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NAA COP Charter
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NAACOP Charter






Mission and Goal


The mission of the North Atlantic Area Council of Office Professionals (NAACOP) is to work with the Area Director and Location management in an advisory capacity on new initiatives that impact office support professionals. The council will strive to enhance the profession through training, mentoring, and recognition, and will also provide input and serve as liaison to the NAA representative to the National Advisory Council for Office Professionals (NACOP).


Our goal is to ensure that the North Atlantic Area (NAACOP) is working to meet the future program and administrative needs of the Area and the Agency by providing a platform of guidance for skilled office professionals through mentoring, accurate resources, training and creating an open atmosphere of trust and respect.




Our vision is that Office Support Professionals function as an integral part of the team through shared knowledge and experience, thus providing a valuable resource in support of the Area and Agency missions.  We also envision that job satisfaction is heightened through improved job performance, training, positive communication and networking.




·         Improve communication, awareness, and skills among office professionals and strengthening programs and opportunities for career development.


·         Improve recognition and promote proficiency of the skilled office professional.


·         Assist in the, development and training of skilled office professionals by providing mentoring, accurate resources, etc.


·         Serve as a liaison between the NAA Area Director, the Location Management and the skilled office professionals


·         Provide advice and recommendations to management on Area-wide policies and programs related to the employment, development, and advancement of office professionals.


·         Provide support to the National Advisory Council for Office Professionals (NACOP).


Scope of Coverage


The NAA COP will represent skilled office professionals throughout the North Atlantic Area.


Council Membership


Membership will be made up of office professionals from the North Atlantic Area. Council members will be appointed by the North Atlantic Area Director based upon recommendations submitted by the Council.


·         The Area Director’s Executive Assistant is a permanent appointment (Ex-Officio) and represents office professionals in the Area Office.


·         Appointments will be rotating terms consisting of a three year minimum.  Council members are permitted to serve more than one term.


Representative to the Council will be appointed from the following locations:


Wyndmoor, PA

Boston, MA; Greenport, LI, NY

Ithaca, NY

Geneva, NY/Franklin/Orono, ME

Kearneysville/Leetown, WV

University Park, PA

Newark, DE (BIIRU)

Frederick, MD


·         Terms will begin June 1 and will end May 31.  If a member cannot complete a term, the new appointee will finish the remainder of the term.  If the resigning member has one year or less remaining, the new member will serve the remainder of the term plus an additional term.


·         The representative from the NAA to the NACOP will serve as Technical Advisor and shall be selected by the Area Director from persons who have served, or are presently serving, on the North Atlantic Area Council.  Upon appointment to the National Council, a new member shall then be selected to serve on the NAA COP.


·         Co-Chairpersons will lead the Council and be elected by the Council.  The Senior Co-Chair will lead the group in their final year.  The Co-Chair will assume the senior role and the Council will elect a new Co-Chair.  All Council members beginning their second year are eligible for election as Co-Chair.


·         A Recorder will be chosen from the members at large and will serve a one year term.


Roles and Responsibilities


Sponsor Will:


·         Provide guidance to Co-Chairs and Technical Advisors.


Co-Chairpersons will:


·         Organize meetings and issue agendas.

·         Preside at all meetings and conference calls.

·         Advise and work with management on implementing policies and programs affecting the North Atlantic Area office professionals and respectfully communicating this to NAACOP.

·         Develop correspondence and obtain appropriate approvals prior to dissemination.

·         Arrange conference calls as needed.

·         Prepare annual reports for the National Council.

·         Appoint chairpersons for subcommittees established by the Council.


Recorder will:


·         Record and distribute highlights and action items of meetings.

·         Maintain an accurate roster, e-mail list of Council members.

·         Maintain Council records.

·         Inform Council members of future meeting arrangements.


Technical Advisor will:


·         Be selected from senior or former NAA Council members.

·         Ensure all Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the established charter and appropriate issues are addressed.

·         Ensure that all recommendations from the Council are consistent with laws and regulations.


Webmaster will:


·         Maintain and update the NAACOP website with changes submitted by Council members.

  • Maintain, update and share information regarding, minutes, agendas, bios, pictures, etc.

Historian will:


·         Maintain and update timeline of NACOP members including dates of service.

·         Maintain, update and acquire images to create pictorial history through scrapbooking  

  with hard copies.

·         Bring scrapbook and supplies to meetings.


News Editor will:


·         Collect and compile articles from NAA COP members bi-annually in April and October.

·         Prepare draft for review (word template).

·         Send final to Co-Chairperson bi-annually in May and November for dissemination   in a PDF format.


All Members will:


·         Actively participate and support the activities of the Council.

·         Collect and report information on significant activities, questions, and concerns.

·         Keep NAA office professionals aware of information and activities of the Council.

·         Provide current biographical information upon appointment to the Council.

·         Nominate and elect the co-chairs.

·         Serve as a confidential liaison and actively support networking among the office professionals in NAA.


Operating Procedures


·         The Council will meet annually within the North Atlantic Area, at a site and place to be determined.  Payment of travel expenses will be the responsibility of the member’s unit.

·         Special meetings will be called as needed by the Co-Chairpersons.

·         Conference calls will be conducted quarterly.

·         All decisions will be made by consensus.

·         Recommendations from the Council with Area-wide impact will be submitted to the Area Director for approval prior to implementation.

·         Highlights and action items from the meetings will be forwarded to the Area Director.

·         A replacement will be named three months prior (March 1st) to the expiration of a member’s term.  The Co-chairs will contact the Area Director to ensure that a replacement is appointed.

·         Accomplishments will be summarized at the completion of each meeting.

·         Minutes of the meetings will be distributed to Key Area Personnel and to the NAA COP.


In addition, the Council will adhere to the following principles:


·         Be honest

·         Agree to disagree - respectfully

·         Behave and respond professionally.

·         Value every opinion.

·         Be positive and constructive.

·         Be confidential: “What starts with the Council, stays with the Council”.

·         Involve yourself as an equal.

·         Commit to the mission of NAACOP.

·         Council operations are built on trust.

·         Encourage, support, and praise others, and pass it on.


Approved by NAACOP: 01/10/2013

Last Modified: 3/7/2013
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