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Diaz, E.N., Tatarko, J., Jazcilevich, A.D., Garcia, A.R., Caetano, E., Ruiz-Suarez, L.G. 2010. A modeling study of Aeolian erosion enhanced by surface wind confluences over Mexico City. Aeolian Research. 2:143-147. Doi:10.1016/j.aeolia.2010.04.004


Lee, K., Armstrong, P.R., Thomasson, A., Sui, R., Casada, M., and Herrman, T.J. 2010. Development and characterization of food-grade tracers for the global grain tracing and recall system. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 58:10945-10957.


Pearson, T.C. 2010. High-speed sorting of grains by color and surface texture. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 26(3):499-505.


Brabec, D.L., Pearson, T.C., Flinn, P.W., and Katzke, D. 2010. Detection of internal insects in wheat using a conductive roller mill and estimation of insect fragments in the resulting flour. Journal of Stored Products Research. 46(3):180-185.

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Kyung-Min Lee, Armstrong, P.R., Thomasson, J.A., Sui, R., Casada, M., and Herrman, T.J. 2011. Application of binomial and multinomial probability statistics to the sampling design process of a global grain tracing and recall system. Food Control. 22:1085-1094.


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Sikulu, M., Killeen, G.F., Hugo, L.E., Ryan, P.A., Dowell, K.M., Wirzt, R.A., Moore, S.J., and Dowell, F.E. 2010. Near-Infrared Spectroscopy as a Complementary Age Gading and Species Identification Tool for African Malaria Vectors. Supplement to The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Meeting Abstract. 83(5):54.



Ohm, J., Hareland, G., Simsek, S., Seabourn, B., maghirang, E.B., and Dowell, F.E. 2010. Molecular Weight Distribution of Proteins in Hard Red Spring Wheat: Relationship to Quality Parameters and Instrasample Uniformity. Cereal Chemistry. 87(6):553-560.


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Peiris, K. H.S., Pumphrey, M.O., Dong, Y., Maghirang, E.B., Berzonsky, W., and Dowell, F.E.  2010.  Near-Infrared Spectroscopic method for Identification of Fusarium Head Blight Damage and Prediction of Deoxynivalenol in Single Wheat KernelsCereal Chemistry.  87(6):511-517.


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Sikulu, M., Killeen, G.F., Hugo, L.E., Ryan, P.A., Dowell, K.M., Wirtz, R.A., Moore, S.J., and Dowell, F.E. 2010. Near-infrared spectroscopy as a complementary age grading and species identification tool for African malaria vectors. Parasites & Vectors. 3:49.


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Boac, J.M., Casada, M.E., Maghirang, R.G., Harner, III, J.P. 2010. Material and Interaction Properties of Selected Grains and Oilseeds for Modeling Discrete Particles. Transactions of the ASABE. 53(4):1201-1216.



Hagen, L.J. 2010. Erosion by Wind: Modeling. Book chapter. Encyclopedia of Soil Science. Taylor & Francis publishers. DOI: 10.108/E-ESS-120044016.



Mamedov, A.I., Wagner, L.E., Huang, C., Norton, L.D., and Levy, G.J. 2010. Polyacrylamide effects on aggregate and structure stability of soils with differrent clay mineralogy. Soil Science Society of American Journal. 74(5).


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Grace, T., Wisely, S.M., Brown, S.J., Dowell, F.E., and Joern, A. 2010. Divergent host plant adaptation drives the evolution of sexual isolation in the grasshopper hesperotettix viridis (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in the absence of reinforcement. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, London. 100:866-878.



Arthur, F.H. and Casada, M.E. 2010. Directional Flow of Summer Aeration to Manage Insect Pests in Stored Wheat. Applied Engineering in Technology. 26(1):115-122.  

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