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2004 Index



Africanized honey bees, spread of, Mar-4
Agricultural dust, errors in sampling of, May-10
Agroforestry, benefits of, Dec-18
Air quality of agricultural operations
   monitoring with LiDAR, Oct-20
   samplers overestimate dust levels, May-10
American Indian tribes, ARS's work with, Nov-20
Animal health
   device measures core temperature, Nov-23
   transmissible spongiform encephalopathies,
      Dec-2, 4
Animal welfare, reducing aggressive pecking in
   hens, Jul-23
Aquaculture, rearing of sunshine bass, Jun-14
Asian longhorned beetles, detection of, Feb-12
Bacillus thuringiensis, as nematode control, Aug-16
Barley, breeding for resistance to Russian wheat
   aphid, Apr-16
Beauveria bassiana
   as biocontrol for coffee berry borer, Nov-10
   as biocontrol of grasshoppers, crickets, Oct-10
Beef, gene for leanness, tenderness of, Jul-10
   breeding SMR trait for Varroa resistance, May-14
   managing hives near Africanized bees, Mar-4
   grooming helps resist tracheal mites, Dec-21
   Metarhizium fungus kills Varroa mites, Oct-18
   bacterial toxins kill five crop pests, Jun-23
   managing disease in beneficial insects for, Apr-22
   of coffee berry borer, Nov-10
   of giant salvinia with weevil, Sep-10
   of grasshoppers and Mormon crickets, Oct-10
   of imported fire ants, Dec-12
   of leafrollers in orchards, Jan-12
   of melaleuca, Nov-4
   of Old World climbing fern, Jul-12
   of silverleaf whitefly, Mar-23
   of soybean cyst nematodes, Mar-13
   of yellow starthistle with rust fungus, Aug-20
Biofumigants, mustard plants as, Oct-14
Black vine weevil, audio detection of, Apr-8
   bacteriocins reduce, Nov-23
   genetic makeup of, Oct-2,4
   RNA assays detect active genes in, Oct-6
   staining with triphenyltetrazolium chloride, Oct-7
Carrots, pigmented, health benefits of, Nov-12
   dogs trained to smell off-flavor in, Apr-10
   limiting poaching of by water turkeys, Jan-23
   bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Dec-2, 4
   digestion/productivity with pasture mixes, Mar-10
   genes for mastitis resistance in, Sep-4
   grass-fed, year-round production of, Feb-14
   grazing's effect on field nitrate levels, Jun-21
   oral vaccine for E. coli infection in, Aug-14
Cereal crops, sequencing genomes of, Oct-13
Cherries, anti-inflammatory effects of, May-18
   intestinal expressed genomic library, Dec-20
   pilot processing plant for studies of, Feb-22
   Safe2O poultry wash reduces bacteria on, Oct-7
   Salmonella weakens eggshells of, Oct-19
   selecting for less aggression in hens, Jul-23
Chronic wasting disease of deer, elk, Dec-2, 4
Cinnamon, effect of on sugar metabolism, Apr-19
Citrus leprosis virus, identifying mite vectors,
Climate change, effect of on erosion, crops, Jul-8
Coffee berry borer, biocontrol of, Nov-10
Coffee green scale, control of, Sep-18
Coffee, genetic differences for species of, Jun-18
Colorado potato beetle
   biocontrol of, Jun-23
   new freeze-dried diet for, Mar-17
ComBase, predictive microbiology database, Feb-18
Computer models, costs of ethanol production,
Conservation Effects Assessment Program, May-2
Corn rootworm, biocontrol of, Jun-23
   Bt, risk to monarch butterfly, Sep-4
   endophyte in fights harmful fungi, Dec-15
   improving ethanol production from, Jul-16
   modified grain sorter spots mycotoxins in, Jun-23
   Bt, monitoring insect resistance to, Sep-4
   desert shrub gene inserted into, Nov-9
   device replaces broken bale ties, Nov-23
   DNA-based identification system for, Jul-23
   sampling system tells fiber properties of, Oct-8
   solid-wound brush reduces gin noise, Apr-23
Cotton-clay nanocomposite is heat tolerant and
   flame retardant, Apr-9
Cows, see Cattle
Delta Nutrition Intervention Research Initiative,
Desertification, studies on preventing, Jul-4
Diamondback moth, biocontrol of, Jun-23
E. coli, calves gall bladder contain, Aug-14
ECOTONE computer model predicts landscape
   changes, Jul-4
   germplasm collection of, Jan-16
   measuring phenolic acid content of, Jan-16
Eggs, quality and functionality of in storage, Jun-17
Electromagnetic induction
   for measuring soil nutrients, Sep-14
   for measuring soil salinity, Sep-16
   streambank, methods to control, May-2, 4
   tracking rock movement with transponders and
   GPS, May-23
Escherichia coli, preventing infection in pigs, Mar-9
   computer models for production costs of, Jul-16
   use of byproducts from production of, Oct-23
Exotic Newcastle disease, vaccine for, Apr-23


Fertigation, advances in use of, Nov-18
Fertilizer, optimal application of phosphorus, Jul-23
Floral crops
   preserving germplasm of, Aug-12
   protecting from invasive fungi, Mar-14
   salt-tolerance of, Aug-4
Food packaging, edible adhesives for, Aug-23
Food safety
   bacteriocins reduce bacteria numbers, Nov-23
   BSE surveillance program and, Dec-2, 4
   Campylobacter and, Oct-2, 4, 7
   new database for monitoring levels of, Feb-18
   oral vaccine to fight E. coli in cattle, Aug-14
   prebiotics boost good gut bacteria, Aug-23
   Safe2O poultry wash reduces bacteria, Oct-7
   vitamin E fights bacteria in turkey gut, Jan-11
   21st-Century Sugar Beet Breeding, Apr-2
   An Exciting New Initiative To Make Watersheds
     Healthy, May-2
   ARS Battles Mad Cow, Scrapie, and Other
     TSEs, Dec-2
   Bee Benefits to Agriculture, Mar-2
   Cycles of Learning: ARS and Tomorrow's
      Scientists, Aug-2
   How Safe Are Genetically Engineered Crops?
   Integrated Pest Management Programs Strive To
     Solve Agricultural Problems, Nov-2
   Local Research, But Everyone's Watching, Feb-2
   Monitoring Rangeland Health for an Experiment in
      Public Land Ownership, Jul-2
   Premier Papaya Plantations Rescued Through
     Science and Teamwork, Jan-2
   Quelling Campylobacter: It Takes a Planet, Oct-2
   When Too Much of a Good Thing Is Bad, Jun-2
   biofumigating with mustard plants, Oct-14
   grain sorter detects mycotoxins of, Jun-23
   identification of at U.S. ports, Mar-14
   mycorrhizal, effect of fertilizers on, May-7
   new pinto bean resists, Apr-23
   on flowers and trees, Mar-14
   PCR test identifies rusts in wheat, Jun-13
Fungicide, from peppers, fights fruit molds, Mar-23
Fusarium sporotrichioides, genes added to, Oct-23
Gardenias, research leads to lift of ban on, Sep-18
   of flowering plants, Aug-12
   of lychee and longan, May-20
   of macadamia nuts at Hilo, Jun-18
Genetic engineering
   and new allergens, Sep-4
   desert shrub gene inserted into cotton, Nov-9
   of potato for late blight resistance, Aug-11
   of rice for resistance to blast fungus, Aug-18
   timeline of, Sep-6
   altered Fusarium produces carotenoids, Oct-23
   papaya studies using, Jan-2, 4
   reverse transcription for swine flu vaccine, Feb-20
   mapping of sugar beet, Apr-2, 4
   sequencing of in cereal crops, Oct-13
Genomics, use of to counter poultry diseases,
Geographic information system, use in cotton
   sampling, Oct-8
Giant salvinia, weevil as biocontrol for, Sep-10
Global Positioning System, use in cotton sampling,
Goat's milk, test for Brucella melitensis in Oct-23
Grass seed, economical production of, Feb-10
Grass, garbage pulp helps revegetate lands, Jul-15
Grasses, native species, revegetating with, May-17
Grass-fed beef and year-round grazing, Feb-14
   migratory behavior of, Oct-12
   research on outbreaks of, Oct-10
Grazing, Directional Virtual Fencing (DVF) to control,
Green stinkbug, biocontrol of, Jun-23
Groundwater, nitrate movement in soil to, Jun-23
Hawaii Area Wide Fruit Fly Integrated Pest
   Management (HAW-FLYPM) program, Feb-2, 4, 9
Hessian fly, developing wheat resistant to, Apr-23
Honey bees, benefits of and threats to, Mar-2
   device detects black vine weevils in pots, Apr-8
   protecting industry from invasive fungi, Mar-14
Human nutrition
   abdominal obesity and metabolic syndrome, Jun-8
   adding whey proteins to snacks, Jun-23
   antioxidants in Bing cherries help arthritis, May-18
   Automated Multiple Pass Method, Jun-10
   choline database online, Oct-23
   cinnamon compounds, insulin effect of, Apr-19
   cobalamin measurement in diet, Feb-23
   computer game inspires kids to eat better,
   diet- and obesity-related illness, Jun-2, 4, 8
   dietary habits in Lower Mississippi Delta, Jun-4
   diet vs. cholesterol, immunity, Mar-23
   folate levels related to depression, Apr-15
   health benefits of pigmented carrots, Nov-12
   lycopene, other carotenoids, Oct-23, Dec-10
   magnesium and energy, heart health, May-8
   measuring iron uptake from milk, Jul-22
   methods for dietary research, Jun-8, 10
   Mobile Nutrition Research Laboratory, Jul-18
   National Fluoride Database, Nov-22
   nutrition research on American Indians, Jul-18
   oats benefit artery health, Jun-7
   obesity, high U.S. rate of, Jun-2, 8
   rheumatoid arthritis and calorie needs, Jul-22
   soy infant formula, long-term effects of, Jan-8
   soy isoflavone supplements for bone loss, Apr-21
   trans fatty acids linked to LDL cholesterol, May-23
   vitamin D and muscle strength, Oct-19
   whole-grain fiber benefits, Dec-16
Imported fire ants, baits, repellents for, Dec-12
Insects, beneficial, microsporidia in, Apr-22
Integrated pest management
   fruit fly control with, Feb-2, 4
   imported fire ants control with, Dec-12
   nine ARS programs in, Nov-2
   sprinkler, for plant selenium absorption, Sep-23
   with recycled drainage waters, Sep-16
Jornada Experimental Range, studies on health of desert rangeland, Jul-2, 4
LiDAR, testing agricultural air quality with, Oct-20
Listeria monocytogenes, in turkey, Jan-11
Little Topashaw Creek, erosion research at, May-4
Longan, help for Hawaiian growers of, May-20
Lychee, help for Hawaiian growers of, May-20


Macadamia nuts, genetic studies of, Jun-18
Mad cow disease, Dec-2, 4
Malaysian fruit fly, control of, Feb-2, 4
Manure, phosphorus in binds to water-treatment
   residue, Jul-21
Mediterranean fruit fly, control of, Feb-2, 4
Melaleuca,areawide IPM program, Nov-4
Melon fly, control of, Feb-2, 4
Metarhizium anisopliae
   as biocontrol of Orthoptera, Oct-10
   kills Varroa mites, Oct-18
Micropropagation of sweetgum trees, Dec-17
Milk production, forage plants' effect on, Mar-10
Mormon crickets, migratory behavior of, Oct-12
Moths, unisex lure for loopers and other, Nov-14
Mustard cover crops as biofumigants, Oct-14
Mycologists, role of to port inspectors, Mar-14
Myostatin gene affects lean/fat ratio in beef, Jul-10
National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Fruit and
   Nut Crops, Jan-7, Apr-12, Nov-17
National Small Grains Collection, Apr-16
   as biocontrol for coffee berry borer, Nov-10
   biofumigating with mustard plants, Oct-14
   methods to disrupt development of, Aug-16
   soybean cyst, biocontrol of, Mar-13
Nursery crops, effect of mycorrhizal fungi on, May-7
Oats, avenanthramides in suppress blood cell
   adhesion to arteries, Jun-7
Office of International Research Programs,
   work with Mexico, Jan-21
Old World climbing fern, biocontrols for, Jul-12
Orange juice, smell and taste tests for aroma
   compounds in, Sep-20
Oranges, pectin in peel aids gut bacteria, Mar-23
Oriental fruit fly, control of, Feb-2, 4
Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center, Aug-12
   genetic studies, new varieties of, Jan-2, 4
   sex chromosomes and fruit size, quality, Sep-23
Pasture-based dairy systems, Mar-10
Peach, new peento variety named "Galaxy," Apr-12
Peas, Rhizobium/mycorrhizal inoculant fixes nitrogen,
   raises yields of, Feb-19
Pecans, foliar-applied nickel prevents mouse-ear in,
Phosphorus, optimal application of to soil, Jul-23
Phytoremediation, alpine pennycress removes zinc,
   cadmium from soil, Sep-22
   beneficial-bacteria mix fights E. coli in, Mar-9
   DXA to measure carcass composition of, Jan-19
   reducing Salmonella, preslaughter, Feb-16
   swine influenza vaccine, Feb-20
   tracking Salmonella with biophotonics, May-23
Pinto bean, resists root-rot fungi, Apr-23
   ARS collection of, Nov-17
   device uses impact acoustics to sort, Nov-16
Plant Gene Expression Center, Aug-2
Plowing and carbon loss, Oct-15
Plums, three new, Apr-12
Pollination, identifying genes involved in, Aug-8
Pork, see Pigs
   hybrids with late blight resistance, Aug-11
   new Ivory Crisp variety good for frying, Sep-23
Poultry (see also Chickens, Turkeys)
   probiotics influence microbes in gut of, Jan-20
   vaccine for exotic Newcastle disease, Apr-23
Prebiotics as food/feed additives boost good gut bacteria, Aug-23
Precipitation predictions, usefulness of, Jul-8
Prions, tests to detect in animals, feed, Dec-4
Rangeland health, research on at Jornada Experimental Range, Jul-2, 4
Rangeland, revegetating with native plants, Nov-20
Raspberries, protective adaptations in, Nov-23
   micropropagation technique aids, Dec-17
   of Missouri floodplains, Dec-18
Remote sensing of soil moisture, Mar-20
   gene for blast fungus resistance, Aug-18
   nitrogen availability affects yields, Sep-9
   sequencing genome of, Oct-13
Risk assessment of transgenic organisms, Sep-2, 4
Roots, adventitious, Nov-23
Root washer speeds root studies, Jan-19
Roses, wild, benefit biocontrol wasps, Jan-12
Rubisco activase gene to help cotton in heat, Nov-9
Russian wheat aphid, new biotype, Apr-16


SAGE analysis in turkey reproduction, Sep-12
   managing in lower Colorado River area, Sep-16
   of soils and groundwater in California, Aug-4
   bacteriocins reduce numbers of, Nov-23
   eggshell quality affected by, Oct-19
   tracking movement of in pigs, May-23
Sclerotinia, sunflower germplasms resist, May-13
Scrapie in sheep and goats, Dec-2, 4
Seed source islands revegetate rangelands, Nov-20
Seed, chaffy, machine cleans and sorts, Jan-23
Selenium, kale and turnip absorb excess from
   waters, Sep-23
   diagnosing scrapie in, Dec-4
   grazing and grasshopper outbreaks, Oct-10
   leafy-spurge-eating, Sep-23
Silverleaf whitefly, biocontrol of, Mar-23, Jun-23
Snails, mugwort extract vulgarone B as control for,
Soil Climate Analysis Network, Mar-20
Soil conductivity, changes in, Sep-14
Soil Moisture Experiment 2003 (SMEX03), Mar-20
   carbon loss from one plowing, Oct-16
   compacted, trash pulp helps revegetate, Jul-15
   compaction of by tractors, Jan-23
   monitoring moisture of to predict weather, Mar-20
   mycorrhizal fungi in, May-7
   optimal application of phosphorus to, Jul-23
   phosphorus in binds to alum-based water-
      treatment residue, Jul-21
   removing excess metals from with alpine
      pennycress, Sep-22
   salinity of in California, Aug-4
   "Salt Sniffer" maps high-saline, Sep-16
   sensor measures compaction of, Feb-23
   submerged, nitrogen binds strongly to organic
      matter in, Sep-9
   tillage affect on CO2 loss from, Mar-13
Soilborne pests, biofumigation of, Oct-14
Sorghum, testing new baking uses for, Jun-22
Soy and drug metabolism, Jan-8
Soy isoflavone supplements and bone health,
Soy oil, biodegradable hydraulic fluid from, Oct-22
Soy proteins in infant formula, Jan-8
   biocontrol of nematode pest of, Mar-13
   hypoallergenic, Sep-4
   new germplasm for high yield, diversity, Jul-20
   new line yields oil with high oleic acid, Feb-22
   soy flour-wheat flour ratio for breadmaking,
   models for long-range planning of, Jul-8
   of Rio Grande, predicting, Jul-4
Sugar beets
   genetic tools assist in breeding of, Apr-2, 4
   two new lines with smooth roots, Mar-23
Sugar, edible adhesives made from, Aug-23
Sunflowers, three new germplasm lines resist Sclerotinia, May-13
Sunshine bass, improved production of, Jun-14
Super Slurper dries soaked books and paper,
TAME Melaleuca project in Everglades, Nov-2, 4
Termites, low-dose naphthalenic bait for, Oct-23
   for Brucella melitensis in goat's milk, Oct-23
   for ractopamine detection in livestock, Apr-20
   PCR test identifies E. coli strains, Jul-23
Ticks, collaboration to control in Scotland, Apr-21
Tillage type, effect of on CO2 loss from soil, Mar-13
Tortillas, delaying staling of, Sep-15
Transgenes, preventing spread of, Sep-4
Transgenic organisms, risk assessment of, Sep-2, 4
Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies,
   Dec-2, 4
   automated plant culture system for, Dec-17
   root production method and, Dec-18
   genetic studies of sperm survival, Sep-12
   vitamin E lowers Listeria monocytogenes in,
U.S. National Fungus Collections, Mar-14
Valles Caldera National Preserve, ARS research
   tested at, Jul-2
Varroa mites, breeding bees with natural resistance
   trait, May-14
Vitamin D and muscle strength, falls in elderly,
Wasp, parasitic, as biocontrol for silverleaf whitefly,
Watermelon, low sugar, high lycopene in, Dec-10
Water quality
   ARS efforts at Little Topashaw Creek, May-2, 4
   curbing phosphorus runoff to water bodies, Jul-21
   nitrate in groundwater under pastures, Jun-21
   using reclaimed waters for irrigation, Aug-4
Water supply, climate data helps predict, Jul-8
   biofumigating with mustard plants, Oct-14
   control of Russian knapseed, May-23
Wheat flour, gluten and protein tests for, Sep-15
Wheat starch, biodegradable foodservice
   containers from, Sep-19
   Hessian fly saliva triggers response in, Apr-23
   new PCR test precisely identifies rusts in, Jun-13
   with resistance to Russian wheat aphid, Apr-16
Wildlife, agroforestry efforts help preserve, Dec-18
Yeasts, role of in coffee berry borer biology, Nov-10
Yellow starthistle, fungal biocontrol of, Aug-20

"2004 Index" was published in the December 2004 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.


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