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Safety: Instructive Training Worksheet
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Instructive Training Worksheet

binder.gif (562 bytes) Click on this link to download the worksheet: SafetyTrainingRec.xls
Safety training is a required element of an ARS safety program. Job appropriate safety training must be given to all persons who work in our lab, farms, or offices at the time of initial assignment, when new tasks are assigned, and an annual refresher. This worksheet is a method of reminding staff of the need to update training and to track compliance. We recommend that each Management Unit keep the primary records of safety training. We recommend creating a new sheet for every year, so that old employees can be deleted and new ones added, but please feel free to modify the format to correctly reflect your unit’s particular needs.
  1. Initial Training. Each scientist must use an orientation worksheet to train new employees. When complete, both the employee and trainer should sign and date the document. The original should be kept with the Chemical Hygiene Plan, and a copy sent to the Unit Secretary or responsible person.
  2. Annual Reviews. It is suggested that the most efficient method of conducting the required annual review of the Chemical Hygiene Plan and Emergency Occupancy Plan (Tornado, Blizzard, Fire, Bomb) is by periodic lab meetings. When these are scheduled, the topic should be discussed, needed changes in the plans noted, written plans updated, everyone informed, and sign-in sheets used to document attendance. The unit secretary or responsible person then would record attendance on this training worksheet.
  3. Videos. For completeness we will also track ARS video compliance on this spreadsheet.
  4. Other safety programs where UW sets the standard. For other programs where UW is the lead agency in the program – biosafety, animal care and use, radiation safety – ARS will follow UWs guidelines and training programs. If your unit so desires, this sheet can also be used to track training for these programs.
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Last Modified: 3/12/2010
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