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Simulating the Poduction Potential of Dryland Spring Canola in the Central Great Plains. D.C. Nielsen, S.A. Saseendran, L. Ma, and L.R. Ahuja

Water use and yields of no-till managed dryland grasspea and yellow pea under different planting configurations. Calderon, F.J., M.F. Vigil, D.C. Nielson, J.G. Benjamin, D.J. Poss.

Pyrosequencing and mid-infrared spectroscopy reveal distinct aggregate stratification of soil bacterial communities and organic matter composition. Davinic, M., L.M. Fultz, V. Acosta-Martinez, F.J. Calderon, S.B. Cox, S.E. Dowd, V.G. Allen, J.C. Zak, J. Moore-Kucera.

Climate change impacts on dryland cropping systems in the Central Great Plains, USA. Ko,J., L.R. Ahuja, S.A. Saseendran. T.R. Green, L. Ma, D.C. Nielsen, and C.L. Walthall.

Calibrating RZWQM2 Model for maize responses to deficit irrigation. Ma, L., T.J. Trout, L.R. ahuja, W.C. Bausch, S.A. Saseendran, R.W. Malone, D.C. Nielsen.

Multi-location study of soil enzyme activities as affected by types and rates of manure application and tillage practices. Acosta-Martinez, V., Mikha, M.M., Sistani, K.R., Stahlman, P.W., Benjamin, J.G., Vigil, M.F., Erickson, R.

Irrigation capacity impact on limited irrigation management and cropping systems. Schneekloth, J.P., Nielsen, D.C., Schlegel, A.

Comparison of methods to evaluate soil and crop management-induced soil carbon changes. Mikha, M.M., Benjamin, J.G., Halvorson, A.D., Nielsen, D.C.

Organic amendment and residue removal rates influence soil productivity. Mikha, M.M., Schlegel, A.J.

Management practices influence productivity of degraded or eroded soils. Mikha, M.M., Stahlman, P.W. Benjamin, J.G., Geier, P.W.

Spectral estimates of crop residue cover and density for standing and flat wheat stubble. Aguilar, J., Evans,R., Vigil, M.F., Daughtry, C.S.T.

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Evaluating decision rules for dryland crop selection. Field Crops Res 120:254-261. Nielsen, D.C., M.F. Vigil, and J.G. Benjamin.

Irrigation capacity impact on limited irrigation management and cropping systems. Schneekloth, J.P., D.C. Nielsen.

Fallow effects on soil. Nielsen, D.C., F.J. Calderon

Phenology MMS: a program to simulate crop phonological responses to water stress. Computers and Electronics in Agric. McMaster, G.S., D. Edmonds, W.W. Wilhelm, D.C. Nielsen, P. Prassad, and J. Ascough

Chemical differences in soil organic matter fractions determined by diffuse-reflectance mid-infrared spectroscopy. Calderon, F.J., J.B. Reeves III, H.P. Collins, E.A. Paul.

Nutrient source and tillage impact on corn grain yield and soil properties. Sistani, K.R., M.M. Mikha, J.G. Warren B. Gilfillen, V. Aosta-Martinez, T. William

Addition of ocover crops enhances no-til potential for improving soil physical properties. Blanco-Canqui, H., M.M. Mikha, D.R. Presley, M.M. Claassen.

Forage soybean yield and quality response to water use. Nielsen, D.C.

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Precipitation storage efficiency during fallow in wheat-fallow systems. .Nielsen, D.C.and M.F. Vigil.

Perceived Consequences of Herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant crops on integrated pest management strategies in the Western united States: Harrington, J.E., P.F. Byrne, F.B. Peairs, S.J. Nissen, P. Westra, P.C. Ellsworth, A Fournier, C.A. Mallory-Smith, R.S. Zemtra, W.B. Henry.

Remediation/restoration of degraded soil to improve productivity in the Central Great Plains region. Mikha, M.M., P.W. Stahlman, J.G. Benjamin, M.F. Vigil, P.W. Geier, and D.J. Poss.

Nitrogen rates for dryland triticale hay. Vigil, M.F., D.J. Poss, and A.D. Halvorson

Water conservation for agriculture. Unger, P.W., M.B. Kirkham, and D.C. Nielsen

Crop management effects on crop residue production and changes in soil organic carbon in the central Great Plains. Benjamin, J.G., Halvorson, A.D., Nielsen, D.C., Mikha, M.M.

Critical precipitation period for dryland maize production. Nielsen, D.C., Halvorson, A.D., Vigil, M.F

Continuous cropping systems reduce near-surface maximum compaction in no-till soils. Humberto Blanco-Canqui, L.R. Stone, A.J. Schlegel, J.G. Benjamin, M.F. Vigil, and P.W. Stahlman.

Soil processes and residue harvest management. Johnson, J. M.F., S.K. Papiernik, M.M.Mikha, K.A. Spokas, M.D. Tomer, S.L. Weyers.

Predicting winter wheat yield loss from soil compaction in the Central Great Plains of the United States. Benjamin, J.G., M.M. Mikha.

Simulating alternative dryland rotational cropping systems in the Central Great plains with RZWQM2. Saseendran, S.A., D.C. Nielsen, Liwang Ma, L.R Ahuja, M.F. Vigil.

Mid-infrared spectroscopic properties of humic acid and fulvic acid-soil mixtures. Calderón, F.J., J.B. Reeves III, M.F. Vigil.

Cropping intensity impacts on soil aggregation and carbon sequestration in the Central Great Plains. Mikha, M.M., J.G. Benjamin, M.F. Vigil, D.C. Nielsen

Adapting CROPGRO for simulating spring canola growth with both RZWQM2 and DSSAT4.0. Saseendran, S.A., D.C. Nielsen, L. Ma, L.R. Ahuja.


The variable response of dryland corn yield to soil water content at planting. Nielsen, D.C., M.F. Vigil, and J.G. Benjamin

Sunflower production in skip-row configurations for the semi-arid central plains. Calderόn, F.J., J. Schneekloth, D.C. Nielsen, M.F. Vigil


Management of dryland cropping systems in the U.S. Great Plains: Effects on soil organic carbon. Liebig, M.A., M.M. Mikha, K.N. Potter.


Management practices to improve productivity of degraded/eroded soils. Mikha, M.M., P.W. Stahlman, J.G. Benjamin,


Mid-Infrared and Near-Infrared spectral properties of Mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal root cultures. Calderόn, F.J., V Acosta-Martinez, D.D. Douds Jr., J.B. Reeves III, and M.F. Vigil.


No-Till management effects on soil water and wind erodibility parameters. Blanco, H.C., M.M. Mikha, J.G. Benjamin. L.R. Stone, A.J. Schlegel, D.J. Lyon, M.F. Vigil, and P.W. Stahlman.


Modeling responses of dryland spring triticale, proso millet and foxtail millet to initial soil water in the High Plains. Saseendran, S.A., D.C. Nielsen, D.J. Lyon, L. Ma, D.G. Felter, D.D. Baltensperger, G. Hoogenboom, L.R. Ahuja.


Skip-row planting patterns stabilize corn grain yields in the Central Great Plains. Lyon, D.J., A.D. Pavlista, G.W. Hergert, R.N. Klein, C.A Sharpiro, S. Knezevic, S.C. Mason, L.A. Nelson, D.D. Baltensperger, R.W. Elmore, M.F. Vigil, A.J. Schlegel, B.L. Olson, and R.M. Aiken.


Mid-infrared and near-infrared calibrations for nutritional parameters of triticale (Triticosecale) and Pea (Pisum sativum) Calderón, F.J., M.F. Vigil, J.B. Reeves, III, and D.J. Poss.


Regional study of no-till impacts on near-surface aggregate properties that influence soil erodibility. Humberto Blanco-Canqui, M.M. Mikha, J.G. Benjamin, L.R. Stone, A.J. Schlegel, D.J. Lyon, M.F. Vigil and P.W. Stahlman.

Evaluating the crop water stress index and its correlation with latent heat and CO2 fluxes over winter wheat and maize in the North China Plain. Li, L., D.C. Nielsen, Q. Yu., L.Ma, and L.R. Ahuja.


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Managing nitrogen Rates for reduce-till Dryland Wheat. Vigil, M.F., and D.J. Poss.

Crop residues and soil water. Nielsen, D.C., 

Oilseed productivity under varying water availability.  Proc. 20th Annual Central Plains Irrigation Conference and Exposition. Nielsen, D.C.

Jointed goatgrass ecology. Anderson, R.L, E. Zakarison, D. Ball, G. Wicks. W. Donald, S. Miller, F. young, T. White. 

Best management practices for the control of jointed goatgrass.  A Multi-practice approach for dryland wheat producers. Schmale, D.  2008

A use of skip-row planting as a strategy for drought mitigation in the West Central Great Plains. .  Vigil, M.F., W.B. Henry, F.J. Calderon, D.J. Poss, D.C. Nielsen, J.G. Benjamin, and B Klein.

A comparison of dryland grasspea (Lathyrus sativus L.) and admiral pea (Pisum sativum L.) grown under different row spacings. Calderon, F.J., M.F. Vigil, D.C. Nielsen, J.G. Benjamin, and M.M. Mikha.

Alternative crop rotations in the semi-arid Central Great Plains region:  How much fallow? Evaluating the economics. Vigil, M.F., M.M. Mikha, D.C. Nielsen, J.G. Benjamin, F.J. Calderόn.

Proso millet yield and residue mass following direct harvest with a stripper-header. Henry, W.B., D.C. Nielsen, M.F. Vigil, F.J. Calderόn, and M.S. West.

Proso Millet in the Great Plains. Lyon, D.J., P.A. Burgener, K. L. DeBoer, R.M. Harveson, G.L. Hein, G.W. Hergert, T.L. Holman, L. A Nelson, J.J. Johnson, T.Nleya, J.M. Krall, D.C. Nielsen, M.F. Vigil.

Gaseous losses of nitrogen other than through denitrification in Nitrogen in Agricultural Systems. Francis, D.D., M.F. Vigil, A.R. Moiser.

Modeling the nitrogen cycle in Nitrogen in Agricultural Systems. Cabrera, M., J.Molina, M.F. Vigil.

Soil nitrogen budgets in Nitrogen in Agricultural Systems. Meisinger, J.J., F.J. Calderόn, D.S. Jenkinson.

Best management practices for remediation/restoration of degraded soils in the central Great Plains region. Mikha, M.M., M.F. Vigil, J.G. Benjamin, D.J. Poss, and F.J. Calderόn.

Spatial variability of atrazine and metolachlor dissipation on dryland no-tillage crop fields in Colorado. Bridges, M., W.B. Henry, D.L. Shaner, R.Khosla, P. Westra, and R. Reich. 

Use of crop simulation models to evaluate limited irrigation management options for corn in a semiarid environment. Saseendran, S.A., L.R. Ahuja, D.C. Nielsen, T.J. Trout, and L. Ma.

Pyrolysis-molecular beam mass spectrometry to characterize soil organic matter composition in chemically isolated franctions from differing land uses. Plante, A.F., K.Magrini-Bair, M.F. Vigil, P.A Eldor.

Organic carbon effects on soil physical and hydraulic properties in a semiarid climate. Benjamin, J.G., Mikha, M.M., and M.F. Vigil.

Estimating gene flow from wheat to wheat and wheat to jointed goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrical). Byrne, P., Gaines T., Westra P., Henry W.B., Nissen S., Chapman P., and Harrington J.

Change in surface soil carbon under rotated corn in Eastern South Dakota. Pikul, Jr. J.L., Jane. M.F. Johnson, T.E. Schumacher, M.F. Vigil, and W.E. Riedell.


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Skip-row planting: A strategy for stabilizing dryland corn/sorghum yields. Vigil, M.F., W.B. Henry, and B., Klein. 

Optimal nitrogen fertilization of dryland wheat. Vigil, M.F.

Field history and dissipation of atrazine and metolachlor in Colorado. Shaner, D.L., W.B. Henry, 

Proso millet harvest: A comparision of conventional harvest and direct harvest with a stripper header. Henry, W.B., M.F. Vigil, and D.C. Nielsen.

Shikimate accumulation in sunflower, wheat, and proso millet after glyphosate application. Henry. W.B., D.L. Shaner, and M.S. West.

Adventitious presence of herbicide resistant wheat in certified and farm-saved seed lots. Gaines, T., C. Preston, P. Byrne, W.B. Henry, and Philip Westra.

Choice of summer fallow replacement crops impacts subsequent winter wheat. Lyon, D.J., D.C.Nielsen, D.G. Felter, and P.A. Burgener.

Drifts and near infrared spectroscopy analysis of fresh and decomposed cattle manure.  Calderon, F.J., and J.B. Reeves, III.

Crop residue and soil water. Nielsen, D.C.

History of the Central Great Plains Research Station. Nielsen, D.C., B.W. Greb (retired) M.F. Vigil, R.H. Mickelson

Estimataed yield of some alternative crops under varying irrigation in Northeast Colorado. Nielsen, D.C.

Cropping intensity effects on physical properties of a no-till silt loam. Benjamin, J.G., M.M. Mikha, D.C. Nielsen, M.F. Vigil, F.J. Calderon, W.B. Henry.

Microbial communities and enzyme activities in soils under alternative crop rotations compared to wheat-fallow for the Central Great Plains. Acosta-Martinez, V., M.M. Mikha, and M.F. Vigil. 

Rapid assay for detecting enhanced atrazine degradation in soil. Shaner, D.L., W.B. Henry, L.J. Krutz, and B. Hanson.

Comparison of modeling approaches to quantify residue architecture effects on soil temperature and water. Kozak, J.A., R.M. Aiken, G.N. Flerchinger, D.C. Nielsen, L. Ma., L. Ahuja.

An empirically derived model of field-scale gene flow in winter wheat. T.A., Byrne, P.F., Westra. P., Nissen, S.J., Henry, W.B., Shaner, D.L. and Chapman, P.L.

Comparison of diffuse reflectance fourier transform mid-infrared and near-infrared spectroscopy with grating-based near-infrared for the determination of fatty acids in forages. Calderon, F.J., J.B. Reeves, III, J.G., Foster, W.M. Clapham, J.M. Fedders,  Vigil, M.F., and W.B. Henry.

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Cropping system influences on soil chemical properties and soil quality in the Great Plains. Mikha, M.M., M.F. Vigil, M.A. Liebig, R.A. Bowman, B. MCconkey, E.J. Deibert, J.L. Pikul, Jr.

Management effects on soil physical properties in long-term tillage studies in Kansas. McVay, K.A., J.A. Budde, K. Fabrizzi, M.M. Mikha, C.W. Rice, A.J. Schlegel, D.E. Peterson, D.W. Sweeney, D. Thompson.

Cropping system influences on soil physical properties in the Great Plains. Pikul, J.L., Jr., R.C. Schwarts, J.G. Benjamin, R.L. Baumhardt, S. Merril. 

Crop residue and soil water. Nielsen, D.C.

Crop water use and yield. Nielsen, D.C.

Crop residue and soil water. Nielsen, D.C.

Crop residue and soil water. Nielsen, D.C.

Flexible summer fallow in the central Great Plains.  Lyon, D.J., D.D. Baltensperger, P.A. Burgener, D.C. Nielsen.

Pyrolisis-MS and FT-IR analysis of fresh and decomposed dairy manure. Calderón, F.J., G.W. McCarty, J.B. Reeves III. 

Great Plains cropping system studies for soil quality assessment.  Varvel, G.E., W.E. Riedell, E. Deibert, B. McConkey, D.L. Tanaka,  M.F. Vigil, R.C Schwartz.

Cropping system effects on soil quality in the Great Plains. Wienhold, B.J., J.L. Pikul, Jr., M.A. Liebig, M.M. Mikha, G.E. Varvel, J.W. Doran.

Central Great Plains Yield Calculator Nielsen, D.C.

Water deficit effects on root distribution of soybean, field pea and chickpea. Benjamin, J.G., D.C. Nielsen.

Forage yield response to water use for dryland corn, millet, and triticale in the Central Great Plains. Nielsen, D.C., M.F. Vigil, J.G. Benjamin. 

Evaluating various water stress calculations in RZWQM and RZ-SHAW for corn and soybean production. Kozak, J.A., L. Ma. L.R. Ahuja, G. Flerchinger, D.C. Nielsen.

Estimating soil mineralizable nitrogen under different management practices.  Mikha, M.M., C.W. Rice, J.G. Benjamin.

Response of microbial community composition and activity in agricultural and grassland soils after a simulated rainfall. Steenwerth, K.L., L.E. Jackson, F.J. Calderon, K.M. Scow, D.E. Rolston. 

Evaluating crops for a flexible summer fallow cropping system.  Felter, D.G., D.J. Lyon, D.C. Nielsen.

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Nitrogen mineralization from organic residues: Research opportunities. Cabrera, M.L., Kissel, D.E., Vigil, M.F.

Carbon and nitrogen mineralization as affected by drying and wetting cycles. Mikha, M.M., Rice, C.W., Milliken, G.A.

Soil changes when switching to No-till. Vigil, M.F.

Crop residue and soil water. Nielsen, D.C.  

How wheat responds to water. Nielsen, D.C.

Simulating planting date effects on corn production using RZWQM and CERES-Maize Models. Saseendran S. Anapalli, L. Ma, D.C. Nielsen, M.F. Vigil, and L.R. Ahuja.

Effectiveness of RZWQM for simulating alternative great plains cropping systems.  Saseendran, S.A., D.C. Nielsen, L. Ma., L.R. Ahuja, M.F. Vigil, J.G. Benjamin, A.D. Halvorson.

Efficient water use in dryland cropping systems in the Great Plains. Nielsen, D.C., P.W. Unger, P.R. Miller.

Analysis of manure and soil nitrogen mineralization during incubation. Calderon, F.J., G.W. McCarty, J.B. Reeves, III.

Legume green fallow effect on soil water content at wheat planting and wheat yield. Nielsen, D.C., M.F. Vigil.

Nitrapyrin delays denitrification on manured soils. Calderon, F.J., G.W. McCarty, J.B. Reeves, III.

Effectiveness of RZWQM for simulating alternative Great Plains cropping systems. Saseendran, S.A., D.C. Nielsen, L. Ma, L.R. Ahuja, M.F. Vigil, A.D. Halvorson.

Development and evaluation of the RZWQM-CROPGRO hybrid model for soybean production.  Ma, L., G. Hoogenboom, L.R. Ahuja, D.C. Nielsen J.C. Ascough II. 

Assessment of two nondestructive assays for detecting glyphosate resistance in horseweed (Conyza canadensis). Koger, C.H., D.L. Shaner, W.B. Henry, T. Nadler-Hassar, W.E. Thomas, J.W. Wilcut.

Nutrient management. Vigil, M.F., R.E. Lamond.

Crop rotations and residue management. Lyon, D., M.F. Vigil, D.C. Nielsen, H.D. Sunderman.

Accumulation of shikimate in corn and soybean exposed to various rates of glyphosate. Henry, W.B., Koger, C.H., Shaner, D.L.

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Kenaf forage yield and quality under varying water availability. Nielsen, D.C.

Registration of Horizon Proso Millet. Baltensperger, D.D., Frickel, G.E., Nelson, L.A., Krall, J.M., Vigil, M.F., Hain, J., Johnson,  Stymiest, C., Rickertsen, J.R.

Modeling nitrogen management effects on Winter wheat production using RZWQM and CERES-Wheat.  Saseendran, S.A., D.C. Nielsen, L. Ma, L.R. Ahuja, A.D. Halvorson. 

Tillage and manure effects on soil and aggregate-associated carbon and nitrogen. Mikha, M.M., C.W. Rice.

Using RZWQM to simulate water, nitrogen, and planting date effects on corn, soybean, and winter wheat production in Northeast Colorado.  Nielsen, D.C., M. Liwang, S.A. Saseendran, L.R. Ahuja.

Modeling alternative cropping systems for Central Great Plains using RZWQM. Saseendran, S.A., D.C. Nielsen, L.Ma, L.R. Ahuja, M.F. Vigil, J.G. Benjamin.

Weed control for Colorado Farmers and wheat producers. Westra, P., Nissen, S., Haley, S., Johnson, J., Helm, A., Shaner, D., Henry, W.B.

Feasibility of Site-Specific management of corn hybrids and plant densities in the Great Plains.  Shanahan, J.F., Doerge, T.A., Johnson, J.J., Vigil, M.F.

Remote sensing to detect herbicide drift on crops. Henry, W.B., Shaw, D.R., Kambham, R.R., Bruce, L.M., Tamhankar, H.D.

Fate and transformation of fertilizers in soils. Vigil, M.F.  

Nitrogen fertilization and rotation effects on no-till dryland wheat production. Halvorson, A.D., Nielsen, D.C., Reule, C.A.

On-farm assessment of organic matter and tillage management on vegetalbe yield, soil, weeds, pests, and economics in California. Jackson, L.E., Ramirez, I., Yokota, R., Fennimore, S.A., Koike, S.T., Henderson, D.M., Chaney, W.E., Calderon, F.J., Klonsky, K.

Carbon and nitrogen dynamics during incubation of manured soil.  Calderon, F.J., McCarty, G.W, Van Kessel, J.S., Reeves III, J.B.

Remote sensing to distinguish soybean from weeds after herbicide application. Henry, W.B, Shaw, D.R., Kambham, R.R., Bruce, L.M., Tamhankar, H.D.

Spectral reflectance curves to distinguish soybean from common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium) and sicklepod (Cassia obtusifolia) grown with varying soil moisture. Henry, W.B., Shaw, D.R., Kambham R.R., Bruce, L.M., Tamhankar, H.D. 

A method to separate plant roots from soil and analyze root surface area. Benjamin, J.G., D.C. Nielsen.

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Evaluation of RZWQM under varying irrigation levels in eastern Colorado. Ma, L., Nielsen, D.C., L.R. Ahuja, R.W. Malone, Saseendran S.A., K.W. Rojas, J.D. Hanson, J.G. Benjamin.

Stubble management effects on available soil water in dryland cropping systems. Nielsen, D.C.

Quantifying effects of soil condtions on plant growth and crop production. Benjamin, J.G.  D.C. Nielsen, M.F. Vigil.

Corn water use and yield under dryland rotations and limited irrigation. Nielsen, D.C., Benjamin, J.G., Schneekloth, J. 

Flexible summer fallow: A dynamic cropping systems concept for the Central Great Plains. Lyon, D.J., Baltensperger, D.D., Burgener, P.A., Nielsen, D.C.

Impact of manure characteristics and management on nitrogen mineralization. Davis, J.G., Vigil, M.F., Jakubowski, B.R., Smith, G.M.

Soil physical characteristics of contrasting cropping systems in the Great Plains: Pikul, J.L. Jr., Schwartz R., Benjamin J.G., Baumhardt L., and Merrill S. 

Nutrient variability in manures: Implications for sampling and regional database creation. Davis, J.G., Iversen, K.V., Vigil, M.F.

Managing soil fertility in diverse dryland cropping systems. Westfall, D.G., Vigil, M.F., Peterson, G.A.

GPFARM plant model parameters: Complications of varieties and the genotype X environment interaction in wheat.  McMaster, G.S., J.C. Ascough II, M.J. Shaffer, L.A. Deer-Ascough, P.F. Byrne, D.C. Nielsen, S.D. Haley, A.A. Andales, G.H. Dunn.

Scaling effects of standing crop residues on the wind profile. Aiken, R.M., D.C. Nielsen and L.R. Ahuja.

Assessment of cropping system effects on soil quality in the Great Plains: Introduction. Varvel, G., W. Riedell, E. Deibert, B. McConkey, D. Tanaka, M.F. Vigil, R. Schwartz.

Cropping system effects on soil quality in the Great Plains: Summary from a regional.   Winehold B., J. Pikul, Jr., M. Liebig, M.F. Vigil, G. Varvel, J. Doran.

Advances and challenges in predicting agricultural management effects on soil hydraulic properties. Green, T.R., Ahuja, Ahuja, L.R., Benjamin, J.G.

Water in dryland cropping systems. Nielsen, D.C.

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Oilseed crops for semiarid cropping systems in the northern Great Plains. Johnston, A.M., D.L. Tanaka, P.R. Miller, S.A. Brandt, David C. Nielsen, G.P. Lafond and N.R. Riveland.

An evaluation of RZWQM, CROPGRO, and CERES-Maize for responses to water stress in the Central Great Plains.  L. Ma., D.C. Nielsen, L.R. Ahuja, J.R. Kiniry, J.D. Hanson, and G. Hoogenboom.

Quantifying laboratory and field variability to assess potential for carbon sequestration. Bowman, R.A., J.D. Reeder and B.J. Wienhold.

Water use efficiency, enhancing. Nielsen, D.C.

Crop rotations, soil water content & wheat yields.  Nielsen, D.C.

Cropping system influence on planting water content and yield of winter wheat. Nielsen, D.C., M.F. Vigil, R.L. Anderson, R.A. Bowman, J.G. Benjamin and A.D. Halvorson.

Simulating soybean water stress effects with RZWQM and CROPGRO models. Nielsen, D.C., L. Ma, Ahuja, L.R., and G. Hoogenboom.

Tillage system and crop rotation effects on dryland crop yields and soil carbon in the Central Great Plains. Halvorson, A.D., G.A. Peterson and C.A. Reule.

Accounting for seasonal nitrogen mineralization: An overview. Vigil, M.F., B.Eghball, M.L. Cabrera, B.R. Jakubowski and J.G. Davis.

Soil testing for different phosphorus pools in cropland soils of the Great Plains.  Bowman, R.A, and M.F. Vigil.

Parameterizing GPFARM: An agricultural decision support system for integrating science, economics, resource use, and environmental impacts.  McMaster, G.S., J.C. Ascough II, M.J. Shaffer, L.A. Deer-Ascough, P.F. Byrne, S.D. Haley, D.C. Nielsen, A.A. Andales, G.H. Dunn, M.A. Welz, and L.R. Ahuja.

Conservation reserve program: effects on soil organic carbon and preservation when converting back to cropland in northeastern Colorado. Bowman, R.A., R.L. Anderson.

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Production functions for chickpea, field pea, and lentil in the Central Great Plains. Nielsen, D.C.

Crop yield and soil condition under ridge and chisel-plow tillage in the northern Corn Belt. Pikul, J L. Jr., L.Carpenter-Boggs, M.F. Vigil, T.E. Schumacher, M.J. Lindstrom, W.E. Riedell.

Nitrogen use and carbon sequestered by corn rotations in the Northern corn belt, U.S. Pikul, J.L. Jr., T.E. Schumacher and M.F. Vigil.

Residue cover and surface-sealing effects on infiltration: numerical simulations for field applications. Ruan, H. Ahuja, L.R., Green, T.R. Benjamin, J.G.

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Evaluation of management practices for converting grassland back to cropland. Halvorson, A.D., C.A. Reule and R.L. Anderson.

Effects of sunflower on soil quality indicators and subsequent wheat yield. Bowman, R.A., D.C. Nielsen, M.F. Vigil and R.M. Aiken.

Optimizing wheat harvest cutting height for harvest efficiency and soil and water conservation. McMaster, G.S., R.M. Aiken and D.C. Nielsen. 

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