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National / Worldwide Climate Database

Climate data - USDA-ARS

The historical climate data for the United States and Worldwide sites available from this web page were compiled by Dr. Arlin Nicks of the USDA-ARS for use in the development of climate generators. The database includes daily precipitation and daily min-max air temperature for National Weather Service stations from 1949-1996 and from worldwide stations compiled by Global Data Systems. These data are a valuable resource and are dedicated in honor of Dr. Nicks, who passed away in July 1997, for his foresight and dedication to the development and use of climate generators in water resources.

Stations in the United States (source: NWS)

List of U.S. Stations (.zip)

Daily values format

Worldwide Stations (source: GDS)

GDS Daily values format

List of World Stations (.zip)

Wind data files format (.dat)

Cligen Weather Generator

Corrected and Extended Cligen Parameter files (.par) for U.S. Stations

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Daily Values Format

I6 - Station id
I2 - Unknown
I4 - Data year
A4 - Data type (For precip: 366 F4.2 For temperature: 366 I4)
  PRCP - precipitation daily accumulation (hundredths of inches)
  TMAX - maximum daily air temperature (F)
  TMIN - minimum daily air temperature (F)

Missing values are denoted as 9999.
Day 366 of non-leap years is denoted as 9999.

GDS Daily Values Format


as compiled by Global Data Systems

Files contain daily data on temperature and precipitation for over 10000 stations worldwide. Data was put together from WMO reporting systems by U.S. Department of Agriculture World Weather Board.

Header record: Station id, country, station name, latitude, longitude, elevation

99 format(i2,i3,a46,i3,i2,2x,i3,i2,i6)

Detail records: Date (yymmdd), maximum air temperature (Celsius), minimum air temperature (Celsius), precipitation (mm)

6 read(8,1000,end=500)nyr,mo,nd,tm,tn,pr
1000 format(3i2,2(f5.1,2x),f5.1)

Wind Data Format


International Station Meteorological Climate Summary

Frequency Surface Wind Direction vs Speed

36 lines for each month of year

Line 3: Station id and name

Line 4: Latitude/longitude, elevation in feet and meters

Hourly dew point temperature - Means and Standard Deviations

50 lines

Line 3: Station id and name

Line 4: Latitude/longitude, elevation in feet and meters

Line 8: Period of record

Last Modified: 2/28/2013