown, Queensland, Australia, John Gaskin, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.8-9

Genetic Twists for Great Greenhouse Tomatoes, breeding resistance to pepino mosaic virus from Solanum species, genetic variations of the virus, Kai-Shu Ling, Charleston, SC, (Perry), (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.10-11

"Tunnel Vision" Tracks Emissions Dispersal, using farm models and wind tunnel to study agricultural emissions from farms, lagoons, storage tanks, building placement, farm design, Thomas J. Sauer, Jerry Hatfield, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.12-14

Feral Cattle on Chirikof Island—Isolated and Genetically Distinct, DNA comparisons of Chirikof Island wild cattle to cattle around world, cold hardiness and adaptability of cattle, Michael D. MacNeil, Miles City, MT, Harvey D. Blackburn, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.15

Brachypodium: A Little-Known Grass Gains Research Fame, purple false brome as model plant for grass research and gene insertion, Brachypodium genome, ESTs on GenBank, David F. Garvin, St Paul, MN, John P. Vogel, Yong Q. Gu, Olin D. Anderson, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.16-17

A Family Tree for Toxoplasma, DNA studies of Toxoplasma gondii parasite strains worldwide, and their transmission, evolution, and migration, Benjamin M. Rosenthal, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.18-20

Genetic Resistance to Cacao Diseases Is Key to Safeguarding Chocolate Production, molecular genetic techniques for developing disease-resistant cacao, QTLs (quantitative trait loci) witches' boom, frosty pod, black pod, Raymond J. Schnell, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.21

Crunching New Data on Walnut Genes, genetic markers and SNPs for walnut genome, Mallikarjuna Aradhya, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.22

New DNA Markers for Rice Blast-Resistance Gene, Pi-z and Pi-2 genes for disease resistance, Robert Fjellstrom, Anna McClung, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.22

Anise—for Licorice, and Beyond, anise oils have anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical potential and agrochemical uses in combating strawberry anthracnose, soft rot, and leaf blight, Nurhayat Tabanca, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.23

A Model Way To Keep Cows Cool, heat stress model for managing cattle, Tami M. Brown-Brandl, Roger A. Eigenberg, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.23

First Beetle Blueprint Is Complete, genome of red flour beetle sequenced, stored grain pest, genetics, Richard W. Beeman, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.23

Hardy Safflowers for Colder Climes, winter-hardy safflower germplasm lines, linoleic acid, oleic acid, Richard C. Johnson, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 08SEPp.23

Linking Plant and Animal Traits to the Genes That Shape Them, linking genotypic and phenotypic data, genotypes, phenotypes, National Plant Genomics Initiative, SNPs, genome sequencing, Judith B. St. John, Steven M. Kappes, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08AUGp.2

A Huge Plus for Breeders, Producers—and the Rest of Us, Plant Genomics Research, National Genetic Trait Index, grape genome, linking genotypic and phenotypic data, genotypes, phenotypes, small grains and wheat genotyping databases, soybean pest resistance, aluminum tolerance in wheat, resistance to stripe rust, Fusarium and rust resistance, microsatellite markers in grapes, Maize Diversity Project, Panzea online bioinformatics, blueberry genomics BBGD database for breeding, tomato gene loci for fruit firmness and rot resistance, Germplasm for Potential Industrial Uses, GrainGenes database, repeat fruiting in berries, Ed Buckler, Doreen Ware, Ithaca, NY, Charles Simon, Gan-Yuan Zhong, Geneva, NY, Gui Aai, Manhattan, KS, Deven See, Pullman, WA, Shiaoman Chao, Fargo, ND, Gina Brown-Guedira, Raleigh, NC, Mallikarjuna Aradhya, Davis, CA, Doreen Ware, Ithaca, New York, Jeannine Rowland, David L. Hyten, Perry Cregan, John Stommel, Kimberly Lewers, Beltsville, MD, Gary Pederson, Griffin, GA, Shiaoman Chao, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 08AUGp.4-11

Genomics, Phenomics Research Paves the Way for Improved Animal Health and Productivity, linking genotypic and phenotypic data, genotypes, phenotypes, animal breeding, Bead Chip and SNPs, QTLs for beef tenderness, palatability, fat composition, and marbling, marker-assisted breeding for dairy cow traits, chicken genome and Marek's disease, "Slick gene" for sleek hair keeps cattle cool, rainbow trout genome, swine genome, prion gene alleles for scrapie, myostatin gene for lamb muscling, Mohammad Koohmaraie, Cal Ferrell, Mark Allan, Clay Center, NE, Larry Kuehn, Ames, IA, Mike MacNeil, Miles City, MO, Curt Van Tasssell, Mark Richards, Hyun Lillehoj, Beltsville, MD, Hans H. Cheng, East Lansing, MI, Caird Rexroad, Yniv Palti, Leetown, WV, (html) or (pdf) 08AUGp.12-17

Shotgun Proteomics: Detecting the Dairy Cow Immune Response Is a High-Tech Blast, proteomic/protein studies of neutrophils during mastitis infection, immunosuppression, John D. Lippolis, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 08AUGp.18-19

Genotyping the DNA of Old, Nonviable Seeds, recovering genetic info. from stored seeds, Christina Walters, Gayle Volk, and Christopher Richards, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 08AUGp.20

Searching for Phytophthora-Resistant Avocados, germplasm collection and marker screening for Phytophthora root rot resistance, Raymond J. Schnell, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 08AUGp.21

Definitions of Selected Genotypic Terms, glossary, (html) or (pdf) 08AUGp.22

ARS National Research Programs in Genotyping and Phenotyping, ARS genomics research overview, livestock and poultry and plants genetics programs, genome sequencing, (html) or (pdf) 08AUGp.23

Making Sure Leafy Greens and Other Produce Stay Safe, food safety, E. coli O157:H7 on fresh lettuce and spinach, Salmonella in tomatoes, preventing microbe contamination on farms or in processing, fresh-cut produce, James A. Lindsay, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.2

Outmaneuvering Foodborne Pathogens, roles of nitrogen with E. coli O157:H7 on romaine lettuce, of soft rot microbes/biofilms with E. coli and Salmonella on lettuce and cilantro, of bacterial leaf spot with Salmonella on tomato, Salmonella in irrigation water, genes expressed by Listeria and Salmonella when they invade vegetables, tracing E. coli O157:H7 movement in streamwater and floodwater in Salinas Valley, Robert E. Mandrell, Maria T. Brandl, Craig Parker, Lisa A. Gorski, Jeri D. Barak, Michael B. Cooley; Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.4-7

For Tomorrow's Salads: Plant Extracts To Conquer Microbes, vegetable-based antimicrobial edible films fight E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, and Listeria in bagged spinach and lettuce, oregano-based carvacrol vapors as bacteriocide, citral, cinnamaldehyde, biodegradable edible films from casein protect produce by reducing oxygen permeability, extend shelf life, Tara H. McHugh, Wen-Xian Du,  Mendel Friedman, Albany, CA, Peggy Tomasula, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.8-10

Meat Safety Success Story: It All Works Out in the Wash, hide-washing system and antibacterial spray reduces E. coli O157:H7 and other microorganisms in ground beef, Mohammad Koohmaraie, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.11

Safe Leafy Greens—Before and After Bagging, washing techniques and water reuse on microbial growth on lettuce, sanitizers and ultrasound to reduce bacteria, films/wrappers and respiration/shelf life of fresh-cut produce, bacteria survival in low-oxygen packaging and resistance to synthetic gastric juice, Yaguang Luo, Arvind Bhagwat, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.12-14

Bacteriophages as Novel Antimicrobials for Food Safety, phages kill E. coli O157:H7 bacteria on refrigerated fresh-cut cantaloupe, Manan Sharma, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.15

Organic vs. Conventional Production: Measuring Microbes on Fresh Produce, bacteria survival rates in high-tunnel production of lettuce and spinach grown organically vs. conventionally grown, Colorado potato beetle's possible role as vector of human illness bacteria, Patricia D. Millner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.16

ARS Research Program on Food Safety of Leafy Greens and Other Fresh Produce, focus of ARS national program #107 on Food Safety, collaborations between ARS and other agencies and organizations, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.17

Bringing Back the Cows With Swath Grazing, rotational swath grazing in Northern Plains, protein content of hay, weight gain of pregnant cows, manure recycling and sustainable agriculture, Donald L. Tanaka, Mandan, ND, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.18-19

Glomalin: What Is It . . . and What Does It Do? Glomalin levels under various grasses, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi interdependence with warm-season grasses, glomalin and carbon storage and soil aggregate formation, soil tilth and structure, Kristine Nichols, Mandan, ND, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.20-21

Watch Your B's and Q's! A New Whitefly's on the Move, DNA tests for distinguishing B and Q whitefly biotypes, pesticide resistance, treatment recommendations, Robert G. Shatters, Cindy L. McKenzie, Laura M. Boykin, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.22

Dietary Carbs and Eye Health, Age-Related Eye Disease Study, effects of diets high in fast- vs. slow-digesting carbohydrates and vision losses from age-related macular degeneration or diabetes, Allen Taylor, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.23

Rising CO2 Spikes Long-Leaf Pines, longleaf pine's growth rate in response to higher carbon dioxide, G. Brett Runion, Stephen A. Prior, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.23

What Does DHA Really Do for Us? Effect of DHA on high-triglyceride human males in fasting and post-meal blood tests of small- and large-particle LDL's, cardiovascular benefits from fish oil fatty acids, triglycerides, cholesterol, Darshan S. Kelley, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.23

Scrutinizing Soybeans' Secrets, cataloging SNPs of soybean lines in the soybean germplasm collection to identify genetic variation, Perry B. Cregan, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08JULp.23

Present and Future Issues in Aquaculture, breeding/genetics, vaccine development, disease control, water quality, recirculation, and reuse, feed development and conversion, environment, nonedible shrimp pests of oysters, Jeff Silverstein, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.2

Reducing Burrowing Shrimps' Impact on Oyster Production, control of nonedible ghost and mud shrimp pests of oysters on West Coast, life cycle and migration studies, biocontrols, best-management practices, Brett R. Dumbauld, Newport, OR, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.4-6

Soy-Based Hydrogel Ready for Biomedical Exploration, biodegradable soy hydrogel polymer for drug delivery/release and hair care industry, Sevim Z. Erhan, Zengshe Liu, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.7

Colony Collapse Disorder: A Complex Buzz, bee losses from honey bee environmental and pest stresses, pests, parasites, miticides, pathogens, pesticides, pollination, Israeli acute paralysis virus (IAPV) Jeff Pettis, Jay Evans, Yanping (Judy) Chen, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.8-11

Help From Down Under Could Fortify U.S. Sunflowers, wild sunflowers from Australia collected and being screened for resistance to downy mildew, Sclerotinia stalk rot, other diseases, Thomas J. Gulya, Gerald J. Seiler, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.12-13

Proving Their Prowess: Insects Help Preserve Germplasm Collection, controlled pollination of germplasm collection plants in field and greenhouse cages with various pollinators, Steve Hanlin, Sharon McClurg, Candice Gardner, Kathy Reitsma, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.14-16

Fiji Dwarf Sets New Durability Standards in Coconuts, Fiji Dwarf coconut bred to resist lethal yellowing phytoplasma disease, not prone to nutritional deficiencies, Alan W. Meerow, Tomas Ayala-Silva, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.17

Jamaican Delicacy Makes a Comeback, statistical-based food-safety sampling system of hypoglycin A (HGA), developed to lift U.S. import restrictions on canned ackee fruit, Thomas B. Whitaker, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.18

Aphid Pest Gets "Egged", using egg proteins to track movement of potato pest green peach aphid, Thomas R. Unruh, Wapato, WA, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.19

GrainGenes Website Speeds Discovery of Familiar Grains' Unfamiliar Genes, online website of cereal-crop genes for breeders and researchers, genomes, breeding better oats, wheat, barley, Olin D. Anderson, Gerald R. Lao, Albany, CA, David E. Mathews, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.20-21

Protecting U.S. Troops With Fireproof Wool, heat-resistant polymer for wool flame retardant, Jeanette M. Cardamone, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.22

Swine, Avian Flu Genes in Same Virus, new pig strain of H2 influenza virus has genes of both swine and avian flu viruses, H2N3 strain, Juergen Richt, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.23

A New Way To Name Potatoes, new DNA marker species classification system for classifying potatoes, more accurate than visual identification, David M. Spooner, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.23

How To Boost Cover Crop Plantings, survey of Corn Belt farmers on use of cover crops, conservation, erosion, Jeremy W. Singer, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.23

Minimizing Dust During Nut Harvests, device for air quality/dust control during walnut, almond, pecan harvests in orchards, Derek P. Whitelock and others, Mesilla Park, NM, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.23

Reviewing Calcium Requirements, adequate dietary calcium intake adjusted for adults, Curtiss D. Hunt, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 08MAY/JUNp.23

The Ogallala: Cooperative Efforts To Preserve, Protect It, water conservation and research to preserve Ogallala, Ogallala Aquifer Program, Mark Walbridge, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.2

The Ogallala: Gauging, Protecting the Aquifer's Health, Ogalla Aquifer Program, automated irrigation systems to conserve water use, leaf temperature, subsurface drip irrigation vs. center pivot, deficit irrigation, evapotranspiration, recharge via ephemeral playa lakes, BIOTIC irrigation based on preferred plant temperature ranges, Nolan Clark, Susan O'Shaughnessy, and others, Bushland, TX, Dennis Gitz, James Mahan, and others, Lubbock, TX, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.4-8

TifQuik for Faster Forage, new bahiagrass for faster germination/establishment in Southeast, less hard seed, more dry matter, William F. Anderson, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.9

Tree Heartwood Extracts Halt Sudden Oak Death, antimicrobial elicitin extracts and wood chips/sawdust/chips from some cedars and western juniper inhibit growth of Phytophthora ramorum spores and cells, Daniel K. Manter, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.10-11

A Collection of Carolina Collards, heirloom landraces of collards in Southeast collected and preserved in USDA National Plant Germplasm Collection (NPGC), some resist Fusarium, Mark W. Farnham, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.12-13

Tracing Florida Mangoes' Family Tree, DNA analysis of genetic diversity in mangoes collected around the world, Raymond J. Schnell, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.14-15

Pseudomonas Orphan Gene Clusters Offer Potential  Protection Against Plant Diseases, genomisotopic approach method for genome sequencing and predicting product produced by genes, biosynthesis of antibiotics, drugs, pesticides from Pseudomonas, Joyce E. Loper, Denny J. Bruck, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.16-17

New Vetch for Northern Climes—and Organic Growers, new Purple Bounty variety of hairy vetch flowers earlier and overwinters better, winter hardy, Thomas E. Devine, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.18-19

Chillin' Chickens: Which Method Works Best? evaporative air chilling vs. immersion chilling of chicken carcasses compared for pathogen levels, tenderness, meat yield, color, texture, water use, and economics/cost, Julie Northcutt, Doug Smith, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.20-21

Flower Power—Bacteria Style—Checks Fungal Foe of Wheat, choline-metabolizing Pseudomonas and other bacteria reduce Fusarium head blight (scab) severity in wheat, David A. Schisler, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.22

Ticks Are Tough Little Suckers! lone star ticks and deer ticks survive washing machines, detergent, and some exposure to heat in dryers, John F. Carroll, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.23

A Superb New Pecan, new Lakota pecan is early maturing, scab resistant, and wind resistant, Tommy E. Thompson, L.J. Grauke, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.23

Hydrogen Fuel From Microbial "Factories", evaluating bacteria species for use in fuel cell systems to treat organic wastewater and generate hydrogen gas or hydrogen fuel, Michael A. Cotta, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.23

What's Behind "Zebra Chip" Potatoes? psyllids may cause "zebra chip disorder" in potatoes, James Crosslin, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.23

More Beans Mean Less Cholesterol, pinto beans effect on total cholesterol, Philip G. Reeves, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 08APRp.23

Encounters With the 2005 Dietary Guidelines, ARS’s research contributions to Dietary Guidelines, nutrients, human nutrition, food composition, Molly Kretsch, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.2

A Daily Dose of Antioxidants, bioavailability of antioxidants in selected fruits, measured by antioxidant levels in blood, Ronald L. Prior, Little Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.4-5

Health-Promoting Foods: From ARS to You! Breeding more nutritious vegetables and fruit, higher in vitamins, minerals, and/or phytochemicals and antioxidants, low-phytic-acid grains for mineral bioavailability/absorption, selenium-enriched meat, increasing omega-3 fatty acids in catfish, meatier trout, probiotics in yogurt, low-fat mozzarella, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.6-8

Data That Works for Your Diet, ARS’s research contributions to Dietary Guidelines, nutrients, human nutrition, food composition, new meal plans in Dietary Guidelines published in 2005, Pamela R. Pehrsson, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.9

How Plants Protect Us. Unmasking the Secret Power of Phytochemicals, plant phytochemicals kill cells of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in mice, table grapes stop progression of type 1 diabetes, Susan J. Zunino, David H. Storms, Charles B. Stephensen, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.10-11

Weighing in on Fats, 2005 Dietary Guidelines recommendations for consumption of fats, oils, and trans fatty acids, saturated fats, cholesterol, Beverly A. Clevidence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.12

ARS Research Program in Support of the Dietary Guidelines, how ARS research is used to create the Dietary Guidelines, research needs, emerging issues like obesity, nutrition needs, food composition research, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.13

Testing Biocontrols for Peach Pests, two biocontrol nematodes against plum curculio, peachtree borer, and lesser peachtree borer, David Shapiro-Ilan, Ted Cottrell, Byron, GA, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.14-15

Perennial Peanut for Quality Pasturage and Hay, Paraguay germplasm expeditions for collecting accessions of rhizoma perennial peanut—a Gulf Coast pasture legume high in protein, Samuel W. Coleman, Brooksville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.16-17

Boosting Iron Absorption in Infants, particle size of ground up meat-particle size affects bioavailability of iron in Peruvian infant’s diet studies, invitro digestion Caco-2 cell model, iron deficiency in developing nations, porridge recipes/taste tests, Raymond T. Glahn, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.18-19

Beets: A Biodegradable Bonus for Earth-Friendly Plastics? plastic biodegradable composite material made from sugar beet pulp and polylactic acid, potential substitute for petrochemical plastics, Victoria L. Finkenstadt, Peoria, IL, LinShu Liu, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.20-21

Shoo Fly! Role of House Flies in Spreading Salmonella in Poultry, Salmonella transmission from hen to hen via common house fly, food safety, Peter S. Holt, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.22

Food Safety Help for Processors, new Internet predictive resource for controlling Listeria monocytogenes on/in food, Predictive Microbiology Information Portal (PMIP), food safety, Vijay K. Juneja, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.23

Getting the Goodness of Garlic, effect of crushing, microwaving, baking, and boiling on cardiovascular-benefits from garlic thiosulfinates, Philipp Simon, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.23

Fortifying Feed With Biodiesel Coproducts, crude glycerin byproduct as feed supplement for chickens and swine, Brian J. Kerr, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.23

Prairie Grass Nutrients on the Map, analyzing field forage quantity and nutrition via remote-sensing HyMap hyperspectral imagery, Rebecca Phillips, Mandan, ND, (html) or (pdf) 08MARp.23

My Life With Bees, searching for wild bees as pollinators, domesticating/managing non-honey bee pollinators, chalkbrood disease, Rosalind R. James, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.2

Wonderful Wild Bees: How They Can Help the Harried Honey Bee, domesticating/managing non-honey bee pollinators, alfalfa leafcutting bee, blue orchard bee (Osmia lignaria), Osmia aglaia as pollinator of blackberries and red raspberries, chalkbrood treatment with iprodione, olfactory cues for nest recognition, James Cane, Rosalind James, Logan, UT, Theresa Pitts-Singer, Jim Buckner, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.4-6

Improving Honey Bee Health, Areawide Program To Improve Honey Bee Health, Survivorship, and Pollination Availability, bee management, artificial diets, pests, mites, diseases, colony collapse disorder, Jeffrey S. Pettis, Beltsville, MD, John J. Adamczyk, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.7

MegaBee: New Food for America’s Beleaguered Honey Bees, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, high-protein MegaBee diet (or Tucson Diet) for more brood, winter nutrition for early spring pollination, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.8

Diamond Planting Design and Planter for Peanut Crops, yields/profits from Valencia erect-growing peanuts in diamond, twin-row, and single-row planting configurations, canopy closure, soil temperature and moisture, Russell Nuti, Ron Sorenson, Dawson, GA, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.9

Fruitful Returns From Fruit Fly Management Project, economic return from Hawaii Areawide Fruit Fly Pest Management Program (HAW-FLYPM), sanitation, baits, male annihilation, sterile male release, parasitic wasp biocontrols, benefit to farmers and gardeners, ipu gourd growth restored, GF-120NF Naturalyte organic bait of spinosad, Roger Vargas, Hilo, HA, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.10-13

Breeding Better Cotton, improving heat tolerance of pima and upland cotton through dark respiration, heat stress, heat avoidance, new Fusarium plant disease FOV race 4, new pima cottons that resist Fusarium, markers, soil fumigants, solarization, Richard G. Percy, College Station, TX, Steven Crafts-Brandner, Maricopa, AZ, Mauricio Ulloa, Rebecca Bennett, Shafter, CA, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.14-17

Managing Beef Cattle To Protect Lakes and Rivers, nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient losses from animal pastures to Florida lakes, animal waste, trophic state index (TSI), bahiagrass fertilization, phosphorus for rhizoma peanut, Gilbert C. Sigua, Brooksville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.18-19

The Touch, the Feel—and Now, the Heal—of Cotton, innovative textiles treat bedsores/pressure ulcers/chronic open wounds, halt bleeding, soothe burns, phosphoric acid targets destructive proteases, chitosan fights microbes and stops hemorrhaging, J. Vincent Edwards, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.20-22

Potato Nemesis Found in Idaho, potato cyst nematode found in Idaho using new PCR/DNA test, Andrea Skantar, David J. Chitwood, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.23

Irrigating Raspberries: What’s Best? Raspberry yield, cane growth, and root rot from overhead sprinklers and subsurface drip, David R. Bryla, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.23

Spotting Insects in Stored Grains Electrically, using electrical conductivity for detecting rice weevil and lesser grain borer larvae in grains, Thomas C. Pearson, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.23

On the Horizon: A New Desert Science, science designed to combat desertification/severe land degradation around the globe, “Drylands Development Paradigm”, thresholds, Jeffrey E. Herrick, Las Cruces, NM, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.23

Vaccine Could Offer FMD Control, new foot-and-mouth disease vaccine for livestock and deer, Marvin J. Graham, Orient Park, NJ, (html) or (pdf) 08FEBp.23

ARS Blueberry Research: Good for Farmers, Great for Consumers! U.S. blueberry consumption, health benefits, phytochemicals, antioxidants, cholesterol, disease and irrigation research of blueberries, highbush varieties in Hawaii, Judith St. John, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.2

Blueberries in Biloxi, Poplarville blueberry breeding program, cultivars Dixieblue, Gupton (long refrigeration storage), DeSoto rabbiteye variety, Synopeas (and others) parasitic wasp biocontrol of blueberry gall midge, James Spiers, Stephen Stringer, Donna Marshall, Poplarville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.4-7

Hops: New Markets, Better Storage, ratio or alpha to beta bittering acids, Teamaker for herbal tea, genes for shorter plants and lower trellising, National Clonal Germplasm Repository hops collection, in vitro iron for germplasm storage, John A. Henning, Barbara M. Reed, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.8-10

Asian Cockroaches Could Aid Texas Growers, Asian cockroach as biocontrol against lepidopteran pests like cotton bollworm and beet armyworm in cotton and soybean, Robert S. Pfannenstiel, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.11

Fruitful Studies in Puerto Rico, Tropical Agriculture Research Station research for production and export potential for tropical and subtropical fruit crops, germplasm collection, preservation, and storage, probability of fruit fly infestation in mamey sapote and others, Ricardo J. Goenaga, Mayagüez, PR, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.12-15

Defending Against Two Cotton Pests—Naturally, use of sorghum and other crops as trap crops, pheromone traps against stink bug infestations in cotton, Patricia Glynn Tillman, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.16

Inulin May Help With Iron Uptake, Too, plant compound inulin boosts bioavailability of iron in pigs fed corn and soy, Ross M. Welch, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.17

Solution Sought for Black Raspberry Decline, viruses that cause black raspberry decline, aphid vector, breeding for resistance from black raspberry plants, Robert R. Martin, Chad Finn, Corvallis, OR, Jungmin Lee, Parma, ID, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.18-19

In Search of Better Forage Grasses for the Southern Plains, developing grasses for year-round grazing in Southern Plains, Verl eastern gamagrass, Chet sand bluestem variety, breeding efforts for heat-tolerant bluegrass, new DNA test for seed-increasing trait, Phillip L. Sims, Jason Goldman, Tim L. Springer, Woodward, OK, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.20-21

Why Are Chickens Getting Too Fat? Genes sequenced for biochemical pathway responsible for energy balance in chickens and turkeys, pathway affects food intake and metabolism in poultry, regulates metabolism, AMPK enzyme, John P. McMurtry, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.22

New Cranberry Hybrid High in Antioxidants, new cranberry line with bioavailable antioxidants, anthocyanins/flavonoids bound to glucose, James Polashock, Chatsworth, NJ, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.22

Fowl Air Could Fly the Coop, alum “wet scrubber” air scrubber for poultry and swine houses reduces ammonia, dust, and microbes, air cleaning and filtering, Philip A. Moore, Fayetteville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.23

Antioxidant Relativity, measuring plasma antioxidant capacity (AOC) after humans consume fruits/juices, Ronald L. Prior, Little Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.23

How Cowpeas React to Attack, cowpeas defense response to fall armyworm oral secretions, Eric A. Schmelz, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.23

A Quick Check for Xylella, method for extracting and analyzing Xylella fastidiosa (cause of Pierce’s disease in grapes) bacterium in an insect’s gut, Qi Huang, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.23

Having It Both Ways in Ethanol Production, potential uses for distillers dried grains (DDGS) byproduct, high-protein flour, pelletized livestock and fish feed, Kurt A. Rosentrater, Brookings, SD, (html) or (pdf) 08JANp.23

Once Again, International Cooperation Key to Saving Wheat and Barley, fighting deadly African stem rust fungus, Global Rust Initiative, breeding rust-resistant wheat, barley, triticale, M. Kay Simmons, Rick Bennett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07NOV/DECp.2

World Wheat Supply Threatened, Cereal Disease Laboratory and cooperative efforts to fight deadly African stem rust fungus Ug99, Global Rust Initiative, screening germplasm lines for rust resistance, Yue Jin, Les Sabo, St. Paul, MN, Gina Brown-Guedira, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 07NOV/DECp.4-6

RUSTPROOF! Idaho Experts Search for Stem-Rust-Resistant Wheat, search of National Small Grains Collection for Ug99-resistant wheats, J. Michael Bonman, Harold E. Bockelman, and others, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 07NOV/DECp.7-9

On Guard Against Watermelon Vine Decline, squash vein yellowing virus (SqVYV) causal agent, silverleaf whitefly vector of the watermelon disease, grafting watermelon onto gourd rootstock, disease resistance in wild-type watermelon germplasm, Scott T. Adkins, Fort Pierce, FL, Benny Bruton, Lane, OK, Shaker Kousik, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 07NOV/DECp.10-11

Beyond the Pond: A Low-Cost, Low-Tech Way To Manage Manure, alternative beef feedlot manure managment method with manure liquid dispersed over a vegetative grassy treatment area, soil electrical conductivity to manage nutrient and salt runoff and buildup, John A. Nienaber, Roger A. Eigenberg, Bryan L. Woodbury, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 07NOV/DECp.12-13

Nutrition and Brain Function. Boosting Our Knowledge of Brain Food, role of homocysteine  in age-related cognitive decline, B vitamins, methionine, memory, learning dysfunction, vascular disease, folate fortification, vitamin B 12 and folate, functional magnetic resonance imaging to measure brain activation in children, best feeding practices in infants, Irwin H. Rosenberg, Aron Troen, Paul Jacques, Martha Morris, Jacob Selhub, Katherine L. Tucker, Boston, MA, R. Terry Pivik, Little Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 07NOV/DECp.14-16

A New Specialty Crop: Orange-Fleshed, Organic Honeydews! cantaloupe/honeydew cross is packed with nutrition, antioxidants, beta-carotene, Brix/sweetness, no netting so less chance of foodborne human-illness pathogens, food safety, Gene E. Lester, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf)  07NOV/DECp.17

Uncorking Genetic Bottlenecks in Soy, examining domesticated soybeans’ narrow genetic base compared to wild soybeans/land races, pest resistance, USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection, David L. Hyten, Perry B. Cregan, Beltsville, MD, Randall L. Nelson, Urbana, IL, Randy C. Shoemaker, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 07NOV/DECp.18-19

A Trap for the Small Hive Beetle, yeast-baited trap attracts small hive beetle so it can’t overrun hives, Peter Teal, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 07NOV/DECp.20

Tempering Beans’ Reaction to Heat, expanding the U.S. bean germplasm base with tropical bean germplasm for heat and drought tolerance and disease resistance, TILLING technique for studying gene function, BAT93, Timothy Gabriel Porch, Mayagüez, PR, (html) or (pdf) 07NOV/DECp.21

Specialty Crops Move Into the Spotlight, opportunities, challenges, and value of specialty/minor crops, iceberg lettuce, floriculture, IR-4 program, ornamentals, spinach, Slerotinia resistance in beans and sunflowers, Sally M. Schneider, Gail C. Wisler, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.2

Specialty Crops: More Vulnerable Than You Think, ARS’s support role in IR-4 (Interregional Research Project No. 4), field and greenhouse trials to provide pesticide registrations for specialty/minor crops, pesticide-residue labs, Emy Pfeil, Paul Schwartz, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.4-6

ARS-Led Effort Tackles White Mold, National Sclerotinia Initiative’s fight against white mold disease on crops, resistant varieties, risk assessment, fungicides, biocontrols, screening methods, William P. Kemp, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.7

A Plum That Stands Up to Pox, Honey Sweet plum resists plum pox virus through PPV gene inserted the plum, Ralph Scorza, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.8-9

Great Guava! antioxidants, phenolics, phytonutrients, ORAC values, and flavor, of tropical specialty crops, guava, carambola (star fruit), red pitaya (red dragon), and mamey sapote, edible coatings and surface treatments to preserve lychee and fresh-cut mango, reduce browning, Elizabeth A. Baldwin, Winter Haven, FL, Elizabeth A. Baldwin, Anne Plotto, Winter Haven, FL, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.10-11

Spinach: Protecting and Enhancing This Nutrition Superstar, screening spinach plants for natural resistance to leafminer and Stemphylium leaf spot, bioconversion of beta-carotene into vitamin A in healthy people, Beiquan Mou, Salinas, CA: Guangwen Tang, Boston, MA, Michael A. Grusak, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.12-13

Tough Trees, ornamental selection for city/urban conditions, Power Trees Project selects trees for smaller size, pest resistance, extreme environmental conditions, container vs. in-ground nursery planting, John Hammond, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.14-15

Into Thin Air, lab soil columns estimate pesticide/fumigant emissions/volatilization from fields, Scott R. Yates, Riverside, CA, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.16-17

Keeping Apples Crunchy and Flavorful After Storage, controlled-atmosphere of “Smart-Fresh” (1-MCP) ethylene inhibitor prolongs storage of apples, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, and improves apple firmness, taste, and aroma, James P. Matheis, Wenatchee, WA, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.18-19

Cream of the Crop: Genetic Preservation of Specialty Crops, ARS National Plant Germplasm System, genetic variety in cultivated tomatoes and strawberries, ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Fruit and Nuts, olives, grapes, peaches, Woody Landscape Plant Germplasm Repository, Angela Baldo, Larry Robertson, Philip Forsline, Geneva, NY, Gayle Volk, Nahla Bassil, Davis, CA, Kevin Conrad, Beltsville, MD, Laura Marek, Ames, IA, Kim Hummer, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.20-22

ARS Specialty Crops Research Program, improving specialty crops’ genetics, production, food safety, nutritive value and more, (html) or (pdf) 07OCTp.23

Devoted to Science, Even During Disaster, Southern Regional Research Center’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina, damage and scientist relocation following storm, John Patrick Jordan, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.2

Fungal Foam Seeks and Destroys Termites, Paecilomyces fumosoroseus fungus foam biocontrol for Formosan subterranean termite control, keratin hydrolysate foam, termite survival from floods of Hurricane Katrina, Christopher A. Dunlap, Mark A. Jackson, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.4-6

Scientists Release New Sorghum for Feed and Fuel, low-lignin sorghum called bmr-12 has higher fiber digestibility and higher beef cattle weight gains and milk yields, and resists Fusamium, Deanna L. Funnell, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.7

Message to Imported Fire Ants: Watch Out! areawide project to control fire ants with classical toxic bait technology and integrated pest management, phorid fly introduction, Thelohania solenopsae parasite biocontrols, red and black fire ant hybridization, Robert K. Vander Meer, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.8-9

Wresting Wheat’s Genetic Secrets, genes for better wheat flour for bread-making, wheat breeding, collections of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and expressed sequence tags (ESTs), Olin D. Anderson, Yong Q. Gu, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.10-11

Plant-Produced Protein Eases Dairy Cow Infection, CD14 protein gene introduced via potato virus X into tobacco plants to make plant-produced CD14 for mastitis treatment, Rosemarie W. Hammond, Max J. Paape, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.12-13

Gene Variant and Risk of Heart Disease, APOA5 gene and atherosclerosis and arterial plaque, obesity, blood lipids, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, Jose M. Ordovas, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.14

Fighting Moths With Pheromones Is Now Easier, ultra-low-volume (ULV) spraying microencapsulated sex attractant for codling moth mating disruption, esfenvalerate insecticide, Alan L. Knight, Wapato, WA, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.15

Nutrition and Brain Function. Metals Essential to the Brains’s Hardwiring, role of copper in motor and brain function in rats, enzyme function in nerve cells, copper intake during pregnancy, role of zinc in neuropsychological functions and cognitive and psychomotor in men, zinc nutrition in adolescents, W. Thomas Johnson, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.16-17

A Prairie Land’s Companion, genetic comparison of native/wild switchgrasses with cultivated cultivars, using modern cultivars for restoring prairie lands, Michael D. Casler, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.18-19

Phytochemical Profilers Investigate Potato Benefit, vitamins, antioxidants, isoflavones, flavonoids, and kukoamine phenolics in wild and commercial potatoes, role in blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, Duroy A. Navarre, Charles R. Brown, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.20-21

Socking It to Strawberry Root Rot, compost-filled filter socks combat black root rot and increase strawberry yields, Patricia D. Millner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.22

Device Detects Fruit Pits, plum/prune pit-detecting system, stone fruits, Eric S. Jackson, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.23

Gasification—An Energy Alternative, feasibility study for gasification of feedstocks for steam and electricity production, Matt C. Smith, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.23

Still More Benefits From Soy, new method for saponin and isoflavone extraction from soy, health-promoting and anticancer potential of soy, Mark A. Herhow, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.23

The PHACE of Rangeland CO2 Studies, PHACE study on effects of rising temperature and carbon dioxide on forage quality and growth in western semiarid rangelands, Jack A. Morgan, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 07SEPp.2

Untapped Potential of Physiological Genomics, animal-health and genomics research at National Animal Disease Center (NADC), genome sequencing of animal disease bacteria, prions, viruses, potential vaccine development, Kurt A. Zuelke, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.2

New Leptospirosis Discovery! disease transmission/water-survival and genomic sequencing of Leptospira bacteria, genome decay of L. borgpetersenii, Richard L. Zuerner, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.4-5

Better Living Through In-Depth Food Analysis, nutrient data from food surveys by ARS Nutrient Data Laboratory and National Food and Nutrient Analysis Program, vitamin K, Dietary Supplements Ingredients Database, David B. Haytowitz, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.6

Vitamin K’s Place in a Healthy Lifestyle, vitamin K intake/needs from food consumption surveys, new methods for testing vitamin K blood plasma concentrations, osteoarthritis risk, bone loss in elderly, human nutrition, Sarah L. Booth, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.7

Nutrition and Brain Function. Food for the Aging Mind, Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) values in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and effect on cognition, memory, coordination, and balance, in rats, brain plaques/Alzheimer’s, blueberry extract, antioxidants, James A. Joseph, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.8-13

Tung Twister, genetically engineering oilseed crops so they can produce valuable oils, enzymes for tung oil—eleostearic acid production, potential production of fish oil-type fatty acids from plants, John M. Dyer and Jay M. Shockey, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.14-15

Where’d That Boll Weevil Come From? using microsatellite (short DNA sequences) analysis and statistical population-assignment techniques to track boll weevil migration and identify the pest’s origin, Thomas Sappington, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.16-17

Potatoes: A Tale of Two Threats, resurgence of golden nematode and potato virus Y, polymerase chain reaction method to distinguish new and old races of nematode, symptomless carriers of PVY, Stewart Gray, Xiaohong Wang, Donna Gibson, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.18-19

A Fungal Fight in the Desert, AF36 strain of Aspergillus flavus fungi as biocontrol for aflatoxin-producing strains in Southwest cottonfields, mass producing AF36, Peter J. Cotty, Tucson, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.20-21

Fungal Control for Root-Eating Insects, Metarhizium anisopliae fungus biocontrol for black vine weevil control in nurseries, root dipping, fungal growth in rhizosphere, Denny J. Bruck, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.22

Tiny Grape Could Do Big Things, “Pixie” dwarf grape is tool for year-round breeding work on grapes, Peter S. Cousins, Geneva, NY, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.23

Virus To Vanquish Fire Ants, SINV-1 virus biocontrol for red imported fire ants, Steven M. Valles, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.23

Predicting Rift Valley Fever, computer model predicts disease outbreaks in Africa based on conditions favorable to mosquitoes, Kenneth J. Linthicum, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.23

Building Scab Resistance Into Wheat, new wheat germplasm line DGE-1 with scab resistance from wild wheat relative, Prem P. Jauhar, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 07AUGp.23

Sustainable Solutions To Solve Today’s and Future Agricultural Production Challenges, ARS’s sustainable agriculture research projects, conservation management, natural resource preservation, Jeffrey Steiner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.2

No Shortcuts in Checking Soil Health, long-term sustainable agriculture studies, organic vs. no-till for carbon sequestration, grass crop straw management and no-till cropping systems in Northwest wheat, John R. Teasdale, Beltsville, MD, Gary Banowetz and others, Corvallis, OR, Ann C. Kennedy, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.4-5

Wireless Watering, automated high-tech Bluetooth wireless irrigation system conserves water, Robert G. Evans, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.6-7

Show Me the Money, economics of sustainable agriculture, profitability, Beowulf computer cluster for economic management decisions, Conservation Systems Learning Tool, Crop Profitability Calculator, cropping systems for carbon sequestration, conventional till, no-till, farm management software for peanut growers, Farm Suite and WholeFarm software, Potato Systems Planner software for crop rotations with potatoes, Jerry Whitaker, Corvallis, OR, Jason Bergtold, Auburn, AL, Ardell Halvorson, Fort Collins, CO, David Archer, Morris, MN, Wayne Honeycutt, Orono, ME, Marshall Lamb, Dawson, GA, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.8-11

We REAP What We Sow, REAP (Renewable Energy Assessment Project studies competing uses for corn stover—bioenergy/ethanol production vs. carbon sequestration, Wally Wilhelm, Lincoln, NE, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.12-13

Helping Corn Face Tomorrow’s Challenges, Germplasm Enhancement of Maize Project (GEM), Latin American Maize Project (LAMP), Breeding High-Quality Corn for Sustainable, Low-Input Farming Systems (HQ-LIFS), developing high-nutrient corn that competes with weeds and needs little fertilizer, Linda M. Pollak, Michael H. Blanco, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.14-15

Lassoing Wicked Weeds of the West, biocontrols for leafy spurge, saltcedar, and giant reed (Arundo donax), management strategies for medusahead, “Medusahead Challenge”, cotton crop management/planting practice for competing with spiderwort, David J. Kazmer, Sidney, MT, John A. Goolsby, Weslaco, TX, Walker Jones, Montpellier, France, Roger L. Sheley, Burns, OR, Theodore M. Webster, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.16-19

ARS National Research Program for Agricultural System Competitiveness and Sustainability, map of ARS’s sustainable agriculture research, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.20

Helping Beekeepers Beat American Foulbrood, mechanism of antibiotic resistance of Paenibacillus larvae, new antibiotic tylosin, K. Daniel Murray, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.21

That’s One Hot Habanero!  very hot, spicy TigerPaw pepper released, resists root-knot nematodes, Richard L. Fery, Judy A. Thies, Charleston, SC, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.22

Vaccinating Catfish Before They Hatch, septicemia and columnaris vaccines for fish before egg hatch, Phillip H. Klesius, Craig Shoemaker, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.23

Get a Fix on Flavonoids, flavonoid database of foods now online, David B. Haytowitz, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.23

Cotton That Clothes and Feeds Us! RNA interference technology for disrupting gossypol production in cottonseed, Robert D. Stipanovic, College Station, TX, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.23

Peanut Flour: Suiting the Kind to the Job, food-processor tests for choosing the right peanut oil, based on flow behavior, viscosity, texture, Jack P. Davis, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 07JULp.23

Federal Agencies Unite To Fight Invasive Species, red palm mite on coconut palm, IPM control of fruit flies, Federal Interagency Committee on Invasive Terrestrial Animals and Pathogens (ITAP), Kevin J. Hackett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.2

A Tiny Menace Island-Hops the Caribbean, red palm mite’s spread in Caribbean via wind, low-temperature scanning electron microscopy studies on mite’s deep-feeding in mesophyll of leaf, lacewing predators, Ronald Ochoa, Ethan Kane, Eric Erbe, Jay Evans, Kamal Chauhan, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.4-6

A Natural Insect Attractant From Catnip, method for separating compounds from catnip oil for ag. uses, lacewing attractant iridodial, Kamal Chauhan, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.7

Less Pesticide, Fewer Fruit Flies, ARS research advances allow reduced insecticide use in California and Florida in battling fruit flies, species-specific lures and baits, bait plus spinosad and sterile male release for medflies, methyl eugenol and Naled and cuelure for oriental fruit fly eradication, SPLAT-MAT lure/bait for male fruit fly annihilation, Roger Vargas, Hilo, HA, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.8-10

Whiteflies May Meet Their Match in the Form of New Fungus, Isaria proprawskii fungi as biological control for silverleaf whitefly and glassy-winged sharpshooter, H. Enrique Cabanillas, Weslaco, TX, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.11

What Plants REALLY Want! greenhouse studies on role of water, plant nutrition, and silicon on plant growth and disease resistance to powdery mildew and Botrytis cinerea, potting mix and beneficial Trichoderma combats Botrytis gray mold, Virtual Grower software for greenhouse managers, James C. Locke, Jonathan M. Frantz, Toledo, OH, Charles R. Krause, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.12-15

Make Whey for Progress. New Uses for Dairy Byproducts, reactive extrusion process supplements polyethylene with whey proteins to create a biodegradable bioplastic, Peggy M. Tomasula, Charles I. Onwulata, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.16

Blended Wheat Varieties Show Their Strength, wheat variety blends/mixtures complement each other to resist disease and yield well, Christina Cowger, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.17

DDGs—Ethanol Byproduct Fights Weeds, Boosts Crop Yields, surface application (mulch) or incorporation of distiller’s dried grains promotes growth and yield of turfgrasses and tomatoes and inhibits weeds, Steven F. Vaughn, Mark A. Berhow, Rogers E. Harry-O’kuru, Peoria, IL, Rick A. Boydston, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.18

Slashing Greenhouse Gases From Hog Waste, replacing conventional anaerobic manure lagoons with on-farm “Super Soil System” removes phosphorus, ammonia, and solids,  and cuts carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions, Matias B. Vanotti, Ariel A. Szögi, Patrick G. Hunt, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.19

Corn-Based Absorbent Dries Soggy Books, Zorbix sheets with Super Slurper restore/dry books after disasters/floods, also rehydrate dry, fragile paper by acting as humidity blankets, Kathleen C. Hayes, Beltsville, MD, William Orts, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.20-21

Tracking Diaprepes, citrus pest, probability maps of Diaprepes weevil distribution in Florida, new and old parasitoid wasps as biocontrols, Stephen L. Lapointe, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.22

Hurricane-Hardy Termites! Formosan subterranean termites’ survival in flooded ground, waterproof “carton” around underground nests and corridors, Mary L. Cornelius, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.23

Do Federal Conservation Programs Pay Off! conservation system online bibliographies from literature surveys by Water Quality Information Center at National Agricultural Library, Len Carey, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.23

Pheromone Found for Eggplant Pest, attractant/bait for eggplant flea beetle, Bruce W. Zilkowski, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.23

Checkin’ on the Levees, “Jet Erosion Tool” (JET) measures erodibility of soil in earthen spillways, streambeds, and along embankments in New Orleans area to protect from floodwaters, Gregory J. Hanson, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.23

Environment-Friendly Fire Resistance, textile-finishing compound for wool flame and heat resistance, fire retardance, Jeanette M. Cardamone, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 07MAY/JUNp.23

America’s Farms: Growing Food, Fiber, Fuel—and More, technologies and microbes for converting starch and cellulose to ethanol, lignin, biofuels, Ghassem R. Asrar, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.2

Breaking Down Walls, biofuels production, degrading lignin in cell walls for ethanol production from plant biomass and for livestock digestion, using NMR fingerprints to measure lignin, altering alfalfa genes to reduce lignin and boost cellulose and biomass, streamlining ethanol production with heat-loving bacterium Clostridium thermocellum, plus all-natural glue production, breeding bermudagrass, bahiagrass, and napiergrass for biomass production and cell-wall degradability, Michael Casler, John Ralph, Fachuang Lu, Ron Hatfield, Michael Sullivan, Madison, WI, Hans Jung, St. Paul, MN, Paul Weimer, Madison, WI, William Anderson, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.4-8

Corn: A New Ingredient for Detergents, biodegradable detergent cobuilder from cornstarch prevents crusty “scale” deposits, made by fusing citric acid and sorbitol with twin-screw extrusion, Randal L. Shogren, J.L. Willett, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.9

Fueling America—Without Petroleum, biodiesel, ethanol, thermochemical processes, converting waste grease into clean-burning fuel, uses for glycerol, enzyme for barley-based ethanol production, biodiesel from soy flakes, Bill Marmer, Mike Haas, Karen Scott, Tom Foglia, Dan Solaiman, Rick Ashby, Keith Collins, Kevin Hicks, Akwasi Boateng, Winnie Yee, Andy McAloon, Wyndmoor, PA, Gary Banowetz, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.10-13

Genetic Snapshots Help Brighten Switchgrass’s Future, breeding efforts and gene sequencing database for biofuel/ethanol production, plant cell wall/lignin studies biofuel production and livestock digestion, best cultivar choice for location, test for fermentability and ethanol production using rumen fluid, switchgrass genes and germplasm for improving biomass and biofuels production, Gautam Sarath, Kenneth P. Vogel, Lincoln, NE, Christian Tobias, Albany, CA, Michael D. Casler, Paul J. Weimer, Madison, WI, Joseph M. Krupinsky, Mandan, ND, Kenneth Vogel, Lincoln NE, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.14-16

Robot-Controlled System Speeds “Designer” Yeasts for Making Ethanol, plasmid-based functional proteomics work cell makes proteins for industrial applications, genetically engineered yeasts, Stephen R. Hughes, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.17

Finding New Uses for Fish Byproducts, diet supplements and omega-3 fatty acids from livers, protein powders for feed, fish skin gelatin films for refrigerated/frozen food storage, lysozyme antibacterial enzyme, Peter J. Bechtel, Cindy K. Bower, Fairbanks, AK, Tara H. McHugh, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.18-19

ARS National Research Programs for Bioenergy and Biobased Products, mission of the national program, alternative energy, biofuels, and other uses for crops, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.20

Air Curtains Keep Pests Out of Airplanes, wind (air curtains) keep insects on/off planes, controls mosquitoes and flies, prevents spread of insectborne disease and insect invasive species, Jerome A. Hogsette, Jr., Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.21-22

Pioneer Entomologist’s Notes Go Public, Asa Fitch’s entomological observations of aphid species, Gary L. Miller, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.23

Better Plant-Based Crankcase Lubes, biobased lubricant estolides from high-oleic oils of lesquerella, rapeseed (canola), and sunflower, good cold-weather performance, Steven C. Cermak, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.23

Dreaming of Jeanne—the Gooseberry, new disease-resistant Jeanne dessert gooseberry, Kim E. Hummer, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.23

Potato Pest Vulnerable to Insect Virus, granulovirus biological control for use against potato tuber moth, Lawrence A. Lacey, Wapato, WA, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.23

Modeling CO2’s Effects in the Field, predicting carbon dioxide’s effect on plant growth using free-air concentration enrichment (FACE) method, yields from higher CO2 and temperature, Donald R. Orts, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 07APRp.23

ARS Vegetable Breeders: On a Nutrition Mission, breeding vegetables for better taste and nutrition, beta-carotene, pigments, vitamin A, iron in maize, cassava, Judith St. John, Joseph Spence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.2

Veggies Reinvented, breeding vegetables for better taste, color, and nutrition, antioxidants, potassium and phenolic compounds in potatoes, sensory evaluations, thiosulfinates, fructans, and flavonoids in onions, cucumber genetic base for disease and pest resistance, Solanaceae Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, Philipp Simon, Shelly Jansky, Michael Havey, Jack Staub, Madison, WI, John Bamberg, Sturgeon Bay, WI, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.4-8

Get Into the Zone . . . The Root Zone, Root Zone Water Quality Model 2 (RZWQM2), environmental and economic crop management decisions for cropping systems, tillage, crop residue management, rotations, chemical applications, tile drainage, water quality, Lajpat R. Ahuja, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.8-9

Seeds of Knowledge, ARS seed experts/systematists at Systematic Botany and Mycology Laboratory prevent invasive weed entry into USA, online fruit and seed identification database for port inspectors, Amy Y. Rossman, Joseph K. Kirkbride, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.10-12

Plant Disease Detectives I.D. New Sugar Beet Virus, role of beet necrotic yellow vein virus and beet black scorch virus in causing rhizomania, John J. Weiland, Fargo, ND, Rebecca Larson, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.13

Precision Agriculture Systems: Maximizing Benefits With Better Management, multivariable precision agriculture system promoting soil and water quality and profitability, assessing fertilization and soil variability with soil electrical conductivity, measuring crop nitrogen needs with crop-canopy reflectance or automated soil sampling, Newell Kitchen, Kenneth Sudduth, Robert Lerch, Columbia, MO, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.14-15

Apples—Fire Blight Free and Headed to Japan, risk assessment studies to open Japanese market to U.S. apples and prevent fire blight disease transmission, phytosanitary regulations and restrictions, Rodney Roberts, Wenatchee, WA, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.16-18

Built . . . Patented . . . a Better Fly Trap! “Flybrella” fly trap, QuickStrike toxic strip and nontoxic Muscalure-based lure, Jerome A. Hogsette, David Carlson, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.19

Another “Turn of the Screw”-worm Saga, eradication efforts in Caribbean, cheaper cellulose fiber-based diet for rearing screwworm larvae for sterile-male release, yields more-vigorous flies and lower pupal mortality, Muhammad F.B. Chaudhury, Mexico, Steven Skoda, Panama City, Panama, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.20-21

Website of Dairy Nitrogen Management, interactive website for dairy farmers to calculate plant-available nitrogen in manure, Jack Meisinger, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.22

Advances in Protection Against Listeria, antagonistic bacteria Gluconobacter asaii and bacteriophages for reducing Listeria monocytogenes on fresh-cut honeydew, William S. Conway, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.22

Peroxide + Catalyst = Cleaner Water, hydrogen peroxide and Fe-TAML catalyst (iron tetra-amido macrocyclic ligand) break down dyes, pesticides, estradiol estrogen hormone, and ethinylestradiol in contraceptives, potential use in wastewater treatment plants, Nancy Shappell, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.23

Heralding a New Barley, new feed barley with more bioavailable phosphorus during livestock feed digestion, less P excreted in manure, Phil Bregitzer, Aberdeen, ID, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.23

Strides Made Toward a New Marek’s Vaccine, first genetically engineered Marek’s vaccine, Aly M. Fadly, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.23

Nutrient-Loaded Mushrooms, nutrient analysis of seven varieties of raw and cooked mushrooms, David B. Haytowitz, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07MARp.23

Africanized Honey Bees: A Concern, Not a Hollywood Villain, spread of AHBs, living with and managing AHBs, bee identification at Carl Hayden Bee Research Center, Kevin J. Hackett, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.2

More Buzz About a Bad Bee: Africanized Honey Bees in the News Again, spread of AHBs through human-assisted transport, living with and managing AHBs, differences between AHBs and European honey bees, genetic dominance of African honey bee DNA, usurpation, Varroa resistance, swarm identification at ports and railroads, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Tucson, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.4-7

Squeezing More Sugar From Cane, Gillian Eggleston, sugarcane deterioration and dextranase production from Leuconostoc mesenteroides microbe, quick lab test for optimal dextranase usage, new mannitol test for measuring cane damage, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.8-10

Curbing a Psyllid To Help Protect Citrus, spread of citrus greening disease Huanglongbing (HLB) to Florida via Asian citrus psyllid, integrated management of the disease, hyperspectral radiometry for disease detection, David G. Hall, Timothy R. Gottwald, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.11

United States and Brazil Sow Seeds for Germplasm Exchange, ARS/EMBRAPA collaboration in Labex, cryogenic storage of maize (corn), developing an animal germplasm collection for Brazil, germplasm exchange between U.S. and Brazil, Christina Walters, Harvey Blackburn, Fort Collins, CO, Luciano Nass, Arthur Mariante, Brazil, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.12-13

Rhizomania: Combating a Sugar Beet Killer, new beets resist beet necrotic yellow vein virus (cause of rhizomania) and Rhizoctonia root rot, Trichoderma biocontrol fungi, Robert T. Lewellen, William M. Wintermantel, Salinas, CA, Leonard W. Panella, Linda E. Hanson, Rebecca L. Larson, Fort Collins, CO, John J. Weiland, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.14-15

Pectin Extraction From Citrus and Sugar Beets, flash extraction techniques for removing pectin from sugar beet pulp, pectin and other crop polymers with potential uses in medical applications, and prebiotics, Marshall L. Fishman, Brett Savary, LinShu Liu, Arland T. Hotchkiss, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.16-17

Putting the Crunch on Lettuce’s Worst Enemies, breeding iceberg lettuces for disease resistance to big vein virus and lettuce mosaic virus, new test for Mirafiori big vein virus, James D. McCreight, William M. Wintermantel, Beiquan Mou, Carolee T. Bull, Salinas, CA, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.18-19

Curbing Coccidiosis in Chickens, new test for Eimeria oocysts in poultry litter, animal disease, Mark Jenkins, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.20

To Banish Anaplasmosis, mapping the genome of Anaplasma marginale bacterium, comparative genomics to compare strains and I.D. genes promoting tick transmission, Lowell S. Kappmeyer, Donald P. Knowles, Pullman, WA, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.21

Assessing the Risk: Retail Meat Analyzed, risk assessment of Toxoplasma gondii parasite contamination in retail meat, pork, chicken, and beef, food safety, food poisoning, Jitender P. Dubey, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.22

African-American Teens Seen Low in Vitamin D, blood plasma tested for 25-hydroxy-vitamin D for immune system and bone health, Charles B. Stephenson, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.23

Stop Runaway Phosphorus With Gypsum, gypsum, alum, and ground newspaper tested for P runoff prevention in soils receiving excessive manure, David K. Brauer, Booneville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.23

Pickled Dills in Plastic? Tumeric’s Key, tumeric improves shelf life of plastic-packaged dill pickles, Roger F. McFeeters, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.23

A Hard-To-Swallow Wort! swallow-wort and black swallow-wort weeds spreading in Northeast, displacing milkweeds, threat to Monarch butterflies, Lindsey R. Milbrauth, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.23

Soy Hulls: A Water Pollution Solution? sugarcane and corn stalks, and soybean hulls as ion exchange filtering resin for removing lead, chromium, copper, and cadmium from contaminated water, heavy metals, Wayne E. Marshall, Lynda H. Wartelle, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 07FEBp.23

Genomics—A New Gene Pool of Potential, genomics libraries of genetic traits, more precise genetic engineering from genomics, Judith B. St. John, Steven M. Kappes, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.2

Once Again . . . Waiting in the Wings . . . Hessian Flies! genomics studies of genetic interactions between Hessian fly and wheat, fly genes code for salivary proteins, new wheat resistance genes identified, microarray technology, Brandon J. Schemerhorn, Rich Shukle, Christie E. Williams, West Lafayette, IN, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.4-7

Improving Crop Plants Through Genomics, efforts of U.S. Plant, Soil, and Nutrition Laboratory (PSNL) in genomics, molecular genetics, and proteomics, computational molecular biology studies of virulence, microarray analysis of gene expression for vegetable nutrition and shelf-life, beta-carotene in cauliflower, David J. Schneider, Samuel W. Cartinhour, James J. Giovannoni, Li Li, Edward S. Buckler, Doreen H. Ware, Leon V. Kochian, Stewart Gray, Ithaca, NY, Michael McMullen, Columbia, MO, Jim Holland, Raleigh, NC, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.8-10

Genetic Evaluations Help Breed Better Bossies, calf survival added to Lifetime Net Merit genetic index, cattle and cow breeding, Duane Norman, Paul VanRaden, John Cole, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.11

Going Whole Hog, swine (pig) genome sequencing for breeding for disease resistance, palatability, production efficiency, food safety, and biomedical benefits, bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) map, Gary A. Rohrer, Dan J. Nonneman, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.12-13

Honey Bee Genetics Vital in Disease Resistance, honey bee genome sequencing for disease resistance and other traits, “BeeBase” resource, gene chip microarray technology, Jay D. Evans, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.14

Identifying Variation in the U.S. Bovine Prion Gene, sequencing of PRNP gene variations and relating to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or mad cow disease), Michael L. Clawson, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.15

Catfish Genome’s Key to Higher Quality, Profits, DNA sequences and microsatellites for lean growth, carcass yield, and survival, strain certification with DNA fingerprinting, Geoffrey C. Waldbieser, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.16

ARS National Research Programs in Genomics, genomic studies for livestock, crops, ornamentals, insects, and microorganisms, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.17

Machine’s Eye View of Poultry and Produce, food safety imaging systems for fecal matter and pathogen detection on fruit, vegetables and meat, prototype optical detector for assessing fruit sweetness and firmness and internal quality, Yud-Ren Chen, Beltsville, MD, Renfu Lu, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.18-19

Quest for Quince, National Clonal Germplasm Repository’s quince collection, quince as dwarfing rootstock for pears, disease resistance and cold-hardiness, fire blight resistance, Joseph D. Postman, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.20-21

DNA Fingerprinting Promotes Health and Safety, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping technique for DNA detection of an animal’s identity, tracking and controlling diseases in imported and exported beef after slaughter, William W. Laegreid, Michael P. Heaton, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.22

Understanding Beta-Carotene Better, lutein and beta-carotenoid absorption in the body, vitamin A formation from beta-carotene, Beverly A. Clevidence, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.23

How the Beetle Gets Its Shell, genes for beetle exoskeleton identified in red flour beetle, Trilobium castaneum, Richard W. Beeman, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.23

Making U.S. Rice Even Nicer, breeding straighthead-resistant rice from indica and japonica lines in Rice Core Collection, breeding for ideal amylose content in indica rice, Wengui Yan, J. Neil Rutger, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.23

A Quick PEC Check for Turkeys, new test for detecting Poult enteritis from cloacal samples instead of intestinal ones, Erica Spackman, Darrell R. Kapczynski, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 07JANp.23

Protecting Livestock—From Day One, ARS’s work with reproductive and neonatal health of livestock, disease prevention, vaccine development, Cyril G. Gay, Beltsville, MD, Marcus E. Kehrli, Jr., Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06NOV/DECp.2

Getting Around Maternal Defenses, two new vaccines bypass maternal antibody system of colostrum, a weakened human adenovirus viral vector is used to introduce swine flu genes into newborn livestock, H3N2, Ronald Douglas Wesley, Julia F. Ridpath, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06NOV/DECp.4-5

Pterostilbene’s Healthy Potential, blueberry phytochemical compound pterostilbene lowers cholesterol, heart disease, and cancer, inhibits cytochrome P450 enzyme, Agnes M. Rimando, Oxford, MS, (html) or (pdf) 06NOV/DECp.6-7

Boosting Immunity Using Beneficial Bacteria, effects of dietary probiotics on pregnant sow and piglet immune and gastrointestinal function, Bifidobacterium lactis (Bb12), Gloria Solano-Aguilar, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06NOV/DECp.8

Turning Soybean Plants Into Ethanol or Particleboard, evaluating cellulose strength in giant soybean stalks, possible cellulose ethanol production or wood products from stalks, Thomas E. Devine, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06NOV/DECp.9

A Home on the Range, managing sagebrush in the remote West and sage grouse population through sheep grazing, fire/planned burns, invasive weeds, aerial image system for monitoring vegetation, wildlife habitat, Gregory Lewis, Dubois, ID, Jon Bates, Burns, OR, Terry Booth, Cheyenne, WY, (html) or (pdf) 06NOV/DECp.10-13

ARS’s Quest To Improve the Chesapeake Bay, preventing farming pollutants from entering the bay, water quality, CEAP, conservation, phosphorus and nitrogen nutrient loads, riparian buffer zones, algal turf scrubber, Phosphorus Index, Ali Sadeghi, Matt Smith, Greg McCarty, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06NOV/DECp.14-15

TIGER Technique Targets Plant Pathogens, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tool called “Triangulation Identification for Genetic Evaluation of Risks” (TIGER) identifies pathogens for Army and USAMRIID, biological threats, bioforensics, agro-terrorism, William L. Schneider, Frederick, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06NOV/DECp.16-17

Alum Curbs Phosphorus Runoff and More, long-term studies of nutrient runoff and tall fescue yields from applications of alum-treated poultry litter, litter pH, ammonia volatilization in chicken houses, air, soil, and water quality, Philip A. Moore, Jr., Fayetteville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 06NOV/DECp.18-19

Can Genetic Research Scuttle Scrapie? new genetic test for scrapie, a TSE disease, sheep prion gene-coding region sequenced, susceptible gene haplotypes identified, breeding for scrapie resistance, Michael P. Heaton, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 06NOV/DECp.20-21

A Food Safety Net Based on Science, reducing incidence of food poisoning, food pathogens, listeriosis, Aspergillus, mycotoxins, aflatoxin prevention with antioxidants, Jane F. Robens, James A. Lindsay, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.2

Nonthermal Food Processing Is Heating Up, nonthermal options to heat sterilization for killing food pathogens, high-pressure processing, pulsed electric fields, radio-frequency electric fields, ultraviolet light, irradiation for killing foodborne pathogens, Howard Zhang, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.4-5

Killer Fungi, controlling fungal mycotoxins, aflatoxin from Aspergillus, resistant lines of corn, fungal genome mapping and ESTs, fumonisin and fusaric acid from Fusarium, Bacillus mojavensis endophyte for control of Fusarium verticillioides, Ed Cleveland, New Orleans, LA, David Kendra, Peoria, IL, Charles Bacon, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.6-8

Nuts’ New Aflatoxin Fighter: Caffeic Acid? using antioxidants gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, and caffeic acid to quell Aspergillus flavus fungi from making aflatoxin in nuts, Bruce C. Campbell, Jong H. Kim, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.9

Postharvest Food Safety Innovations Improve Beef Safety, hide washing/decontamination for eliminating foodborne pathogens before meat reaches market, E-beam irradiation, spiral plater enumeration and hydrophobic grid techniques for counting food pathogen numbers, Mohammad Koohmaraie, Clay Center, NE, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.10-12

New Methods for Detecting Listeria, phage display test to select antibodies to detect foodborne bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, Shi-I Tu, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.13

Subduing Salmonella, reducing salmonellosis, gut and manure studies, chlorate-based additive for feed/water before slaughter, norepinephrine studies in swine, biophotonics for viewing Salmonella movement inside swine, bacteriocins, bacteriophages, electrostatic air cleaner for airborne particles in poultry house, Robin Anderson and others, College Station, TX, Shawn Bearson and others, Ames, IA, Donald Lay, West Lafayette, IN, Norman Stern, Bailey Mitchell, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.14-16

Genome of Bad-Boy Campylobacter Sequenced, genome of emerging foodborne pathogen Campylobacter lari sequenced, compared to C. jejuni, William G. Miller, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.17

Unraveling the Listeria Genome, foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes genome sequenced, listeriosis, John Luchansky, Darrell Bayles, Gaylen Uhlich, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.17

Food Safety in the 21st Century: Coordinated Monitoring of Animal Health, Collaboration in Animal Health and Food Safety Epidemiology (CAHFSE) tracks animal disease and movement of food safety/foodborne pathogens, Paula Fedorka-Cray, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.18-19

Keeping Meat and Poultry Safe, keeping foodborne pathogens out or off of animals, bacteria hiding inside protozoa in digestion tract or gut of animals, antibiotic resistance, hiding place of enterohemorrhagic E. coli O157:H7 in calves, molecular studies of Salmonella and resistant/carrier pigs, on-farm contamination of animals with Camplylobacter and Salmonella, competitive exclusion, Ronald L. Horst, Mark Rasmussen, Tom Casey, Thad Stanton, Evelyn Dean-Nystrom, and others, Ames, IA, Joan K. Lunney, Christopher Tuggle, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.20-22

ARS National Research Program for Food Safety, ARS agency’s approach in food safety/contaminants research, foodborne pathogens, (html) or (pdf) 06OCTp.23

Ornamentals Find Their Niche, U.S. National Arboretum’s and ARS’s breeding efforts with ornamentals and many contributions, meeting consumer demands for nursery and floral plants, Thomas S. Elias, Washington, DC, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.2

Twice as Nice: Breeding Versatile Vegetables, breeding peppers for beauty, taste, nutrition, pest resistance, drought tolerance, phytonutrient and anthocyanin content, antioxidants, Black Pearl, Halloween, Tangerine Dream, John Stommel, Robert Griesbach, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.4-6

Controlling Tropical Spiderwort in the Southeast, Benghal dayflower/tropical spiderwort’s advance with Roundup-ready cotton crops, timing cotton planting to out compete the weed, Theodore M. Webster, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.7

Sticking It to the South American Cactus Moth, preventing spread of South American cactus moth—predator of prickly pear cactus—from Southeast USA, use of sterile insect technique (SIT), James Carpenter, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.8-10

Tenderizing Tough Brahmans, using expected progeny differences (EPDs) for genetic variability and control in Brahman cattle for meat marbling, yield, tenderness, Chadwick C. Chase, David G. Riley, Brooksville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.11

Probing Pepper’s Water Needs, water use needs and efficiency of peppers irrigated by furrow, surface drip, subsurface drip, soil moisture sensor accuracy, James A. Ayars, Parlier, CA, Steven R. Evett, Bushland, TX, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.12-14

For Innovative Pest Control: a New Gene-Transfer Technique, new genetic engineering technique uses JcDNV vector parvovirus to move genes into somatic cells of insect DNA so genes won’t remobilize, Paul D. Shirk, Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.15

Beeting Back the Enemy, biological control fungi Metarhizium anisopliae F52 and a small-grain cover crop (rye or oats) help control root maggot Tetanops myopaeformis in sugar beets, Stefan T. Jaronski, Sidney, MT, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.16-17

Making a Better Barley for Brewing, heat-tolerant starch-degrading enzymes for malting in barley, barley malt-quality evaluation service, Cynthia A. Henson, Allen Budde, Madison, WI, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.18-19

Selenium: Which Form Is Best for Lambs? comparing organic vs. inorganic selenium absorption in lambs, Lynn F. James, Kip E. Panter, Bryan L. Stegelmeier, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.20-21

Additives Boost Pathogens in Compost Tea, additives such as soluble kelp, fish hydrolysates, humic acid, rock dust, and nutrient solutions added to compost teas promote rather than reduce human pathogenic bacteria Salmonella and E. coli, David Ingram, Patricia Millner, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.22

Erosion at Warp Speed? computer simulations of future thunderstorm rainfall, runoff, and soil erosion in some watersheds, Mark A. Nearing, Tucson, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.22

Getting a Grip on Greenbugs, online “Greenbug Management Decision Support Tool” and economic threshold calculator tells growers when to treat for aphids on wheat, Norman C. Elliott, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.23

Propane To Power Farm Operations, alternative uses for propane, thermal defoliator, steam-based heat treatments for insect control, Paul A. Funk, Mesilla Park, MX, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.23

High-Tech Snooping on Stored Food Pests, new trapping/spatial analysis monitoring method for detecting/controlling insect pests of stored grains, Richard T. Arbogast, Gainesville, FL, Paul E. Kendra, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.23

Stored Grains Are Singing, acoustics-based grain sorter separates pest-damaged grain, uses ultrasonic sound, Tom C. Pearson, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 06SEPp.23

Farm-Based Energy and Sustainable Agriculture: Twin Missions for the 21st Century, energy independence from biobased fuels and products, alternative energy, Bioenergy Task Force, ethanol, Ghassem R. Asrar, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.2

A Renewable-Energy Update: Wind and Sun and Farm-Based Energy Sources, wind turbines for electricity production, hybrid energy systems for remote areas, solar energy and remote water pumps, biodiesel, biobased energy, coal/manure burning for energy, “Green” campus at University of Minnesota at Morris, GIS maps of best wind farm sites in Minnesota, R. Nolan Clark, Bushland, TX, Abdullah A. Jaradat, Morris, MN, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.4-7

Improving Our Atmosphere: Ground-to-Air Coverage at Ames, global carbon cycle and carbon storage by U.S. farms, crop-soil-management methods effect on greehouse gas emission, carbon dioxide, LiDAR technology for testing agricultural particulates/particles and gases and animal odor emissions from farms, Jerry L. Hatfield, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.8-10

Floating Above Lagoon Wastewater, floating vegetative mats grown on swine and dairy wastewater lagoons removes excess nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients, Robert Hubbard, Tifton, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.11

Clean Waters and Agriculture: We Can Have It Both Ways! soil and erosion management, runoff, total maximum daily loads (TMDL’s), acoustic sampling of stream sediment transport, vibracoring, constructed wetlands, manure management systems, field borders, filter strips, grass hedges, forested riparian zones, for filtering out animal waste nutrients and pollutants, Matt Römkens, Martin Locke, Carlos Alonso, Roger Kuhnle, Daniel Wren, and others, Oxford, MS, Patrick Hunt, Ariel Szogi, Matias Vanotti, and others, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.12-15

A Few of the Many Outstanding ARS Environmental Advances, plastic from poultry feathers, itch-free biopolished wool, phytoremediation from hyperaccumulator plants for heavy metal removal in soils, vegetable-oil based elevator hydraulic fluid, Super Slurper for chemical cleanup, MSEA, CEAP, and SWAT for water quality and conservation, various scientists and locations, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.16-17

Keeping Weeds in Check With Less Herbicide, WeedSite software for site-specific weed management (SSWM), precision weed control with GPS and digital weed map and electrical conductivity map of soils in fields, field kit for atrazine resistance in soils, Dale Shaner, Lori Wiles, Fort Collins, CO, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.18-19

What Goes Up? Measuring Air and Soil Carbon Exchange From Conservation Cropping Systems, effect of carbon dioxide on crops grown under different conservation management practices and rotations, G. Brett Runion, Stephen A. Prior, H. Allen Torbert, Auburn, AL, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.20

Rising Temperatures and Plant Productivity, high temperature effect on crop seed set, yield, and pollination, L. Hartwell Allen, Jr., Gainesville, FL, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.21

STEWARDS—for Access to Vital Watershed Data, hydrological research database of data from experimental watersheds to assess conservation practices and watershed health, Jean L. Steiner, El Reno, OK, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.22

ARS National Program in Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems, ARS research focus in soil and water management, air quality and global change, bioenergy and energy systems, range, pasture, and forage systems, (html) or (pdf) 06AUGp.23

Helping Processors Improve Their Cut of the Produce Industry, advances for fresh-cut produce industry, Produce Quality and Safety Laboratory, gas-permeable packaging wraps, shelf stability, food safety, dips, coatings, sanitizers, antibrowning and antimicrobial, Kenneth C. Gross, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.2

Fresh-Cuts Are Popular Any Way You Slice Them, advances for fresh-cut produce industry, Produce Quality and Safety Laboratory, gas-exchange packaging wraps, shelf stability, food safety, orange-fleshed honeydews, dips, coatings, sanitizers, antibrowning and antimicrobial, Kenneth C. Gross, Yaguang Luo, James McEvoy, Robert Saftner, Arvind Bhagwat, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.4-7

Pining for Profits and Healthy Forests, boosting pine growers’ income with straw harvests, tree spacing and fertilization, runoff control after straw harvest, Daniel H. Pote, David M. Burner, Booneville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.8-10

Warming Up to Cuphea: Seeds Get Special Treatment After Cold Storage, new warming procedure for cuphea seeds following long-term cold storage of seeds before rehydrating, Christina Walters, Fort Collins, CO, Candice Gardner, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.11

Puerto Rico: An Island Source of Extraordinary Ornamentals, ornamental germplasm from Puerto Rico, Tabebuia haemantha evergreen, National Germplasm Repository, National Plant Germplasm System, woody ornamentals collection, Alan W. Meerow, Tomás Ayala-Silva, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.12-13

Freeing Phosphorus, 3-D computer model for redesigning feed-additive phytase enzyme that helps livestock digest and use phosphorus in feed, better weight gain and lower phosphorus in waste, Edward Mullaney, Jaffor Ullah, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.14-15

Dates To Remember, inventorying the world’s dates, National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Citrus and Dates, date diversity, date palm accessions from Egypt, date palm family tree, antioxidant potential of dates, Robert Krueger, C. Thomas Chao, Devanand Pachanoor, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.16-17

Collection Helps Fight Destructive Rice Diseases, Rice Core Collection, National Small Grains Collection (NSGC), National Plant Germplasm System, molecular markers and genes for rice blast resistance and grain quality, Wengui Yan, Stuttgart, AR, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.18

Switching to Switchgrass Makes Sense, deep root system and deep carbon storage, ethanol production potential, biofuel, Mark A. Liebig, Mandan, ND, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.19

A Wealth of Genetics Technology Under One Roof, Mid South Area Genomics Laboratory helps meet genetic sequencing needs of ARS, DNA sequencing and fragment analysis, DNA fingerprinting, marker database for cotton, expressed sequence tags, Brian Scheffler, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.20-21

Shedding Light on Manure Nutrients, prototype portable manure analyzer for field use, measures nitrogen and water content with near-infrared light, James B. Reeves, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.22

Fresh Strawberries for Winter Holidays, new strawberry production system extends harvest season, Fumiomi Takeda, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.23

An Amazing Corn-Based Website, Maize Genetics and Genomics Database lists traits and gene sequences online, Carolyn J. Lawrence, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.23

Boosting Ethanol Production—With Shiitakes, shiitake gene Xyn11A for xylanase enzyme production transferred into yeast for possible ethanol production, Charles C. Lee, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.23

Honey Bees Get a New Antibiotic, antibiotic approved for American foulbrood bacterial disease in honey bee, tylosin tartrate (TYLAN Soluble), Mark F. Feldlaufer, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.23

Reducing High Harvest Costs, new low-cost harvesting unit for wheat and other grains, cheaper than combines, Mark C. Siemens, Pendleton, OR, (html) or (pdf) 06JULp.23

A Constant Fight Against New and Rare Diseases, control and prevention of emerging and exotic diseases, pathogen detection and identification, A. Rick Bennett, Robert A. Heckert, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.2

Defending U.S. Grain Crops From Fungal Assault, Cereal Disease Laboratory as sentry for emerging diseases of cereal crops, wheat, barley, and oats, resistance genes to Ug99 stem rust, stripe rust, leaf rust, and wheat scab, rust spore movement in rain, genetic markers for characterizing leaf rust fungus, Martin L. Carson, St. Paul, MN, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.4-6

Goin’ Ballistic Against Brucellosis, biodegradable projectile “Biobullet” vaccine against brucellosis in free-ranging bison and elk, RB51, Steven C. Olson, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.7

The Continuing Fight Against Cattle Ticks, USDA Cattle Fever Tick Eradication Program (CFTEP), 4-poster device for catle fever ticks on deer, using ivermectin systemic acaricides and spinosad, John E. George, Kerrville, TX, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.8-9

Antiviral Vigilance, emerging corn and soybean viruses, screening resistance to bean pod mottle virus on soybeans, vascular puncture inoculation (VPI), corn redness syndrome, Roy Gingery, Rouf Mian, Peg Redinbaugh, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.10-11

Breeding Better Beans, Marcial Pastor-Corrales, Beltsville, MD, Reid Frederick, Fort Detrick, MD, Monte Miles, Glen Hartman, Urbana, IL, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.12-14

Halting Black Raspberry Decline, BRDaV virus identified as a cause, 17 berry viruses sequenced, raspberry aphid vector, Robert Martin, Corvallis, OR, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.15

The Matrix—Plant and Fungal, fungi endophytes protect host plant from disease, Trichoderma and other endophytes for control of witches’ broom and frosty pod rot in cacao, Gary J. Samuels, M. Catherine Aime, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.16-17

Dutch Elm Disease Update, tree breeding for “Jefferson,” “Valley Forge,” and “New Harmony” Dutch elm disease tolerant trees, John Hammond, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.18

Managing Emerging and Reemerging Diseases in Poultry, screening wild birds for avian influenza, characterizing strains, H5N1 virus movement through bird migration, using virus vectors for vaccines, mass application technology vaccines, David E. Swayne, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.19

Modernization at Ames, new research center for emerging diseases research for animals and disease diagnosis, biosafety research facilities, genomic sequencing of pathogens, Ronald L. Horst, James A. Harp, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.20-21

Seven Decades of Fighting Chicken Diseases, genomics-based breeding for disease-resistant superchickens that resist mutating/evolving viruses, Ally M. Fadly, East Lansing, MI, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.22

ARS National Research Programs for Emerging Diseases, coordinated approach to battling emerging and reemerging diseases of livestock, poultry, and plants, (html) or (pdf) 06JUNp.23

Crisis Calls, Science Responds, ARS scientists solve international agricultural problems, preserving U.S. crop export, prevention worldwide crop and animal disease spread, Caird E. Rexroad Jr., Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.2

ARS Experts as Firefighters, ARS scientists solve international agricultural problems, preserving U.S. crop export, preventing worldwide crop and animal disease spread, Karnal bunt, Thrips palmi, H5N1 avian influenza, screwworm, wheat seed gall nematode, potato spindle viroid, cotton standards for short fiber content and white-speck nep count, Lisa Castlebury, Sueo “Steve” Nakahara, David Chitwood, Zafar Handoo, Robert Owens, Beltsville, MD, David Swayne and David Suarez, Athens, GA, Pamela L. Phillips, Panama, Xiaoliang “Leon” Cui, Patricia Bell, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.4-8

Saliva—A Window to Health Status, analyzing human health and metabolism from proteins, lipids, sugars in human spit, nutritional diagnostics, Neil Price, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.9

Healthy Potatoes, Healthy People, Healthy Profit, nitrogen and erosion management in potato crops rotated with cover crops of winter rye, winter wheat, malting barley, or mustard and other Brassica species, “precision conservation”, “green cover-crop fertilization”, sustainable potato farming, Jorge Delgado, Ronald Follett, Fort Collins, CO, Hal Collins, Ashok Alva, Prosser, WA, Tim Griffin, Wayne Honeycutt, Orono, MA, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.10-12

Squelching Water Primrose, beetle and weevil biocontrols against aquatic weed water primrose, Ray Carruthers and Lars Anderson, California, Cristina Hernández, Willie Cabrera, Argentina, Robinson Pitelli, Brazil, Juan Briano, Hurlingham, South America, Brenda Grewell, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.13

New Defenses Against the Daunting Asian Longhorned Beetle, early detection/tracking of the beetle with Shantung maple or a pyrethroid insecticide Demand CS, screening insect frass for genetic markers, Michael T. Smith, Newark, DE, Wayne Hunter, Fort Pierce, FL, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.14-15

Biodegradable Lube for Metalworking Operations, biobased/soy-based metalworking oil, aluminum-rolling fluid, lubricants from vegetable oils, Girma G. Biresaw, Sevim Erhan, Peoria, IL, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.16-17

New Technologies for Cotton Gins Combine for Big Savings, ARS-invented and -patented efficient cotton cleaners “IntelliGin”, louvered lint cleaner, dual-saw cleaner, modified cylinder cleaner, preserving cotton fiber quality, new bale tie replacer, W. Stanley Anthony, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.18-19

Unearthing New Clues To Controlling Weeds, weed management/decay with seed-decay miroorganisms, herbicide-degradation studies for timing pesticide application or herbicide spill cleanup, corn hybrid resistance to wild proso millet, underseeding crops with red clover to promote weed seed predation, Gerald K. Sims, Joanne C. Chee-Sanford, Urbana, IL, Martin M. Williams II, Rick A. Boydston, Adam S. Davis, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.20-21

Relaxed Management Improves Cattle Disposition, gentle cattle handling improves cattle disposition in chutes, weight gain and meat quality, John Steudemann, Watkinsville, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.22

Sting Operation To Protect Groceries, parasitic wasps for indoor biocontrol of pests of stored grains and grain-based products like flour and cereal, grocery stores or warehouses, Paul Flinn, Manhattan, KS, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.23

Catch Their Drift? DRIFTSIM software estimates how far pesticide droplets drift, calibration of pesticide spray equipment, Heping Zhu, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.23

Less Pain for Lab Animals, new easier more humane lancet “Goldenrod” for drawing blood in mice, William T. Golde, Orient Point, NY, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.23

A Zippy Test for Zinc Sufficiency, zinc supplementation’s effect on ZIP1 gene activity and zinc in white blood cells, Liping Huang, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.23

Novel Pig Gene Database, Porcine Immunology and Nutrition (PIN) Database, swine genes and proteins and nutrition and immunity, Harry Dawson and Joseph Urban, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06MAYp.2

Grapevine Research Extends Vigorous New Tendrils, ARS grape research in Parlier and Davis, CA, Fort Collins, CO, Poplarville, MS, Parma, ID, Geneva, NY, Judith St. John, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.2

Grapes! Our Never-Ending Crush, ARS grape breeding, embryo rescue, new releases Sweet Scarlet, Scarlet Royal, Autumn King, phenols, antioxidants, anthocyanin assay, glassy-winged sharpshooter and Pierce’s disease, cryopreservation, muscadines, David W. Ramming, Parlier, CA, Jungmin Lee, Krista C. Shellie, Parma, ID, David D. Ellis, Davis, CA, Geneva, NY, Leigh E. Towill, Fort Collins, CO, Stephen J. Stringer, Poplarville, MS, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Lane, OK, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.4-8

In New York’s Finger Lakes Region—A Focus on Grape Genetics, Grape Genetics Research Unit in Geneva, NY, grape collection at PGRU in NPGS, gene variations for breeding for grape color and other traits, rootstock selection and gene selection for nematode resistance, gray mold and powdery mildew resistance, Christopher Owens, Peter Cousins, Lance Cadle-Davidson, Amanda Garris, Geneva, NY, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.9-11

Trellis-Tension Technology Fine-Tunes Grape-Yield Estimates, automated trellis system for grape management and estimating yields, Julie Tarara, Paul E. Blom, John C. Ferguson, Prosser, WA, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.12-13

Beyond Insecticides: Improved Methods of Whitefly Control, ELISA method tests insect guts to determine whitefly predators, selective insecticides/growth regulators that don’t harm natural biological control predators, buprofezin and pyriproxyfen, integrated pest management, James Hagler, Steven Naranjo, Maricopa, AZ, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.14-15

Their Mission? To Build a Better Peanut, three new peanut cultivars resist Sclerotinia blight  and two others resist blight and are high in oleic acid, rice and alfalfa genes for Sclerotinia resistance, Kelly D. Chenault, Hassan  A. Melouk, Stillwater, OK, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.16-17

Low Zinc Levels Could Take Your Breath Away, dietary zinc’s affect on physiological/metabolic activity and exercise response, red blood cells, metabolic response during exercise, carbonic anhydrase activity, heart function, and carbon dioxide buildup, Henry C. Lukaski, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.18

Ethanol Feedstock From Citrus Peel Waste, improving cost-effectiveness of making ethanol from citrus peel waste, limonene for cattle feed, Wilbur W. Widmer, Winter Haven, FL, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.19

Grower’s Choice: Organic and Conventional Vegetable Production Explored, organic vs. conventional production of bell pepper, cucumber, and sweet corn, using humates, corn gluten meal, pelargonic acid, and vinegar for weed control, organic fertilizer rates, Vincent Russo, Charles Webber, Lane, OK, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.20-21

Brassica’s Pest Control Role in Apple Orchards Clarified, Brassica species effects on control of Rhizoctonia solani (cause of apple replant disease) are due to soil biology rather than biofumigation, nitric oxide production in soil rather than isothiocyanates, Mark Mazzola, Wenatchee, WA, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.22

Black Lentils Rich in New Nutrient, new anthocyanin in Beluga black lentils, Gary R. Takeoka, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.23

I.D.-ing Insects at Different Life Stages, DNA fingerprinting matches immature predatory insects to their adult forms, Matthew Greenstone, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.23

Versatile Soybeans Resist Pests and Diseases, two new soybean lines resist soybean cyst nematodes, sudden death syndrome, stem canker, frogeye leaf spot and more, Prakash R. Arelli, Jackson, TN, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.23

Nonfishy Sushi, edible food wraps (for filling with food ingredients) made from vegetables and fruits, Tara H. Mcugh, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.23

Seeking a Genetic Key to Better Cotton, movement to develop DNA marker database and genetic map of cotton genome, Jodi A. Scheffler, Brian Scheffler, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 06APRp.23

Tackling a Weighty Problem: America’s Obesity Epidemic, research to prevent weight gain and obesity, childhood obesity, community programs, new foods and food additives, calorie and nutrient databases, Molly Kretsch, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.2

Inflammatory News About Fat Cells, role of immune system’s macrophages in fat tissue, inflammatory molecules released, lipids, obesity-related diseases and complications, Andrew Greenberg, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.4

Genetic Variations Affect Obesity-Related Risks, perilipin gene variations associated with body weight, body fat, obesity, waist circumference, and diabetes, Andrew Greenberg, José Ordovas, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.5

In the Battle of the Bulge, Lifestyle Can’t Be Overlooked, dietary eating habits and lifestyle practices and body mass index (BMI), overweight, and obesity, intake of calories, total fat, and saturated fat, television watching, weight management, Shanthy A. Bowman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.6

Girls’ Body Weight Is Associated With Eating Patterns, Girls Health Enrichment Multi-Site Studies (GEMS), questionnaires for dietary intake and obesity prevention in African-American girls, BMI vs. vegetable consumption, calories, snacks, Karen W. Cullen, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.7

Using Computer Games and Other Media To Decrease Child Obesity, interactive computer and Internet games (edutainment) for eHealth programs for obesity prevention in African-American girls, increasing activity and fruit, vegetable, and water consumption, Squire’s Quest and Kingdom of 5ALot computer games, Multicultural 5-A-Day Project, Deborah I. Thompson, Karen Cullen, Thomas Baranowski, Houston, TX, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.8-9

Health at Every Size: New Hope for Obese Americans? alternative approach to traditional dieting, healthy food choices, physical activity, and self-esteem counseling, cholesterol and systolic blood pressure, dieters, obesity, depression, weight loss, Marta D. Van Loan, Nancy L. Keim, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.10-11

Cooking Up Tempting, Fat-Fighting Foods and Ingredients, obesity-fighting fat-fighting foods and food additives from ARS, all-fruit apple bars, C-Trim to cut fat, calories, and carbohydrate in chocolate and cookies, C-Trim adds beta-glucan/fiber to yogurt, low-fat mozzarella, reduced oil in rice-based batter for deep-fried okra and other foods, Tara H. McHugh, Albany, CA, George E. Inglett, Kathleen A. Warner, Mukti Singh,Peoria, IL, Michael H. Tunick, Wyndmoor, PA, Frederick F. Shih, Kim W. Daigle, Karen L. Bett-Garber, New Orleans, LA, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.12-15

Changing Lifestyles To Fight Obesity in the Delta, nutrition and lifestyle intervention research to improve diet, health, and exercise of Lower Mississippi River Delta communities, NIRI rsearchers, fitness, community gardens, rolling stores for fresh produce and healthy recipes, People United to Sustain Health (PUSH), obesity prevention, Margaret L. Bogle, Little  Rock, AR, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.16-18

A “Stick-to-it” Diet May Help Control Weight, comparison of popular weight-loss diets in overweight and obese people, Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, and Zone, heart disease risk reduction, HDL and LDL cholesterol, blood insulin and C reactive protein (CRP), Ernst Schaefer, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.19

Whole-Grain Foods’ Fat-Fighting Role Scrutinized, effect of dietary whole grains vs. refined grains on HDL, LDL, and VLDL lipoproteins and triglycerides and particularly apolipoprotein CIII (apoCIII), risk of heart disease, Nancy L. Keim, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.20-21

Plant-Based Diet May Help Control Weight, plant-based diets related to obesity and overweight in healthy women of Swedish Mammography Cohort, BMI of semi-vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores, P.K. Newby, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.22

Adequate Copper Saves Bones During Weight Loss, physiological changes during weight loss, calcium retention in bones and copper nutrition requirements during dieting, Henry C. Lukaski, Grand Forks, ND, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.22

ARS National Research Program on Obesity, obesity epidemic in United States and ARS’s cohesive program on obesity prevention and energy metabolism, human nutrition research centers, (html) or (pdf) 06MARp.23

Food Safety’s Bright Web Venue: FSRIO, Food Safety Research Information Office online database of food safety info., James A. Lindsay, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.2

Protozoa: The Inside Story, role of Tetrahymena protozoa in protecting food-poisoning Salmonella enterica from food sanitation, food safety, Maria T. Brandl, Albany, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.4-5

Protozoa: An Animal-Research  First, increased virulence of Salmonella in protozoa inside cow’s digestive tract, genetic factors for resistance to antibiotics, defaunation to rid rumen of protozoa, Steven A. Carlson, Mark A. Rasmussen, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.6-7

Cicadas’ Fungal Foe Is Potential Friend of Science, Cordyceps heteropoda fungi on some cicadas  have antibacterial and antifungal properties and produce myriocin immunosuppressant, Donna M. Gibson, Ithaca, NY, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.8

An Eye Test for Barber Pole Worm, managing spread of anemia and bottle jaw with FAMACHA eye color chart, targeting deworming to prevent resistance to anthelmintics, Joan M. Burke, Booneville, AR, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.9

Finding Solutions to Campylobacter in Poultry Production, Campylobacter contamination of broilers and carcasses in feces of transport coops, cage cleaning, contamination during feather removal, Mark Berrang, Julie Northcutt, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.10

New Oat Boasts More Beta-Glucan for Healthier Hearts, HiFi spring oat line is high in fiber and beta-glucan, Douglas C. Doehlert, Fargo, ND, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.11

Fine-Tuning Nursery and Greenhouse Plant Care, greenhouse monitoring/application system for water, nutrient, and pesticide management and conservation for ornamentals in greenhouses and nurseries, spray nozzles, pot-in-pot tree production, robotic systems, sensors, Charles R. Krause, Wooster, OH, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.12-14

Folk Remedy Yields Mosquito-Thwarting Compound, insect-repellent compounds from American beauty, callicarpenal comparison with DEET and SS220 in preventing mosquito and other insect bites, Charles L. Cantrell, Jerome A. Klun, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.15

Revolutionized Rangeland Monitoring, new aerial-photograph remote-sensing monitoring system for assessing desolate rangeland areas in Northern Plains and Pacific West, will aid Bureau of Land Management and ARS research, computer software assesses vegetation, range, and stream health and changes over time, grazing management, D. Terrance Booth, Cheyenne, WY, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.16-18

Green Acres, spring and fall cool season grasses for pastures in Great Plains, animal weight gain, forage protein, and digestibility,  Marshall R. Haferkamp, Elaine E. Grings, Michael D. MacNeil, Miles City, MT, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.19

New Mastitis Treatment May Offer Alternative to Antibiotics, Poly-x sugar injections into cows’ mammary glands reduce mastitis in cow, natural alternative to antibiotics, Max J. Paape, Douglas Bannerman, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.20

Vectored Vaccines for Avian Influenza, using adenoviruses, Newcastle disease virus, and other viruses as viral vectors for mass application in sprays or ovo injections for avian influenza, David Swayne, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.21

Heat Inactivates Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease Viruses in Egg Products, inactivating two poultry disease viruses by pasteurization,  food safety, David Swayne, Athens, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.21

Sorghum Collection Screening Reveals New Sources of Anthracnose Resistance, African sorghum lines that resist anthracnose, John E. Erpelding, Mayagüez, PR, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.22

Too Many Carbs May Spoil Eyesight, in Nutrition and Vision Project, high dietary carbohydrate linked to lens opacity, or cataracts, Allen Taylor, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.23

Boost for Trout Producers, producing fast-growing trout from fish having three sets of chromosomes, William K. Hershberger, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.23 

Score One for Anammox, planctomycetes bacteria isolated that power anaerobic ammonium oxidation called anammox to convert animal wastewater nitrate and ammonium to nitrogen gas, Matias B. Vanotti, Ariel A. Szogi, Florence, SC, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.23

Whole-Grain Plaque Fighters, whole-grain intact vs. plaque buildup, atherosclerosis, stenosis and heart disease progression after cereal fiber consumption, Alice H. Lichtenstein, Boston, MA, (html) or (pdf) 06FEBp.23

Travels To Gather, Improve Apples Start To Bear Fruit, Asia expeditions for Malus sieversii germplasm collection to apple genetics for improved disease and insect resistance, Philip L. Forsline, Geneva, NY, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.2

Remarkable Kazak Apples, plant expeditions for Malus sieversii germplasm  in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, genetic diversity of apples, rootstock breeding for scab and fire blight resistance, collar rot and replant resistance, Philip L. Forsline, Gennaro Fazio, Geneva, NY, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.4-6

A Colorful New Subtropical for U.S. Gardens, ornamental cape milkwort Polygala myrtifolia, Chapman Field, Alan W. Meerow, Tomas Ayala-Silva, Miami, FL, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.7

Super Soy! Stephen Boué, human health-promoting anticancer glyceollin compounds from Aspergillus sojae stress to sprouting soybean seeds, Carol Carter-Wientjes, Betty Shih, New Orleans, LA, Ed Cleveland, Baton Rouge, LA, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.8-10

Vaccination Alone Not Eradicating This Bovine Virus, efficacy of current bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) management and treatment, future serum test for BVDV from serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) technology, Julia F. Ridpath, John D. Neill, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.11

Getting to the Root of the Solution, nitrogen transport/absorption in roots via arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, arginine, bioassays for effect of root chemicals, sunlight, and carbon dioxide on fungi growth, David D. Douds, Philip E. Pfeffer, Gerald Nagahashi, Wyndmoor, PA, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.12-13

No-Till Plus Poultry Litter Raises Cotton Yields in Drought, yield of no-till or conventional-till cotton fertilized with poultry manure or conventional fertilizer in drought, water conservation in Southeast, Dinku Endale, Harry Schomberg, Watkinsville, GA, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.14-15

New, Convenient Catfish Products Created, frozen food products from mis-cut catfish fillets and belly flap meat, catfish wonton turnovers, nuggets, Jin Kim, Pine Bluff, AR, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.16

Genes May Lead Way to Bigger Rainbow Trout, genome studies for growth and development genes, ID genes identified, Scott Gahr, Caird Rexroad III, Kearneysville, WV, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.17

Nutritious Treat for Cattle and Wildlife: Forage Kochia! taller forage kochia from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan for winter grazing in western United States, revegetation, Blair L. Waldron, N. Jerry Chatterton, Logan, UT, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.18-19

A Versatile New Sugarcane for Florida, high-sugar sugarcane during winter, Jack C. Comstock, Barry S. Glaz, Canal Point, FL, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.20

Using HOOF-Prints To Track Brucellosis Outbreaks, new DNA fingerprinting method Hypervariable Octametric  Oligonucleotide Fingerprints for Brucella bacteria identification, genetic markers, Betsy J. Bricker, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.21

Plant Compounds Inhibit Blood Clotting, natural plant phytochemicals N-caffeoyldopamine and N-coumaroyldopamine synthesized, suppress blood clotting and plaque buildup in arteries, atherosclerosis, blood platelets, coronary heart disease, Jae B. Park, Beltsville, MD, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.22

Successful No-Till Requires Complete Management, potassium availability to roots in no-till fields, liquid potassium applications at planting, Douglas L. Karlen, Ames, IA, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.23

Probing Dietary Copper’s Healthy Limits, lowering upper limit of dietary copper intake, antioxidant levels, immune response, Judith R. Turnlund, Davis, CA, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.23

Screening Weeds for Glyphosate Resistance, glyphosate-resistant horseweed, two quick tests for glyphosate resistance, Clifford H. Koger III, Stoneville, MS, (html) or (pdf) 06JANp.23

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