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FNRI 2009 Workshop Posters
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2009 Workshop Posters (alphabetical by PI’s Last Name)

Title   Authors   Principal Investigator
Greenhouse disinfectants – ensuring clean tools for propagation   Dennis J. Lewandowski, Amanda Hayes, and Scott Adkins   Adkins
Comprehensive Nursery Production Technologies for Water Quality Protection and Conservation   Joseph Albano, Jim Owen, Sarah White, Bill Bauerle, Tom Yeager, Ted Bilderbak, and Chris Wilson   Albano
Understanding the “cool-temperate” epidemiology of Ralstonia solanacearum Race 3 biovar 2 on geraniums and other hosts   Annett Milling, Jacob M. Scherf, Fanhong Meng and Caitilyn Allen   Allen
Phenotypic characterization of Phytophthora from North Carolina greenhouse ornamentals   Heather A. Olson and D. Michael Benson   Benson
Development of Biologically-Based Strategies of Managing Insect Pests of Horticultural Crops   Denny J. Bruck, Rob W.H.M. van Tol, Frans Griepink and Willem Jan De Kogel   Bruck
Foundational Tools for Genetic Improvement of Floriculture Crops   David G. Clark and Thomas A. Colquhoun   Clark
Reducing Root Rot, Bulb Rot and Vascular Wilt Disease Losses By Improvements in Pathogen Tracking and Management   Margery Daughtrey, Bill Miller, Gary Moorman, Steve Jeffers, Gary Chastagner, and Steve Wraight   Daughtrey
Improving Crop Protection and Production Strategies for Horticultural Crops   Richard C. Derksen   Derksen
Floriculture Research Alliance:  Developing a shared vision for the future through Collaboration   John Dole, John Erwin, Jim Faust, Paul Fisher, Jonathan Frantz, Erik Runkle, Ryan Warner, Brian Whipker   Erwin
Irrigation Timing and Emitter Selection Affects Irrigation Efficiency and Plant Growth   Donna Fare   Fare
Detection, Identification and Characterization of New and Emerging Viral and Bacterial Diseases of Ornamental Plants   Ramon Jordan, John Hammond, and Qi Huang   Hammond
Optimizing Inputs To Increase Profitability, Improve Integrated Pest Management and Retain Marketability   Kevin Heinz, Charlie Hall, Fred Davies Jr., Carlos Bográn, Andrew Chow, Scott Ludwig, John Goolsby, and Patrick Moran   Heinz
Characterization of Variation and Mechanisms of Resistance of Ash to Emerald Ash Borer   Daniel A. Herms, Justin G.A. Whitehill, David Smitley, Don Cipollini, Jennifer Koch, Om Mittapalli, and Pierluigi Bonello   Herms
Postharvest biology and technology of ornamentals   Michael Reid and Cai-Zhong Jiang   Jiang
Floriculture Germplasm Enhancement Using Genetic Engineering to Improve Postproduction Quality   Michelle L. Jones, Shuangyi Bai, Laura J. Chapin, and Charles Krause   Jones
Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center:  Saving, Assessing, Using Herbaceous Plants   Bill Randle and Susan Stieve   Jourdan
Sensitive Detection of Single and Mixed Viral Infections in Ornamental Plants at All Stages of the Propagation Cycle   Deborah Matthews   Matthews
Host Preference of Emerald Ash Borer:  Evaluation of Adult Feeding and Larval Development   Chenin K. Limback, Andrea C. Anulewicz, Deborah G. McCullough, Sara R. Tanis, Richard Hoffstetter, Albert Mayfield, Steve Munson   McCullough
Management of Root-Knot Nematodes and other Soilborne Pests in Floriculture Production Systems   Robert McSorley, Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, and Harsimran K. Gill   McSorley
Bacterial Wilt Host Relations   David J. Norman   Norman
Control of Plant Parasitic Root Diseases and Nematodes In Ornamental Production Systems   Michael Harris, Eric Lee, Harold Leverenz, Lorence Oki   Oki
Development of Imported Fire Ant Quarantine Treatments for Field-Grown Nursery Stock   Jason Oliver, Sam Ochieng, Nick Gawel, Nadeer Youssef, Frank Mrema, Karen Vail, Mark Halcomb, Anne-Marie Callcott, Xikui Wei, Lee McAnally, Walker G. Haun, Steve Powell   Oliver
Breeding Urban Trees for Pest and Disease Resistance at the US National Arboretum   Richard T. Olsen   Olsen
Management of Whitefly Biotypes on Floral and Nursery Crops   Lance S. Osborne and Cindy McKenzie   Osborne
A Systems Approach for Managing Phytophthora Diseases in Horticultural Nurseries   J. L. Parke, N. J. Grünwald, C. Lewis, and V. Fieland   Parke
Implementation of Integrated Pest Management in California Bedding and Container Color Plant Production   Christine Casey and Michael Parrella   Parrella
Activities of the National Arboretum's Floral and Nursery Plants Research Unit   Margaret Pooler   Pooler
Strategies for Carbon Sequestration and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Nursery Production Systems   S.A. Prior, S.C. Marble, G.B. Runion, H.A. Torbert, and C.H. Gilliam   Prior
Research Highlights from the Ambrosia Beetle Working Group   Christopher M. Ranger, Michael E. Reding, Jason B. Oliver, Peter B. Schultz, and Charles Krause   Ranger
Developing New Non-Invasive Nursery Crops   Thomas G. Ranney, Darren H. Touchell, Richard Olsen, Tom Eaker, Jeremy Smith, Nathan Lynch, Joel Mowrey, Jeff Jones, Clara Englert   Ranney
Integrated Management of Arthropod Pests and Root Rot Diseases of Greenhouse Floriculture   John Sanderson, Margery Daughtrey, Stephen Wraight, Louela Castrillo, Sarah Braun, Melanie Filotas, Doo Hyung Lee, Sarah Jandricic, Todd Ugine   Sanderson
Biodegradable Nursery Pots from Poultry Feathers   Masud S. Huda, Walter F. Schmidt, Marc Teffeau   Schmidt
Biology and Control of Soil-borne Pathogens in Greenhouse Production   Michael Stanghellini, Iraj Misaghi, Deborah Pagliaccia, and Naveen Hyder   Stranghellini
Genetic engineering approaches to breeding sterility and reduce invasiveness   Steven H. Strauss, Cathleen Ma, Olga Shevchenko, and Liz Etherington   Strauss
What's Going to Invade?  Regional Risk-Assessment Models for Non-native Woody Plants   Emily Kapler, Mark Widrlechner, Jan Thompson   Thompson

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