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Data Set ID Field Attribute Weather Irrigation Fertilization Soil Hydrology Initial Soil Fertility Plant Growth Regulator Field Observation
BF87W1 bf87w1.ini bfld87.act bf87w1.irr amarillo.hyd nofile bf87w1.obs
BF87W2 bf87w2.ini bfld87.act bf87w2.irr amarillo.hyd nofile bf87w2.obs
BF87W3 bf87w3.ini bfld87.act bf87w3.irr amarillo.hyd nofile bf87w3.obs
BF94200F bf94200f.ini brnfld94.act bf94100.irr amar.hyd nofile bf94220f.obs
BF9426F bf9426f.ini brnfld94.act bf94100.irr amar.hyd nofile bf9426f.obs
CCCBCS89 cccbcs89.ini taescc89.act cotvar89.irr vicmix2.hyd nofile cccbcs89.obs
CCCBCS90 cccbcs90.ini taescc90.act cotvar90.irr vicmix2.hyd nofile cccbcs90.obs
CCCBCS91 cccbcs91.ini taescc91.act cotvar91.irr vicmix2.hyd cotvar91.pgr cccbcs90.obs
CCD11989 ccd11989.ini taescc89.act cotvar89.irr vicmix2.hyd nofile ccd11989.obs
CCD11990 ccd11990.ini taescc90.act cotvar90.irr vicmix2.hyd nofile ccd11990.obs
CCDP5089 ccdp5089.ini taescc89.act cotvar89.irr vicmix2.hyd nofile ccdp5089.obs
CCDP5090 ccdp5090.ini taescc90.act cotvar90.irr vicmix2.hyd nofile ccdp5090.obs
CCDP5191 ccdp5191.ini taescc91.act cotvar91.irr vicmix2.hyd cotvar91.pgr ccdp5191.obs
CCHQ9589 cchq9589.ini taescc89.act cotvar89.irr vicmix2.hyd nofile cchq9589.obs
CCHQ9590 cchq9590.ini taescc90.act cotvar90.irr vicmix2.hyd nofile cchq9590.obs
CCS45389 ccs45389.ini taescc89.act cotvar89.irr vicmix2.hyd nofile ccs45389.obs
DRK94200 drk94200.ini krieg94.act drk200.irr amar4.hyd drk94.pgr drk94200.obs
DRK9426 drk9426.ini krieg94.act drk.irr amar4.hyd drk94.pgr drk9426.obs
N94C2208 n94c2208.ini lubb94.act nd94100.irr pullman.hyd nofile n94c2208.obs
N94C2268 n94c2268.ini lubb94.act nd94100.irr pullman.hyd nofile n94c2268.obs
ND87W1 nd87w1.ini nd87.act nd87w1.irr pullman.hyd nofile nd87w1.obs
ND87W2 nd87w2.ini nd87.act nd87w2.irr pullman.hyd nofile nd87w2.obs
ND87W3 nd87w3.ini nd87.act nd87w3.irr pullman.hyd nofile nd87w3.obs

NOTE: Files with names starting with CC are from Corpus Christi, TX.

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Last Modified: 8/29/2006
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