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Mamedov, A.I., Shainberg, I., Wagner, L.E., Warrington, D.N., and Levy, G.J. 2009. Infiltration and erosion in soils treated with dry PAM of two molecular weights, and phosphogypsum. Australian Journal of Soil Research. 47: 788-795.


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Reeves, W.K., Peiris, K.H.S., Scholte, E.-J., Wirtz, R.A., and Dowell, F.E.  2010.  Age-grading the biting midge Culicoides sonorensis using near-infrared spectroscopyMedical and Veterinary Entomology.  24:32-37.



Presley, D. and Tatarko, J. 2009. Principles of wind erosion and its control. Extension Publications. MF-2860 September 2009.



Pearson, T. 2009. Hardware-based image processing for high-speed inspection of grains. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 69(1):12-18.


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Mina-Boac J., Maghirang, R.G., Casada, M., Wilson, J.D., and Yoon-Sung, J. 2009. Size distribution and rate of dust generated during grain elevator handling. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 25(4):533-541.


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Gonzales, H., Armstrong, P., and Maghirang, R.G.  2009.  Simultaneous monitoring of stored grain with relative humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide sensors.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 25(4):595-604.



Spielbauer, G., Armstrong, P., Baier, J.W., Allen, W.B., Richardson, K., Shen, B., and Settles, A. M. 2009. High-throughput near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy for predicting quantitative and qualitative composition phenotypes of individual maize kernels. Cereal Chemistry. 86(5):556-564.


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Casada, M.E. and Armstrong, P.R. 2009. Wheat Moisture Measurement with a Fringing Field Capacitive Sensor. Transactions of the ASABE. 52(5):1785-1791.


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Carver, B.F., Hunger, R.M., Edwards, J.T., Rayas-Duarte, P., Klatt, A.R., Porter, D.R., Seabourn, B.W., Bai, G.-H., Dowell, F.E., Yan, L.-L., and Martin, B.C.  2008.  Registration of 'Guymon' WheatJournal of Plant Registrations.  2(1):33-35. 



Webster, T.C., Dowell, F.E., Maghirang, E.B., and Thacker, E.M. 2009. Visible and near-infrared spectroscopy detects queen honey bee insemination. Apidologie. 40(5):565-569. doi: 10.1051/apido/2009038.411



Peshlov, B.N., Dowell, F.E., Drummond, F.A., and Donahue, D.W. 2009. Comparison of three near infrared spectrophotometers for infestation detection in wild blueberries using multivariate calibration models. Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy. 17:203-212. doi: 10.1255/jnirs.842.



Peiris, K.H.S., Pumphrey, M.O., and Dowell, F.E. 2009. NIR absorbance characteristics of deoxynivalenol and of sound and Fusarium-damaged wheat kernels. Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy. 17:213-221. doi: 10.1255/jnirs.846.



Dowell, F.E., Maghirang, E.B., and Baenziger, P.S. 2009. Automated single-kernel sorting to select for quality traits in wheat breeding lines. Cereal Chemistry. 86(5):527-533. doi: 10.1094/CCHEM-86-5-0527.



Mayagaya, V.S., Michel, K., Benedict, M. Q., Killeen, G.F., Wirtz, R.A., Ferguson, H.M., and Dowell, F.E.  2009. Non-destructive determination of age and species of Anopheles gambiae s.l. using near-infrared spectroscopy.  American Journal of Tropical Medicine.  81(4): 622-630. doi: 10.4269/ajtmh.2009.09-0192.


Lagae, H.L., Langemeier, M., Lybecker, D., and Barbarick, K.  2009.  Economic value of biosolids in a semiarid agroecosystem.  Agronomy Journal.  101: 933-939.


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Armstrong, P.R. and Weiting, M.  2009.  Design and testing of an instrument to measure equilibrium moisture content of grainApplied Engineering in Agriculture.  24(5):617-624.


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Dowell, F.E., Maghirang, E.B., Graybosch, R.A., Berzonsky, W.A., and Delwiche, S.R.  2009.  Selecting and sorting waxy wheat kernels using near-infrared spectroscopy.  Cereal Chemistry.  86(3):251-255.



Iliasson, A., Levy, G., Wagner, L.E., Huang, C.H., and Norton, L.D. 2009. Soil-Structural Stability as Affected by Clay Mineralogy, Soil Texture and Polyacrylamide Application. Geophysical Research Abstracts. 11:3895-8.


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Coronado, M., Yuan, W., Wang, D., and Dowell, F.E.  2009.  Predicting the concentration and specific gravity of biodiesel-diesel blends using near-infrared spectroscopy. A pplied Engineering in Agriculture.  25(2):217-221.

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