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ABCL, Record of organisms developed at ABCL, status and their targets
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Record of organisms developed at ABCL, status and their targets.




Research Stage


Mode of Attack

Melaleuca quinquenervia

(broad-leaved paperbark tree)


Released in Florida

Oxyops vitiosa

Leaf-feeding weevil

Boreioglycaspis melaleucae

Sap-sucking bug

Fergusonina turneri

Bud-galling fly

Lophodiplosis trifida

Stem-galling fly

Florida quarantine

Haplonyx multicolor

Bud-feeding weevil

Australian evaluation

Lophodiplosis indentata

Leaf-galling fly

“Sphaerococcus” ferrugineus

Gall-forming scale

Rhytiphora sp.

Wood-boring beetle

Lygodium microphyllum

(old world climbing fern)


Released in Florida

Austromusotima camptozonale

Defoliating moth

Floracarus perrepae

Leaf-feeding mite

Neomusotima conspurcatalis

Defoliating moth

Florida quarantine

Neostrombocerus albicomus

Defoliating sawfly

ABCL quarantine

Lygomusotima stria

Defoliating moth

Ambia spp.

Stem-boring moths

Hydrilla verticillata




Released in Florida/Texas

Bagous hydrillae

Stem-boring weevil

Hydrellia balciunasi

Leaf-mining fly

Under evaluation in Australia/Asia

Bagous spp.

Stem-boring weevils

Paracymoriza vagalis

Defoliating moth





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