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Agricultural Research Magazine

April 2010 - Vol. 58, No. 4

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April 2010 issue (PDF publication).

Table of Contents

Forum—At BARC, We've Only Just Begun (html) or (pdf)

Celebrating 100 Years of Beltsville Agricultural Research (html) or (pdf)

Diverse Wheat Tapped for Antifungal Genes (html) or (pdf)
Líneas de trigo asiático estudiadas para encontrar genes contra un hongo (html)

New Ideas for Longer Lasting Blooms Blossom in California Laboratory (html) or (pdf)

Figuring Out Puzzling Animal Diseases (html) or (pdf)

Self-Pollinating Almonds Key to Bountiful Harvests (html) or (pdf)

Whole-Grain Rice Stakes Out Its Claim (html) or (pdf)
    Fast Facts About Rice (html)

Hops Could Reduce Ammonia Production in Cattle (html) or (pdf)

"Skip Planting a Row or Two" Is Good Advice for Some (html) or (pdf)

Partnering With the NRC (html) or (pdf)

Niches and Glitches in Ethanol Production (html) or (pdf)

Better Guidance for Battling Corn Earworm (html) or (pdf)

Subtract Pounds of Weeds, Add Pounds of Grass = More Cows (html) or (pdf)  

Science Update (html) or (pdf)
    Drug Eliminates Parasite That Causes Babesiosis in Horses
    Researchers Study Effect of Cinnamon Compounds on Brain Cells
    Springtime Sheep Grazing Helps Control Leafy Spurge
    Food "Tattoos": An Alternative to Labels for Identifying Fruit








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