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Okubara PA, Inglis DA, Muehlbauer FJ, Coyne CJ. (2002). A novel RAPD marker linked to the Fusarium wilt race 5 resistance gene (Fwf) in Pisum sativum. Pisum Genet 34:6-8.


Okubara PA, Blechl AE, McCormick SP, Alexander NA, Dill-Macky R, Hohn TM (2002). Engineering deoxynivalenol metabolism in wheat through the expression of a fungal trichothecene acetyltransferase gene. Theor Appl genet 106:74-83.


Dahleen LS, Okubara PA, Blechl AE (2001).  Transgenic approaches to combat Fusarium head blight in wheat and barley. Crop Sci 41:628-637.


Okubara PA, Fujishige NA, Hirsch AM, Berry AM (2000). Dg93, a nodule-abundant mRNA of Datisca glomerata with homology to a soybean early nodulin gene. Plant Physiol 122:1073-1080.


Okubara PA, Pawlowski K, Murphy TM, Berry AM (1999). Symbiotic roots nodules of the actinorhizal plant Datisca glomerata express rubisco activase mRNA. Plant Physiol 120:411-420.


Okubara PA, Arroyo-Garcia R, Shen KA, Mazier M, Meyers BC, Ochoa OE, Kim S, Yang C-H, Michelmore RW (1997). Atransgenic line of Lactuca sativa (lettuce) with a T-DNA tightly linked to the loss of downy mildew resistance. Mol Plant-Microbe Inter 10:970-977.


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Okubara PA, Anderson PA, Ochoa OE, Michelmore RW (1994). Mutants of downy mildew resistance in Lactuca sativa (lettuce). Genetics 137:867-874.

Last Modified: 10/16/2009
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