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About the database

DGIL Porcine Translational Research Database



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This database contains functional information on genes commonly studied in humans, pigs, and rodents, including more than 2,300 sequenced at DGIL. Each entry has been manually-annotated and is linked to other porcine databases as well as Homologene, InnateDb and Gene Ontology Annotations.


Current Statistics (10/07/2015)
Gene entries    10,036
Genes with full-length RNA transcripts (full 5’ and 3’)        6,613
% of genome (estimated)  28.5%
Full-length protein sequences    6,260
% of genome (estimated)  32.7%
  MicroRNA Sequences 1033
Error notations (# of entries)    4,125
  Artifactually duplicated genes    1007
  Missing genes (from Ensembl 10.2)   1163
  Truncated proteins   1,359
Real-time PCR Assays   2,366
  Taqman   1,883
  SYBR Green     483
Antibodies (reactive and non reactive)   1,259
Antibodies (# entries)    510


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This database is currently in a beta version, there are some incomplete annotations. We cannot guarantee the performance of the antibodies or PCR assays that have not been tested in our lab under conditions not specified in the published literature.



Last Modified: 11/20/2015