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2003 Annual Performance Report
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1 - Introduction
2 - Table of Contents
3 - Goals 1 & 2
4 - Goal 3
5 - Goal 4
6 - Goal 5
7 - Goal 6
Table of Contents


Strategic Goal/ Management Initiative


ARS FY 2003 Annual Performance Report


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Goal 1:  Enhance Economic Opportunities For Agricultural Producers



Performance Measure 1.1.1:  Develop cost effective and functional industrial and consumer products from agricultural and forestry resources.


Performance Measure 1.1.2:  Provide higher quality, healthy foods that satisfy consumer needs in the United States and abroad.


Performance Measure 1.1.3:  Improve efficiency and reduce cost for conversion of biomass to energy.


Performance Measure 1.2.1:  Provide producers with scientific information and technology that increase production efficiency, develop improved germplasm, safeguard the environment, improve animal well-being, and reduce production risks and product losses.


Performance Measure 1.2.2:  Develop needed information on the relationships between nutrients, reproduction, growth, and conversion to and marketability of animal products.


Performance Measure 1.2.3:  Identify genes responsible for economically important traits, including animal product quality, efficiency of nutrient utilization, and environmental adaptability.


Performance Measure 1.2.4:  Maintain, characterize, and use genetic resources to optimize and safeguard genetic diversity and promote viable, vigorous animal production systems.


Performance Measure 1.2.5:  Provide producers with scientific information and technology that increase production efficiency, safeguard the environment, and reduce production risks and product losses.


Performance Measure 1.2.6:  Improve the understanding of the biological mechanisms that influence plant growth, product quality, and marketability to enhance the competitive advantage of agricultural commodities.


Performance Measure 1.2.7:  Identify genes responsible for plant product quality and resistance to diseases, pests, and weather losses.


Performance Measure 1.2.8:  Maintain, characterize, and use genetic resources to optimize, safeguard, and enhance genetic diversity and promote viable and vigorous plant production systems.












































Goal 3:  Enhance Protection and Safety of the Nation’s Agriculture and Food Supply






















Performance Measure 3.1.1:  Develop new on-farm preharvest systems, practices, and products to reduce pathogen and toxin contamination of animal- and plant-derived foods.


Performance Measure 3.1.2:  Develop and transfer to Federal agencies and the private sector systems that rapidly and accurately detect, identify, and differentiate the most critical and economically important foodborne microbial pathogens.


Performance Measure 3.2.1:  Provide scientific information to protect animals from pests, infectious diseases, and other disease-causing entities that affect animal and human health.


Performance Measure 3.2.2:  Identify, develop, and release to the U.S. agricultural community genetic markers, genetic lines, breeds, or germplasm that result in food animals with improved (either through traditional breeding or biotechnology) pest- and disease-resistant traits.


Performance Measure 3.2.3:  Develop and transfer tools to the agricultural community, commercial partners, and Federal agencies to control or eradicate domestic and exotic diseases that affect animal and human health.


Performance Measure 3.2.4:  Develop and release to potential users varieties and/or germplasm of agriculturally important plants that are new or provide significantly improved (either through traditional breeding or biotechnology) characteristics enhancing pest or disease resistance.


Performance Measure 3.2.5:  Provide fundamental and applied scientific information and technology to protect agriculturally important plants from pests and diseases.


Performance Measure 3.2.6:   Provide needed scientific information and technology to producers of agriculturally important plants in support of exclusion, detection, and early eradication; control and monitoring of invasive insects, weeds and pathogens; and restoration of affected areas.  Conduct biologically-based integrated and areawide management of key invasive species.







































Goal 4:  Improve the Nation’s Nutrition and Health


Performance Measure 4.1.1:  Scientifically assess the efficacy of enhancements to the nutritional value of our food supply and identify, conduct, and support intramural and extramural research to develop, test, and evaluate effective clinical and community dietary intervention strategies and programs for modifying diet, eating behavior, and food choices to improve the nutritional status of targeted populations.  A special emphasis is to prevent obesity and promote healthy dietary behaviors.


Performance Measure 4.1.2:  Define functions, bioavailability, interactions, and human requirements (including effects such as genetic, health status, and environmental factors) for known, emerging, and new classes of nutrients.  Determine the abundance of known, emerging, and new classes of nutrients in the food supply and provide that information in databases.


Performance Measure 4.1.3:  Determine food consumption patterns of Americans, including those of different ages, ethnicity, regions, and income levels.  Provide sound scientific analyses of food consumption information to enhance the effectiveness and management of national and community food and nutrition programs.






















Goal 5:  Protect and Enhance the Nation’s Natural Resource Base and Environment


Performance Measure 5.1.1:  Develop ecologically-based information, technologies, germplasm, and management strategies that sustain agricultural production while conserving and enhancing the diverse natural resources found on rangelands and pasture lands.


Performance Measure 5.2.1:  Develop the tools and techniques required to maintain and restore the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of the Nation’s watersheds and its surface and groundwater resources.


Performance Measure 5.2.2:  Develop agricultural practices that maintain or enhance soil resources, thus ensuring sustainable food, feed, and fiber production while protecting environmental quality.


Performance Measure 5.2.3:  Develop approaches that mitigate the impact of poor air quality on crop production and provide scientific information and technology to maintain or enhance crop and animal production while controlling emissions that reduce air quality or destroy the ozone layer.


Performance Measure 5.2.4:  Develop agricultural practices and decision-support strategies that allow producers to take advantage of beneficial effects and mitigate adverse impacts of global change.


Performance Measure 5.2.5:  Develop management practices, treatment technologies, and decision tools for effective use of animal manure and selected industrial and municipal byproducts to improve soil properties and enhance crop production while protecting the environment.


Performance Measure 5.2.6:  Develop agricultural and decision-support systems that assist in increasing the efficiency of agricultural enterprises and achieve economic and environmental sustainability.
































Goal 6:  Management Initiative 0.1:  Ensuring the Quality, Relevance, and Performance of ARS Research (covers all research objectives)


Performance Measure 6.0.1:  Relevance—ARS’ basic, applied, and developmental research programs are well conceived, have specific programmatic goals, and address high priority national needs.


Performance Measure 6.0.2:  Quality—ARS research projects are reviewed by National Program by external peer review panels at the beginning of the 5-year program cycle.


Performance Measure 6.0.3:  Performance—ARS will monitor and measure the performance of each research unit and National Program.














Goal 6:  Management Initiative 1:  Provide Agricultural Library and Information Services to USDA and the Nation via the National Agricultural Library


Performance Measure 6.1.1:  Develop and deliver content for the NAL National Digital Library for Agriculture (NDLA).


Performance Measure 6.1.2:  Integrate the NAL AGRICOLA database into the NDLA.


Performance Measure 6.1.3:  Ensure long-term access to the resources of the NAL NDLA.










Goal 6:  Management Initiative 2:  Provide Adequate Federal Facilities Required to Support the Research Mission of ARS



Performance Measure 6.2.1:  Complete priority buildings and facilities projects on schedule and within budget.




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