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Honey Bee Pest Genomics

Varroa Genome Project at Genbank

Varroa Genome at Beebase (pending)

Varroome:  Varroa Genome Plan

We are engaged in genomic projects involving honey bees and each of their major pests and pathogens. The lab’s focus is to use traits and tools from these genome projects to improve bee health via improved breeding or management. 2010 begins a three-year collaborative project funded by USDA-ARS and USDA-NIFA to sequence the genome of the bee mite Varroa destructor, a central bee pest and vector of disease. The goal of this project is to develop gene-based control strategies, determine weak points for conventional (chemical) controls, identify targets for biological control, and show how mites find honey bee hosts and reproduce in resistant and susceptible bee lineages.


Last Modified: 1/15/2010