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July 2014 - Vol. 62, No. 6

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July 2014 issue (PDF publication).

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Table of Contents

Forum—Enhancing Food Safety by Supporting Regulatory Agencies and Industry (html) or (pdf)

A Lab That Keeps Us All Out of a Pickle (html) or (pdf)

Genetic Mapping of Rust-Resistance Genes in Sunflower (html) or (pdf)

Orange-Fleshed Honeydew Melon: Ripe for Beta-Carotene Analysis (html) or (pdf)
Los melones dulces de pulpa anaranjada: Listos para análisis de los niveles de beta-caroteno (html)

Making a Barley Fish Feed Product (html) or (pdf)

Details Matter in Modeling Carbon Sequestration and Cropping Systems (html) or (pdf)

Reducing Fertilizer Needs by Accounting for Soil Microbes (html) or (pdf)

Data Analyses Show How Weather Patterns Can Affect Cattle Production (html) or (pdf)
Sidebar: Weather and Weight (html)

Whacking Weeds Organically (html) or (pdf)

Treatment Has Potential To Reduce Allergenicity of Peanuts (html) or (pdf)

Locations Featured in This Magazine Issue (html) or (pdf)


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