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Safety: Signs
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Many signs are available from the UW Safety department here:

The following safety signs are available in PowerPoint format. Click on a sign to download it.

Blank signs - fill in your custom message:

Caution(Blank).gif (687 bytes)Danger(Blank).gif (689 bytes)Notice(Blank).gif (638 bytes)Warning(Blank).gif (699 bytes)

Some finished signs:

nofood.gif (1212 bytes)Doormayopenunexpectedly.gif (3505 bytes)WarningNoBiohazard.gif (1645 bytes)Caution - Eye Protection Required in this area

WarningHighvoltage.gif (1146 bytes)DangerHighvoltage.gif (1024 bytes)NotForHumanConsumption.jpg (1146 bytes)

DangerDesignatedArea.gif NoSmokingNoEatingNoDrinking.gif (1771 bytes) No Flammables

Emergency Laboratory Information - UW
Version of UW Sign in Excel format to allow fill-in and saving - To be printed on yellow paper. Back or reverse side of page is here in pdf format (scanned).


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Last Modified: 12/23/2015
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