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ARS 50th Anniversary Celebration

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50th Anniversary

Local Event

Mid-West Area
Livestock Behavior Research Unit (LBRU)
West Lafayette, IN


Livestock Behavior Research Unit
125 South Russell Street
Poultry Building, Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2042
Fax: 765-496-1993

Looking Back:

-1991: Proposal was initiated to establish a Center of research excellence jointly through Purdue University and the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the USDA. It was proposed that ARS permanently assign four Research Scientists to Purdue University and that the following disciplines be represented: Animal Ethology/Behavior; Neurophysiology; Endocrinology; and Immunology. Research objectives would be to 1. Identify internal states of animal awareness and well being 2. Establish indicators which accurately reflect animal well-being 3. Determine how animal well-being relates to animal health and production efficiency. Congress appropriated funds to establish the USDA-ARS Livestock Behavior Research Unit.

-1992: The FY ’92 Appropriation Bill passed by Congress and signed by the President contained an increase for research on animal well-being. Amount of new funds $450,000.

-1994: Two scientists were hired to begin work at the Unit in 1994. Dr. Gary Weesner was a molecular biologist who studied gene regulation. Dr. Julie Morrow-Tesch, Research Leader, was an animal ethologist.

-1995: SY-95 Appropriation Bill passed by Congress and signed by the President contained an increase for research on well-being of food animals.

-1996: Dr. Susan D. Eicher-immunologist joined the LBRU.

-1997: A fourth scientist joined the team in 1997. Dr. Margaret Shea-Moore was a cognitive ethologist who studied behavior and information processing. Our research facility was built, a 13,000 sq ft all-weather metal building with a specially designed floor system and 32 video cameras mounted in the ceiling.

-1999: Margaret Shea-Moore, Research Leader. Lab renovation of the office space in the Poultry Science building began to accommodate expansion. Dr. Heng-wei Cheng, neuroscientist joined the LBRU.

-2000: Dr. Susan D. Eicher Acting Research Leader, headed the construction of an animal housing room at the LBRU research facility.

-2001: Dr. Donald C. Lay Jr.-Ethologist/Stress Physiologist, joined the LBRU as the Research Leader. Dr. Jeremy Marchant-Forde-Ethologist joined the LBRU.

-2003: Construction of a 3,200 sq ft laboratory beside the LBRU animal research facility was initiated.


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