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Fiscuss, Douglas E., Foster, George, H., and Kaufman, Henry H. Physical Damage of Grain Caused by Various Handling Techniques.  1969. ASAE Paper Number 69-853.


Tuite, John, Foster, G.H., and Thompson, R.A. Moisture Limits for Storage of Corn Aerated with Natural and Refrigerated Air.  1970. ASAE Paper No. 70-306.


McGinty, Ralph J. Development of a Standard Grain Breakage Test.1970. ARS 51-34.



Watson , C.A. , Hawk, Arvid L., Niffenegger, Dan, and Duncan, Dean. Performance Evaluation of Grain Sample Dividers.1970. Agricultural Research Services 51-38.



Converse, H. H., Rao, B.V., Hodges, T.O., and Chung, D.S. Mechanical Damage to Wheat in Pneumatic Conveying.  1970. ASAE Paper Number 70-872.



Chung, D. and Converse, H.H. Internal Damage of Wheat Analyzed by Radiographical Examination.Trans. of ASAE.  1970.


Isaacson, J.D. 1971.  Investigations on the Basic Theory of Static and Dynamic Pressure Phenomena in Grain under Conditions of Storage.  USDA, ARS 52-58, March 1971.



Sabbah, M.A., Foster, G.H., Haugh, C.G., and Peart, R.M.  Effects of Tempering After Drying on Cooling Shelled Corn. 1971. ASAE Paper Number 71-304.



Fiscuss, D.E., Foster, G.H., and Kaufman, H.H.  Grain-Stream Velocity Measurements.  1971. Transaction of ASAE.  (14)1:162-166



Fiscuss, D.E., Foster, G.H., and Kaufman, H.H.  Physical Damage of Grain Caused by Various Handling Techniques.  1971. Transaction of ASAE.  (14)3:480-485,491.



Hodges, T.O., Converse, H.H., and Sauer, D.  Some Effects of Cooling Rates on Quality of High Moisture Corn.  1971. Trans. of ASAE.  14(4):649-655.



Keller, D., El-Saiedi, A.E., Rubin, R., and Converse, H.   Measuring Corn-Kernel Velocities in a Pneumatic Conveyor by a Radioactive Tracer Technique.  1972.  Trans. of ASAE. 15(5):932-934.



Chung, D.S. and Converse, H.H. Effect of Moisture Content on Some Physical Properties of Grains.  1971. Trans. of ASAE.  14(4):612-614, 620.



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Morey, R.V., Peart, R.M., and Zachariah, G.L. Optimal Harvest Policies for Corn and Soybeans.  1972. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research.  17:139-148.




Keller, D., Converse, H., Hodges, T., and Chung, D. Corn Kernel Damage Due to High Velocity Impact.  1972. Trans. of ASAE 15(2):330-332


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Dunstan, E., Chung, D.S., and Hodges, T. Adsorption and Desorption Characteristics of Grain Sorghum.  1974. Trans. of ASAE 16(4):667-670.


Lai, F.S. and Fan, L.T. Application of a Discrete Mixing Model to the Study of Mixing of Multicomponent Solid Particles.  1975. I&EC Process Design & Development 14:403-411.

Lai, F.S. and Foster, G.H. Improvement in Grain-Dryer Fuel Efficiency Through Heat Recovery.  1975. ASAE Paper Number 75-3517.


Martin, C.R. and Sauer, D. Physical and Biological Characteristics of Grain Dust.  1976. Trans. of ASAE 19(4):720-723.

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Miller, B.S., Lee, M.S., Pomeranz, Y., and Rousser, R. A Rapid, Objective Method to Measure the Degree of Milling of Rice.  1978.  Cereal Chem. 56(3):172-180.

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Pierwsza Krajowa Szkola Wybuchowosci Pylow Przemyslowych. First National School on Explosibility of Industrial Dusts.  1978.

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Miller, B.S. Note on the Evaluation of Hard White Winter Wheat Bran.  1979.  Cereal Chem. 56(2):118-119.

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