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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Crop Production Patents
item 'crimson Spire,' A New Distinct Peach Variety
item 'sweet-N-Up,' A New Distinct Peach Variety
item Arthropod-Repelling Compounds
item Biological Control For A Variety Of Food Sources
item Biological Control For Aflatoxin In Corn
item Biological Control For Fruit Mold
item Biological Control For Fusarium Head Blight
item Colorado Potato Beetle Attractants And Repellants
item Composition, Production, And Application Of Entomopathogenic Fungus For Insect Control
item Corn Lines With Increased Oil
item Device That Measures Pressure In Drip Irrigation Systems
item Diamond-Row Pattern Planter
item Gene Promoters
item Glutenin Genes And Their Uses
item Machine To Clean Cotton And Flax
item Mediterranean Fruit Fly Attractant
item Method For Controlling Postharvest Pests
item Method For Producing High Yields Of Itaconic Acid By Fermentation With A Yeast
item Method For Removing Excess Flowers From Fruit-Producing Plants
item Method For Using Insect Cadavers As Biocontrols Of Other Insect Pests
item Method To Continuously Produce Organic Soil Fungi
item Method To Control Insect Reproduction
item Method To Control Insect Reproduction For Insect Control
item Method To Repel Mosquitoes And Ticks Using Naturally Occurring Compound
item Methods And Compositions For Producing Desiccation Tolerant Paecilomyces Fumosoroseus
item New Apricot Variety
item New Cotton Cleaning Device
item New Discovery For Controlling Insect Pests
item New Disease-Resistant Plum Trees
item New Insect Trap
item New Method For Detecting Devastating Soybean Fungus
item New Method For Developing Molecular Pesticides
item New Method For Suppressing Pecan And Peach Diseases
item New Method To Aid In Producing Biodiesel Fuel
item New Plant Fungal Control
item Nutritional Supplements For Artificial Insect Diets
item Pheromone Attractant For The Colorado Beetle
item Potato Nucleic Acid Sequences Uses To Improve Potato Quality And Safety
item Real Time Trash Measurement System For Seed Cotton Or Lint For Use In Cotton Gins
item Sugar Beet Leaf Spot Cure
item Synthetic Chemicals For Controlling Insect Behavior
item System For Measuring The Velocity Of Fluid Streams Using A Pressure Transducer
item System For The Sequential, Directional Cloning Of Multiple DNA Sequences
item Technologies To Control Subterranean Termites
Last Modified: 8/11/2015
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