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Research Projects Currently Funded by the Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative (alphabetical by State location):


(Click Project Titles for Links to 2009 Progress Reports and/or 2009 Workshop Posters or Presentations.)


Project Title   Location   Principal Investigator
Strategies for Carbon Sequestration and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Nursery Production Systems   Auburn, AL   Prior
Improving Postharvest Life of Potted Plants and Cut Flowers through Use of Molecular and Applied Technologies   Davis, CA   Jiang
Control of Plant Parasitic Root Diseases and Nematodes in Ornamental Production Systems   Davis, CA   Oki
Development and Implementation of IPM and Biological Control in Floriculture Production (2006-2009)   Davis, CA   Parrella
Control of Soil Borne Pathogens in Greenhouse Production   Riverside, CA   Stanghellini
Biology and Pathogenesis of Ralstonia solanacearum Race 3 on Geraniums   Washington, DC   Allen
Sensitive Detection of Single and Mixed Viral Infections in Ornamental Plants at All Stages of the Propagation Cycle   Washington, DC   Mathews
Bacterial Wilt Host Relations   Washington, DC   Norman
Genetic Improvement of Landscape Trees for Disease and Pest Tolerance, Non-Invasiveness, and Ornamental Traits   Washington, DC   Olsen
Genetics, Genetic Resource Evaluation, and Genetic Improvement of Landscape Trees and Shrubs   Washington, DC   Pooler
Development of Sensitive Protocols for Detection of Bacterial Diseases in Ornamentals   Washington, DC   Putnam
Developing Non-Invasive Nursery Crops   Washington, DC   Ranney
Genetic Engineering Approaches to Breeding Sterility and Reduced Invasiveness   Washington, DC   Strauss
Greenhouse Disinfectants – Ensuring Clean Tools for Propagation   Fort Pierce, FL   Adkins
Nursery Production Technologies for Enhancing Water Quality Protection and Water Conservation   Fort Pierce, FL   Albano
Host Specificity and Genetic Diversity of Floriculture Isolates of Phytophthora cryptogea and P. nicotianae   Fort Pierce, FL   Benson
Gladiolus rust (Uromyces transversalis) project   Fort Pierce, FL   Buck
Foundational Research Tools for Floriculture Genetics and Biotechnology   Fort Pierce, FL   Clark
Management of Nematodes and Other Soilborne Pests in Floriculture Production Systems   Fort Pierce, FL   McSorley
Persistence of Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus in Selected Floral Crop Systems   Fort Pierce, FL   Moyer
Invasive Management Template with an Initial Emphasis on Thrips   Fort Pierce, FL   Osborne
Management of Whitefly Biotypes on Floral and Nursery Crops   Fort Pierce, FL   Osborne
Developing a Regional Risk Assessment Model for Invasive Woody Plants in the North Central United States   Ames, IA   Thompson
Detection, Identification and Characterization of New and Emerging Viral and Bacterial Diseases of Ornamental Plants   Beltsville, MD   Hammond
Reducing Root Rot, Bulb Rot and Vascular Wilt Disease Losses in Floral Crops by Improvements in Pathogen Tracking and Management   Ithaca, NY   Daughtrey
Novel Strategies and Technologies for Management of Water Molds and Foliar Blights Affecting Floral Crops    Ithaca, NY   Hausbeck
Integrated Management of Arthropod Pests and Root Rot Diseases of Greenhouse Floriculture   Ithaca, NY   Sanderson
Development of Alternative and Sustainable Substrates for Container Nursery Crops   Wooster, OH   Altland
Improving Crop Protection and Production Strategies for Horticultural Crops   Wooster, OH   Derksen
Developing Cost-effective and Efficient Floriculture Production Methods: a North-South Research Alliance   Wooster, OH   Erwin
Floriculture Germplasm Enhancement: Using Genetic Engineering to Improve Postproduction Quality   Wooster, OH   Jones
Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center (OPGC)   Wooster, OH   Jourdan
Biology and Control of the Emerald Ash Borer   Wooster, OH   McCullough
Improving the Monitoring, Trapping and Management Tactics of Ambrosia Beetles in the Nursery Agroecosystem   Wooster, OH   Ranger
Development of Biologically-Based Strategies for Managing Insect Pests of Horticultural Crops   Corvallis, OR   Bruck
Determining the Efficacy of a Systems Approach for Producing Nursery Stock Free of Plant Pathogenic Phytophthora species   Corvallis, OR   Parke
Genetic, Genetic Improvement and Improved Production Efficiency of Nursery Crops   McMinnville, TN   Fare
Evaluation of Production Practices, Disease Resistance and Insect Control Measures for Nursery Crops   McMinnville, TN   Gawel
Development of Imported Fire Ant Quarantine Treatments for Field-Grown Nursery   McMinnville, TN   Oliver
Production Strategies that Optimize Floricultural and Ornamental Horticulture Cropping Systems Management Practices   Weslaco, TX   Heinz



Research Projects Recently Completed:


Project Title (Completed Projects)   Location   Principal Investigator
Biodegradable Nursery Containers   Beltsville, MD   Schmidt
Characterization of Variation and Mechanisms of Resistance and Susceptibility of Asian and North American Ash Species to Emerald Ash Borer   Wooster, OH   Herms

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