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Contents, Agricultural Research Magazine

Agricultural Research Magazine

December 1999 - Vol. 47, No. 12

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Table of Contents

Forum—ARS Research: Past, Present, and Future (html) or (pdf)

Farming and Natural Resources (html) or (pdf)

At the Root of Civilization: Crop Plants (html) or (pdf)

Onward From Mendel (html) or (pdf)

VIROIDS!—From Scourge to Boon in the 21st Century? (html) or (pdf)

Three New Crops for the Future (html) or (pdf)

Improving the Weather Odds (html) or (pdf)

Nutrition Research: Key to Eating Better (html) or (pdf)

Phytonutrients Take Center Stage (html) or (pdf)

Nutrition for the Very Young (html) or (pdf)

Toward a Safer Food Supply (html) or (pdf)

Animal Agriculture—Conception to Consumption (html) or (pdf)

The Future Builds on the Past—Getting More Milk From Fewer Cows (html) or (pdf)

Cowboys Use High Tech to Round ’em Up (html) or (pdf)

Beating Summertime Insect Woes (html) or (pdf)

A Few of the Many—Outstanding ARS Accomplishments (html) or (pdf)

Index ‘99 (html) or (pdf)

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