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James Bunce
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Bunce, James, Plant Physiologist
Fleisher, David, Agricultural Engineer
Reddy, V.R. Plant Physiologist
Sicher, Richard, Res. Plant Physiologist
Timlin, Dennis, Soil Scientist
Ziska, Lewis, Plant Physiologist

Post Doc Research Associates


Dr. James Bunce


Contrasting Respones of seed yield to elevated carbon dioxide under field conditions within phaseolus vulgaris


Effects of elevated carbon dioxide on photosynthesis and productivity of alfalfa in relation to seasonal changes in temperature

2007 Low carbon dioxide concentrations can reverse stomatal closure during water stress.
2007 Predicting the impact of changing CO2 on crop yields: some thoughts on food.
2007 Direct and acclimatory responses of dark respiration and translocation to temperature

Use of a minimally invasive method of measuring leaf stomatal conductance to examine stomatal  responses to water vapor pressure difference under field conditions


How do leaf hydraulics limit stomatal conductance at high water vapour pressure deficits

2005 Response of respiration of soybean leaves grown at ambient and carbon dioxide concentrations to day-to-day variations in light and temperature under field conditions.
2005 Seed yield of soybeans with daytime or continuous elevation of carbon dioxide under field conditions
2005 What is the usual internal carbon dioxide concentration in C4 species under midday field conditions?
2004 A comparison of the effects of carbon dioxide concentration and temperature on respiration, translocation and nitrate reduction in darkened soybean leaves.
2004 Carbon dioxide effects on stomatal responses to the environment and water use by crops under field conditions
2003 Daily irradience and feedback inhibition of photosynthesis at elevated carbon dioxide concentration in Brassica oleracea.
2003 Effects of water vapor pressure difference on leaf gas exchange in potato and sorghum at ambient and elevated carbon dioxide under field conditions.
2003 Elevated carbon dioxide increases contents of antioxidants compounds in field grown strawberries.
2002 Carbon dioxide concentration at night affects translocation from soybean leaves.
2002 Sensitivity of infrared water vapor analyzers to oxygen concentration and errors in stomatal conductance.
2001 Direct and acclimatory reponses of stomatal conductance to elevated carbon dioxide in four herbaceous crop species in the field.
2001 Effects of prolonged darkness on the sensitivity of leaf respiration to carbon dioxide concentration in C3 and C4 species.
2001 Seasonal patterns of photosynthetic response and acclimation to elevated carbon dioxide in field grown strawberries.
2001 Water stress and day to day variation in apparent photosynthetic acclimation of field grown soybeans to elevated carbon dioxide concentration
2000 Acclimation of photosynthesis to temperature in eight cool and warm climate herbaceous C3 species:Temperature dependence of parameters of biochemical photosynthesis model.
2000 Contrasting effects of carbon dioxide and irradiance on the acclimation of photosynthesis in developing soybean leaves.
2000 Responses of stomatal conductance to light, humidity and temperature in winter wheat and barley grown at three concentrations of carbon dioxide in the field.
1999 Impact of measurement irradiance on acclimation of photosynthesis to elevated carbon dioxide concentration in several plant species.
1999 Leaf and root control of stomatal closure during drying in soybeans.
1998 Decreased hydraulic conductance in plants at elevated carbon dioxide
1998 Effects of environment during growth on the sensitivity of leaf conductance to changes in humidity.
1998 The temperature dependence of the stimulation of photosynthesis by elevated carbon dioxide in wheat and barley.
1997 Does transpiration control stomatal responses to water vapour pressure deficit?
1997 The effect of doubled CO2 on water use by alfalfa and orchard grass: Simulating evapotranspiration using canopy conductance measurements.
1997 Variation in growth stimulation by elevated carbon dioxide in seedlings of some C3 crop and weed species.
1996 Responses of respiration to increases in carbon dioxide concentration temperature in three soybean cultivars.
1995 Effects of elevated carbon dioxide concentration in the dark on the growth of soybean seedlings.
1994 Responses of respiration to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.

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