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Description of Filenames:

Data Set ID Field Attribute Weather Irrigation Fertilization Soil Hydrology Initial Soil Fertility Plant Growth Regulator Field Observation
4491 4491.ini 14491.act 14491.irr dundee1.hyd 14491.pgr 4491.obs
6691 6691.ini 6691.act 6691.irr dundee1.hyd 6691.pgr 6691.obs
12HC89 12hc89.ini 12hc89.act 12hc89.irr adler2.hyd 12hc89.pgr 12hc89.obs
6HC89 6hc89.ini 6hc89.act 6hc89.irr adler2.hyd 6hc89.pgr 6hc89.obs
CJMI189 cjmi189.ini cjmdrr89.act cjmi189.irr adler3.hyd cjmi189.pgr cjmi189.obs
COLE90 cole90.ini cole90.act cole90.irr jena.hyd cole90.pgr cole90.obs
ECHO91 echo91.ini echo91.act echo91.irr dundee8.hyd echo91.pgr echo91.obs
MITNO87 mitno87.ini mitch87.act mitch87.irr dundee1.hyd mitch87.pgr mitch87.obs
MITSO87 mitso87.ini mitch87.act mitch87.irr dundee1.hyd mitch87.pgr mitch87.obs
MSU81CMD msu81cmd.ini msu81.act msu81.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu81cmd.obs
MSUD4181 msud4181.ini msu81.act msu81.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msud4181.obs
MSC42081 msc42081.ini msu81.act msu81.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msc42081.obs
MS81S213 ms81s213.ini msu81.act msu81.irr marriet1.hyd nofile ms81s213.obs
MS81S506 ms81s506.ini msu81.act msu81.irr marriet1.hyd nofile ms81s506.obs
MS81S825 ms81s825.ini msu81.act msu81.irr marriet1.hyd nofile ms81s825.obs
MS82D213 ms82d213.ini sgkd82.act msu82.irr marriet1.hyd nofile ms82d213.obs
MS82I213 ms82i213.ini sgki82.act msu82.irr marriet1.hyd nofile ms82i213.obs
MS83D213 ms83d213.ini sgkd83.act msu83.irr marriet1.hyd nofile ms83d213.obs
MS83I213 ms83i213.ini sgki83.act msu83.irr marriet1.hyd nofile ms83i213.obs
MSU870N msu870n.ini msu87.act msu870n.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu870n.obs
MSU871N msu871n.ini msu87.act msu871n.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu871n.obs
MSU872N msu872n.ini msu87.act msu872n.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu872n.obs
MSU873N msu873n.ini msu87.act msu873n.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu873n.obs
MSU874N msu874n.ini msu87.act msu874n.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu874n.obs
MSU880N msu880n.ini msu88.act msu880n.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu880n.obs
MSU881N msu881n.ini msu88.act msu881n.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu881n.obs
MSU882N msu882n.ini msu88.act msu882n.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu882n.obs
MSU883N msu883n.ini msu88.act msu883n.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu883n.obs
MSU884N msu884n.ini msu88.act msu884n.irr marriet1.hyd nofile msu884n.obs
MSUD9092 msud9092.ini msu92.act msu92.irr marriet6.hyd msu92.pgr msud9092.obs
MS541592 ms541592.ini msu92.act msu92.irr marriet6.hyd msu92.pgr ms541592.obs

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Last Modified: 8/29/2006
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