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NLEAP GIS 4.2 with NTT


To download NLEAP GIS 4.2 with NTT, please follow this link to navigate to the download form.

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Description: The new and advanced Nitrogen Loss and Environmental Assessment Package with GIS capabilities (NLEAP GIS 4.2) and a Nitrogen Trading Tool (NTT) application has several components programmed in different computer languages. The NLEAP GIS 4.2 with NTT basic console was developed in Fortran and C/C++ and contains the simulation algorithms described in Shaffer et al. (2010) to assess nitrogen pools and pathways for nitrogen losses. In order to create a user-friendly NLEAP-GIS 4.2 with NTT experience, an interface run from a Microsoft Excel® environment was developed (Delgado et al. 2010). This Excel driven menu can help to quickly connect NLEAP GIS 4.2 with Internet databases, convert said databases to a new format that can be used with NLEAP GIS 4.2, and to communicate with advanced Geographic Information System Capabilities. The NLEAP GIS 4.2 console is run from a Microsoft Excel® environment, driven by Visual Basic for Applications. The NLEAP GIS 4.2 with NTT application can be used to assess how best management practices reduce the losses of reactive nitrogen, and potential trading of these savings in air and water quality markets (See Delgado et al. 2008, 2010; Gross et al. 2008; Lal et al. 2009).


This version of NLEAP-GIS 4.2 has several tools, such as the NLEAP-GIS, that can be used to assess the effects of best management practices on nitrogen dynamics and pools across various (e.g., risky) landscape cropping system combinations to help identify best management practices that can contribute to increase nitrogen use efficiency while conserving the environment. Another additional capability of the NLEAP-GIS 4.2 is the incorporation of the new Nitrogen Trading Tool (NTT) concept as described by Delgado et al. (2008, 2010).

For more information of NLEAP GIS 4.2, please click here.

For more information of the NTT, please click here.

Technical Specs: NLEAP-GIS 4.2 must be run on Microsoft Windows (XP was most extensively tested), with 2010 Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. Several GIS packages, which are necessary to utilize the GIS portions, are supported such as ArcMap®, MapInfo® and fGIS®.


Any Windows computer capable of running Microsoft Office 2010 can run NLEAP-GIS 4.2 sufficiently.


The minimum system requirements are:

Personal computer with an Intel Pentium 233-MHz or faster processor (Pentium III recommended)

Windows XP installed

128 MB of RAM or greater

200 MB of free Hard Drive space

CD-ROM or DVD drive


Latest Version: 4.2, Release date: 12/2/2010

Contact: Jorge Delgado

Last Modified: 2/14/2011