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Environmental Management Progress Reports

Dynamic Response Indicators of Heat Stress in Shaded and Non- Shaded Feedlot Cattle
Progress Report
TM Brown-Brandl, RA Eigenberg, JA Nienaber, GL Hahn
Mar, 2006 (456 KB pdf)

Soil Conductivity as a Measure of Soil and Crop Status – A Four Year Summary
Progress Report
Roger A. Eigenberg, John A. Nienaber, Bryan L. Woodbury, Richard B. Ferguson,
Mar. 2006 (540 KB pdf)

Effectiveness of a Passive Feedlot Runoff Control System Using a Vegetative Treatment Area for Nitrogen Control
Progress Report
B.L. Woodbury, J.A. Nienaber, R.A. Eigenberg
Mar. 2006 (3.6 MB pdf)

Last Modified: 9/18/2006