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Thousands of phytochemicals have been isolated and characterized from plants, including fruits and vegetables. The isolated phytochemicals are grouped into distinctive classes by the number and kinds of constitutive atoms and the structures of the basic skeleton. This database enables user to search phytochemicals by using their names or using a alphabetical list. The data page contains chemical structure, formula, molecular weight, synonyms, biological activities, and references.

Biological Activities

Phytochemicals derived from plants have provided the basis for numerous commercial medications used today for the treatment of a wide range of diseases such as high blood pressure, pain, asthma, and cancers. For instance, ephedrine, a phytochemical, is used in the commercial pharmaceutical preparations for the relief of asthma symptoms and other respiratory problems. In this database, all biological activities of phytochemicals are classified into several disease conditions so that their potential medicinal uses are easily searched.


Last Modified: 2/7/2006
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