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ARS 50th Anniversary Celebration

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50th Anniversary

National Scientific Leadership Meeting and
Annual Recognition Program

Proud Past and Promising Future
January 21-23, 2004
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Donald Knowles


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  • Don Knowles Research Leader
    Animal Disease Research Unit
    Pullman, Washington


University of Illinois, Urbana, BS, 1978, Agricultural Science
University of Illinois, Urbana, DVM, 1982, Veterinary Medicine
Washington State University, Pullman, PhD, 1988, Virology
American College Veterinary Pathologists, Diplomate, 1990, Pathology


Research and Professional Experience

Research Associate, Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois, Urbana IL.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology; Pathology Resident, Washington Animal Diseases Diagnostic Laboratory; Washington State University, Pullman WA.

Veterinary Medical Officer, Animal Disease Research Unit, ARS/USDA, Pullman, WA

Graduate Faculty, Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, Washington State University, Pullman WA. [Professor (2000)]

National Program Leader (Acting), Animal health, Agricultural Research Service, USDA, Beltsville, Maryland

Research Leader, Animal Disease Research Unit, ARS/USDA, Pullman, WA.

Recent Publications

Kemp, RK, Knowles, DP, Perry, LL, McGuire, TC, Besser, TE, Cheevers, WP. Crossreactive neutralizing antibodies induced by immunization with caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus surface glycoprotein. Vaccine 18:1282-1287, 2000.

Herrmann, L. M., Baszler, T. V., Knowles, D. P. PrPc mRNA, but not PrPSc is found in the slaivary glands of scrapie-infected sheep. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1479:147-154, 2000.

O'Rourke, K. I., Baszler, T. V., Besser, T. E., Miller, J. M., Cutlip, R. C., Wells, G. A. H., Ryder, S. J., Parish, S. M., Hamir, A. N., Cockett, N. E., Jenny, A., Knowles, D. P. Preclincal diagnosis of scrapie by immunohistochemistry of third eyelid lymphoid tissue, J. Clin. Microbiol. 38:3254-3259, 2000.

Ozyoruk, F., Cheevers, W. P., Hullinger, G. A., McGuire, T. C., Hutton, M., and Knowles, D. P. Monoclonal antibodies to conformational epitopes of the surface slycoprotein of caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus: potential application to competitive-inhibition enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detecting antibodies in goat sera. Clin. And Diagn. Lab. Immun., in press

Bradway, D. S., Torioni de Echaide, S., Knowles, D. P., Hennager, S. G., and McElwain, T. F. Sensitivity and specificity of the complement fixation test for detection of cattle persistently infected with Anaplasma marginale. J. Vet. Diagn. Invet 13:77-79, 2001

Li., H., Keller, J., Knowles, D. P. and Crawford, T. B. (2001) Recognition of another member of the malignant catarrhal fever virus group: an endemic gammaherpesvirus in domestic goats. J. Gen Virol. 82:227-232.

Valdez, R. A., McGuire, T. C., brown, W. C., Davis, W. C., and Knowles, D. P. (2001) Long-term in vivo depletion of functional CD4+ T lymphocytes from calves requires both thymectomy and anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody treatment. Immunology, 102:426-433.

Herrmann, L. M., Davis, W. C., Knowles, D. P., Wardrop, J., Sy, M., Gambetti, P., and O'Rourke, K. (2001) Cellular prion protein is expressed on PBMC but not platelets of normal and scrapie-infected sheep. Haematologica 86:164-171.

Brayton, K. A., Knowles, D. P., McGuire, T. C. and Palmer, G. H. (2001) Efficient use of a small genome to generate antigenic diversity in tick-borne ehrlichial pathogens. PNAS, 98:4130-4135.

Li, H., Keller, Knowles, D. P. and Crawford, T. B.,(2001) Recognition of another member of the malignant catarrhal fever virus group: an endemic gammaherpesvirus in domestic goats. J. Gen. Virol. 82:227-232.

Herrmann, L. M., Baszler, T. V., Knowles, D. P, and W. P. Cheevers (2002) PrPSc is not detected in peripheral blood leukocytes of scrapie-infected sheep: determining the limit of sensitivity using immunohistochemistry Clin. Diag. Lab. Immun. 9:499-502.

Tuo, W., Zhuang, D., Knowles, D. P., Cheevers, W. P., Sy, M. S., and O'Rourke K. I. (2001) PrP-C and PrP-Sc at the fetal maternal interface. J. Biol. Chem. 276:18229-18234.

Valdez, R. A. McGuire, T. C., Brown, W. C., Davis, W. C., Jordan, J. M., and Knowles, D. P. (2002) Selective in vivo depletion of CD4+ T lymphocytes with anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody during acute infection of calves with Anaplasma marginale. Clin. Diagn. Lab. Immunol. 9:417-424.

Tuo, W., O'Rourke, KI, Zhuang, Spraker, TR, Cheevers, W. P., and Knowles, DP (2002) Pregnancy status and fetal PrP genetics determine PrPSc accumulation in placentomes of scrapie-infected sheep. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, 30:6310-6315.

Cunha, CW, Kappmeyer, LS, McGuire, TC, Dellagostin, OA, and DP Knowles. (2002) Conformational dependence and conservation of an immunodominant epitope within the Babesia equi erythrocyte-stage surface protein EMA-1, Clin. Lab. Diag. Immunol. Clin. Diag. Lab. Immunol. 9(6): 1301-1306.

Cheevers, W. P., Snekvik, K. R., Trujillo, J. D., Kumpula-McWhirter, N. M., Pretty On Top, K. J., and Knowles, D. P. 2003. Prime-boost vaccination with plasmid DNA encoding caprine-arthritis encephalitis lentivirus Env and viral SU suppresses challenge virus and development of arthritis. Virology, 306:116-125.

O'Rourke, K. I., Spraker, T. R., and Knowles, D. P. eight prion protein genotypes in white tailed deer with chronic wasting disease. Submitted

Brayton, K. A., O'Rourke, K. I., Lyda, A., Miller, M. W., and Knowles, D. P. Heterogeneity of the mule deer prion gene is due to a processed pseudogene, Gene, in press.



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