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Dr. Dariusz Swietlik

Dr. Dariusz Swietlik, Area Director for the North Atlantic Area, is the North Atlantic Area Council of Office Professionals’ sponsor.

Brenda Holmes

Brenda Holmes, Senior Chairperson, Program Support Assistant for the Newark, Delaware Location. Brenda Holmes is originally from Acoma, New Mexico, a Native American Indian from the Acoma Tribe now residing in Dover DE. Brenda has worked as a Program Support Assistant and Program Assistant for the USDA, ARS Beneficial Insects Introduction Research Unit, Newark, DE since 1999. Always eager to take on new challenges, Brenda is the primary administrative support to the ARS Newark, DE Location. When asked what she feels are her greatest attributes that she brings to this agency, she remarked "I feel that my commitment to service before self, equal and fair treatment of others, human relations, professionalism in every situation and providing topnotch support within every aspect of my duties are among the things I consider important to me. Those are the goals I focus on most." Brenda’s motto, "Always do your part to help others."

Joanne Murphy, Co-Chairperson.  Joanne is the Program Support Assistant for the Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC) Location in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania.

Joanne's father worked at the Social Security Administration for 35 years and many times heard her father say "working for the government is a good, secure job".  Joanne took his advice and began working at the Veterans Administration in Philadelphia in 1974.  Joanne is happily married and the mother of two children and recently became a grandmother.

Joanne is the Program Support Assistant for the USDA/Eastern Regional Research Center working under the direction of Brendan Niemira, Research Leader of the Food Safety and Intervention Technologies Unit. She considers herself very lucky to be working with a dynamic, innovative group of scientists and technicians.

Tiffany Fisk, Recorder.  Tiffany is the Program Support Assistant for both the Geneva, New York and Orono/Franklin, Maine Locations.

Tiffany has been working at the USDA, ARS in Geneva, NY as a federal employee since 1996.  She received an Associate’s degree in Social and Behavioral Science in 1992; an Associate’s degree in Business Administration in 2006; and a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Economics in 2011. 

Rebecca "Bec" Crawford, Historian.  Bec is the Secretary for the Kearneysville, West Virginia Location.

Rebecca is known as cheerful and full of life by her coworkers.  She is trusted by many when it comes to getting the job done. 


Rebecca, a veteran of the West Virginia Air National Guard/USAF, has worked as a Secretary at The National Center for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture in Kearneysville, WV since July 2010.  Her one-on-one skills and sense of humor have helped her excel as a part of the staff at NCCCWA.  She is a part of the location COOP Team for the Agency Continuance of Operations.  Serving as a point of contact for the location, normal duties include: tour requests, shipping, payroll, travel requests and planning and procurement to name a few.  With her photography experience she has been able to document EEO/Outreach events at the location and put on display for staff and visitors to enjoy. 

Melody Scheffler, News Editor.  Melody is a Program Support Assistant at the Ithaca, New York Location.

Melody started out her work career at the age of 16 by studying and getting a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in radio & announcing.  To do this, she read and studied during school study halls and took an exam to qualify for a side licensure in electronics.  She worked for a radio station as an announcer and solicited and wrote news stories.  As the only licensed ‘engineer,’ she was the one who started-up, did all of the modulations and calibrations, and shutdown the (AM) station each day.  It occurs to her now how awkward that may have been---to be the youngest person there; the only female and the only one with an engineer’s license. 


She has an AAS degree in ‘Communications: Radio & Television’ and an AS in ‘Liberal Arts.’  She ended up becoming an ‘Assistant’ when she was working for a TV station and saw a position advertised that paid even more than the Director of the TV station made and thought that she probably wouldn’t be the Director so it became about economics.


She has subsequently been the Administrative Assistant for three Commissioners, one Deputy, one Director, and one Principal while working in the areas of Legislation, Planning, Social Services & Education.


In part, due to the retirement of her dearest Commissioner boss, she saw a Federal job listed and thought that there might be an opportunity to work in a different vein of government.  She currently works for two Research Units in ARS and can now list ‘Science’ in her repertoire of areas.

Allison Mowery

Allison Kay Mowery, Webmaster.  Allison is the Program Support Assistant for the University Park Pennsylvania location.

Allison has 21 years with the federal government she started her career as a temporary Office Automation Clerk with USDA-SCS now NRCS in Bloomsburg, PA. Allison and her family moved to the State College, PA area in 1997 and she continued working with NRCS.  In 2001 she transferred to the ARS–University Park office.


Vacant, Permanent Technical Advisor (Ex-Officio).


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