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Contents, Agricultural Research Magazine

Agricultural Research Magazine

April 1997 - Vol. 45, No. 4

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Table of Contents

Forum - Erosion Prediction for the Next Millennium (html) (pdf)

WEPP: Spilling the Secrets of Water Erosion (html) (pdf)

Vanishing Ponds Not a Sure Sign of Spring (html) (pdf)

Sap Beetle Has a Nematode Nemesis (html) (pdf)

Keeping Fuji Apples Fresh (html) (pdf)

Gentle Sprayer Cuts Pesticide Drift (html) (pdf)

Nothing but a Wasteful Weed (html) (pdf)

Calcium Boosts Fruit Quality (html) (pdf)

Using Heat To Study Ice Damage in Plants (html) (pdf)

Plastic Made More Flexible, More Degradable (html) (pdf)

Computer Figures Risk of Rust in Wheat (html) (pdf)

Science Update (html) (pdf)
    Bacteria May Provide Biofuel, Cheap Nitrogen Fertilizer
    Speediest Cover Crop?
    A Couple of Drinks a Day Can Lower Vitamin B
    Seed's Coat of Many Microbes Wards Off Rot

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