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2014 Publications


Bai, Y., Kaufman, R. C., Wilson, Jeff, D. and Shi, Y.C. 2014. Position of modifying groups on starch chains of octenylsuccinic anhydride-modified waxy maize starch. Food Chem. 153:193-199.


Cremer, J. E., Liu, L., Bean, S. R., Ohm, J. B., Tilley, M., Wilson, J. D., Kaufman, R., Vu, T. H., Gilding, E. K., Godwin, I. and Wang, D.  2014.  Impacts of Kafirin Allelic Diversity, Starch Content, and Protein Digestibility on Ethanol Conversion Efficiency in Grain Sorghum. Cereal Chem. 91(3):218-227. 


Garimella, P.S., Shi, Y.C., Guan, L., Wilson, J. D. and Graybosch, R. A. 2014. Study of hard waxy wheat flours differing in pasting properties. J. Cereal Sci. (Submitted)


Herald, T. J., Gadgil, P., Perumal, R., Bean, S. R. and Wilson, J. D.  2014.  High-throughput micro-plate HCl-vanillin assay for screening tannin content in sorghum grain. J. Sci. Food Agric.  94:2133-2136.  DOI 10.1002/jsfa.6538.


Liu, L., Herald, T. J., Wang, D., Bean, S. R., Wilson, J. D. and Aramouni, F. 2012. Evaluation of four sorghum hybrid flours used in formulating gluten-free noodles. Cereal Chem. (Submitted).


Posner, E. S., Chew-Guevara, A. A., Mitre-Dieste, M., Perez-Carrillo, E., Heredia-Olea, E., Wilson, J. D. and Saldivar-Serna, S. 2014. Generation of a mixolab profile after the evaluation of the functionality of different commercial wheat flours for hot-press tortilla production. Cereal Chem.  91(2):139-145.


Wilson, J. D. and Kaufman, R. 2014. Environmental events affecting starch size distribution in developing hard red winter wheat caryopsis. J of Cereal Sci. (Submitted).


Wilson, J. D., Kaufman, R. C., Frederick, E., Seabourn, B. W. and Herald, T. J. 2014. Utilizing the SDmatic for measuring starch damage of sorghum. Cereal Chem. (Submitted).


2013 Publications


Kaufman, R. C., Wilson, J. D., Bean, S. R., Presley, D. R., Blanco-Canqui, H. and Mikha, M. M. The effect of nitrogen fertilization and cover cropping systems on sorghum grain characteristics.  J. Agric. Food Chem. 61:5715-5719.

2012 Publications


Gonzales, H. B., Maghirang, R. G., Wilson, J. D., Razote, E. B. and Guo, L. 2012. Measuring cattle feedlot dust using laser diffraction analysis. Trans. ASABE. 54(6):2319-2327.


Kaufman, R. C., Herald, T. J., Bean, S. R., Wilson, J. D. and Tuinstra, M. R. 2012. Variability in tannin content, chemist and activity in a diverse group of tannin containing sorghum cultivars. J. Agric. Food Chem. doi: 10/1002/jsfa.5890.


Liu, L., Herald, T. J., Wang, D., Wilson, J. D., Bean, S. R. and Aramouni, F. 2012. Characterization of sorghum grain and evaluation of sorghum flour in a Chinese egg noodle system. J. Cereal Sci. 55(1): 31-36.



2011 Publications


Zhu, L., Liu, Q., Wilson, J. D., Gu, M. and Shi, Y. 2011. Digestibility and physicochemical of rice (Oryza sativa L.) flours and starches differing in amylose content. Carb. Poly. 86:1751-1759.


2010 Publications


Hansen, L. E., Jackson, D. S., Wehling, R. L., Wilson, J. D. and Graybosch, R. A.  2010.  Functionality of native tetraploid wheat starches:  Effects of waxy loci alleles and amylose concentration in blends.  J. Cereal Sci.  52:39-45. (244355)


Lord, J. C., Vossbrinck, C. R. and Wilson, J. D.  2010.  Occurrence of Nosema oryzaephili in Cryptolestes ferrugineus and transfer to genus Paranosema.  J of Invertebrate Path. 105(1):112-115.


Wong, J., Marx, D. B., Wilson, J. D., Lemaux, P. G., Buchanan, B. B. and Pedersen, J. F.  2010. Principle component analysis and biochemical characterization of protein and starch reveal primary targets for improving sorghum grain.  Plant Sci. 179:598-611.


Yan, S., Wu, X., Dahlberg, J., Bean, S. R., MacRitchie, F., Wilson, J. D. and Wang, D.  2010. Properties of field-sprouted sorghum and its performance in ethanol production.  J. Cereal Sci.  51(3):374-380.


2009 Publications


Mina-Boac, J., Maghirang, R. G., Casada, M., Wilson, J. D. and Yoon-Sung, J.  2009.  Size distribution and rate of dust generated during grain elevator handling.  Applied Eng in Agric.  25(4):533-541.


Park, S. H., Wilson, J. D. and Seabourn, B. W. 2009. Starch granule size distribution of hard red winter and hard spring wheat:  Its effects on mixing and breadmaking quality.  J. Cereal Sci. 49:98-105.


Wong, J. H., Lau, T., Cai, N., Singh, J., Pederson, J. F., Vensel, W. H., Hurkman, W. J., Wilson, J. D., Lemaux, P. G. and Buchanan, B. B. 2009. Digestibility of protein and starch from sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) is linked to biochemical and structural features of grain endosperm. J of Cereal Sci. 49:73-82.


Zhao, R., Wu, X. Seabourn, B. W., Bean, S. R., Guan, L., Shi, Y., Wilson, J. D., Madl, R. and Wang, D. 2009. Comparison of waxy vs. nonwaxy wheats in fuel ethanol fermentation. Cereal Chem. 86(2):145-156.


Zhao, R., Bean, S. R., Wang, D., Park, S.-H., Schober, T. J., and Wilson, J. D. 2009. Small-scale mashing procedure for predicting ethanol yield of sorghum grain.  J. Cereal Sci. 49:230-238.



2008 Publications


Dowell, F. E., Maghirang, E. B., Pierce, R. O., Lookhart, G. L., Bean, S. R., Xie, F., Caley, M. S., Wilson, J. D., Seabourn, B. W., Ram, M. S., Park, S. H., and Chung, O. K. 2008. The relationship of bread quality to kernel, flour, and dough properties. Cereal Chem. 85:82-91.


Wilson, J. D., Bechtel, D. B., Wilson, G. W. T. and Seib, P. A. 2008.  Bread qality of spelt wheat and its starch. Cereal Chem. 85(5):629-638.


Wong, J. H., Lau, T., Cai, N., Singh, J., Pedersen, J. F., Vensel, W. H., Hurkman II, W. J., Wilson, J. D., Lemaux, P.G. and Buchanan, B. B.  2008. Digestibility of protein and starch from sorghum (sorghum bicolor) is linked to biochemical and structural features of grain endosperm. J. Cereal Sci. 49(1):73-82.


2007 Publications


Pearson, T.C., Wilson, J.D., Gwirtz, J., Maghirang, E.B., Dowell, F.E., McClusky, P. and Bean, S.R.  2007.  The relationship between single wheat kernel particle size distribution and the Perten SKCS 4100 hardness index.  Cereal Chem. 84:567-575.

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