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50th Anniversary


50 Years!!
I wish ARS the best and hope for 50 + years to come! I am proud to be a part of this wonderful Service!!!
- Mary Arnold

50th Anniversary and many more tocome
I regret that I was not be a charter member of ARS as I started with the organization in 1958. However, I never regret that I continued my work with ARS until my retirement in 2003. I like this organization so much I am continuing as a collaborator.
- Francis S. Nakayama

Paul Moore
[ signature only ]
- Paul Moore

Happy 50th
I found this site very informative!
- George

Dr. Knipling:

Greetings from Gainesville, FL! I realize you are extremely busy, so I want take much of your time. However, I wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for the excellent 50 year Anniversary video of ARS and the lapel pin.

I too am proud to be an ARS employee. I am excited and look forward to being a part of the future years of ARS.

Hope all is well,

Jan Sasser
- Jan Sasser

Congratulations To ARS For 50 Great Years of Extraordinary Service in Research
Thank God for ARS who has been conducting "research" for a healthier and environmentally sound and productive America and for folks around the world; and all the research to help eradicate plant and animal diseases, pest control and other harmful agents; and for promoting healthier generations. It was ARS who first engineered stretchable cotton fabric and washable wool fabric and was promoting them both to the public in 1967. Wasn't that great - - cotton with a stretchableness and wool (real wool) that you did not have to dry clean or worry about shrinking when washed. Oh, and what about the fruits and vegetables that not only look good, but taste better too! It was a little bit difficult explanning the banning of DDT to Family "Farmers" members, but they realized eventually that health and life was more important than the "ease" of using DDT (I think it was DDT, if it wasn't DDT I know the people with farming backgrounds know what I'm talking about). To ARS, who has accomplished outstanding new heights - - keep up the great work.
- Annie C. Chapman

Happy 50th Anniversary ARS!
I am very proud to be an employee of ARS for the last 23+ years. It gives me great pleasure to tell my family and friends about the accomplishments of ARS. One very practical accomplishment that has affected me personally, is the advent of the disposable diaper! As the mother of 3 daughters born during the late 70's and early 80's, the "Super Slurper" technology that made disposable diapers possible, really helped me to maintain a quality family life while pursuing a career in ARS. Thanks to those who were involved with this very special research and other research that has really contributed to the well being of individuals world wide.

I look forward to the great research ARS will embark on in the future and being a part of it.
- Carol Shelton

Hats off to ARS on this anniversary. The agency has made a great contribution to the dairy industry through the AIPL and Dairy Forage Research Center, as well through other projects and locations. My only advice for the future . . . don't hide your light under a bushel. Do the research. Then get the word out to producers and consumers.
- Steven A. Larson

Cattle Fever Tick Eradication
ARS tests ticks for acaricide resistance, tests new products for efficacy against CFT, developed an effective biodegredation process for Coumaphos, developed a pH mgmt. method for program vats to prevent potasan separation and resulting death loss, and assist us in solving emerging problems and emergencies.
- E.J. Bowers

Forage Research
The dairy industry owes a debt of gratitude to all the fine work being done at the ARS researchers at the US Dairy Forage Research Center and it's affiliate locations. I talk with dairy farmers every day who are beneficiaries of the knowledge transferred by these scientists to those of us in daily contact with producers. ARS support of this research program is essential to our global competitiveness.
- Bill Mahanna

New Crops
I work closely with scientists at the USWCL-Phoenix, WRRC-Albany and NCAUR- Peoria on new crops. The ARS leadership in new crops research and development is critical to the eventual commercialization of these renewable resources.
- Mike Foster

New Crops
I work closely with scientists at the USWCL-Phoenix (Dave Dierig, Terry Coffelt, Francis Nakayama), NCAUR-Peoria (Terry Isbell), and WRRC-Albany (Katrina Cornish). Rich Wilson (National Program Leader-Oilseeds and Bioscience) has also been extremely helpful. Withough the ARS leadership, there would not be a New Crops program.
- Mike A. Foster

50th Anniversary
Happy 50th ARS!

It has been a pleasure working for ARS for the last 14+ years. I would like to wish you 50 more. ARS has accomplished so much in their 50 years and I'm sure there will be more to come.

Keep up the good Work!
- Kathy Newton

50th Anniversary
Happy 50th ARS!

It has been a joy to work for such a dedicated agency who has excelled in the research area. Continue the good work and I wish you many more years to come!
- Linda Fischer

ARS- Univ. Nebr. joint efforts
I was with ARS 1966-1970 vet. ent and have worked with Ars staff at Kerrville College Station Gainesville and Lincoln we have shared many projects grants both from me and from them and have been on cooperative regional projects . I believe the association has been of mutual benefit to both agencies
- John B Campbell

Congratulations ARS
ARS has been and will continue to be an integral part of the grass seed industry in Oregon and the northwest. All of us involved in grass seed production and marketing appreciate ARS's contribution to the industries successes at home and abroad.
- Dave Nelson, Oregon Seed Council

Greetings from Pakistan
I am Agri:Expert and feeling proud to be a part of this Guest Book.
- Hamood Ahmed Siddiqui

Foreign Exploration - Australia & SE Asia
Dr. Knipling and colleagues, The staff of the USDA-ARS/CSIRO Australian Biological Control Laboratory, Brisbane, Australia want to say that we are proud to be part of ARS and its international mission.
- John A. Goolsby, Ph.D.

Geo-bio conservation
I worked for 5 years in a world bank aided Watershed management project in India.I feel this the most important programme that every country should give topmost priority.
- Laxmi Narayana Paladi

Congratulations & Greetings from Pakistan
Congratulations on the occasion of the ARS 50th Anniversary.
- Rehana Yasmeen Siddiqui

Greetings from Germany
Hello !

Many Greetings from Germany to all at the ARS !

Carsten Roege
GO-IQ.DE Infobroker & Information Professional
- Carsten Roege





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